Martin County Indiana

All the cemeteries in Martin Co. were mapped and researched by the WPA in the 1930's. The Martin County Historical Society has a locating map of these cemeteries at the Martin Co. Historical Museum. In 1963 the Historical Society began researching these cemeteries and recording all names and dates. This information was put into soft cover book form (3 volumes) and are available for sale to the public.  All cemeteries located on the Crane Navy Depot were also recorded. Purchase your copy here. The above information furnished by Nancy Baker and The Martin County Historical Society.

Transcription of Cemeteries Located Within The Confines
Of the Crane Naval Ammunition Depot
Courtesy of
Joe Weber and The Martin County Historical Society.

Baker Township Cemeteries

Brown Township Cemeteries
  • Boggs Creek or Welch Cemetery
  • Day Cemetery
  • Faith Cemetery
  • Hickory Ridge Cemetery
  • Swayze Cemetery
  • St. Joseph Cemetery
  • Old St. Joseph Cemetery
  • West Union Cemetery
  • Williams Cemetery

Center Township Cemeteries

Halbert Township Cemeteries

  • Acre Cemetery
  • Albright Cemetery
  • Asbell Cemetery
  • Batchelor Cemetery
  • Baxter Cemetery
  • Cox Cemetery
  • Crim Cemetery
  • Elliott Cemetery
  • Hawkins Cemetery
  • Ingram Cemetery
  • Jones Cemetery
  • Lake Cemetery
  • Martz Cemetery
  • McNanny Cemetery
  • Murphy Cemetery
  • Pleasant Valley Cemetery
  • Purkhiser Cemetery
  • Smith Cemetery
  • Spring Hill Cemetery
  • Stevens Cemetery
  • Way Cemetery

Lost River Township Cemeteries

McCameron Township Cemeteries

Mitcheltree Township Cemeteries

  • Baker Cemetery
  • Bridges Cemetery
  • Brock Cemetery
  • Calvary Cemetery
  • Clark Cemetery
  • Fields Cemetery
  • Inman Chapel Cemetery
  • Mundy Cemetery
  • Payne Cemetery
  • Pebble Cemetery
  • Peyton Cemetery
  • Roach Cemetery
  • Sims Cemetery
  • Taylor Cemetery
  • Tempy Cemetery
  • Thompson Cemetery
  • Trinity Springs Cemetery
  • Old Trinity Springs Cemetery
  • Waggoner Cemetery
  • Ward's Chapel Cemetery
  • White Cemetery

Perry Township Cemeteries
  • Brook Cemetery
  • Chandler Cemetery
  • Fish Cemetery
  • Goodwill Cemetery
  • Gootee Cemetery
  • Gramm Cemetery
  • Love Cemetery
  • Mt. Calvary Cemetery
  • Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
  • Reily Cemetery
  • St. John's Cemetery
  • St. Martin's Cemetery
  • St. Rose Cemetery
  • Wood Cemetery
  • Woods Cemetery

Rutherford Township Cemeteries
  • Helphistine Cemetery
  • Hoffman Cemetery
  • Holtzclaw Cemetery
  • Inman Cemetery
  • Mt.Zion Cemetery
  • South Martin Cemetery
  • Sutton Cemetery
  • Truelove Cemetery
  • White River Cemetery

Loogootee Cemeteries

Mt. Pleasant Cemeteries
  • Brooks Cemetery
  • Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
  • Reily Cemetery
  • St. Rose Cemetery

Odon Cemeteries

Shoals Cemeteries
The Catholic part of Spring Hill Cemetery was once called St. Louis Cemetery. This cemetery was near the Catholic Church and was moved to Spring Hill many years ago. The first sixteen rows and maybe more are all part of the St. Louis Cemetery. This part of the cemetery is on the first road into the cemetery, not where the Spring Hill monument is located. The stones are on the right & left of this road. Information by Nancy Baker and The Martin County Historical Society.

Williams Cemeteries
  • Chandler Cemetery
  • Mountain Spring Cemetery
  • Uno-Patton Cemetery
  • Wagner Cemetery