Quilt Names of Martin County,  Indiana                 

Wilbur Harold Shaft was born in 1888 on a farm in Adams Co., IN, located
near the Wells Co. line. His parents were George Putnam Shaft and
Delia/Della Ellen Reed Shaft. In 1920, George moved his family to
Riverside, CA. There, Wilbur met and married Izetta Wanda Cobb (b. February
1, 1900 in Kansas) on December 25, 1922. Their only child, Harold Arthur
Shaft, was born in Riverside in 1927. In March 1931, Wilbur and family
moved to a farm in Martin County, IN. In 1936, they moved to a farm in
Wells Co., IN after selling their Martin Co. farm to the government when
land was being purchased for the Crane Naval Ammunition Depot. Wilbur,
Izetta and Harold spent the remainder of their lives in Wells Co. and are
buried there.

My grandma, Izetta Cobb Shaft, made a quilt that has cream-colored blocks
embroidered with the names of the friends they left behind in Martin Co.
The quilt is large; 11 blocks wide and 12 long, interspersed with red
diamond-shaped pieces. It appears that each person signed their block, then
the signature was embroidered. The title embroidered on the quilt says
1935, so it must have been started prior to their move. Please note, it is
difficult to read some of the names.

The only name I recognize on the quilt is that of Jessie Carr. She used to
come visit us when I was quite young and was a wonderful person. I have no
further information on anyone listed on the quilt, or on Jessie Carr.

I hope these names will be of help to someone in their genealogy search. If
by chance any of you reading this are researching the Shafts, I'd be
delighted to exchange information with you.

This title is on the top edge of the quilt:

Martin County Friends of Wilbur, Izetta and Harold Shaft - 1935

Left to Right Across:

Row 1: Mr. & Mrs. Opher Fish, Clinton McCarter, Mr. & Mrs. Marion O.
Porter, Iva Vern Porter [both Porters on same name block], Mr. & Mrs. Isaac
Dove, Mary Courtney, Luther Corbin, John T. Allen, Edgar McArtor, Mr. &
Mrs. Obe Ritchey, Grandma Ritchey, Beulah Waggoner

Row 2: Miss Alice Priscilla Fish, Lillian & James Max McCarter, Ray Lee
Porter, Martha Dove, Fred Courtney, Iva Corbin, Ola Allen, Sarah J.
McArtor, Vincent Ritchey, Grandma Lamb, Zelma Waggoner

Row 3: Mr. Junior Fish, Wm. Osborn, Roy Obe Porter, Helen Dove, Bertha
Courtney, Albert Corbin, Mabel Allen, Alirn McArtor, Olive Ritchey, Mr. &
Mrs. Wm. Ritchey, Mrs. Al Fortner

Row 4: Miss Opel Wills, Kate Osborn, Mr. & Mrs. W.E. Morgan, Harold
Hamilton, John Inman, Verna Mae Corbin, Carl Allen, Doris McArtor, Ralph
Ritchey, Hayden Ritchey, Mr. & Mrs. Eli Hardwick

Row 5: Mary Chinn, Keith Osborn, Bobbie Freeman, Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Inman,
Eula Inman, Lanore Corbin, Paul Allen, Vivian Inman, Paul Ritchey, Alta
Ritchey, Roy Hardwick

Row 6: Mr. & Mrs. Will Dove, Ada Osborn, Eph Williams, Dr. Hays, Marie
Inman, Nina Corbin, Robert Allen, Mr. & Mrs. Will McArtor, Mr. & Mrs.
Harold Ritchey, Ruth Webster, Elmer Hardwick

Row 7: Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dove, John Brammer, Hester Williams, Nora Hays,
Junior Inman, Bessie Boling, Johnny Allen, Blanche McArtor, Roy Harp, Mr. &
Mrs. Henry Stuffel, Helen Hardwick

Row 8: Mr. & Mrs. Emil Kail, Verna Brammer, C.B. Garrett, Lena Hays, Asbury
Holt, Maynard Boling, Noah Allen, Normshu McArtor, Susie Harp, Elmer
Stuffle, Clair Hardwick

Row 9: Caleb Carr, Mr. & Mrs. Kirby Kutch, C. Garrett, Mr. James Garrett,
Charlotte A. Holt, Anna Boling, Margaret Allen, Mr. & Mrs. Paris McArtor,
Billy Harp, Mr. & Mrs. Burley Stuffel, Hazel Hardwick

Row 10: Jessie Carr, Zelma B. Kutch, Rolla V. Garrett, Mrs. Maria Garrett,
Rebecca J. Williams, Lois Boling, Helen Allen, Eli Walls, Mrs. Cathern
Girdley, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tittle, Floyd Hardwick

Row 11: Leland Sargent, Wallace Summerville, Hildred Garrett, Mr. Ray
Garrett, Holt Williams, Jasper Sargent, Nellie Allen, Bernice Walls, Fred
Toon, Mr. & Mrs. Orley Ellis, Mr. & Mrs. Eph Fortner

Row 12: Mrs. Hazel Sargent, Ruth Summerville, Lena Haney, Mrs. Pearl
Garrett, Ethel R. Williams, Edna Sargent, From Nellie C. Sims 1936, Donald
L. Walls, Golden Toon, Mr. & Mrs. Lilburn Ellis, Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Webster

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