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ALUMNI _3_ - Offield School; Fink; Needmore (information on that one)

BIOGRAPHIES __2__ Edward; Tichenor

DEATH RECORDS -- __2__ Alexander; Whitlock

DIVORCES: __8__ -- Irwin; McKinsey; Newhard; Riddle; Biddle; Gillis; Grimes; Routan

Military _36__ - Added: Enlistees for mainly WWII - pages for WWII folks -- Akester (not sure we could count him as a Montgomery Countian, however) --Alward (again not sure we can count him although he is buried in Waynetown, Montgomery County but really was born and raised in Fountain) Barnard; -Bazzani; Breedlove; Chadwick --; Cross; Elliott-- Fendley --Hannah, Raymond -- Hannah, Lyle - Kelsey -- Knox; Lehman; Cummings; Sayler ; Woods ; Stinchcomb Rusk -- Otterman -- Priebe-- Overstreet -- Todd, Charles -- Vice -- Ross -- White -- Smith (Byron)- Merrell - - Murray - - Devitt -- Hunt - Bob Fullenwider - Terry Fullenwider -- Myers -- Zachary -- McNulty letters; WWI database for those registering from MC; also had a listing of those dead in WWII that I've had up for years but realized when I found a different list that it was highly incomplete and vice-versa - between the two lists, I'm hoping I have them all now :) Note: Not bragging, just want to get them ALL but there are only 70 WWII Veterans who died during service represented on the court house monument. I have found 133 and think there are more -- Korean War - Dick Bruner

NEWS: __17 __ - Guardianship 1831 (Nathaniel Dunn of Mathew Cowley; Business - Garfield Elevator; Martin Ice; Insanity (Lizzie Smith); Accident; County Farm news; Coffin Company; Burbridge & Hauser;

OBITUARIES -- _94__ == Names (some have 4-5 by that name added) include: (Note: Some on new site that is not seeable to public at this point - let me know if you'd like me to send you one - two if you do not find them here) -- Akester; Baker; Caldwell; Carlile; Carson; Carver; Carmichael; Cox; Casey; Clements; Corns; Davis; Darwactor; Dunn; Evans; Faurfuekdl Goodwin; Grimes; Gurbrick; Hall; Harpel; Holloway; Hutchins; Hockett; Jones; Keefe; Kepler; King; Lamb; Lawson; Livengood; Lynch; McKinzie; Mossman; Norman; Ornbaum; Parker; Rivers; Ronk; Rose; Shuler; Slattery; Scott; Stewart; Smith; Stafford; Thomson; Thurman; Utter; Vaughn; Vaught; VanHook; VanPelt; Ward; Wilson; Wray; Whitlock; Ward; Whitehead; Whitecotton; Wilson; Wray; Whitlock; Wolf; York; Yates; Young; Youngblood; Ziegler; Zimmerman

PHOTOGRAPHS/PHOTOGRAPHERS -- __20__ - WWI; WWII; Bramblett; Ridge photographers; McNulty

TOWNS -- __3__ = 453 to date -- Maple Grove; Germany; McClaskey's Corner


APRIL 2017

IF anyone is interested - here is what has been added to the Montgomery County GenWeb this month :) ENJOY

Alumni -- __2__ - article on Breaks area school # 38 - 1901; information on Maple Grove

Biographies -- _12_: Names: (on new site so let me know if you're interested in seeing one and I can send it to you) Baldwin; Demoret; Elmore; Insley; Marsh; Ristine; Rose; Seller; Servies

Cemeteries __1__ article on great care of Meharry Cemetery

Death Records __16__ - Birdcell; Brown; Garner; Larkin; Larsh; Swaim; Ristine; Ryan; Sidener;

Divorces: __3__ - Armentrout; Brown; Stout

LINKS -- Library of Congress, pictures of Montgomery County

MARRIAGES (articles) __6___ Names: Bennett; Hartung; Nelson; Paxton; Peterson Russell

MILITARY __11_ - WWII Draft Information; Harshbarger - Wabash College tribute to fallen --WWI Registration -- Smith; Stephens - Civil War obits - McCreary; Ross

NEWS _15_-- 83rd birthday; Central School burns 1892; Naylor Fire 1899; New Market Methodist Church, dedication 1899; Abram's Coal; Kelley & Hughes' Shoes; Isley; Shue Grocery; (Accident Harshbarger shot in leg; 1st C'ville paved street; Anniversary (Chadwick); C'ville Wire & Nail and in Misc Souders destroys American flag ; 1834 list of letters not picked up (IC Elston, Post Master) -Fire - Binford - 1918; Robert Warren finds oxen (1834 - also that year, a tavern for sale) - ads - Cox (Florist - 1877); C'ville Journal; Tevebaugh & Son Ice Cream (1900); Poor Farm corn crop - 1877; Auman Motors (began 1949) - biz, news; Waveland Race track; T.S. Kelly ad for shoes Feb 2, 1875

OBITUARIES: _253__: Names: Allhands; Anderson; Armstrong; Arnold; Austin; Benefiel; Blair; Benner; Binford; Birdcell; Bishop; Black; Blankenbeckler; Booher; Bradenberger; Broderick; Brazakus; Brown; Byrd; Burford; Carithers; Chrisman; Cline; Combs; Cotten; Cowan; Cox; Coyle; Connelley; Crist; Costello; Crull; Daniels; Davidson; Dailey; Davis; Darnell; Demoret; Dickey; Dodd; Dykes; Duree; East; Glora; Fyffe; Gibson; Graves; Hartman; Heavenridge; Hummel; ; Hessar; Inlow; Irwin; Kantz; Kelsay; Kirk; Krout; Lafollette; Lane; Larsh; Leach; Livengood; McComas; Manson; Martin; Miller; Miller; Moore; Meyer; Murphy; North; Parker; Patterson; Pearson; Pratt; Purgason; Rice; Roper; Roth; Rowe; Rosebro; Rowland; Royer; Ruddle; Runyan; Russell; Sadler; Sands; Saulsberry; Sadler; Scott; Shoaf; Shanklin; Shelley; Snelling; Sims; Slavens; Smith; Spencer; Steele; Stewart; Street; Stroupe; Summers; Swaim; Switzer; Thompson; Threlkheld; Thomas; Totten; Toney; Vanette; Vancleave; Walker; Warren; Weeks; Whisler; Wethington; Wilson; Wooden; Wrightsman; Young; Younker; Zimmerman (thanks so very much to JR for almost all of these great obits - I added a few and have a great new typist, thanks SMc who did some, as well )

TOWNS: : __5_ : Total of 449 towns to date - added information on Possum Den and Wingate; added towns of Gilliland School House; Lofland Crossing and Hymenea (1834)

PHOTOGRAPHS / PHOTOGRAPHERS: --__12__ - Added Coffin 1899 photographer; Demoret (thanks Tom D) - Tom also sent several cool ones of some "C'ville belles" - in the tree; by the Binford Lumber Company... and one above of Della and Earl; Nicely; 1920 Harshbarger Reunion (thanks Jeff); Jaycee BBQ about 1970 (thanks TR & Dixons) ; AS Hughes (photographer) i




(Alumni) -- __4__ Added College Grove School House (1884) Wayne Twp - Watkins School (Mace area) ; Willow Grove (burns); Greenwood School 1909--

Biographies -- __ 31_: Names: Bandel; Bannister; Berry; Bowles; Bowers; Brookshire; Canine; Clough; Davis; Deer; Fullenwider; Glenn; Goben; Hallett; Haller; Insley; Jackman; Long; Lough; Lane; Manson; Myers; Painter; Lookabill; McClamrock; Norris; Peacock; Porter; Pogue; Porter; Thompson; Tomlinson; Townsley; Whittington; Willis

DEATH RECORDS -- __3__ - Moody; Vonderschmitt; Walton

DIVORCES: 5 – Dooley; Griest; McClure; Mote; Sering; York

MARRIAGES – 12 – Armstrong; Colclazier; Flannigan; Layne; Mitchell; Pearson’; Runyan; Switzer; Weir; Wilson


WWI -- Moody – Spanish American (deaths of Britton; Letters); Enlistees (Davis; Dwiggin;s Michaels – 1st to go to WWI)

News Items -- _28_ = (Biz) - Kramer Meat 1884; Skating Rink - ads for : Fry; Scaggs; Bischof; Ben Hur Bakery; Sunday Star; Hoover; Muhlheison; Rost Jewelers sell bikes; 15th anniv (Agnes); Walkup; White birthdays – Church cornerstone; 60th anniv (Coyle); Kulinary Kraft Klub; several ads from 1895 Crawfordsville City Directory

OBITUARIES: __229_added_: Names: Adams; Aiken; Allen; Arndt; Bandel; Barnett; Baxter; Beavers; Biggs; Birdsong; Blomquist; Boling; Bollerud; Bottorff; Bowman; Branigan; Brann; Bratton; Brewer; Brimberry; Britton; Brooks; Brumbaugh; Brown; Buck; Bullock; Burnett; Bushong; Byers Chislet; Clodfelter; Conner; Couger Davis; Dazey DeMoss; Delaney; Dennewitz; Devan; Dickson; Dixon; Dowden; Douglas; Dougherty Eakle; Easley; England; Ensminger; Erwin; Evans; Ewbank Fairfield; Falconbury; Faudree; Forgey; Fraley; Fisher; French; France George; Gardner; Gordon; Gray; Green; Grimes; Grover; Grinley; Gott; Gritten Hall; Ham; Hamborsky; Hancock; Hall; Haller; Hartley; Herron; Hinton; Honeycutt; Humphreys; Hulet; Jackson; James; Johnson; Jones Kiley; Krout; Kendricks; Kepler; Kessinger Lawson; Lawton; Layne; Lemon; Lee; Lewellyn; Linn; Little; Litsey; Lofland McClain; McClamroch; McAlister; McDaniel; Martin; Meek; Miller; Mills; Morgan; Moore; Moffett/Moffitt; Myers; Nelson; Nash; Neece; Nees; Neill; Nelson; Newlin; Nickell; Overpeck; Pattison; Peacock; Pleasant; Perkins; Pefley; Pearson; Paire; Phillips; Proffitt Ramsey; Richardson; Robbins; Rohm; Rodgers; Rogers; Ronk; Rose; Rutledge; Sloan; Shrout; Slattery; Stephenson; Stanfield; Steele; Stevens; Stewart; Stubbins; Swafford; Swank; Sullivan; Swearingen; Tate; Trotter; Thomson; Thompson; Tinsley; Todd VanArsdall; Veatch; VanHook; Vonderschmitt Walker; Waltz; Winton; Welch; Whittington; Williams; Wolfenbarger; Winland; Wright York; Young

PHOTOGRAPHS –18 – Oak Hill School; Chapman’s Gallery; Dickerson; Morgan; Scott; Willis

REUNIONS -- __7__ - Armantrout; Deere; Gray; Jones; McMains; Stewart; Widener

TOWNS:-- 8 – Blue Hole; Hunt’s School House; Kirkpatrick Station; Phillipines; Scottland Yard; Walnut Bend; Walnut Fork -- for an UNBELIEVABLE # of towns existing in our county – 444 – what FUN


Alumni (Schools) _1_ 1912 - New Waveland School (which was the one where I went - kbz - had an idea when this was built, but wasn't quite sure so glad to find this one - several on the Waveland FB page loved it, too)

Biographies _11_: Albright; Daugherty; Gaines; Henry; Lydick; Love; Kellogg; McClure;

Death Records: __4__ Nichols; Martin; McKinsey

Marriages __ 8 _ - Boling; Brookshire; Chapman; Moses; Milligan; Radford; Steele; Swearingen

Military - __ 6 __ Jolley; Miles; Miller

News Items: __ 21__ --Divorce; Guadianship; Couple of music-oriented articles; Folks sent to Insane Asylum (newly built section of state one) highlight of Poor House supt.. CHS Sunshine Society 1 year after concept of SSS for state; Brothers run for sheriff; Ads for Bishof Underwear; Kelsey; Casket Company; Hoover Tin Shop; Mahorney; Houlihan; Sperry Mill; Match factory

Obituaries: _35_ Names: Carson; Cooley; Crique; Eskew; Garner; Hollowell; Hughes; Hancock; Lewis; Lowe; McBee; McGillard; McKinsey; Merrill; Palin; Rich; Roberts; Shull; Sidener; Smith; Seawright; Spencer; Stingley; Tomlinson; Wilkinson; Williams

Photos __5__ - usually have MANY more so a bit sad n this one -- Mahorney; White;

Towns: __2__ - North Mace and Boraker's Corner (437 towns/whistle stops, etc found in our county to date - just when we think we're finally completed them, one or two more pop up - it has been super fun to discover a new piece of our county history)


School (Alumni) - 10 items - Bunker HIll closed 1881 because of scarlet fever -- 1869 Wabash College Curriculum - Last one-room school built in 1899 - Honor Students from Shiloh in 1894; Blahinch burned. Added Sand Bank; Branson; Hickory; Thomas and Walnut Grove school

Biographies : - __ 19 - names included were: Crocket; Kelley; Kirtley; Kleiser; Leech; Lewellen; Linebarger; Lockhart; McClelland; McCrea; McNutt; Stonebraker; VanCleave, some mor than one of the name

Reunion: Lamson

Journals - added an example of Hiram A. Pratt's hand writing (he wrote years of diaries talking about the town I grew-up in during the 1880s and early 1900s - was a barber for over 50 years).

Death Certificate: __5__ Anderson; Lambert; McCabe; McCarty; McCurry

Obituaries __ 64__ = Alfrey; Anderson; Armstrong; Ball; Clark; Crocket; DeVault; Drake; Evans; Hughes; Jones; Kelsey; Kirkpatrick; Laymon; Leech; Low; McCabe; McBroom; McClelland; McCrea; McCarty; McClure; McComas; McCorkle; McCoy; McIntosh; McIntire; McMurray; Murray; Nicholson; Pitt; Pritchard; Spencer; Steele; Zuck

Divorces: __3__ - Elkins; Fowler; Moody Towns __ 5__ -- this makes our 435th town/village/burg/spit in the road - that mainly three of us have found -- added this month, Carvers Corner; McCrea Corner; Patton Corner; Welliever Hill and Glover.

News Items -__8__- (several) Ads for office seekers; Elmdale Church burns; adoption; G. Clements, Dentist expands business

Photos -- Lewellen; Clodfelter - Photographer Lawton


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