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2018 WHAT's NEW

AUGUST 2018 --Additions on Montgomery County INGenWeb

Alumni - Schools -- _Added - __4__ - Maxwell School reunion; Cowan Wabash Grades; pic old waynetown; 1899 - Yountsville out of school

Bibles __1__ - 76 bibles - (LOVE more) Cunningham (thanks Kim via Nikki)

Biographies -- __4 _ Added -- Meharry; Mount ; Myers; Kenyon (biography - on new site - 7-8 parts)

BLOG -- new -- Karen's Gen Blog -- _4__ Genealogy - Aug 2 -- Goals in genealogy-- 10th - Pitch it ; good life ; Love the Glory

Death Records __42__Canine - on new program - let me know if you want any - also on new one - let me know if you need any Eggers; Evans; Fine; Layne; Maxwell; Nicholson

Diaries --_1__ - 1933 Lula Goshorn diary - working on this one

Digging Up Bones Mysteries _____ =

Divorces _15_ Added - Booher; Brocies; Clark; Elmore; Tracy; - these 9 are on the new program which is not perusable by public yet but glad to send it to anyone interested -- Britton; Cole; Duncan; Evans; Fowler; Kilgore; Lawton; Powers; Singer ; Shepherd

Links -- _1_ Added - Military info

MARRIAGES (announcment in newspapers)_10_ Names: Brown-Marshall; Cowan-Owen invite ; Pierce-Valkenbrug ; Pugh; McClure; Stafford; Sweitzer

MILITARY --__114__Added - WWII - Allen; Maxwell; Starnes; Bunnell; Anderson; Axsom; Bailey; Baird; Ball; Baker; Bazzani; Arnold; Brier; Byrd; Burton; Campbell; Chamness; Farley; Kern; Wabash War Song WWI (Warbritton) ; WWI USA Boys on parade post card (thanks to John C); Shields obit link;; WWII - Cauldwell; Clodfelter; Gordon Stonebraker; photo of Ken Krout KIA; Civil War - Ben Cline; Peter Smith Mex-American - regiment to organize at Chilkoot Pass; Civil War - Nelson; 21 Pensioners of 1879 who fought in the War of 1812' WWII - Chase; Chastain; Clouser; Ellis; Leaming; Jolliff; Maxwell; Long; Freeman; Hood; Jones-Howard; Added more to WWII tallies (Quigle, Swank, Utterback, Pugh, Rafferty; Cline; Farnsworth; Foster; Freeman;Jessup; Johnson; Landes; Linn; McDaniel; Lafollette; McCartney; Raynes; Taylor; Sexton; Thompson; Tribbett; Ward; Webster; Wagner; Wildman; Wilkinson; Wilson...); Gravett; Grenard; Hannah;

NEWS _44__ -- Added - Mahala Copner Sparks - birthday - 95 (thanks to Linda B) ; biz (hotel food) - Music Hall Hotel; Churches - Shannondale/ Misc - Indians of Montgomery ; Sup George Myers - co poor farm (Misc)- Children's (Orphans) Home gets radio ; Biz (Zimmerman); Ad - Wilhite chickens (actually an award - put it in wrong place - oh well); flour mill at Ladoga burns ; Churches - Coal Creek; Monon Hotel (biz); Misc Ophan troubles; Misc Rural Mail ; business ads - Athens Dairy; Farmers Produce; Producers Dairy; Cloverleaf; Taken-up - John Feguson (Misc) ; Business (Perkins sells to Walkup); fire dept ; Waveland Christian Church ; crime (poisoning) - Churches - Rev. Blackford Condit articles Crime- Freel - sent to reformatory; birthday (Davidson - 95) Bands

OBITUARIES: _130__ -- Added - Allen; Arthur; Bassett; Ballard; Bassett; Biddle; Brennon; Bowen; Brookshire; Broe; Burkmeyer; Byrd; Cline; Clements; Clodfelter; Clouser; Condit; Conner; Davenport; Davis; Ellis; Dickerson; Dowden; Durham; Drury; Ewing; Foust; Fruits; Galey; Garrow; Grimes; Grantham; Grider; Hale; Ham; Hanna; Heaton; Huffmire; Huffmire; Hugelheim; Insley; Job; Keessee; Kellison; Lawton; Linn; Lucas; Lowry; Luckett; Lusk; Lutz; McCormick; Mershon; Miller; Montague; Morris; Nelson; Nolan; Nosler; Oliver; Oppy; Patton; Pearson; Peffley; Peterman'; Pierson; Rice; Riston; Robinson; Ronk; Ross; Russell; Safford; Starnes; Schenck; Shelton; Sherrill; Shaw; Stonebraker; Shideler; Sherwood; Shields; Shobe; Short; Shotts; Shrewsbery; Sicks; Silver; Swisher; Simmons; Spohr; Stanford; Starnes; Teague; Thomas; Tolbert; Todd; Tribbett; Ward; Wallace; Webster; Wright

PHOTOS -- _ 17__- Added -- Peffley (David Henry on his obit); WWII - Hood; Sexton (2 in WWII) - 13 photos within an ad of Bischof Department store - selling stock

TOWNS: : _4_ : Total # 507 - towns to date - added Big Spring and information about Big Bolder (preacher rock) in Franklin Township ; Chilkoot Pass; Park

Resources: (Surnames) ___ =

QUESTIONS - _16__ - towns (peacher rock; where is a town; permission to use a picture; location of a store) ; Poor Farm; Adoptions ; Death Records; Wiley Kenyon (Note: I have 3-4 a day - these are just the ones I can remember :); Waveland Bank robbery; Home in Crawfordsville (how to research it)

SHARED: _20__ Sent articles/obits/info to these Counties - obituaries with state GenWeb site ; WWII Indiana archive (complete, mistakes but a great start) database; Cauldwell - Parke Co FB page


JULY 2018 --Additions on Montgomery County INGenWeb

Biographies -- __1 _ Added -- Harrell (new program - let me know if you'd like it)

BLOG -- new -- Karen's Gen Blog -- __3_ Genealogy - July 4 -- Poor Farm play - Pros/cons of joining up --

Death Records ____Kirkendall ; Lewis (Luna Lewis's obit)

Diaries --_2__ - 1932 Lula Goshorn diary - finished; working on 1933 (thanks so much to Judy Goshorn for letting me borrow a piece of her family's life)

Divorces _7_ Added - Collins; Delaney; Dickerson; Galey; Houser; Walton; Zellar

Links -- _4_ Added - Genealogy Club - July program; two different state abbrevation helps ; Ft Wayne Indiana archives

MARRIAGES (announcment in newspapers)_12_ Names: Abernathy; Beckley; Cord; Curtis; Doss; Everson; Mason; Naugle; Steele; Truax; Smith; Ward

MILITARY --__7__Added - WWI -- Troy Davis wounded; Raymond Ross graduates; WWII - Merle Arnold & Maxine Shultz & Betsy Starnes; Westfall; Willis (Revolutionary War);

NEWS __15__ -- Added - ; Biz (Clodfelter Motor; Eshelman Laundry; Montgomery Motors; ID&W RR; Midland RR); Churches (Salem); (Sick List) - Smallpox - 1918; (Misc) - adoption - Havercamp-Brackett; Misc - Tramps - jail; Music (Barstrows ministrels); Leazenby District Superintendent; Sicklist - Fall, John - cataract removed 1896; fire - McMillin New RIchmond;

OBITUARIES: __50__ -- Added -Armantrout; Arnold; Beard; Beeson; Berry; Booher; Brown; Chauncey; Cuppy; Davern; Duncan; Eastlack; Hardee; Hartman; Huckery; Joel; Krug; Linn; Manson; Newnum; Nutt; Otto; Rakestraw; Runyan; Sayers; Siamas; Smith; Speed; Stewart; Stokes; Strain; Swisher; Swails; Swearingen; Tapp; Utterback; Verhey; Wallace; Warbinton; Warren; Washburn; Westfall; Winton; Winters; Worth; Yaryan

PHOTOS -- _ 8__- Added -- Courthouse with tower (thanks so much to Tom Crane ; Wallace VanCleave (Music - News); Leazenby (superintendent) Lewis Goshorn (grad- in Goshorn Diaries - thanks Judy) - WWII, Arnold; Shultz; Starnes; Harrell (new site)

TOWNS: : _1_ : Total # 504 - towns to date - Max


JUNE 2018 additions

Alumni - Schools -- _Added - __2__ - Darlington basketball team ; Darlington school burns down

Bibles ____ - 76 bibles - (LOVE more)

Biographies -- _3_ _ Added --John Drury; Wm. Mitchell

BLOG -- new -- Karen's Gen Blog -- _5__ Genealogy FB pages; WWI; Don't believe ...

Cemeteries -- _1_ - Gravestones marked by GAR

Court Proceedings _2__ - Dugald McIntyre ; Ristine estate

Death Records __2__Kirkendall ; Lewis (Luna Lewis's obit)

Diaries --_1__ - 1931 Lula Goshorn diary -

Divorces _6_ Added - Collins; Dickerson; Galey; Houser; Walton; Zellar

Links -- _1_ Added - Civil War (Military) Pensioners list 1883

MARRIAGES (announcment in newspapers)_12_ Names: Brown; Boaraker; Grimes; Lowery; McClellan; Otterman; Steele; Utterback; Walsh; Warrick

MILITARY --__13__Added - Information for WWI & more of an explanation of the WWI Draft cards (thanks John C) ; Sloan obit ; Rev Sold - Alexander Foster ; Mexican War medals; WWI Russell Pickett dies; Oliver; Campbell (Mex); WWI (Burton); Cable; Little WWI; WWII - Adams obit

NEWS __28__ -- Added - 27-page account book for Poor Farm (Miscellaneous) - Nat Hamilton Poor Farmer obit; Churches - 1st Baptist; (biz) Birch; 1st National; Birth - Virginia Hatton; Crime (Drury-Larsh children); Fire (Sally Bogert Dive) (Crime - article about Pettit murder); Drury-whiskey (news-ads); McJunkins - indicted ; Ads (Hays-Bowling; Hannon-Drugs; Supreme Tribe of Ben Hur ) Fire Alarms 1919; Nancy Abbott insane (sick); (biz) Cox-Booher; 1890 Orphans; Barnhill stove ad 1912; Biz - CST; New Richmond Brooms; Tribbey; Cowan; Poston; Vancleave; Fire - Lamson/Gilliland

OBITUARIES: __120__ -- Added - Names: --Allen; Baxter; Berryman; Booe; Boots; Bratton; Britton; Bunch; Campbell; Canary; Claman; Clore; Cox; Cruse; Crumm; Cummings; Curtain; Dowel; Drury; Ellis; Elston; Elmore; Emdee; Endicott; Eshelman; Esra; Evans; Edwards; Everson; Faller; Ferguson; Fine; Flannigan; Follick; Fullen; Grantham; Gray; Green; Grenard; Hamilton; Hankins; Hardacre; Johnson; Joel; Jones; Jordon; Kelly' King Kirkpatrick; Knoll; Lewellen; Lewis; Larrick; Lynch; McCullough; McCrea; McDonald; McKenna; Mastin; Mahorney; Mahoy; Miller; Mitchell; Moore; Morris; Morrison; Nutt; Oliver; Osborn; Parker; Piatt; Richardson; Rider; Riley; Robinson; Ross; Sayler; Shanklin; Sloan; Suman; Thompson; Vail; Venable; Wade; Wall; Watkins; Weir; Welsh; Wilde; Wray; Wright; Yaryan

PHOTOS -- _ 13__- Added -- Waveland 2018 Veterans; Isaac Elston III (in obit); Elda Morris; Evans; Mahoy (in obits) ; Baxter; Boots, Crumm; Ristine; Wallace; Wilhite; Wade (obits); Cox Cafe (Darlington via Butch Dale); (groups - Darlington National Guard officers 1938)

TOWNS: : __ : Total # 503 - towns to date -Honest Ridge; Johnstown; Miceville

Resources: (Surnames) ___ =

QUESTIONS - __8_ - towns (where certain ones are); soldiers; Poor Farm; Genealogy Society; Revolutionary Soldier; how to file family info; cemetery

Reunions -- _3_ Added - Deer; Dunbar; Sayers

SHARED: _39__ Sent articles/obits/info to these Counties - Carroll; Fountain; Putnam; Indiana GenWeb obituaries

MAY 2018 -- Additions on Montgomery County INGenWeb

Alumni - Schools -- _Added - _3___ - 1923-24 Browns Valley students ; Breaks school grad; Southmont Alumni plate (thanks Dave Fullenwider)
Bibles ____ - 76 bibles - (LOVE more)
Biographies -- _6_ _ Added -- (also added to new site ) - Fry; added an article to TC Steeles; Thomas (family of Pleasant Hill)
BLOG -- new -- Karen's Gen Blog -- __4_ King/Queen fun with Raby Castle ; Italy genealogy trip; Eleanor; family traits
Cemeteries -- _1_ - History of Turkey Run
Court Proceedings _1__ - Binford vs. Hoyt
Death Records __6__ Frazier; Humphrey
(with obit for Henry); Nichols ; Ryan; Tyler; Jasper Hill (on his obit)
Diaries --__1__ - 1930 Lula Goshorn diary - working on more - up to 1944 (thanks so much to her grandaughter, Judi)
Divorces _4_ Added Dodson; Hoffa; Keys'; Martin Family
Links -- _1__ Added -
MARRIAGES (announcment in newspapers)__48__ Names: Boling; Brush; Clausen; Clark; Cox; Cross; Darnell; Davis; Evans; Faunce; French; Gray; Hawk; Haxton; Hedrick; Horney; Lidster; McCaw; Mitchell; Millikan; Moore; Mitchell; Manson; Myers; Peak; Phillips; Piggott; Powell; Redding; Rice; Seaman; Smith; Swank; Switzer; Stepp; Thompson; Wasson; Westfall; WIlliams; Wright; Wilson ;Washburn
MILITARY --__83__Added -Sorrels (Korea) ; Hays; Hughes; Jones, Sorrels (WWII); WWI Sorrels (Vietnam - Douglas); CW (Thomas Smith) - Kessler WWI; Beebe gassed (letter); various information about the "boys" ; Callahan; Goltra; Groves; Fisher; Houk; Lehman; Kellison; Misner; Murphy; McCloud; Myers; Gilliland; Irwin; Sanford; Pence; Pollom; Smith; Churchill; Tressel; WWI - illness (Meadows); articles on Wallace Cook - - wounded (Hunt) Whoop whooo -- COMPLETE listing of those who registered from Montgomery County AND Same listing via towns - THANKS THANKS THANKS TO JOHN COWAN "A-Z" WWI registrants; Byron Cox listed on death roll; Misc. news - WWI Military Nurse list ; Aug WWI articles (names: Simms; Smith; Bee; VanDyke; White) Voris - refused CW pension because ... 2 obit for David Divine Sloan, Gold Star WWI; Waveland 2018 vets (well, some of them - my brother Larry shot twice in the head in Vietnam isn't there and others, too but several anyway) ;Mexican War article naming some who died during the company's year quest ; obit - Green
NEWS __24__ -- Added - Col., Lee returns from Indian schools ; Poor House - business (Con Cunningham); Carrie Bennett new doctor; history of Turkey Run Church/cem; new Orphan Home delayed; Pettit murder trial; more of Con Cunningham ; Joe Hall - broken leg 9 x ; politics - mayor LM Cox; 1918 - flu information (sickness); fire (1918 water plant); Blue Ribbon Club; biz (Englewood Inn);c accident - Welch; auto ads; births - Neal triplets ; biz - Birch; crime-hays-hurts-boyland ; Sayler bros (biz); fires - Arms Shoes; Star Shoes ; Sick - Jennie Jones sent to insane asylum ; Francis Moore - attempted suicide ; Fires - Paul; Misc - Shades; Crime - Moses Bowman tries to steal children - Gerbrick girls fighting
OBITUARIES: ___200__ -- Added - Names: -- Allgood; Barricklow; Beck; Beecher; Bennett; Biddle; Billingsley; Boyland; Britton; Brock; Brown; Bruner; Buckley; Callahan; Caplinger; Charters; Conner; Conrad; Coons; Cord; Cramer; Cumberland; Daisy; Davis; Denney; Dickerson; Dodd; Dotson; Doyle; Dunbar; Durham; Ebrite; Eisman; Elmore; Esra; Flannigan; Foster; Fouts; Francis; Fruits; Fugate; Galbreath; Galey; Gephart; Gerhart; Gilbert; Gilkey; Gilliland; Gott; Gregg; Grenard; Griffith; Grimes; Hall; Ham; Hamilton; Hanna; Hankins; Harding; Harper; Harris; Harshbarger; Hatt; Heffner; Heilman; Hendricks; Hill; Holland; Hose; Hultz; Humphrey; Hunt; Johnson; Johnston; Keeney; Keller;'Kelley; Kemp; Kessler; King; Lane; Laughlin; Light; Lindner; Linville; Livegood; Lundgren; McAtee; Macaway; McClain; McClure; Martin; Miller; Neff; Newlin; Northcutt; Oxley; Parks; Peacock; Peebles; Phillips; Remley; Rice; Robertson; Rominger; Ronk; Rusk; Ryan; Sanders'; Shoaf; Short; Show; Sidener; Smith; Snyder; Springer; Stull; Squires; Starke; Stephens; Stivers; Stout; Stull; Switzer; Temple; Terry; Thomas; Thompson; Tiffany; Todd; Tracy; Vancleave; VanLear; Vannice; Wainscott; Ward;' Warfield; Warren; Watson; Weaver; Westfall; Wright ; Whitham; Whitlock; Williams; Winton; Wood; Washburn; Young; Zeller
TOWNS: : _3_ : Total # 503 - towns to date -Honest Ridge; Johnstown; Miceville Resources: (Surnames) ___ =
QUESTIONS - _7__ - towns (where certain ones are); soldiers; Poor Farm
Reunions -- _2_ Added - Hymer-Gill; Pickard

APRIL 2018 --Additions on Montgomery County INGenWeb

Alumni - Schools -- _Added - __110__ - information on Herron School; map showing Irons; Little and Cottage Grove (thanks JT); We Three singing group; 29 photos; 53 articles on Waveland's Glory years in basketball (thanks to Bob Harbison - this is sooo awesome) -#30 - Keith Greve; Music Fest 1953; more articles and pictures in Waveland Glory Years; 1961, 62 and 66 Kindergarten classes (Mrs. Harbison) -- Lowell Harbison & Keith Greve, basketball pics ; 1836 School tax; 1946-47 Basketball team ; play for New Richmond

Bibles ____ - 76 bibles - (LOVE more)

Biographies -- __2 _ Added -- (also added to new site ) - McComas; Lindsay

BLOG -- new -- Karen's Gen Blog -- __3__ Changes in genealogy; Gen =History, History = Gen; Ellen who sent us on a chase :);

Cemeteries -- _2_ - Oak Hill articles;

Court Proceedings ___ -

Census __1__\ stats for 1910

Death Records __ 3__ Hays;

Digging Up Bones Mysteries _____ =

Divorces _5_ Added - Burlingham; Courtney (more on a crazy one); Davis (wow one) ; Thomas; Wolf;

Family Fact Sheets __1___ = Irons

Letters _____

Links -- ___ Added -

Misc -- ____

MARRIAGES (announcment in newspapers)_48___ Names: Allen; Baker; Bishop; Bowers; Britton; Canine; Cochrain; Coffee; Coleman; Cooper; Cotton; Cox; Creque; Davis; Dawson; Foster; Griffith; Gill; Gowen; Guthrie; Haley; Harland; Hays; Hubbard; Hancock; Kerr; Kreiger; Lee; Martin; Marts; McClain; McClamrock; Mote; Muck; Naylor; Neeley; Newkirk; Owens; Patton; Phelps; Pointer; Sager; Sidener; Smith; Stith; Stine; Stover; Terry; Vannocher; VanSandt; Voris; Watson; Williams; Wise

MILITARY --__15__Added - WWI - Wray obit/photo; added WWII photo - Marion Maxwell ; photo/info on Bob McClure;p 1st Regt Co K - Mexican War - obit Mex War - Owens ; CW - Montgomery ; photo and much information on John Boyd, Rev. soldier (see photo of stone above 4-22); WWI - Bullerdick; WWI - letter from Pvt Earl Young to folks ; Guy Stevens died; Flora grave; WWI - colored soldier, Henry Warren dies; Isaac Shipman

NEWS __93__ -- Added - Evans Buick; Hays saloon, Dr. Hassell (1836); Vandalia - rr articles; Charles White (crime - baseball player here) murders wife/dau - Ads (Yountsville Mill); business (Lant Long - chief engineer); (biz) - Richardson-Clifton House; crime John Brown (murder wife); Misc - Campbell's Chapel; Churches - Ladoga Church of the Brethren; ; businesses Willson; Wilcox; Thomas Grocer; Willis Photography; Anniv - Sam Paxton; Mis - Irons - blessings; clubs - Horse Thiefs; 1925 Fair Ads (news-ads; Ads - Restaurant; ); Misc - Taken ups -- Gillam; Drollinger; Lunger; McJimsey; Smith. Crime- McComas forgery - ads: Coca Cola; Bus Lines; Birch & Birch; Deere Milk; Finley Bakery; Klein Jewelers; Kelly Cafe; Farmers Coop; Farmers Mutual; Endicott Cafe; Sherwood Motors; Kelly Cafe; Sayler Auctioneer; Oldsmobile; Morris 5 & 10; Peck Lines; WN Smith, Cattle; News (Anniv - Britton/Royalty - triple one - cool); Crime (Jettie Brown - bad babe) Churches - Mace ME Church - dedicated 1893; Ads (Cummings/ Horners; buslines- Englewood; Holloway) twin Birthdays - Smith/Asbury Swank; Sick - Vaughn; Marshall; Davisson-Birthday - Morris; Sick - Cronin - insane; fire Catholic Church ; Sick - Albert Stump found by mother in poor house after 16 years separation (also put in Misc - County Farm) Ads (various -Deer; Peck; Essex ...); County Farm news from 1919; Sick (Mayor Bandel and Wm., Morgan); Biz - Laymon, Bonnell, Nash - Ice company ; TW Fry, Drugs/Paints.. ad; Isaac Shipman dies at Poor Farm ; Malsbary-50th anniv

OBITUARIES: _185__ -- Added - Names: -- Alexander; Austin; Bennett; Bonebrake; Brown; Byrd; Buck; Buckles; Bullerdick; Bunch; Burk; Butler; Campbell ; Chase; Clapp; Clark; Clements; Cleveland; Connard; Cox; Darnell; Dazey; Dean; Dewey; Divine; Douglas; English; Engle; Enoch; Fay; Faust; Ferguson;/ Fink; Fisher; Flock; Fowler; French; Fruits; Fry; Galey; Ginn; Goldberg; Graff; Gray; Groff; Hann; Hanna; Harris; Hedge; Hocum; Hoover; Hurley; House; Ingalsbe; Johnson; Jones; Kirkpatrick; Lacey; Lawter; Layne; League; Lewis; Linn; Lofland; McClure; McComas; McConnell; McDonald; Mahoney; Manion; Marshall; Martin; Mitchell; Mong; Montgomery; Morrison; Moss; Myers; Nutt; O'Conner; Owens; Platt; Prickett; Pyle; Rose; Rosnett; Rusk; Russell; Sanders; Sams; Scalf; Schaff; Schenck; Schlosser; Schefke; Schreiner; Schultz; Schwock; Scott; Shaw; Shearer; Shelley; Shillings; Shipman; Shirk; Shirley; Shular; Smith; Snouwaert; Snyder; Spillman; Spivey; Spurr; Steele; Stites; Stump; Swank; Temple; Thompson; Todd; Toth; Townsley; Vail; Vanice; Vaughn; Viveth; Wampler; Warren; Watkins; Watson; Wells; Whalen; Whitaker; White; Williams; Wray; Wright --Added a new newspaper - Ladoga Mail; info about selling of Review

PHOTOS -- _ 33__- Added -- with James Wright obit; Damon Wray; places (New Ross - two short articles on the Grange Store in school in 1875) - Wm. McMullen on obit + Alexander, Bonebrake, Manly & Curtin on obits ; Harbison family - places-Waveland-postcard/back Rock River, Shades; Cville post cards; Grimes; Tracy; McCampbell; Myers; Robinson; Wilhite; (Groups) - Dapper Dan Blanton's singing group (history in the makin'); article regarding New Market being in 3 townships - Places (Ladoga) - Damewood; Evermans; Wm., Malsbary- 50th anniv (see News)

TOWNS: : _2_ : Total # 500 (thanks so much to Chris Hayes - towns to date - added Franklin Mill; Imanila; Sulphur Springs; Slab Town and #500 --- Barcus Orchard

Resources: (Surnames) __1__ = Manson;


Reunions -- _2_ Added - Gray; Welch

SHARED: _17___ Sent articles/obits/info to these Counties: Boone; Clinton; Hendricks; Parke; Vermillion; Indiana Obit file

MARCH 2018

BLOG -- new -- Karen's Gen Blog -- __3__ 1st entry - loved it :) and on to #2 and ...#3.

Cemeteries -- _1_ - Fry - Oak Hill;; large monument for J. Maurice Thompson

Death Records __2 __ Francis; Fruits

Divorces _11_ Added - Condon; Horn; Larsh; Myers; Newlin; Oliver; Pine; Platt; Pittinger; Thebus; Wilhite

Family Fact Sheets ___ =

Letters __3 _ June 1945 - letter from Ida Hood Stewart to her brother George Hood & his wife; Herr; Fulwider

Links -- __5_ Added - Post Office Mural for C'ville - Bromwell link - to a genealogy book (directs for Fullenwider searchers)

Misc -- __2__ stories regarding Abigail Hoel and her (ex) husband, Randolph Davis shared by Jeff :) Love 'em - see her obit

MARRIAGES (announcment in newspapers)__28__ Names: Birch; Birchfield; Booher; Cox; Finlow; Haywood; Huffman; Jones; Kramer; Livingston; Lucas; Manns; Milner; Snyder; Spatz; Sullivan; Voris; Williams

MILITARY --_58 __Added - CW (Bryant; Hopkins; Pittman); Spanish American (Nelson) WWI (Titus; Bee); Mex-American (Col. Robert Bryant - thanks Kim) link to Indiana in the Mex. War; bio of Civil War soldier, Thomas Fry, Jr.; George Watkins (1812) ; CW letter to Capt. HH Talbot (from J. Waldon who fought in Mex & CW) ; CW - Co B 10th Ind reunion and brief biographies of some of the members; Pension rates - CW & Mex War; Span-Am - Spillman; WWI - Lewis Fisher on ship to go - armistice signed; Link Hessler letter of tribute - WWI; some CW pensions; sports, 1888 Cv pro team; Livingston (CW); Oldshue - Mex; Newlin WWII; Moore - Spanish; CW - Livingston; Nicholson; WWII Broach; Darlington boys hurt 1945; Hardesty obit + photo - KIA (Viet) ; photo - Norm Thompson (WWI; WWII and Koreans wars - wow) CW - Hendricks (one of Lew's boys); Span Amer - Hendricks obit -- WWII - Anderson - captive; Branstetter - bombadier; Vermillion - letter; Maxwell heroes x 2; Quigg, discharged; Gilmore KIA; Maxwell boys heroes; Cain brothers KIA; Cox hospitalized; Lough letter; Pyle - KIA; Hampton returns; Royer; Francis - posthumous citation; Crosby - WWII

NEWS _22_ -- Added - Misc (Old Settlers in 1877 * 1888) Sports (baseball 1895); Crime - hotel clerk stole Nicholson (photograhers) $ ; Sick (Charles Myers; Mrs. Roland Kyle); Birch ad (biz); Guardianship - Rice; Charles Johnson - wheel steeeler (crime); (biz) - 1st National Bank 1919; Ashby-Ashby; NY Shoes Ladoga; Willis Gallery; Wright - Smith - badly burned by lightening (accidents) ; Jr. MCHS; crime - Andy Freeman yells rude names to ex :) Funny; James Lucas adopted by Spears (news Misc L); Accident - Miss Rakestraw hurt at Crabbs; Biz - Eagle Hotel 1842; Poor farm surprise visit; crime - 41 indictments Feb 1891 term; Clubs (Horse Thief Officer 1887-1888)

OBITUARIES: __210_ -- Added - Names: -- Austin; Ayres; Benham; Bee; Benefiel; Bennett; Birch; Bird; Birdsong (photo on obit); Blankenship; Burkhart (photo on obit) ; Brown; Burgess; Cain; Carr; Clevenger; Clore; Conner; Conrad; Cory; Crosby; Cunningham; Dale; Davis; Duckworth; Dunn; Earp; Edwards; Farley; Fosdick; Foster; Friend; Galey; Gilmore (WWII); Goble; Gray; Green; Griffin; Hancock; Hankins; Helms; Hendricks; Hockenwender; Hopkins; Hubbard; Insley; Johnson; Jones; Keeney; Keys; Kyle; Larrick; Layne; Livingston; Lydick; McGaughey; McKinley; McMahon; Miller; Moore; Mote; Mullen; Myers; Nelson; Newlin; Nicholas; Nicholson; Nolen; Oldshue; O'Neil; Ormes; Overton; Owens; Pappendrew; Parker; Patterson; Peebles; Pickering; Pitman; Platt; Pyle; Rice; Richardson; Robinson; Schreiner; Serfling; Slavens; Smiley; Smith; Spencer; Spillman; Stoner; Sullivan; Symmes; Tillard; Titus; Tribbett; Tucker; Tulley; Turner; Utterback; Vanscoyoc; Watkins; Weliever; Westfall; Whalen; Whitaker; Wilhite; Wharff; Wheeler; Willis; Wilson; Wilshire; Wisma; Wolf

PHOTOS -- _ 34__- Added -- Bus (Birch); Davis, Abigail Hoel (on her obit); PO Mural ; CIRR (Midland) RR - Zeb Farley (with tombstone) ; Waveland Photo Album - thanks Dave F - Places - Darlington museum pictures ; Hubert Cunningham on his obit and on Theodore Gronert's - places (Darlington - Cox Cafe & article) ; Darlington National Guards 1938 - from Butch Dale's Darlington PL newsletters (Darlington 1924 basketball; soldiers Damon Wray; Norman Thompson; Herron; Myers; Sperry Bridge ; unknown 1915 basketball team; 1915 school play; Ladoga Farmers; heating plant - cville before CELP

TOWNS: : _4_ : Total # 493- towns to date - Salem; Short Horse & Possum's Glory; Wellsville

QUESTIONS - __17_ - Where was the McDuffie cabin (on property on Highway 59 going out of Waveland where Larry Servies lives); Where is Shanty town; do I have a pic of Shanty town? (got it); Where is Penobscot - was there a school; church; how'd it get its name? Where was Freedom school; CW Soldiers (Britton; Farmer; Dunn); question on broken link - fixed; pic of Byron school? Yep - got it to him ; is there a pic of Ristine House (not as far as I know)

SHARED: __17__ Sent articles/info to these Counties: Boone; Parke; Indiana Obituaries




FEBRUARY 2018 --Additions on Montgomery County INGenWeb

Alumni - Schools -- _3__Added - Article on whether to purchase Academy building for hs; added Boots school; Kirkpatrick school teachers

CEMETERIES -- __5_ - articles about tombstones (thanks Kim) ; Stilwell bodies moved; McCormick bodies removed

Court Proceedings _1__ -\Ristine - Benjamin Census

Death Records __ 7__ Abrams (on obit); Hughes (poor farm) Miller; Weir (on Saloma's obit); Replogle (on Clifford's obit) Zachary Digging Up Bones Mysteries _____ =

DIVORCES _21_ Added -Casad; Evans; Foreman; Griest; Harp; Isenberger; Jenkins; Jones; Lucas; Morgan; Palmer; Lydick; Oswalt; Scaggs; Stout; Thomas; Toney; Watts; Waite

Family Fact Sheets __1__ = wow a big-time genealogy of the Alpheus Gregg family - THANKS KIM

Letters __\ _ \ Links -- _1__ Added - CSA Soldiers in Montgomery County Misc -- \

MARRIAGES (announcment in newspapers)___32__ Names: Ballard; Birch; Breaks; Cain; Christman; Crisp; Davis; Fanning; Foxworthy; Hightower; Huffman; Hummer; Jackson; Kenyon; Lewis; Lutz; Manson; O'Conner; Patton; Perkins; Rutledge; Sams; Schrader; Simmons; Stonebraker; Tucker; Thompson; Tilley; VanSlyke; Williams; Woods; Young

MILITARY --__10__Added - Starnes, Navy nurse WWII ; Owens - Mexican American; CW Soldiers pension, bounty... pictures on first KIA Vietnam soldier's page (Lynch) - Gen., Mansons pension + other articles- CW; Thomas Fry letter (CW); obits - CW - McGilliard; Ornbaun; Carr

NEWS _66_ -- Added - Bogart (Sarah) - keeping a house of nuicance; Orphan home death; orphan home measles; (Misc) birthday-Mahala Gray 90; W. Krug 100; Cem. stones removed; Clore - Sports; Arch Martin - accident; List of letters 1835 not gotten (Misc); Oneil, Tommy-humor abounds; Misc - bad weather at Braxton Cash's; Owens needs guardian; Poor Farm articles/deaths (thanks, Kim) ; Ward birth of twins/death of son; Krug's 98th b-day; Yountsville Opera (music); Ed Voris (misc); old cemetery found in gravel pit; biz - Clipper 1895; crime sick woman robbed (Misc) James Whitcomb Riley in Montgomery; (Misc - bulls & rattlers) Lidikay sues Batman - accident, Jacob Kinsley crushed by train - Misc - Breaks' heiefer missing; Man-o-wa Indian Doctor - Misc - Poor farm beating (thanks KH); Sargent; Misc (Officer Morgan tied-up by Wabash boys); Misc (Metzkger, Jake - drunk); Chappel/Campbell ; Fannie Snyder (fire); Misc (Dr Florer visiting); Shevelin for sheriff; Wingate old settlers (1897); Hosea Ristine for judge; (law suits) - (music) - Waynetown cornet band; (biz) - Wm. Clark running Magnolia Mills in Alamo (Misc) - 12 horses to take Lane stone to cem; (sick list) - Mary Lutz sent to asylum ; Sick list - Roy Tracey sent to asylum; businesses - lawyers in June 1868; Anniv - Harney 50th; Smith (Myrick) - 50th bday; Sick - ada Miller insane; Misc --Sick - Mary Dunbar; Politics - Gilliland; Jail ; Misc Poor Farm sup dies (Cox 1950)

OBITUARIES: _381__ -- Added - Names: -- Aaron; Alexander; Allen; Ammerman; Anderson; Ansberry; Bassett; Beck; Birch; Bishop; Blacker; Blair; Bottoroff; Brigance; Britsch; Britton; Bond; Bruner; Brunner; Burns; Butler; Byrd; Cade; Carr; Clark; Clark; Clodfelter; Clossin; Coleman; Collins; Compton; Cooksey; Cooley; Correll; Cowan; Cox; Crisp; Cunningham; Dale; Davis; Denman; Dobson; Dungan; Durham; Earl; Edwards; Ellis; Enoch; Eskew; Etchison; Eyler; Felton; Fields; Forgey; Foster; Freeman; Fry; Galey; Gault; Gernan; Gordon; Graham; Gray; Gregg; Griffith; Grimes; Gunkle; Hale; Hall; Harper; Harwood; Haskett; Havercamp; Hawkins; Haxton; Heffner; Hightower; Hills; Hipes; Hoover; Huff; Hulet; Hunt; Hutton; Insley; Irons; Irwin; Kenyon; King; Krug; Larsh; Larue; Leet; Lidikay; Lucas; Lutz; McBride; McClamroch; McComas; McCullough; McGilliard; McIntosh; Marks; Marley; Mikels; Miller; Milner; Moore; Morgan; Murray; Myers; Neander; Neff; Nicholson; Ornbaun; Osborn; Owens; Parker; Pennington; Paxson; Page; Perkins; Peterson; Ragan; Rakestraw;Ratcliff; Reddy; Reprogle; Rhoads; Rich; Richardson; Ristine; Roderick; Routh; Runyan; Runyon; Sandifer; Savage; Sawyer; Scott; Shrader; Skaggs; Skevington; Smith; Spencer; Starnes; Stephenson; Stallard; Stilwell; Strain; Straight; Stump; Taylor; Thomas; Thomson; Toney; Tribby; Tullis; Tyler; Vance; Vannice;Warbinton; Waite; Ward; Wasson; Weir; Westfall; Whittaker; Wilcox; Wilhite; Wilkins; Ward; Wells; Willis; Williams; Wilson; Wooden; Wray; Wright; Young; Zimmerman

PHOTOS -- _ 17__- Added -- Added Parade in C'v about 1900 (Main Street); Wm. Krug (news-birthdays-100); Merle Thomas (put on his obit); Alexander, Fred - photo on obit; Willie Wiatt Family Singers (love it - see above) - added on obit (Mollie Armstrong; Roy Stites; Henry Starnes; Peterson; Lynch (Vietnam); Cv - Billman Buggies; Bus - Journal Co - businesses; Jones; Anderson; Cville Planing; Campbell Bros Hercules shirts; added info on Wiley Kenyon, photographer; Lloyd William on his obit

TOWNS: : _3_ : Total # 490- towns to date - added Danville Hill as a new location; added Stoner Settlement (thanks Kim H); refined information on Demaree Creek

RESOURCES (Surnames): __2__ = Added Elliott and Lincoln surnames

REUNIONS: -- _6_ Added - Deere; Dazey; Edwards; Herron; McCain; Sayler-Clodfelter (thanks Alison & Fred); Hoff

QUESTIONS - _12_ - Where are the old hotels (particularly two mentioned Pursel and Crane House from 1857 (hmmm wonder why no one knew :); Pony Moody information (she was lucky - I had LOTS); shared an article about a gal from here who was in Vassar in 1902 - we wondered how much that cost then but couldn't find it; where is Old Town and Mt. Tabor cemeteries - knew those immediately. Another question was whether we had a specific African American cemetery - still not 100% positive but don't think so - pretty sure there were some of the cemeteries that had sectioned-off places where they were buried (grrr); Where is Danville Hill (I was fairly sure but had a couple of confirmations on it); what year a particular Horse Show poster was (it was hilarioius they must have used it twice or else it was incorrect and they just marked over it but with some help from some friends, we did get it figured out. Russell Grocery store pic (right here we got it :) Another cem. question - what is the name of the one just going out of Mace south? (funny how so many people don't LOOK -- on this site, findagrave and CDPL - oh, well). Train wreck question - I steered him toward Jerry Turner, the wreck guru. He knew the answer too ! On a death record, the word Erysipelas was used - ? what is it - just did a quick search on yahoo and it's a bacterial disease of the skin

SHARED: __17__ Sent articles/info to these Counties: Blackford; Boone; Clay; Delaware; Lake; Miami; Orange; Randolph; St. Joseph; Wabash

RECEIVED: __5__ (thanks Lena)

Who's Who __1__ -- Added Bertha Petro Moore


JANUARY 2018 --Additions on Montgomery County INGenWeb

Alumni - Schools -- __17_Added - Alamo Academy being built - 1869; Ripley Twp - 3 schools articles; County Seminary (1836); Normal School at Whitlock; #5 -(Canine's) - new school to be built- 2 Highview and 8 New Richmond photos (thanks so much Charlotte) - these are AWESOME :)

Bibles ____ - 76 bibles - (LOVE more)

Biographies -- __1__ Added -- (all on new site - let me know if you have an interest; Eleazer Wilhite - this is so cool - see Crawfordsville FB page and search for Wilhite or let me know and I can get a copy off the new site for your interest )

Cemeteries -- __4__ - articles regarding Oak Hill; disinterring bodies in Old Town; Showen at Waynetown - odd

Court Proceedings _1__ - Lawsuit - Doherty vs Irwin))

Census __1__ Explanation of how 1900 taken

Death Records __ 1__ Abrams (on obit)

Digging Up Bones Mysteries _____ =

Divorces _7_ Added - Boots; Edwards; Francis; Grimes; Hutton; Long; Morrison

Letters __1 _ W.T. Francis to daughter (thanks Kim) - 1915

Misc -- Power Point - Montgomery County Poor Farm (see above)

MARRIAGES (announcment in newspapers)___40__ Names: Austin; Baum; Booe; Byfogle; Campbell; Clodfelter; Conrad; Corbin; Coutant; Cully; Eakin; Fitchey; Freed; Harrison; Hough; Jones; King; Martin; May; Miller; Pickerel; Reddish; Reeves; Ridge; Smith; Swinney; Taylor; Thornberry; Toney; Vanknocker; Wallace; Washburn; White; Whitecotton; Williams; Woodruff; Young

MILITARY --__9 __Added CW - Ham; Lane; Streight; Walker; war cannon ; Mex War vet - Lewis; Vietnam (Burchett); Burks (killed Germany 1940

NEWS _139__ -- Added - McClellands have troubles (misc)- Greenlee sent to poor farm (crime); (Misc); 1897 - wheat threshed; Poor Farm/ Orphans Home regulations changing; 18 birthdays; Wade Marble company; 1874 listing of doctors and dentists (ads); coveted Greencastle Fire Truck; Wire & Nail Co beginning; Brick Streets; birthdays (Lidster; Thomas); Sale of Kenyon property (Misc); Missing wives - no debts; 1898 old "homes"; (biz) Dr. Berry comes to town (crime) Wm. Armstrong tries to murder wife; (sports) TB Nicholson wows bicycle company; Eliz. Black Zachary's birthday; (fire) Hamilton & Brown - 1887 ; Accident - Sant Gray falls off fence; Mrs. Jeff Sidener - insane; birthday - Dwiggins; births (Spriggs Triplets); Crime (Heath gives Mikels liquor - Mikels dies - Driskell trespasses); Misc (Snyder builds home in Elston Grove; C'ville sanitorium - 1902; Drake Brookshire names farm) Crime (Frisky Fannie Reed); Grace Carr engaged; JC Smith (Ladoga) finds wife after 7 years ; Sanford Cox to C'ville 1824 (Misc; Griffie elopes with 16-yr-old-sis-in-law); Fruits (birthday) ; 5 Charley Millers (Misc); Crawfordsville - Darlington Turnpike Company (biz); (accident - Pearl Birchfield); Frank Birchfield fires cannon - whoops; Crime - lengthy article about Buck Stout hanged for killing Taylor Dunbar (Fires) Fink-McClellan + (Crime - scarlet women to be driven out - 1892)- (Biz - Sharpe - Hoffman, architects; (biz) Insley-Walkup - Walkup alone; Misc - Harry Wms want to chew); more scarlet women; fires (and arson); Fry horse drowned; 1875 Cv businesses; Hannan's Invalid liquors (cute); Layson - makes 14,000 sticks of candy in 1876; fox hunt & Snyders; Hadley - new grocery; Barnhill, Hornaday & Pickett lengthy article; crime - crazy stuff at Hamptons; Wm. Stonebraker finds ancient wood (Misc) - RR articles; 2 fire articles (Crabbs) ; M isc - Ben Miller, inventor; Orphan to Albia, Iowa; accident -Collins family; O'Neal arm cut=off by RR; Lyle, Reynolds & Benjamin; Crabbs & Reynolds; Markley patent (Misc); McCullough -feeds prisoners (Misc); birthday - Mrs. Wm. Everson; (Misc) - Snow birds; Yountsville history; Waveland History; Diller - lots of fauna; RR (Dr. Evans) ; Accident - Bowen child ; crime-Hamilton's dog; Henderson - 55th anniv;

OBITUARIES: _377__ -- Added - Names: -- Whooopeee, first things found - maiden names for a couple of gals - thanks muches, Kim :) Obits added: Anderson; Annable; Arthur; Austin; Badgley; Bales; Ball; Balser; Bean; Beaver; Beck; Bell; Birchfield; Bly; Bollman; Boraker; Brannigan; Brown; Brooks; Burk; Burke; Butler; Byrd; Carr; Carter; Carroll; Castor; Chillcote; Clarkson; Compton; Conway; Cook; Cooley; Compton; Coons; Cross; Cunningham; Dale; Davidson; Devitt; Dorsey; Duckworth; Dudley; Dunn; Eads; Edwards; Elliott; Enoch; Ensminger; Epperson; Ermantrout; Esra; Etheson; Evans; Fordyce; Foster; Francis; Fry; Gerbric; Gilkey; Glover; Grandstaff; Graves; Griffith; Groves; Guthrie; Hall; Hamilton; Hampton; Hankins; Hargrave; Hays; Haywood; Hemphill; Hobson; Hoff; Huett; Huff; Hughes; Hocum; Houk; Huntsinger; Hurley; Husted; Hutton; Hymer; Irons; Jackson; Jenkins; Johnson; Kelsey; Keiser; Keller; Lamson; Lasley; Ledbetter; Leech; Lewis; Lidster; Logan; Lough; Lafollette; Lamb; Lasley; Lewis; McClamroch; McClamroch; McClure; McConnell; McMains; McMurray; Macy; Mahan; Mahoney; Marshall; McMechan; McSpadden; Meyer; Mikels; Miller; McKinley; Moore; Morrison; Morrow; Murray; Newlin; Nicholson; Oliver; O'Boyle; O'Neil (Michael - under O'Neal);Orr; Patterson; Patton; Petty; Phipps; Points; Powers; Ragsdale; Parish; Pixley; Ramsay; Reagan; Rector; Rice; Riley; Ritch; Robbins; Robinson; Roth; Rowe; Rush; Schull; Scott; Seymour; Shirk; Showen; Silver; Simpson; Smith; Spencer; Slattery; Smyth; Staley; Stamps; Steel; Stout; Straight; Streight;Sullivan; Swank; Tate; Taylor; Thomas; Tomlinson; Tracy; Vancleave; Voris; Walker (Civil War); Walls; Walters; Warbinton; Watson; Watts; Webb; Wheeler; Wilhite; Williams; Williamson; Wray; Wright; Young

PHOTOS -- _29__- Added -- Added a picture of Barnum Dazey; Donald Douglas; on existing obit pages ; Herb Esra - photo on obit; - Street directory ; Hotel Peterson (in Darlington); C'ville & Ladoga Churches; Journal building; Music Hall; Billman carriages; Ashby & Ashby dealers in "stuff"; article on Lew Willis; AD Willis starting gallery (1883 March) - Crawfordsville & Shannondale Turnpike Company (Hiram Mote) - thanks to Jan B - I also wrote a short article to go with it :) Kiln (see above for a week or so anyway - if not, click on the Kiln) at the Waveland Stone Quary - thanks Dave F; Crabbs, Reynolds, Taylor - thanks Dick B; Stephenson family photos (thanks Charlotte)

TOWNS: : _3_ : Total # 489- towns to date - added Muskrat ; Mills Corner; Nutt

Reunions -- _4_ Added - Breaks; Clodfelter; Elmore; Waugh

QUESTIONS - _5_ -Ladoga Methodist Church pic; Who is EA Wilhite (wrote early history of Crawfordsville - kind of a remembrance - it's nifty - shared on the FB page); horse traders in area; bundle of twigs found at Wm. Keys - twigs likely warning from the KKK

SHARED: __21__ Sent articles/info to these Counties: Bartholomew; Boone; Clay; Clinton; Hendricks; Huntington; Jefferson; Lake; Vanderburgh; Bartholomew; Putnam; State obit site



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