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(If you have any photos or records to add, please send them to me as an attachment Karen Zach)
Note: It is obvious some of these came from a book, but I have no clue what / where - I'm sorry :( Also, DO check out the Crawfordsville Library yearbook database. Of course, it's not a complete listing of everyone who went to school in Montgomery County, but it's a wow index nonetheless and has lots of goodies for ya'!). Thanks to all who have contributed information, pictures, identification help and locations!!!!!

NOTE: Since Bill Boone's Sectional basketball history includes many of the schools below -- CLICK above for BASKETBALL

Also Bill's Evolution of Girls' Basketball Uniforms & Evolution of Boy's Basketball Uniforms. Thanks agin for sharing your great knowledge, Bill

Teacher's License - OC McLOED (thanks Marty Mc for this - it's too awesome)

1836 School Tax notice (if someone really understands this, please explain it to me :) - Commissioner Ezekiel McConnell

ME Clodfelter -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, Crawfordsville, Montgomery

County, Indiana 7 November 1874 p 1 Educational – ME Clodfelter, Superintendent of the Schools of Montgomery County. Office in rear of the Recorder’s Office in Union Block, Crawfordsville, Ind. Examination of applicants for teacher’s license takes place on the last Saturday of each month.

Consolidation - 1962

1953 - County Music Festival Program thanks to Bob H)

County teachers' license index at CDPL (1882-1912)

Below is Karl Czerney James born 13 February 1880 - was County Superintendent for several years beginning about 1920 - would like to find more about him

Alamo High School

Alamo Academy -- Built 1869

Alamo - new school built 1898

Alamo school - nice picture of the outside via Mike Long (in 1968) - thanks muches, Mike -same pic as above :)

Alamo School (one in Ripley Township - Roscoe Matthias Elmore teacher - right of photo - possibly about 1905) - thanks Edith Rush - it has been thought this might be the Alamo church, also but I personally don't think so - not right lay of land

Alamo HS list of students 1910-1932 (thanks, Dale)
Alamo HS 1924 - Merle Coons
Alamo HS 1924 - Maurice Gilkey
Alamo HS 1924 - Faculty (Ingersoll; Etchison; Perry; Harvey; McCrary)
Alamo HS 1924 - Srs
(Hudson; Davis; Weir; Hamm)
Alamo HS 1924 - Srs (Reath; Alward; Thompson)
Alamo HS 1924 - Jrs (I think :)
Alamo HS 1924 - Sophs (I think)
Alamo HS 1924 - Freshman (I think:)
Alamo HS 1924 - Athenian Lit Society
Alamo HS 1924 - Spartan Lit Society
Alamo HS 1924 - Boys' Basketball
Alamo HS 1924 - Boys' Glee Club

Alamo HS 1924 - Girls' Glee Club
Alamo Teachers, 1928 (News Article)
Alamo School Plate (thanks, Mark Smith :)
Alamo School (old - thanks, Dale Smith : You rock, buddy!!)
Alamo HS Hack - driver, Harold Melvin - (early 1930s -- thanks so much to Alan Melvin)
Alamo HS 1935 (students - thanks, Mark)
Alamo HS Senior Class 1935 (thanks, Dale)
Alamo HS Senior Class 1936 (student pictures - thanks, Dale)
Alamo HS 1937-1939 Senior pictures (thanks, Dale)
1938 -- Basketball Team - County CHamps - Won 18 games - Shooting Stars - Indy newspaper - thanks Bill Boone :)
Alamo HS Senior Classes 1940-1944 (thanks, Dale)
Alamo HS Senior Classes 1945-49 (thanks, Dale)
Alamo HS Classes of 1950-59 (Dale, you're great!!)

Alamo HS - basketball team 1957-58 -- Names when you click thanks to Joyce B

Thanks to Whitey Reath (Bill Boone) for the original picture and to Joyce Bever for fixing it :) Awesome - thanks !
Alamo HS Classes of 1960-67 (thanks, Dale)
Alamo HS 1968 (building in snow - thanks Dale)
Alamo Sports (Bill Boone's great site - thanks, Bill)


Source: March 15, 1903 Sunday Star (thanks, Jerry T :) -- Union Twp. has sold the following school houses & lots - Ash Pile, house and gorund, to Cyrus Thompson, $108. Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 31 Aug 1900 p 7 “Priarie Edge news item” – Bruce Rafferty will teach school at Ash Pile this winter. He is an excellent young man and will be sure to win the respect of all his pupils - kbz - Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 27 October 1893 There will be a basket social at Ash Pile next Monday evening for the benefit of the school library. After supper an entertainment will take place consisting of dialogues, pumpkin pie eating contest and the voting of a fine cake to the handsomest lady in the house. The young ladies are all invited to bring a basket. – kbz - Note: I wasn't sure these tidbits would be of interest/help but here I see that Ash Pile (which I wasn't sure exactly how long it existed) was in workable order from at least the fall of 1893 to the spring of 1903 - at least 10 years. --CWJ - 30 Aug 1895 -- L. L. Harvey will teach at Wesley this fall. Ed Slavens will be principal at Shannondale. Sherman Vanscoyc will teach at No. 4 in Union. E. E. Fry will be retained at Rochester this year. W. B. Peterson will rusticate at No. 9, in Walnut. The attendance is the best ever held in the county. E. E. Vanscoyoc is retained at New Market'again. Miss Hintie Wray will build fires at Ash Pile again.


Source: Crawfordsville Star, Jan 12, 1888 p 5 - On last Thursday officers Ensminger and Grimes came out from Crawfordsville and arrested Harley Swindler, Elzey Doyle, Robert Weir and Robert Skaggs for the burning of the school here last April. This is bad luck to the boys if they are guilty. - typed by kbz

BAPTIST Female Seminary - Ladoga (see Ladoga Schools)

BEECH GROVE -- school house in 1909 - District #24

Note: I would guess that the two gals in front were the 1909 teachers :) One is likely Elizabeth McLoed - see below. This educational facility was Located in the western half of the South section of Union Township, this school was on Section #14, and on property given by a Nutt family. In the 1909-1910 Schools of Montgomery County listing (by Charles Arvin, 2000) it lists Elizabeth as the only teacher, Grades 1-8. It was also known as School #19 and was 2 miles west of Whitesville-

Source: Crawfordsville Star, Feb 16, 1875 p 2 -- Evan Fink's school will be out in three or four weeks. He is getting $60 a month. Evan is the best teacher Beech Grove ever had.
Souvenier program from 1910-1911 -- Marty McLoed sent this and wrote about it -- "1909-10 Beech Grove school. The teacher is Elizabeth Sophronia McLoed (1889-1980 daughter of Oliver & Mary Myers McLoed). She would have been around 19 at the time." - page 1 -- page 2 (Eliz pic included - what a pretty lady)-- page 3 (pupils)-- page 4 -- page 5 -- page 6

1909 4th Grade students
1909 6th Grade students
1909 8th Grade students
1909 - all grades


BECKVILLE - Walnut Township

Known as Beckville, this school was occassionally referred to as Walkup and School #6, its number in Walnut Township in the 1880s-1900 or so. It was built on ground given by the Walkup family in Section #14.


BINFORD School -- see School #32 (North Union Township)

BLACK CREEK -- (North Union Township)

This school was School #11 in upper Union Township before the turn of the 20th century (about 1890-99) -- land for the school was given by the McIntyre family - thanks to Suzie. In 1911, Ralph Shirley was teacher (Arvin), and in 1913, George Hultz had all grades. Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Review -- BLACK CREEK - School Report of No. 14, Union Township, Miss Clara Britton, teacher for the month ending Jan 29, 1886. Willard Shanklin 87; Vincent Miller, 86; Lulu Stout, 94; Albert Stout, 87; Lillian Voris, 80; Ida Harris, 82; William Douglas, 85; Joseph Douglas, 9; Harry Shanklin 88; Frank Thomas 90; Frank Stout 96; George Shanklin 84; George Stout 92; Minnie Shanklin, 96; Myrth Shanklin 98; Zella Harris 75; Eldridge Harris 76; Ina Voris 74; Joy Stout 95; Harry Sout 98; Walter Thomas 98. - kbz


Under "White Church" town news items in the various newspapers of the 1890s BOots' School is mentioned (Bert Dunbar went there ...) - this would be in the northeast part of the county almost into Tippecanoe County - thanks to the Dunbar Facebook page for catching this :)

BOWERS School (Bill Boone's great site - thanks, Bill)

Bowers School - thanks Lynn R

Bowers reopens in 1914 after repairs

Bowers School commissioned - 1918 -- with great effort :(

Thanks so much Donna Wingate Emmons for this 1938 pic of the Bowers Seniors (I would think that would have been one of the last years of the school -- All six seniors rode in the same car to the photographers (wish we knew who) to get their pictures taken. The Seniors are: Dale Wingate; Mary Ellen Turnipseed; Robert Hays; Leonard Holt; Geneva Fletcher; William Campbell. Awesome pic - thanks so much

Dick Bible (below and bigger pic if you click the blue) - coached basketball at Bowers HS in the late 40s and early 50s (thanks Bill Boone)

Brannon School

Coal Creek Township 1878 Atlas - School #3 the Brannon school was in the first district which supposedly housed schools 1-8 in Range 5 (Eastern 3/4 of the township) - it or another school may have also been called Bible's

Breaks School -- This school was in Section #14 and was also known as School #3; it was built on land given by the Breaks family. It was built in 1906 and had school up into the 1950s, I believe. Anyone know for sure, let me know. There are several pics below but also many more at this url (Crawfordsville Library -- you might also view School #38 - could be completely wrong but that sounds so much like this school it's not funny. There are 4 rooms and it's "in the Breaks area for sure since it's the Breaks School and the Breaks families and their relatives lived in the area and it would have been the only school in that area to hold that many pupils. Hmmmmm. See #38 below and let me know what ya' think :)

August 12, 2013 - Article about the refurbishing of this school written by yours truly - kbz:)

Breaks -- wonder if this is the first picture -- there are kids in the school buses and buggies - a celebration of the new school? Thanks so much to Edith Rush

1908 Basketball Team

1908 Seniors (Top Row: Jean Quick; Anna King; Middle: Rose Dolan; Bottom, Mary Ames, Elsa Schleppy (at desk)

1908 Freshmen

1908 Juniors

A.D. Merrell, 1908 Principal

Ag Class, 1908 - A.D. Merrell, Instructor (nifty pic)

Breaks School (building)

1908 School Hack, Charles Patton, Driver

W.L. Stump, teacher

T&T Club (just a listing but might help with id of above students)

(Nicholson Photographer; C'ville State Bank; Ramey Kostanzer; Henry Sloan)

Ad2 (Barnhill, Hornaday & Pickett; M.C. Klein; Valley Mills OK Flour, Wide Awake Store)

Ad3 (Fosdick's Ice Cream; Otto Jewelers; Fell & Lovatt)

Ad4 (A.S. Clements; Col. Lurton Hughes, Auctioneer; P.F. Stump)

Ad5 (George W. Newlin; Warner & Peck; W.H. Fry)

1911 - Students (photo from old Montgomery Magazine - sent by Bill Boone - thanks BB)

1920 - Students (photo from old Montgomery Magazine - sent by Bill Boone - thanks BB)

1922 - Boys' Basketball Team - students listed: Ernest Chadwick; Carl Wilson; John Ditamore; Carl Broaders; Byron Cowan; John Stull and Coach, Charles Switzer -- (photo from old Montgomery Magazine - sent by Bill Boone - thanks BB)

1927 - 8th graders -- students: Edna Harris; Elston Fowler; John McIntire; Margaret Snyder; Gladys Wilson; Grace and Robert Taylor. (photo from old Montgomery Magazine - sent by Bill Boone - thanks BB)

Source: Union Township Schools by Charles Arvin. 2000 -- Breaks School was in existence from 1901-1948-49. This first year, L. Walter Breaks was Trustee of Union Township with 26 schools. Breaks, was a non-commissioned HS and had C.E. Kelly as Principal; B.E. Connelly grades 6-8; Clara B. Hall 3-5 and May Wood Talbot Grades 1-2. The last full listing of Breaks had 1947-48 with just 33 pupils. Walter Miller had Grades 5-8 and served as principal; Marie Miller 1-4 and their cusodian was Virgil Milburn.

Browns Valley High Schoo


***Thanks so much to Dave & Bev Wheeler for the great pic***

1907 - Browns Valley article about graduation - Waveland Independent newspaper

Browns Valley HS, 1911
Brown Twp. Graduates 1914
Browns Valley 1933-34 (thanks, Marianne)
Browns Valley 1934-35 (thanks, Marianne)
Browns Valley about 1955 - this is long after the school closed but long before vandals destroyed it (or perhaps rot/decay or all of the above - I love this picture)
Information - 1912
School, outside (thanks, Bill Boone)
School, outside, fallen down (thanks, BB)
School, outside, somewhat worse for wear :( Thanks Bev W)
School - inside - assembly hall? - believe this is Browns Valley HS - let me know if I'm wrong :( or better yet right :)

Browns Valley 1923-24 group (sorry, not sure where this is from but LOVE it and thanks to who sent it)

Last year - 1938-39 -- obviously, this was in a newspaper, but no idea which (I'd guess Waveland's?). Bill Boone sent it to me and dearly love it. Most named -- there is a mistake, however. The one in front row marked Farley is Lando Cosby (thanks Elaine)

Brown Township

Note: Although these pictures were tagged as "Brown Township" and I know there was a Brown Township school (Browns Valley), the majority of them sure look like Waveland to me kz -- ANY OPINIONS ON THIS ???
Basketball Team - probably about 1912 (fairly sure these are Waveland guys)
Basketball Team - girls (fairly sure these ladies are from Waveland)
Home Ec. class
Inside - one of younger classes about 1912
Math Class
Chemistry Class ? - nifty picture
Class - perhaps seniors that year - about 1912
Class2 - sure wish we could identify these folks - if you click on these pictures they will become larger and easier to distinguish the people -- ANY help identifying any of these would be so very much appreciated
Group - probably whole student body
Group -- perhaps high schoolers??

1882 - Teachers -- Source: Crawfordsville Star, October 12 - The following is the names and place of Brown Township Teachers. Hattie Edge, Old Hickory; SA Stilwell, Dawdens (Dowdens); HD Vancleave, Freedom; WQ Whittington, Greens; ANnie Gaffe, Canines; James Robinson, Moores; Arthur Klizier (sic - Kleiser), Brownsvalley; JH Eads, Walnut Grove; Wm. Reaves, Lydic (sic - Lydick); Willis Pichett, Gotts. No. 12, T.C. Canine, Institute next Saturday. - thanks to Jerry TUrner for this information :)

1900 - Teacher's Contract -- This agreement, between C.A. Kleiser School Trustee of Brown Township in Montgomery County and State of Indiana of the first part and Bertha L. Goff a legally qualified teacher in said county of the second part, certifies that the said teacher hereby agrees to teach the public school in Distr No 8, Grade -- in said Township for the term commencing 24th day of Sept 1900 for the consideration of Two Dollars and Ten Cents/day. Signed: Bertha Luclare Goff on 22 Sept 1900 -- also read Bertha's first couple of years - grades, comments.... this is pretty nifty - gives a good look at schools of the timeframe :)

1905 Graduation Exercise
Information - 1912
Students, 1904 (tagged as Waveland but believe to be BrownsValley because of the arches)

BROWNS VALLEY SCHOOL (this is the real one -- 1895-1896) - thanks Suzie Zach Baldwin for this neat blog on the school and for Isobel Arvin:) All the students are named. How nifty!

Bunker Hill - Ripley Twp.
Also called Weir on land in Sec 30, Ripley Township - known as School House #1. There also seems to be a Bunker Hill in Section 19, Ripley Township, a school on land given by the Keys family. -- Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, October 8, 1881 -- The school at Bunker Hill, two miles east of here, has been dismissed on account of scarlet fever. Two deaths have occurred from it in the family of James Keys. 7 January 1869 Crawfordsville Weekly Journal - . —Daniel Horton Gilkey is teaching a good school at Bunker Hill. —Joseph A. Gilkey has revived No 7, till it is one of the best schools in the township. If you want a live school, employ a live teacher such as "Ad." —Evan Fink has a large school near Yountsville. A young Mr. Munn assists him.


Clark Township school - thanks Bill Boone :)


Although Byron is in Parke County it is right on the line and many rural Waveland kids went there in the early to mid-1900s so will include it since I just happened to have a pic of it (thanks to Charlie Arvin)

Canine -- Brown Township
Iin Ocotber 1882, teacher was Annie Gaffe (Goff?) from C'ville Star 12 October addition - listing of Brown Twp teachers - thanks Jerry T.

Catholic School - (north) Union Township - Section #30 - began about 1890ish - probably connected to the Irish railroaders

Center Grove School

In Franklin Township, this school was located in Section 2 in the 400 North Area - thanks, Suzie

Cherry Grove

Located in Madison Township, this school was located near what is now North Montgomery and was also called School #1 - thanks, Suzie

Clouser School

In Franklin Township, this school was located in Section 35 and was also called School #1 - thanks, Suzie

Coal Creek Schools -- New Richmond, Wingate consolidated to make CC HS.
email directory

Coal Creek Central - Bill Boone's blogspot site

1878 -- (Atlas) Rg 5, First District School #8 (Teacher AW Wilson) - school was called Taylor; Kentwood; Quinine and Cowan's school.

1878 - (Atlas) - Rake (Rape) Pocket School - Sec 26 - Range 5 - also called Grenard. Section 25 in School District #4 (Coal Creek Township) in 1878 - teacher was J.W. Ashby

Coal Creek - Alumni - 1886 - 1900 listing

Coal Creek Township - various articles - teachers/ graduates ...thanks to the Oppy Family for this and above Alumni list :)

1910 Coal Creek Township yearbook (has Wingate & New Richmond)

College Grove School House - it is assume this is a school versus a town, although in most cases one went with the other. Source: Crawfordsville Star, Sept 25, 1884 p 1 "EV Brookshire will speak at College Grove school house, Wayne Township Friday evening Sept 26, 1884 at 7:30 p.m. Men & women of all parties are respectfully invited to come and hear what the young man has to say.

Corncob College

First I'd like to note that = I'm not 100% sure this is in upper Montgomery or just over the border into Tippecanoe but I'll put it here until I find out for sure :) Source: Crawfordsville Star Feb 16, 1875 – “West Point & Elsewhere” – Miss Lilly Britton’s school at Corncob College is out this week – she gives entire satisfaction in the discharge of her duties.

Cottage Grove -- Sugar Creek Township (nothing else is known :( Thanks to Jerry Turner - here's a map for this one :)

Council Grove School -- see Meharry School

County Seminary - 1836 article


Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Review, Dec 22, 1910 p 4- Wanted - Every young person who expects to enter Business College, Jan 2, to call at once for particulars. Crawfordsville Business College, Charles E. Batchelor, Mgr.

CRAWFORDSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL (besides the historical items below, you might also enjoy seeing the current site about CHS). See also Bill Boone's (CHS) Sectional History - what FUN :)

Sunshine society (began in CHS) - thanks WH for the great link :)
Alumni 1877-1926

Source: Crawfordsville Star, April 26, 1877 p 8 - The graduation exercise of the HS class will be held at the Court House on the evening of May 11th. RK Krout will confer the diplomas on the occasion. The following is the class roll: Misses Kate Krout; Anna Devine; Mary Welty; Beta Kenneday; Jennie Krout; Josie Stillwell; Nellie Brown; Mrs. Stella Brown and Mate Lewis (odd no men).

1903 - Grace Lambert (class tribute - thanks BB)
1912 Football team
1912 Graduation we think -- this picture is from Tom D. and we think this is a graduation since they all have rolled-up diplomas so it seems likely it is the graduation. The arrow points to his grandfather, John W. Miller (born 1891 in Crawfordsville died 1980 Champaign, Illinois).

1919 - Girls to cook meals for factulty/pupils -- Source: Crawfordsville, Indiana Dec 9, 1919 p 3 The advanced domestic science girls will open a cafeteria lunch room Wednesday. All of the pupils and teachers are very glad for it is quite convenient for those who do not wish to go home for lunch.

1913 - C-men (1st we believe time sweaters were awarded - I love this picture - thanks Bill Boone - you rock, buddy !
Roll of Honor 1916

1915 - CHS Graduates - thanks Bill Boone

1916 - Reception - Masonic Temple

CHS Cadet Band - 1917-1919 range (thanks BB)

CHS -- girls gym class (thanks Bill)
1918 Open House @ YMCA (due to new gym)

abt 1919 - CHS Play - thanks BB
1923 Class

1926 Athenian -- Source: Crawfordsville Review Jan 26, 1926 p 1 -- About half of the photography which was to have been featured in the 1926 Athenian HS yearbook was destroyed by the first which originated in Hirshburg's studio Friday night, according to statements made Monday by members of the HS publication's staff. A large number of prints had been sent to the engraver and those destroyed were to have been sent this week. 48 senior pictures, all of the faculty pictures, two title pages, three scenic pictures and a number of sport and organization prints were destroyed. Some of it cannot be replaced.

1927 HS Honors

CHS Sports (Bill Boone's Great site)

CHS - gym -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 7 June 1919 Arrangements were completed today by which Crawfordsville HS will have a basketball floor in connection with the new auditorium now nearing completion according to an announcement made by officials of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce who have been instrumental in learning the matter about. The project has been under discussion for some time past but the necessity of raising the additional funds required when the expenditures on the school had already reached the legal limit, had prevented action sooner. At a recent meeting of the board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce it was decided to cooperate with the school board in attempting to find some means by which the funds could be raised. After conference with the contractor who is in charge of the erection of the auditorium it was found that the additional money required would amount to about $750 dollars and the directors agreed to sign a note for the necessary amount with the understanding that it should be repaid out of the first funds available. The installation of a basketball floor in the building will not necessitate any great alterations in the construction of the auditorium. It will mean that the levels of two doors must be changed and the stairways leading to the stage, slightly shifted. The basketball court will be laid over the present concrete floor and will be of matched maple 70 by 36'. The seating capacity of the auditorium when the basketball court (sorry, rest gone)

CHS "J' team - basketball -- Crawfordsville High School Basketball Team 1923 (L-R): Harry Meister LaVern Bursott Elbert Patton Ross Belford Jolley Louis Bean Harold Baldwin Stanley Wilson Ivan Mastin William Martin (Delbert ?) Bud Neal Brooks Measel Coach Emmett Stout Manager George Burns - thanks to Dan Jolley - note: we would LOVE to know if this is the "Junior High team" - we question the age of some of these and can't imagine the Basketball Association letting such older students play with junior high kids - OR -- is this the "J" V team of the high school? LOVE AN ANSWER TO THIS ONE !!

CHS Band, 1930-1931 (thanks, Bill)

CHS BAND 1936 (Picture 1 -- These were taken by my father, Robert W. Shortridge July 22, 1936 at the Ladoga Centennial celebration. The Crawfordsville High School band played. Dad's sister was in the band. He had already graduated. These are his comments: " The bottom picture starts a series of the Crawfordsville High School band playing at the Ladoga centennial celebration, July 22, 1936. My sister Mary Jane is third chair clarinet in the second row. While I could give quite a few other names, it seems pointless to try to do so. Weekly band concerts at Ladoga were quite a thing in those days; I don't remember that I ever played in the high school band down there, but there was a band sponsored by the American Legion post which I played in a couple of years, including many nights in Ladoga. More of the high school band at Ladoga centennial, July 22, 1936. Director was Joe Gremelspacher, who really turned out some topnotch bands and orchestras at the high school in those years." Please post these. Maybe they will spark some memories before all the participants are gone. Mary Jo Shortridge Mensie -- NOTE: if you know any of these folks, PLEASE LET ME KNOW :) kbz

CHS Band 1936- Picture 2 (from the 1936 Ladoga Centennial - Shortridge collection) -- thanks so very much to Mary Jo

CHS Band - 1936 - Picture 3 (from the 1936 Ladoga Centennial - Shortridge) --
thanks so very much to Mary Jo

CHS Band -1936 Picture 4 (from the 1936 Ladoga Centennial - Shortridge) -- thanks so very much to Mary Jo

CHS Band - 1936 - Picture 5 (Shortridge - 1936 - Ladoga Centennial) -- thanks so very much to Mary Jo

CHS Band - 1936 - Picture 6 from the 1936 Ladoga Centennial - Shortridge collection) -- thanks so very much to Mary Jo

CHS Band -1936 - Trumpeters - 7 (Shortridge collection - from the 1936 Ladoga Centennial) -- thanks so very much to Mary Jo

CHS Band - Picture 8 - Mary Jane Shortridge- picture 1 -- (Shortridge collection - from the 1936 Ladoga Centennial) -- thanks so very much to Mary Jo

CHS Band - Picture 9 - Mary Jane Shortridge picture 2 -- (Shortridge collection - from teh 1936 Ladoga Centennial) -- thanks so very much to Mary Jo

Old Central HS - several views -- read about this awesome old building burning in 1892 (as a local historian, I was appalled at myself for not knowing this)
CHS Class of 1904 (wish we knew 'em - thanks BB) - might check Alumni above and see if you know anyone :)
CHS - graduation 1915 (LOVE THIS PHOTO - Bill Boone rocks!) -
might check Alumni above and see if you know anyone :)
CHS Military Band, 1919 (thanks, BB)
CHS Musical, about 1915 -- historical one -- thanks Bill !
CHS Musical, Nautical Knot - thanks, Bill ! Program 1 - 2 - 3 -- Cast
CHS Woods Class - thanks, Bill !

Chorus, Senior Play, 1912 - thanks, Bill
Tuttle, old - thanks, Bill Boone
Willson School
CHS - banner (flag) - thanks Bill - how cool this is !!
CHS - banner, 2
(thanks again, Bill)
CHS- Sheet Metal Class, 1921 (next 3 thanks to BB)
CHS - Home Ec Class, 1921
CHS, Girls' PE , 1921
CHS -- Raymond Hayes, Football Player 1926 -- thanks so very much to Dean B for several CHS & Wingate pictures - awesome Dean!!
CHS - Etheridge Elmore, probably a teammate to Raymond Hayes above -- Football, 1926 - thanks Dean B (& Kathy L)

Horace Mann School - I think about 1950 (thanks to CDPL for this one)

Miss Hovey's School for girls - sure would like to have pics, lists of who went there, etc. - WOW

1923 Crawfordsville Yearbook - I LOVE THIS ONE -- every page is a treat !!

1938 CHS Yearbook - thanks so very much to Ron Vaught for not only providing the yearbook but the scanning as well - great job Ron :)

1939 Crawfordsville Yearbook -- thanks Cathy

1948 Crawfordsville Yearbook - thanks Cathy K for providing us with some C'ville memorabilia :)

1949 Crawfordsville Yearbook - thanks Cathy K for this one, too :)

1954 Crawfordsville Yearbook - thanks Cathy -- greatly appreciated

1964 Crawfordsville Yearbook - thanks Cathy -- greatly appreciated

1965 Crawfordsville Yearbook -thanks so very much to Ron Vaught :)

1969 Sectional Full House - Rick Haas (Ladoga) coming your way - thanks so much to Bill Boone

Darlington High School

Darlington Sports (Bill Boone's GREAT site)

Darlington Academy (1885)

Darlington HS (1895 - probably when it was just built)

Darlington HS (winter view - the one we all knew :)

Darlington HS fire - Source: Crawfordsville Review, Oct 17, 1912 Darlington, Ind Oct 17 – On account of the destruction of the local high school building by fire Wednesday, school sessions will be held in other buildings starting next Monday. The town hall, Masonic Hall and K of P hall have been secured for this purpose.

Darlington 1927-1928 Basketball team - - thanks so much to Butch Dale & his amazing Darlington Library newsletter

DHS - Class of 1946 -- this pic definitely shows the times with the bobby socks, saddlle oxford, D sweater and hairdos -- too cute)

Dawson School

From an article found in the Crawfordsville Star (thanks Jerry Turner) on July 5, 187_ -- "We have had quite an interesting debate at Dawson's school house. Prof. Wright and Mr. Johnson were present one night to debate against Johnny Jackson. They were to come again, but failed. Guess they did not like to play "Lap-Jackes" twice with one stick. This was under "Wring-Neck" so assume it was in that area which was on County Road 500 North (Section 11, northeastern part of Union Township. Source: C'ville Star Oct 12, 1875 - Under Campbell Chapel - Miss Alice Gilkey's school began at the Dawson School House the first Monday in October.

Denman School -- see Texas

Dowden School (very late 1800s or early 1900 - 1919)

Clyde Rogers, Teacher 1910 --
Source: Crawfordsville Star, October 12 - The following is the names and place of Brown Township Teachers. Hattie Edge, Old Hickory; SA Stilwell, Dawdens (Dowdens); HD Vancleave, Freedom; WQ Whittington, Greens; ANnie Gaffe, Canines; James Robinson, Moores; Arthur Klizier (sic - Kleiser), Brownsvalley; JH Eads, Walnut Grove; Wm. Reaves, Lydic (sic - Lydick); Willis Pichett, Gotts. No. 12, T.C. Canine, Institute next Saturday. - thanks Jerry Turner - Teachers: 1901-1902 teacher was Ethel Reynolds; 1904-05 George Leonard. In 1907, Mrs. Lottie Robinson was the teacher, JJ Clements, Trustee and Earl Barnes, Supt. Grade 1 : Grace Cosby; Edith Johnson; Mary Johnson; Walter Miles; Frank Shultz; Ray Pearson; Ernest Smith; Homer Weir; Nelson Weir; Roy Weir and Hattie Wilson. Grade 2: Harlie Cosby; Guy James; Loma Johnson; Clarence Branch; Goldie Miles. Grade 3: Douglas Cosby; Lee Cosby; Pauline Friend; Deed Jaynes. Grade 4: Paul Janes; Otis Johnson; LIllian Shultz; Hobart Wilson. Grade 5: Jesse Bayless; Walter Bayless; Floyd Fruits; Johnnie Johnson. Grade 6: Bernie Cosby; Lando Cosby; Ruth Titus. Grade 7: Effie Friend. Grade 8: Paul Titus. 1905-06: Forest Burgess; 1906-07 Lottie Bayless; 1907-08: Anna VanCleave; 1908-09: Clifford Coons; 1909-10: Clifford Cloncs;1910-11: Clyde Rogers; 1911-12: Hazel Kelly; 1912-13: Vyne Busenbark; 1913-14: Leslie Todd; 1914-15: Goldie Bayless; 1915-16: Ora Cope; 1916-1917 - 1917-1918: Harold Titus; 1918-1919: Mary Fordice which seems to be the last year of Dowden School (thanks to Charles Arvin's great Brown Township Schools book)

Dr. Stone School

No other Dr. Stone is known but a William Overton Stone who lived just over the border into Putnam County - love to know about who this school (Section 20) - also wonder if it is Stoner vs. Stone - again, HELP !!! Thanks

Durham School - #5 - Brown Township

This school was in Brown Township and was also known as School #5. It existed from 1893 - 1919. Although we think the school goes back farther than 1901, the first recorded teacher was Daniel Murphy that year (Frank M. Johnson, Trustee), followed by George Leonard in 1904-05 (Charles Johnson, Trustee). Sadie Brown, the first female teacher at Durham was 1905-06 followed by Jessie Boyland (1906-07). J.J. Clements was Trustee both school seasons. Dollie Sutton 1907-08 followed by Stella Rice 1908-1909, Clements remaining as long-time Trustee, actually. Edith Gilkeson 1909-10, Otis Hall, Sup. In 1910-11, Clifford Coons was teacher with Irving Fullenwider, Trustee - no record is given for 1911-12 but Stella Rice had the helm of the 1-8 school in 1912-13. No other records exist so it is assumed this is one of the first of the small Brown Township schools to close after the 1912-13 year. Thanks to Scott B. for this great icture :) Photo 1918-1919 (A.J. Wolfe, Trustee) - this was the last year for the school, Ruth Servies, the last teacher.

EAST Union

Thanks to Charles Arvin for information on this Union Township school. It opened in 1954 and closed in 1988, beginning with grades 1-6, later adding Kindergarten. For many years, it served as ____________. Its first year there was a large enrollment of 188, after having consolidated several smaller schools. Roy Buser served as Principal and also taught 6th grade. Marietta BUrns, grade 5; Beulah Wingert, 4; Mary Jones 3; Zola Cleveland 2; Betty GIvens 1 and Bryant Hobson Custodian. There was a new and exciting teacher Alberta Smith who only taught Music and Art. However, she was a busy gal as she also taught those subjects at Mt. Zion. Several bus drivers brought students to the new school: Carl Frees; Loyd Cash; Hubert Dye; Harrison Enoch; Willard Gooden; John Frodge; Harry Fruits; Earl Henderson; Clifford Hockersmith; Floyd Hudson; Carl Jolly; Harold Hughes; Herbert Morphew; Robert Smith; Sterling Shubert; Clarence Walters and Lowell Williams. In 1966, North Montgomery consolidated and East Union and Mt. Zion came under their control.

EDEN School -- AKA School #1 -- AKA - Graves

Thanks to Suzie for this one and most on this page :) This was located in Section #11 and was also known as School #1 in Scott Township.

ELMDALE - town of Elmdale

1915 Listing of teachers

Enoch School -- see School #4 - Union Twp


Located in Clark Township, but not real sure where it was. Thanks to Bill Boone for the picture :)

Fountain School

Located in Clark Township, this school was probably built about 1912 and was on land donated by Circle Peffley - thanks Suzie -- also known as School # 6 (thanks to BB for the pic) - the colored one came from Charlie Arvin's Clark Township school book :) Note: such a shame that these old schools weren't saved and made into homes as this one has been :) This was in July 1999 (thanks to Charlie Arvin's Clark Township school history) and I hope it still looks this good or better :) There were also three newspaper clippings with old Fountain pictures - 1890; 1920-21 (1st grade) and 1922-23 (3rd grade) - imagine these were originally the Kessler family

Franklin Township

1917 Institute

School #1 = Bowers School - see Bowers above

FREEDOM -- see School #6, Brown Township (Thanks, Sue P for this information)
Source: Crawfordsville Star, October 12 ? Year- The following is the names and place of Brown Township Teachers. Hattie Edge, Old Hickory; SA Stilwell, Dawdens (Dowdens); HD Vancleave, Freedom; WQ Whittington, Greens; Annie Gaffe, Canines; James Robinson, Moores; Arthur Klizier (sic - Kleiser), Brownsvalley; JH Eads, Walnut Grove; Wm. Reaves, Lydic (sic - Lydick); Willis Pichett, Gotts. No. 12, T.C. Canine, Institute next Saturday. - thanks Jerry Turner

FROG ISLAND -- AKA -- Swindler -- also School #2

In Scott Township, this school was on property given by one of the Swindlers. It was in section 1. School likely existed in late 1800s early 1900s - thanks to Suzie :)


Source: Union Township Schools. Charles Arvin, 2000. Garfield is first listed in the 1905-1906 school year with Charles Shanks as Principal and Mae Coons as Principal.

GILLILAND -- AKA Willow Creek -- see School #21 - Union Township (South)

GOBEN School - see School #28 (Union Twp)

GOODBAR School - AKA School #6 (Scott Twp)

Goodbar School was on land in Section #32, Scott Township and was obviously given by one of the Goodbar families in the area, likely Dickerson or John.

GOTT SCHOOL (1882 + ...)

Also known as School #29 and Swamp College -- See Swamp College. In October of 1882 (C'ville Star, 12 Oct), the teacher here was Willis Pichett (Pickett?).


Source: Crawfordsville (Indiana) Weekly Journal, 7 October 1898 - "Gravelly Run" item - We have 18 pupils enrolled at No. 11, with Ernest Weesner of Darlington as teacher.

GRAVES -- see Eden

GREENE SCHOOL = Brown Township

Located in Section #11 in Brown Township about 1900, nothing else is known about the family or the school. The James Fisher (Fischer) family owned almost this whole section for decades. --Source: Waveland Independent 21 October 1904 -- "25 Years Ago" (making it 1879) -- Four abandoned school houses in Brown Township were sold at the bank on Tuesday as follows: Walnut Grove to Isaac Davis $126; Penn to Aaron Graham, $100; Wasson to WH Brock $126; and Green to R.H. Hodgkin $45.

GREENWOOD School (School #8) - Walnut Township

Greenwood school in Walnut Township was built on property given by the Lytle family (Section #33) and was also referred to as School #8. - 1913 Reunion picture at CDPL - read a lengthy 1909 article

Section #26 - District #2, School #3 - may be same as Rake Pocket Rake (Rape) Pocket School - Sec 26 - Range 5 - also called Grenard


Located in Clark Township - thanks to Bill Boone for these Clark Township schools :) Greatly appreciated

HENRY School

Henry School in Scott Township was given by the Martin Henry family. It was on land in Section #23


Located in the West half of Union (South) Township, this was located in Section #7. It is not for sure which Herron gave the property (and thus the name) but it is assumed it was likely Andrew Herron who lived in that area. -- Source: Crawfordsville Indiana (Montgomery County) Star, Dec 21, 1875 Herron School – this school, situated just outside of the city , southwest, is at present under the control of Mr. M. Hyett, as instructor and is reported by its patrons as second to but few schools in the county for both attendance and perfect order; all going forward in the most systematic manner. This is the school over which our townsman, WM. H. Durham has the honor to preside as director.


Located in Sec 32, on the Wayne./Coal Creek township line - never listed in the district schools


Located in Clark Township, the property was given by Preston Hicks - it was located on Section 36 (thanks to Suzie)

Source: Montgomery Magazine July 1991 -- p 5 -- by Karen Zach -- According to a public notice, a meeting of the legal voters of School 7, Clark Twp was held in 1876 on Fri the 25th of Aug at 1 o'clock for "the purpose of selecting a teacher to teach the public school for the ensuing fall and winter term" The teacher chosen remains a mystery, but a great deal is known about Preston Hicks, the director of the school, father of some of its pupils and writer of the public notice. Preston was b. just inside Montgomery County, near the Putnam Co line on Jan 28, 1830. He was the son of Thomas "Jefferson" Hicks (born June 11, 1810 Jessamine Co, Ky. married in Montgomery Co Oct 15, 1827) to Lucinda Ragsdale. Preston's early life was deeply saddened at the loss of his father at an early age (his father had just turned 26, Preston, 6) Preston had one brother, Sam and one sister, Eliza. Lucinda Ragsdale Hicks raised her young children, outliving her husband by 50 years (born May 1, 1811 died Oct 10, 1886) living all those years on the old homestead. Preston grew up on this farm, doing a man's job at a young age. He marr. a Clark Twp girl, Martha Utterback, daughter of Martin and Eliz. McDowell Utterback. -- Martin's daughter and our subject led a reasonably happy life, although four times death crossed the door of their pleasant home when two of their twelve children died a t a very young age and two as teens, Jesse age 14 and Mary Etta at 19. Their other children, Melissa who marr. Harrison Britton and lived on a farm close to her parents. She too died reasonably young being born in 1859 and dying in 1885. The other Hicks' children were: Wm., Sam, Martin, henry, Tom, Robert and Charles. Preston's first real start for himself was the purchase of 40 acres of land which he bought from Silas Davidson in Sec 25, Clark Twp. Through hard work and excellent mgmt, he eventually owned 1500 acres of land. ...... I received a personal view of Preston as well as eyeing his business tracts in his March 1876 day book -- he was much into bartering, selling Isaac Carmen 252 pounds of beef at 6 cents a pound to be paid in sawing lumber at 50 cents a hundred. Other interesting entries included buying a pair of shoes at Kyles for $1.85, renting a house to Decatur Ellis for $3 a month and seven yards of shirting and tobacco bought at Kyles for $1.85. He also listed those who dug a public ditch and their types of horse teams; D. Branch (l, 8-team for 1/2 day); Wm. Harris 2, 8-team for 1/2 day; G.S. Davidson 2 bays 1/2 day each; P Penington worked 1/2 day; H. Cook worked 1/2 day; James Harris two days; G. Da enport used horse and scraper 1/2 day; Lemac Robins and Jacob worked 1 1/2 days; john Duncan horse and scrapper; Wm. Bymaster worked 1/2 day; and Wm. Davison horse and scraper. Preston himself worked on the ditch for 6 1/2 days in Montg and 17 days in "Hendrix). Preston also turned out 39 head of steer onto James Duaghterty's pasture for $1 a head per month and let Judson Hovermale turn two horses onto his own pasture at $1.50 each per month. But, Preston's life wasn't just spent "down on the farm." He was also a strong supporter of the Democratic party and active in the local Christian Church (*likely the same one his in-laws attended). Of course, his high regard for education can be viewed many times over in his donating the land for the Hicks' school and serving for many years as its director. The original teacher for Preston's school is not known but the Crawfordsville library has the school records for 1918-21. My suspicious is that 1921 was the last year the school existed. As early as APril 1919, teacher Mary Daily had this comment: "To be abandoned!" as an answer to the question, "In your judgement what does the school need as a whole?" In that year, beginning Sept 9, 1918 and ending April 4, 1919, there were 11 pupils: Mable Ellis and Virgil Owen, grade 6; Evaline Ellis, Lois Harshbarger, Wayne Knoy, Ruby Hedge 4th graders; Marion Ellis and Marion Martz second grade boys and first graders, Elmer and Jesse Trent and Frank Eldridge. Frank was promoted to 3rd grade, having received all A's on his report card for the year. The fall term, 1920 was held with JL Davis as teacher with only grades 1,3,6 and 8 having only 3 girls -- Mable Ellis, grade 8, Faris Brown and Stella Clark grad 6. The boys attending were Wayne knoy and Ruby Hedge grad 6; Marion Ellis, Hubert Huckstep and Marion Martz, gade 3 and first graders Ralph Martz, Holton and Hubert Brown and Clarence Clark. There was a 91.7 percent attendance for the year and they went to school 63 days. The 1919-20 year saw rise in pupils - 15, having two first graders, two second, two third, one fourth, five fifth and three seventh graders. Teacher VH Clark's daily program consisted of: 8:30 - opening exercises; 8:45 reading 1; 9-writing 3; 9:15 - history 7; (;30 -history 4; 9:45 - arithmetic 5; 10- arithmetic 4; 10:15 - arithmetic 7; 10:30 -- recess. 10:45 - reading 1; 11-reading 3:11:15 - history and geo 5; 11:25 - reading 4; 11:45 - grammar 5 Noon. 1:00 - reading 7 an 1; 1:15 - reading 5; 1:30 - grammar 4; 1:45 - grmmar 7; 2 - numbers 1; 1:15 - grammar 3; 2:30 - recess; 2:45 - reading 1; 3:00 - spelling 3; 3:10 - phys and spelling 5; 3:20 - phys and spelling 7; 3:30 - phys and spelling 4; 3:45 - agri 7; 3:55 - dom sci; 4:00 - adjourn. The Jan - Apr 1921 term had 12 in the school and is the last recorded. Teacher JL Davis sia, "More pupils" were needed. The teacher must have been exceptionally good or the students exceptionally smart as there were no D's and F's recorded and very few C's. The students were also ranked and Mabel Ellis in Grade 89 was the "1" and only. The students not only received grades int hier subjects but also in deportment, studentship, health (listing good, fair or poor) and tardiness. Being a librarian, it was interesting to note that there were 16 books in their library. At any rate, both Preston Hicks and his wife d. before they saw the demise of Preston's little school and I can only wonder what this highly intelligent, motivated and respected man would feel about that progres?? -- Reference: Hicks' School Records; Bowen History; personal papers of Preston owned by his grandson, Harlan; 1860-80 census; 1874 People's G and MCM.

Highland School

In Union Township, 1909-1910 teachers were George M. Watkins Grades 5-8 and Helen Vaughan 1-4 (Source: Union Township Schools by Charles Arvin, 2000 - thanks Charlie).

Highview School

In Franklin Township, near Darlington, this school was located on what is now Road 150 North and was also called School #5 - thanks, Suzie - see this nifty picture - Source: Crawfordsville Star, Oct 8, 1896 p 9 -- The new brick school in Highland, No 37 opened with 37 scholars on Monday (funny :)

Class Photo - woman on far left is Gladys Mullen Stephenson - one on far right is Lucille Paddack Lockhart - could possibly be from New Richmond but doubt it - more than likely Highview

1910-1911 photo (thanks so very much for these two picture Charlotte O :) - let me know if ANYONE can be identified :)

Horace Mann -- see CHS

Hormell -- see School #13 - Coal Creek Twp - 1880 east of Wingate built -- it was known as #13 for many years but finally changed to Hormell

Horner School - Madison Twp
According to the Linden Items in the Sept 28, 1875 Crawfordsville Star, "within the last few years Linden and vicinity has furnished 26 school teachers! The last one on the list is Ed Galbreath, who teaches his first school at the Horner School House."

Hunt School

Hunt School was likely named for an area family, but I just can't find one :) KZ -- It was located about 1900 on the corner of what is currently 650 North and 450 East. Thanks Suzie -- and for this additional information -- Source: March 15, 1903 Sunday Star (thanks, Jerry T :) -- Union Twp. has sold the following school houses & lots -- Hunt, house to Peter Cowan, $47.50; ground to Mrs. B.F. Hutchings, $40.

Indian Creek

Also known as School #29, this was ocated in Section #36 (on current-day County Road 850 South)

IRONS -- thanks Jerry T for this map showing the location in North Union Township :)

J. Oliver School

Near Whitesville, this school had the name changed 3 times according to land owners -- see also School #24 -- South Union - map shows approximately where it was at


Other than the name and that this school was In Franklin Township, nothing else is known other than it probably existed in the late 1800s or early 1900s and possibly up to about 1920 - thanks, Suzie

Kirkpatrick School

Kirkpatrick was in Madison Township and located north of McBee Cemetery in Section #2 about 1900. See baseball pic below.

Baseball team - early 1900s (thanks muches to Bill Boone)
- about 1922-23 range (thanks so much to whomever sent this - sorry it got lost in the shuffle :( Awesome picture but hubs scanned it, then I didn't get back to it, so I #1 don't remember who sent it and #2 don't know for sure when it was but from the people in it, it would be sometime between 1918-1931 but think more on the 1920-25 range. Anyway, it's soooo awesome and thanks so much to who sent it our way :)

From left to right, facing picture, front row: Miss Frances Minnich, 3-4th grade; Miss Edna Hand, Dom. Science; Mrs. Alta Hamm 1st-2ndf; Miss Maude Delashmit 5th - 6th grade (she was born in 1898 and died in 1931 and looks to be about 22-25).

Second Row: Miss Agnes Largent, Latin/English; Miss Lillian Blair, History/English; Mr. Henry W. Lane, Phy T (?); Agricuture and Comm; Mrs. Macy P. Sellers, music/art/public speaking and Mr. E.O. Kirkpatrick, Principal, teacher of Algebra, and Economics

Ladoga Schools

Baptist Female Seminary (building)
Baptist Female Seminary - front (these two are from Bill Boone, as well - THANKS)
East School - black & white (sorry, not sure who gave me this - probably my pal, BB

East School -- color - thanks so much to Fred Foxworthy - LOVE this :) - note: this was a post card and underneath the photo it said, "Rose from Pearl"
Ladoga High School Yearbook 1908
Ladoga baseball article, 1958
LHS Unknown year ,1930ish??
Elementary - inside, 1908
Ladoga & South High Schools
Ladoga Sports (Bill Boone's GREAT site)
1893-1895 Ladoga Students (thanks, BB :)
Ladoga school (old - note the fire escape - thanks to BB for this one, too :)
Old Normal #1
Old Normal #2

LHS -- Class of 1926 (named - newspaper article - thanks to Elda Herbison)
1927 Seniors (thanks so very much to April & Scott M for this one :)

1938 Ladoga Yearbook (this is so nifty - thanks so much to Judith Cross) -- because of the Depression years, so many schools did not have yearbooks for those years but the Ladoga group was pretty creative - enjoy !!!

Class about 1947 (PLEASE help identify these -- thanks muches to April & Scott -- Stanley Dean Mahorney front row left -- Note: Bill Boone says this is in 1947 and is the Class of 1954 - thanks, Bill) BB also has come up with many of the names - IF you can help with any, let me know :) THANKS MUCHES

Bottom L-R- Stanley Mahorney, Ralph Jeffries, Ralph Rogers, Fred Harris, Richard Dickerson, Nancy Cross, Laura Osborn, Mildred Cline, Donald Moore, Marlene Page, Alva Paxton, Robert Pence. 2nd Row L-R Don Todd, Bill Kimmel, Tom Long, Glen Taylor, Virginia_____, Marilyn Howell, Pat Long, Janice Eldridge, Richard Powers, Gordon Paddack, Tom Gibson, ________ 3rd Row L-R David Swinney, John Gott, ______, Gaffer Oaks, John Young, Barbara _____,David Arnold, George Zimmerman. Daphne Keller, Darlene Sandusky, Keith Todd, Ronald Sutherlin

A note from Christina June 2012 -- It's in 1947 at Henry Hudson -- my mom is Marlene Ramsey from Left to right first row number 7 she will be so happy that I found this I will show her tomorrow and get you her best friends name she is the girl sitting beside my mom I just cant remember her name right now I will email you tomorrow thank you so much for doing this. She was born Aug 10 1934

Note from KZ - I don't think I heard again from Christina with any other people's names :( Thanks for the notation, though !! kbz

Not sure if this message received 4-4-2014 from JeanAnn Scharr is for above picture or not - imagine so. "I came across a photo, with a request for information on names of those in the picture. I was surprised to see my mother in the back row - on far right. Date makes sense, too - her name was Waneta Bymaster and she and my father, Harold (Jack) Bullock moved to Florida in 1948. Not sure but the woman on the back left looks very much like my mother's cousin, Reva Everhart Peacock. She also was a teacher and lived in Ladoga her whole life so it very well could be her. She married Milton Peacock. -- JeanAnn Scharr

1960 Senior Trip -- Bill Hauser, Shirley Carmichael, Jean Todd, Patty Miller, Dave Prosser, Gary Bradley, Jerry McClaine, Dorman Morrison, Mrs. Prosser, Mrs Oliver, Mrs. Ainsworth, Dick Oliver, Mike Sabens, Tom Gerald, Ronald Fine, Vonnie Leach, Ned Seale, Eddie Maffei, Bonnei Wethington, Connie Elliot, Janet McClellan, Janice Fuller, and Bill Hauser again (Bill ran from one side to the other while the photo was being taken panoramically. (via Ned Seale Ladoga Facebook page)

1969 - Rick Haas coming your way at the 1969 Sectionals - note the full-house (thanks Bill Boone)

Lee School

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana 7 November 1874 p 1 – A lady teacher at the Lee School house is creating dissatisfaction by opening her school day with prayers.

Liberty School (from 1920-1927) - Brown Township
School house -- By the 1920-21 school year, the small Brown Township schools had all closed and a new one built (Liberty) with Brownsvalley and Waveland remaining as the solid three for the township. It began as Grades 1-8 with two teachers, Rose Bayless 1-4 and Jarvis Todd 5-8. The next year with an enrollment of 35 students, Edith Miles taught 1-4 and Lawrence Surface 5-8; the next school years was the same with one student added and 1922-23 remained the same number with Surface in higher grades and Elsie Payne lower. Merle Coons was superintendent. In 1923-24, nothing is known about enrollment or teachers but my 2nd grade teacher whom I dearly loved, Rose Glascock was the teacher for Liberty with 14 in Grades 1-8 and Dean Milligan Trustee of Brown Township. Thelma Canine was the last teacher for Liberty in the 1926-27 year with 19 pupils. From then on for many years, Waveland and Brownsvalley schools were the only schools in the large township.

Lincoln School
Lincoln School Drill Team
Lincoln - Tuttle Soccer Game, 1907


1941 (possibly 42) 8th Grade Class - thanks to Linda Cooksey (via Ron Keedy) -- Linda's note -- eighth grade class at Linden High school about 1941 or 2. Mom moved up here from Kentucky in Feb. 41. On the back she's listed: Mr. Hurley, Shirley King, Margaret McCoy, Clara Lee Conard, Margaret Cooksey, Junior King, Marvin McBee; Lodell Vannice, not sure looks like Keshee Euchter), Lois White, Joan Cook, Evertt Lutes, Max Brideswell. Absent: Kenny Lange - thanks so very much, Linda. This is totally awesome

Linden Public School - (black/white) basically Linden HS so many of us remember - photo from Bill Boone's awesome blog site for LHS - there is MUCH more to see about the Linden Bulldogs above on BB's site. He's awesome! View 2 (colored) - also from BB's site !! Read BB's sorts column in The Paper of Montgomery County on Mondays.

Old four-story school (from FB but whoops, missed who put this up - sorry

1953 Linden Bulldog Yearbook

1954 Linden Bulldog Yearbook

1956 Linden Bulldog Yearbook (thanks to Kathy King for all of these :)

LITTLE School - North Union - here's a map thanks to Jerry T


In 1909-1910, There were two teachers at this school in District #22 -- OR Canine 5-8 and Wanda Clement taught Grades 1-4 (thanks to Charles Arvin's super hard work for this one)

In October (Crawfordsville Star 12 Oct 1882) William Reaves is listed as the teacher for this Brown Township school - thanks Jerry T.


Thanks to Ron Keedy for the pic of the school - love it !!

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal June 28, 1919 Mace June 28 - The Funeral of John Barleycorn will be held at the Mace school building Tuesday night July 1 at 8:30. Other interesting features will be Grandmother's Album and song specialties.

Thanks sooo very much to Joyce Bever for the town (possibly school but fairly sure town) baseball team which would be about 1900-1905. I LOVE THIS !!

MAGNOLIA -- see Sparks

MAPLE GROVE SCHOOL (School # 8 - Clark Twp)

The Kyle family (likely Silas F. Kyle) gave property for this school likely in about 1890. (Thanks to Suzie). As you can see by the picture provided by Bill Boone, the Jeff Walters family made this old school into a residence. Sure wish more would have done that :( . In the January 1991 Montgomery Magazine, Pauline Walters writes: On Sept 19, 1831, the US sold land to John and Nancy Barnett Pottenger. 130 acres in Clark Township. It was sold to John and Jane Creeson Barnett on Feb 24, 1836. John Barnett married Jane Creason Feb 24, 1836. Jane died and John remarried Rebecca Ann Watkins Gregg, a widow. On August 2, 1880, they sold a half acre (1/4 of Section 6, Twp 17, Range 3) to Silas F. Kyle, trustee of Clark Township for a school. This school was built and called Maple Grove School by Clara Peffley and a friend. Clara was the mother of Ruth Conner Harshbarger Buser, who was head librarian at Ladoga Library for many years. Silas Kyle paid $30 for the half acre. On Oct 31, 1919, after the school had been closed since 1911, John Brown bought the school from Ed Barnes, Trustee for $50. Mr. Brown's daughter and husband bought the school and it was remodeled several times until a beautiful country dwelling. We purchased it in 1965 for $2500. But in 1970, a tornado came through and almost tore the whole building down.


Via the article, this must be near Waynetown? Anyone know more about this school ?

McMullen School (see School #24 - South Union)

Meharry School (Section 2, Coal Creek)

This school was also called Council Grove (thanks again, Suz)

Mills School
Photo of School

Moore's School
Brown township - teacher in October 1882 was James Robinson - this was probably a couple of miles north of Waveland on the Waveland Road - thanks Jerry Turner

Mount - Walnut Township - see School #1 - Walnut

Mount - Franklin Township

Located in Franklin Township, this school was in Section 23 and was probably named for Governor Mount from that area. It was also known as School #3 - thanks, Suzie

Mount (Mt.) Tabor

In Section #9, this was also known as School #16 in South Union Township. Thanks to Suzie. I am so sorry, but don't remember who sent me a picture of what the school is like now. This one in color, same picture.Be assured though, it's greatly appreciated!! (kbz) - listed in the 1909-1910 Union Township schools with only one teacher, Mrs. W.F. Sharpe (District #20) teaching Grades 1-8 - brave sou! Mt. Tabor's last school year was likely 1936-1937 with 30 enrolled and EMma Linderman as teacher for grades 1-8.

Mount (Mt.) Zion
1943 Baseball Team - Back Row left to right, facing pic - Thomas c. Thompson; Billie E. Smith; Charlie Price; Oakie Michols (Nichols?); Byron Thomas. Front Row; Claude Dick Henderson; Bill Duke; James Pinkerton; Floyd Powers; Richard Wills (thanks to Richard for the great pic) - school conducted at Mt. Zion from 1920-1988. In 1966, North Montgomery consolidated and East Union and Mt. Zion came under their control


In Clark Township end of 1800s - thanks Bill Boone for the picture :)


Source: Crawfordsville Star newspaper, March 2, 1875 p 2

Needmore School House is about one mile west of Binford's Station on the Thorntown Road. Our school closes here this week. We have had a splendid school this winter, taught by Mr. Ford Rickoff. There is not over 25 scholars in this district but I will venture to say there is not a more peaceable set of scholars in the state than there is here. Mr. Rickoff has been very agreeable himself, which is a good example for the school. I never saw children learn faster, which also speaks well for both the teacher and the scholars.

New Market School
Flyers Sports (great site of Bill Boone's - thanks Bill)
Basketbal 1946 (New Market Seniors of 1946. Standing LR--Bob Buser, Ed Deck, and Harold Cash. Bottom row Clayton Morgan (killed in Korea) Dave Myers. and Marvin Burkett. Thanks to Bob Buser and Bill Boone - love those B guys :)
Baseball Article 1958 - see Ladoga Baseball article 1958

CWJ - 30 Aug 1895 -- L. L. Harvey will teach at Wesley this fall. Ed Slavens will be principal at Shannondale. Sherman Vanscoyc will teach at No. 4 in Union. E. E. Fry will be retained at Rochester this year. W. B. Peterson will rusticate at No. 9, in Walnut. The attendance is the best ever held in the county. E. E. Vanscoyoc is retained at New Market'again. Miss Hintie Wray will build fires at Ash Pile again.

1910 New Market Yearbook (don't think it is all there - sorry)

Thanks to Ron Vaught for this awesome 1930-31 New Market (I assume 1st graders) class

New Richmond High School

Photo of NR School children, Mayble Lynch teacher (thanks, Harold)
Baseball Article 1958 - - see Ladoga Baseball article 1958

1901 - play -- Source: New Richmond Record 14 Feb 1901 p 5 A dramatic production is soon to be given at Hollins opera house by the New Richmond school. The play, entitled, “Alabama” is copyrighted and is only given here by permission of the author, Augustus Thomas, to whom Prof. GB Welty had written to ask that permission. Alabama is of the higher cclass plays, ranking with “Shore Acres,” and its like. The date has not as yet been placed but will be about the last of February or first of March. Proceeds to be used for the school library.

Thanks to Andy Z -- Virgil Zachary with his class in 1911 - Room 3 (3rd grade, we assume?) - Virgil is one with red arrow pointing to him

New Richmond school? -- tribute of teacher, Dan Murphy, to his student, Elmer Webb who passed away just two weeks before school ended.

1st New Richmond School (thanks Chris O) -- plat of town showing where the school was

School that replaced 1st before remodelling (see remodelled below - thanks CO)

1st Brick School with teachers and children in front (thanks Chris O)

School with hacks and children in front (love this one - thanks CO)

School after remodelling Dec 1913 with students in front

1914 Listing of Courses and books to buy

1915 Listing of Teachers

1910 Yearbook as part of the Coal Creek Township one - thanks so very much to Betty Westfall for sending this to me and my husband for scanning it

1932 Basketball Team with last names (anyone know the first, let me know please) - thanks to the Oppy family :) - Eugene Merritt & Dan Binns (all right, two names :) Thanks Jim and Sandy

1936 Senior Class of New Richmond - thanks so much to Bill Boone (awesome picture - most of the 1930s had no yearbooks but often had class pictures) -- thanks to my great buds on NR FB page for the listing, especiall Don Mundorff, Oppys, and Jim Hanner. -- Still have more guesses but here are some :) Front Row: ? Helen Nesbitt, Marietta Fruits Perry , ? , ? , ?, Leland Oppy. Second Row: ? , Gerald Waye, Helen Olin Langworthy, Donald Kunkel , Tom Oppy. Third Row: Dick Bible, Bob (?) Cochran, ?.

Alice Bible McCloud sends this picture of the same group (1936 New Richmond Seniors) as 8th graders. Her father Dick Bible is the one on back row, 2nd from left, facing picture. Front: ? ; ? ; ? ; ? ; ? ; Helen Olin (maybe ?) 2nd Row: ? ; Bob Cochran; Helen Nesbitt maybe?); ? ; ? ; Tom Oppy; Lester Olin, Teacher. Back: ? ; Dick Bible; Gerald Waye; Don Kunkel; ? ; ? ;

New Richmond 2nd graders - 1939-40 - Miss Seaman, teacher - 2nd graders - thanks to Charlotte O for these great NR pics of her mother's class throughout most of the school years :) Awesome ~ Those listed but not in order are: Betty Jane Hoagland; Barbara Baxter; Mildred Cecile Stephenson; Lelan Hole; Martha Ellen Payne; Phylis Dooley; Ruth Jane Clapp; Don Elwin Rosen; Raymond Parker; Gene Stribling; Donald Lyons; Albert Bear; Clien Campbell - ; -- ; Eugene Bartley; Phylis Austin; __ Royer; Donnie Waye; Morris Cockhorn; Sarah Cook; Mary Lou Hoagland; -- Emery Todd; Christine Calendar; Martha Jean Fuller ?; Eddie McNeil; Sarah Cook; Ruth Fruits; Dickie Conway;

New Richmond School children 1941-42 (4th graders) --

New Richmond School - 1942-43 (5th graders) -- Teacher: Mrs. Mann, 20- boys/girls - although none were named you can compare names of above and below kids and get some of them - thanks again Charlotte

New Richmond School - 6th graders 1943-44 -- thanks so much to Charlotte O -- list of those in the group but not in order -- Teacher: Mr. Canine; Ula Clark Smith; Lelan Hole; Phylis Brown; Patricia Royer; Madge Jarred; Sarah Cook; Phylis Dooley; Martha Ellen Payne; Phylis Dustin; Luella Glaze; Lee Cockhorn; Ruth Fruits; Betty Hoagland; Teddy Miles; Donnie Miles; Jim Stephens; Dick Conway; Don Waye; Don Rosen; Sam Gaither; Merrian ___; David Cockhorn; Bob Swick; Martha Jean Fuller; Mary Hoagland; Margaret Car ?; Norma Bailey; Mildred Stephenson; Freddy Cowan

New Richmond School - 7th graders 1944-45 -- thanks to Charlotte O (so very much :) --Mr. McBride, Sponsor - names on back are (although not in order) :David Cockhorn; Donald Lon; Doras Wagner; Don Eubank; Sam Gaither; Luella Glaze; Madge Jarred; Hazel Durnid; Edith Durnid; Don Rosen; Betty Jane Hoagland; Mildred Cecike Stephenson; Sarah Cook; Bob Swick; Bob Schenk; Lelan Hole; -- thanks so much to Charlotte O :) So greatly appreciated

New Richmond School - 8th graders in 1945-46 (great photo) - Names on back include : Lee Cochkhorn; Lelan Hole; Don Eubanks; Doras Wagner; David Wayne Cockhorn; Don Edwin Rosen; Sam Bill Gaither; (think this is the front row as they are seated) Bob Schenk; Betty Jane Hoagland; Mildred Cecile Stephenson; Sarah Martha Cook; Madge Jarred; Jeppsie Ann Ellis; Winton Caroll

New Richmond HS students 1946-47 school year -- you will note some of the same students as the 3 above but of course this is the whole HS group - thanks Charlotte !

New Richmond HS Students 1949-50 (note many as above groups) - thanks Charlotte --


New Ross High School

New Ross - class of 1876 reminescenes -- nifty little piece by Alfred R. Peterson -- those mentioned: Adkins, Bion; Bruch, Philip; Davis, J.L.; Imel, Eva; Miller, Emma; Peterson, A.R.; Sperry, Ida and Sallie; Walkup, J.M.

Source: Argus News, March 4, 1899 -- W.O. Carr has been awarded the contract to build a new four-room school house at New Ross. His bid was $5,698.

New Ross Sports (GREAT Site of Bill Boone's - thanks, Bill)

New Ross - about 1920 - Viola Finchum Ross is the girl in back row with beads - thanks Teddy Alfrey so much for this picture. Anyone know any of the others, please let me know :) Thanks!

New Ross HS - basketball team 1956 - usually mark who gave me pictures but not sure about this one - I'd guess Bill Boone - he's been awesome help :) Dig those socks

New Ross HS - basketball team - 1961 -- with names - wish the ones above were named - thanks BB for this one, I'm more than sure !! He's awesome

New Ross HS - about 1871 (thanks BB)

New Ross HS - about 1899

New Ross HS -- 1915 - above photo - anyone good at revamping pictures, have at this one - know it could look a WHOLE lot better :(

Normal - at Whitlock --

S ource: Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana Star newspaper July 21, 1887 p 5 “Whitlock News” – Our Normal is still booming. Our Normal has a large attendance. The Normal is the beginning of a new era in the educational interests of our community and our citizens all appreciate that.

North Montgomery High School (current high school in the north section of Montgomery County) .In 1966, North Montgomery Community School Corporation began with Eual McCauley as Superintendet, Elbert Fike, Assistnat. Ruth Newnum, Speech Therapist; Carolyn Surface, School Nurse; Gladys Remley, Attendance Officer, Elizabeth Cohee Receptionist and Bookkeepers, Marcella Denhart and Kathryn Branstetter.


Source: Crawforsville Weekly Journal, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana 7 October 1898 - After a year's silence our old school bell rings and the walls of the house resound with childish voices. George Vancleave is teacher. The trustee did not run a hack this year not because last year's experiment was a failure, or did not give satisfaction, but becase the enrollmnt justified employing a teacher this year - kbz

NUTT School - see Beech Grove

Oak Grove

Located in Madison Township this was probably on current County Road 800 North but not too sure - anyone know??

Oak Hill

Located in Union Township, in 1909-1910 there was only one teacher for grades 1-5 (District #15) - George Blanchfill. Here is one picture sent by Bruce Lewis (possibly same one mentioned here as I think there is a male teacher on the left not being shown and it is tagged 1909 - only one person known for sure -- Mary Falen Watts front row 3rd from right. Here is another of same school about 3 years earlier. Thanks so much, Bruce !!


Small school in Coal Creek - Sec 30 - there was also a town of Oakland but it had not been located until this point (August 2014) - we now wonder if the school was in the town?! - thanks Suzie B


Source: Crawfordsville Review Nov 21, 1913 p 1 - Trustee Charles V. Hodgkin made sale of what is known as the Offield School House in the manner and form prescribed by the statute for the sale of abandoned structures and grounds. Mrs. Aaron Nutt was the purchaser and price paid was $150. This school was abandoned, the pupils having been transfered to the Wilson Consolidated school. - kbz

Oklahoma School - see School #14 - (Coal Creek Twp) - thanks Ms. Suzie B :) -- this was the last of the one-room schools built in Coal Creek Township (built 1890). It was west of Elmdale in the middle of Sec 36. Cost of $600

Old Hickory (from 1880s - 1922) located in Brown Township

Old Hickory School -- 1882 - Teachers -- Source: Crawfordsville Star, October 12 - The following is the names and place of Brown Township Teachers. Hattie Edge, Old Hickory; SA Stilwell, Dawdens (Dowdens); HD Vancleave, Freedom; WQ Whittington, Greens; ANnie Gaffe, Canines; James Robinson, Moores; Arthur Klizier (sic - Kleiser), Brownsvalley; JH Eads, Walnut Grove; Wm. Reaves, Lydic (sic - Lydick); Willis Pichett, Gotts. No. 12, T.C. Canine, Institute next Saturday. - thanks Jerry Turner . Source: Charles Arvin's Brown Township Schools. Old Hickory Teachers 1901-1902: Carl Smith; 1904-1905 : Jessie Boyland; 1905-1906; 1906-07:: George Leonard; 1907-08: Stella Rice; 1908-09; 1909-10, 1910-11: Milo Bushong; 1911-1912: Amy Boner; 1913-14: Mildred Peterson; 1914-15: Lura Yount; 1915-16?; 1916-1917: Marguerite Galey; 1917-18: T.Y. Hall; 1918-19: Myrtle Bayless; 1919-20: Grades 1-4, Rose Bayless; Grades 5-8 Jarvis Todd; 1920-21: Edith Miles 1-4 and Lawrence Surface 5-8; 1921-22: Edith Miles 1-4; Lawrence Surface 5-8 (36 enrolled); 1922-23 Elsie Payne 1-4 and 7th Domestic Science with Lawrence Surface 5-8 (36 enrolled); 1923-24: Rose Glascock 1-4 and Lawrence Surface 5-8 (24 enrolled); 1924-25: Rose Glascock 1-8 with 17 enrolled same next year with 143 attending; 1926-27 Thelma Canine 1-8 with 19 enrolled - this seems to be the last year for Old Hickory. Located at corner of 900 south and 225 west (thanks Nicole Brann and Larry Sayler) - Larry (and brother, Kevin) Sayler sent this - more what it looks like today. The building was used as a corn crib for many years by the Sayler family. Here is a pic at this time frame - Charles Sayler's home is in the background. Thanks guys !

Old Soap Factory School - see Soap Factory

OLIVER School - see J. Oliver


This school was in Clark Township, about 1914. It was in Section 15 and was given by members of Samuel Henry Otterman's family. Thanks Suzie


Picture of a high school class of Parkersburg School about 1923 - thanks so much to Teddy Alfrey for this one -- his grandmother, Viola Finchum Ross is by the teacher in back row (with beads). If you know anyone in the picture, please let me know as Teddy & I would both like to know Gma' Ross's companions :)

Patton School

Coal Creek Township (1878 Atlas) Range 5 Sec 27 - teacher was Eliza Quick

PENN School

Located in Brown Township, Section 7, named for the Penn family in this area. The Penns were large land owners and influential citizens in the community. Source: Waveland Independent 21 October 1904 -- "25 Years Ago" (making it 1879) -- Four abandoned school houses in Brown Township were sold at the bank on Tuesday as follows: Walnut Grove to Isaac Davis $126; Penn to Aaron Graham, $100; Wasson to WH Brock $126; and Green to R.H. Hodgkin $45.


Located in Brown Township, - thanks to Dave Fullenwider for the pic from the old atlas (1878 Montgomery County). -- see also Brown Twp School # 5 (also known as Durham) and School # 8 - Brown Township. Dave Fullenwider, local historian, said that the Penobscot Station was where Lee Simpson's home was east of Browns Valley. He said it used to be much larger and had a hotel/store for people getting off the rain. Thought maybe it might have been named for Penobscot Indians but can’t find proof. I thought perhaps the Penobscot River out west but no proof. Also, here are some little diddies from the area - school/town related.


POND GROVE (circa 1894 -1918) (Wayne Twp)

Located a few miles north and east of Waynetown, this school building was torn down about 1920. Richard Wills' told me that his father was born 25 March 1897 and attended this school while growing up, thus the school would have been open by at least (if not sooner) 1905 or so. Richard noted that it is very interesting that his father would be the only member of his third grade class at the school and since they couldn't hire a teacher for one person, they promptly promoted him to 4th grade. Also interesting is that Richard and his father James both had the same teacher, Homer Biddle, who taught shop at Crawfordsville for many years. Here is a report card for Richard's father, James Wills with Elsie M. Fowler, teacher. O.S. Osburn Trustee for Pond Grove. In case you can't read it - here are the great grades for a four-month period- Spelling (99/100/100/98) - Reading (95/100/96/96) - Writing (94/92/90/90) Arithmetic (98/83/93/93) - Georgraphy (93/87/92/97) - Grammar (90/678/83/86) - History (92/80/85/75) - Physiology (96/85/90/96) and Deportment (92/96/98/95) - note he only missed one day and was never tardy. Thanks Richard for these great memories as well as the great pic/report card! Jerry Turner adds -- located on southeast corner of 500N and 750W near a pond surrounded by a grove of trees. Homer Biddle taught reading, writing, arithmetic and spelling. There were 19 students in the year 1903-1904. They were: Dewey and Daisy Henthorn, Lawrence, Mae and Marvin Rivers, Blanche Hatt, Dudley ,Ira and Wanda Hutchinson, Verda and Loye Pierce, Clifford Higbee, Artha and Rachel Mitchell, Goldie Whitaker, Waneta Fouts, Maggie Mitchell, Ruby Sayers, Pearl Lidster.
Thanks so much to Ruth Trump for this nifty picture of the school children and teacher Oct 1, 1895 -- Ruth said her uncle, Walter Davis is in the picture but she has no idea which one he is. Love it, Ruth :)

POTATO HOLE (in Alamo)

On property given by the Truax family, this was in Section #24 and was also School #5. It existed in the late 1800s and early 1900s.


Source: March 15, 1903 Sunday Star (thanks, Jerry T :) -- Union Twp. has sold the following school houses & lots -- Quick school house and grounds to Alvin Breaks, $42.


Town and school in Section #26 Coal Creek Township -- Rake (Rape) Pocket School - Sec 26 - Range 5 - also called Grenard

RICE School

Existed in about 1900 + for twenty or so years this was located on what is now the corner of Hunsicker Road and County Road 900 North in Madison Township and was also called school #6

Also known as Munns school on land given by the Munns family, the building was located in Section #2, Ripley Township and was known as School #3 - thanks to Suzie


Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 30 Aug 1895 -- L. L. Harvey will teach at Wesley this fall. Ed Slavens will be principal at Shannondale. Sherman Vanscoyc will teach at No. 4 in Union. E. E. Fry will be retained at Rochester this year. W. B. Peterson will rusticate at No. 9, in Walnut. The attendance is the best ever held in the county. E. E. Vanscoyoc is retained at New Market'again. Miss Hintie Wray will build fires at Ash Pile again.


1885 Commencement


Source: Crawfordsville Star, May 5, 1887 p 1 - Word reached this city early Saturday morning of an attempted suicide the night before in the vicinity of Sand Bank School House, two miles north of Wesley ....

Schleppy School - see SOAP School -- see also School # 21 - South Union / Shleppy

School #1 - Brown

This school was in section #1, Brown Township. it was also known as Fisher's . Sources indicate the land was donated by John M. Remley. Thanks Suzie

School #1 - Clark

Located in Section 2 of Clark Township, the land for the building was given by the Harshbarger family. Thanks Suzie

School #1 -- Coal Creek Township

Section #2 with the Meharry family as land donors. Thanks, Suzie

School #1 - Sugar Creek Township

This school was in Section #12 on property given by A. Wiant who is probably Abraham Wyant a large land owner in that area and may have been referred to as Wiant School.

School #1 - (North) Union Township

Section #11 given by land owned by the Townsley family

School #1 - Walnut Township

This school was built on property given by Elijah C. Mount brother of Governor James Atwell Mount. Several of the Mounts were educators.

School #2 - Clark

The Drake Brookshire family likely gave the property for this school located in Section #6 - thanks Suz

School #2 - Coal Creek Twp

In Section #8 the land was given by A. Brannon.

School # 2- Scott Twp -- see Frog Island

School #2 - Sugar Creek Twp

Martha Boots, one of the few women who gave property for the large batches of schools built in the late 1800s in Montgomery County gave property for School #2, section 17. There were several Martha Boots but not sure which gave the property as most of these Martha's would have been passed or too young or their husband's still living. It would be interesting to know.

School #2 - (North) Union Twp

In section #12, School #2 was built on land owned by the Cully family and was also known as Vail School

School #2 - Walnut Township

This school was in section #3 and as far as it is known was not referred to by the people who gave the property, who were the Remley family.

School #3 - Brown

Brown Township, Section 3, this school about the turn of the century to 1900, was also called Dowden School or Dowden Hill and was probably named for William Nathaniel Dowden who likely gave the property but could be named for just about any of his four sons. Thanks Suzie

School # 3 - Clark

This school (about 1895) was located in Section 2 of Clark Township on land given by the Harshbarger family. Thanks Suzie

School # 3 - Coal Creek

This school (about 1895) was located in Section 28 on land given by A. Brannon. Thanks Suzie - Note: there is also another #3 that was many years ago located on land of George Westfall. There were about four George's in the area at the time so I'm not venturing to guess which one gave the property.

School # 3 - Madison Twp

This school was located on current County Road 250 East but nothing else is known about it other than it was in existence about 1900 - thanks, Suzie!

School # 3- Scott Twp -- see Servies

School #3 - (North) Union Twp - see Breaks School

School #3 - Walnut Township (also known as Tiger Valley)

Located in Section #5, the Watkins family gave the property for the school that was sometimes called School 3 but mostly called Tiger Valley - thanks to Suzie for this one :) School pic above from: Pictorial History of Crawfordsville & Montgomery County, p 108 (thanks to Suz for sending it - originally donated by Alberta Krout).

School #4 - Coal Creek

This school (about 1895) was located in Section 30. It was also known as the Bible School and was located on 600 West. Note: There were two #4 schools in Coal Creek about the turn of the 20th century (1900). The other one was on land given by Polly Meharry and was in Section 25 vs. 30.

School #4 -- Ripley Twp -- see Texas

School # 4- Scott Twp -- see Henry

School #4 -Sugar Creek Twp

The large Bowers family members were quite prominent in the education in this section of Montgomery County. Abner Bowers gave the property for this school, located in Section #26.

School # 4 - (North) Union Twp - also known as Enoch

Built in Section #15, this school was known as Enoch; School #4 and Thompson's school and was build on land given by the Thompson family - about 1890 - thanks, Suzie. Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 30 Aug 1895 -- L. L. Harvey will teach at Wesley this fall. Ed Slavens will be principal at Shannondale. Sherman Vanscoyc will teach at No. 4 in Union. E. E. Fry will be retained at Rochester this year. W. B. Peterson will rusticate at No. 9, in Walnut. The attendance is the best ever held in the county. E. E. Vanscoyoc is retained at New Market'again. Miss Hintie Wray will build fires at Ash Pile again.

School #5 & School #8 - Brown

School #5 (on land donated by the prominent Durham family) was in Brown Township, Section #23. It was known as Walnut Grove and later Penobscot, which should not be confused with School #8 on Road 900 South that was actually at Penobscot - thanks, Suzie. Not sure if this is the same, or replaced this school -- Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal 18 July 1892 p 4 - Trustee Wolfe, of Brown Township, is about to let the contract for a new brick school house of one room at No 5, near Cornelius Canine's place. This makes three brick district school house in the county.

School #5 - Coal Creek Twp.

This school (about 1895) was located in Section 27 on land given by J. Patton. Thanks Suzie

School #5 - Franklin Twp

See Highview

School #5 -- Madison Twp

This school existed at least in the early 1900s, guesttimate of about 20 years and was located about 800 North between 150-200 East in Section 21. Thanks to Suzie

SCHOOL #5 - Ripley Twp -- see Potato Hole

School # 5- Scott Twp -- see Byrd

School #5 - Sugar Creek Twp

On land given by a T.E. Fisher (whom I can find nothing on in a quick search), this was located in Section #27.

School #5 -- Section #13 - (North) Union Twp

Built on property given by Mary Wray and existed at least in the 1890s

School #5 - Walnut Township

Located in Section #15, this school may or may not have been referred to by Linn (think not, but possibly - most were) the family who gave the property.

School # 6 - Brown Twp (Freedom?)

Located in Section #18 of Brown Township, the school was donated by the large Canine family. Thanks, Suzie. My Sue's are into this as Sue P. sends this note & picture of 1900-1902 --
Hi Karen: Attached is a photo of my grandmother's class at Freedom School. School year 1900-1901. From her description of where the school was, I believe it was also called Brown Twp School #6. I have an old 1878 Montgomery County Atlas and it shows where all of the schools (from that time) were located. According to the atlas School #6 was just west of Freedom Church/Cemetery on what is now Hwy 234. It was on the south side of 234 where S 650 W "T's" into 234. That is also the location of Freedom School as described by my grandmother. So maybe the locals just called it Freedom even though it was really #6. My grandmother went there through the 4th grade and then went to school in Waveland. Her sister attended Freedom for the first 8 grades, graduated from the "common school" (as they called it) and then went to high school in Waveland. My grandmother was in the 4th grade when this photo was taken, but I believe it was a "one room" school that covered 1-8th grade. It looks like there are some older students in the photo, so maybe it is of the entire school. My grandmother, Marguerite Glenn, is the girl in the plaid blouse on the far right end of the second row from the top. Unfortunately she didn't write the names of the other students on the back of the photo. Sue. More information: IN 1901-02, the teacher for Freedom school was John A. Johnson (Frank M. Johnson, Trustee). No record for 02-03 or 03-04 but 1904-05 a Charles Johnson is Trustee with Sadie Barton as the teacher.

School # 6 -- Coal Creek Twp

This school (about 1895) was located in Section 26 on land given by J.B. Pierce. Thanks Suzie

School #6 - Ripley Twp -- See Sparks

School # 6 - Scott Twp -- see Goodbar

School #6 - Sugar Creek Twp (Bowers?)

It is not sure whether this is Bowers school that many reading this would know, but it is likely. The land was given by Martin Bowers who not only had a large farm but also was a minister so this school as some (especially in Sugar Creek Twp) may have served as his church as well.

School #6 --(North) Union Twp -- see Soap School

School #6 - Walnut Township, see Beckville

School # 7 -- Coal Creek Twp

This school (about 1895) was located in Section #19 and was on land given by Charles A. Dazey. Thanks Suzie

School # 7 -- Franklin Twp

This school existed in the late 1800s or very early 1900s and was located in Section 16 on Road 300 North - thanks, Suzie

School #7 -- Ripley Twp

This school was in Section #15 and existed in the late 1800s up to early 1900s - the land for this school was given by the Elmore family. Thanks to Suz - Source: Crawfordsville weekly Journal 7 Jan 1869 -- . —Daniel Horton Gilkey is teaching a good school at Bunker Hill. —Joseph A. Gilkey has revived No 7, till it is one of the best schools in the township. If you want a live school, employ a live teacher such as "Ad." —Evan Fink has a large school near Yountsville. A young Mr. Munn assists him.

School #7 - Sugar Creek Twp

School #7 was in sectiion #19 and was on land given by John Peterson.

School #7 - (North) Union Twp

Located on Section #16 in about 1890, this school was on land given by the Tapp family

School #7 - Union Twp (West half of South Union) - see Troutman

School #8 -- Franklin Twp

In Franklin Township, this school was located in Section 10 on Road 500 North - thanks, Suzie

School #8 -- Ripley Twp -- see Sugar Grove

School #8 -- (North) Union Township

In about 1890, the Flannigan family gave proerty in SectioN #23 for school #8 - thanks to Suzie

School #8 - Sugar Creek Township

School #8 was in Section #5 and built on property given by Thompson Conrad. It was also referred to as the "Red Schoolhouse." I (KBZ) believe this is also the school that served as the United Brethren Church of Christ.

School #9 - Walnut

CWJ - 30 Aug 1895 -- L. L. Harvey will teach at Wesley this fall. Ed Slavens will be principal at Shannondale. Sherman Vanscoyc will teach at No. 4 in Union. E. E. Fry will be retained at Rochester this year. W. B. Peterson will rusticate at No. 9, in Walnut. The attendance is the best ever held in the county. E. E. Vanscoyoc is retained at New Market'again. Miss Hintie Wray will build fires at Ash Pile again.

School # 9 & School #11 -- Franklin Township

In Franklin Township, nothing is really known about these schools other than its number - thanks, Suzie

School #9 -Sugar Creek Township

This school was built in Section #31. Emily Brown gave the property. Existed in the late 1800s and probably up to about 1914. Thanks to Suz

School #9 - Walnut Township

School #9 was in Section 29 and was built on property given by the Howard family. Thanks to Suzie for the majority of these old schools

School # 10 - Brown

Located in Section 27 this school was acutally called by its number. "I go to school #10!" The nearby Foster family in Brown Township where the school was located gave the property for the building. Thanks, Suzie

School # 11 - Brown

Another Brown Township School, #11 was located in Section 29 and was fixed on land given by the Moore family. Thanks, Suzie

School #11 - (North) Union Twp - see Black Creek

School #12 -- (Brown Township)
In 1882 (12 October 1882 Crawfordsville Star - thanks Jerry Turner) - T.C. Canine was listed as teacher for No. 12.

School # 12 - Franklin

Located in Franklin Township, this school was located in Section 5 on 600 East and existed for a few years in the late 1800s - thanks, Suzie

School #13 - Union (North)

In section #33 on land given by E.B. Smith - abt 1890s

School # 13 - Coal Creek Twp

This school was built after 1880 - in Section #13 - but, it became #13 because (prior to 1880) the schools were in 2 districts- at this time they "became" 1 district & were numbered consecutively. The school was later called Hormell (This is Coal Creek) - thanks Suzie Z B :)

SCHOOL #14 -- (Coal Creek Twp)

In Section #36 - west of Elmdale. Built in 1890, this was the last of the one-room school houses. It was called Oklahom School

School #15 - Union (South)

In Section #1, the land was owned by D.D. Galloway - school known as much by the name Shiloh as it was by School #15

School #16 - Union (South)

Located in Section 9, the property was donated by W. Henry - this school is known as Mt. Tabor School more so than School #16 - thanks to Suz

Located inSection #2 in the west half of Union (South) Township. A Wilcox (probably Levi or some of his sons or brothers' family) gave the property.

School #19 - Union Township( North)

Located on land given by T.J. West, this was in Section 21 - about 1890 (thanks Suz)

School #19 - Union Township ( west half of South) - see Beech Grove

School #20 - Union Township (South) - AKA Willow Creek -- AKA Gilliland

The property for this school was given by the Gilliland Family located on Section #20. This school was also known as Willow Creek.

School #21 - Union Township (South)

Located in section #21 the school was known as #21 and Shleppy School

School #22 - Union Township (South)

This school was located in Section #23 and was build on land given by the VanScoyoc family - thanks to Suzie (who has sone a great chunk of this page)

School #24 - Union Township (South)

This school was on land given by A.J. McMullen and was briefly called the McMullen school - located in Section #27. It was built about 1878 and was about where roads 500 S & 200 E intersect. It was referred to as the J. Oliver School more than #24 or McMullen - thanks, Suzie

School #25 - Union Township (South) - AKA North Union

This one is strange -- sometimes called Armantrout school (for man who gave the land) it was in Section #32 and was more often called North Union School which is odd since it was in South Union district :) - thanks to Suzie

School #28 -- Union Township- (North)

Located in Section 5 on property given by the Davison family, this was also known as Goben School (thanks to Suz)

School #31 (north Union Township)

The property for this school (Section #13) was given by the Pickerell family (1890ish) - thanks to Suz

School #32 (north Union Township)

Located on Section 26, the William Binford family gave the property for this school

School #38 (North Union)

Note: Although the Breaks School (see above) was supposed to have been built in 1906 I wonder if this is the Breaks School as it sounds exactly like it. Source: Waynetown Despatch Nov 9 1901

The new graded school No. 38 in the Breaks neighborhood will be ready for occupancy by the last of this week and the work of teachers will begin for the winter next Monday Nov 11. There will be about 120 pupils that will attend the school which replaces five other school houses. Many of the pupils will be hauled to the building and a three year high school cours will be taught. Earl Barnes is principal, Fred Chadwick has charge of the grammar grades and and the other teachers are Stella Wilson and May Talbot. The new building is of brick and is quite a handsome structure of four rooms and it is thought the new scheme of combining a number of poorly attended schools into one and giving the pupils better facilities for study will prove a success... Crawfordsville Journal


Thanks again to Ms Suzie from the Reference Department at the Crawfordsville District Public Library. The Servies school was also known as School #3, located in Scott Township and was in Section 17 on property given by one of the several Servies families in the area.

SHADY NOOK School (Union Township)

In the 300 South and Ladoga Road area (about 200 E) was Shady Nook and property was given for the school in 1857. It was still going strong in 1891 but not sure exactly when it closed. My daughter, local history library at Crawfordsville District Public Library wrote a blog about Shady Nook which tells much more - enjoy. This may also be one of the schools above.


Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 30 Aug 1895 -- L. L. Harvey will teach at Wesley this fall. Ed Slavens will be principal at Shannondale. Sherman Vanscoyc will teach at No. 4 in Union. E. E. Fry will be retained at Rochester this year. W. B. Peterson will rusticate at No. 9, in Walnut. The attendance is the best ever held in the county. E. E. Vanscoyoc is retained at New Market'again. Miss Hintie Wray will build fires at Ash Pile again.


See School #15 - Union (South) -- Source: Crawfordsville Star Nov 24, 1893 -"Roll of Pupils" -- The following pupils of Shiloh school were on the roll of honor and received 100 in department during the past two months: Dicy Chadwick, May Hartly, Lida Lowe,Edna Chadwick, Hugh Chadwick, Tom Hartley, Otis Craine, Jesse Chadwick, Opal Elliott, Lonnie Lowek, Rose Chadwick, Annie McLure, Nora Hartley, Otte McLure, Laeala Smith, Emory Lowe, Willie Brocie, Roy Carrell, Esten Hartley. - kbz

Also known as School #2 in Ripley Township - on land in Section 4 given by the Hornbaker family - thanks to Suz

Smartsburg School (copied) --

Smartsburg School (original) - thanks Bill B


Located in the northern part of Union Chapel, this school (about 1890) was also known as Young's Chapel and School #9 -- was located in Section #34 on property given by the Snyder family - thanks to Suzie for this one :)

SOAP FACTORY School -- North Union Twp -- thanks, Suz

Located on Section #19 in North Union Twp, this school was also known as School #6 and Schleppy School and was on property given by the Schleppy family - about 1890. The picture here is probably taken about 1892, according to ages of the students included (thanks Suzie for catching this one, too)

Southmont HS (current school in the south district of Montgomery County) - section 6, Scott Twp - the plate below (thanks Dave Fullenwider) explains the schools that were consolidated into the current South district school

This school was located in the tiny burg of Maganolia which it was sometimes referred to and was also known as School #6. It was located on land given by the Pickett family.


This school was named for the local Stoner family and is where their children attended school. Usually if a school had a last name for its name, then the family gave the property. It is assumed so in this case. Thanks so much to Bill Boone for the nifty picture.

STUMP School

Located in Section #27, District #35, the school was also known as School 27 and was fairly assuredly on land given by John Thomas Stump (born 8 May 1820 Boone Co KY and died in Montgomery County 18 July 1903 - buried Weir Cemetery) - he had a family of 12 children and likely wanted them and his grandchildren to have a good education. In 1909-1910 the only teacher was Bina M. Thompson for all 8 grades. Thanks to the Crawfordsville District Public Library's awesome image database for this pic

Located in Section #18, this school existed at least in about 1895-1920 or so, built on land given by George Fruits - thanks to the Crawfordsville District Library's awesome image database for this picture -- unknown date but about 1910

SWAMP COLLEGE -- Also called GOTT'S School) - my grandmother, Sarah Hazel Morgan Smith went to this school around 1905-10 - located in Section 36 of Brown Township, it was also called School #29

Swindler -- see Frog Island

Texas School

Also referred to as School #4 and Denman School, this was located in Section #34 in Ripley Township in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Thanks to Suz

Thomas School -

Sec 25, Coal Creek Township Range 5 - 1878 Atlas of Montgomery County

Tiger Valley (Walnut Township) - see School #3 - Walnut

Todd School

This would have been around the Civil War era and definitely in Brown Township, near Browns Valley (mentioned in Lavinia Fullenwider Laughlin's obituary and she was born in 1855).

Troutman School

This school may have been on land given by Jacob Troutman - Troutman Station on the Indianapolis, Bloomington & Western RR and 3 mi. SW of Crawfordsville. Troutman was also a miller, and the Post Master at Troutman's Station. It was in Section #3, South Union (west half).

Tuttle-Lincoln Soccer Game - see Lincoln

Tuttle School - 1957 - thanks so very much to Colin Thompson for this one :) This is one nifty picture and seems to be right as they were getting ready to tear it down - now, the one replacing it is being torn down. I know progress but I don't like progress some times :( kbz

Union Township
Union Township school (back - thanks, Bill Boone - oh, my, wish we knew who the man, boy & dog are :(
Union Township - Teachers 1905-06 (thanks Jerry T. for this one :)

1910 Union Township Grads (thanks to John Cowan)

Unknown Photos -- PLEASE help Identify :) THANKS
Unknown School - Union Township? Grade School
1937 School bus group
1915 Basketball Team (Wabash?) - thanks Bill Boone - let me know if you know anyone or the team??!! THANKS kz


Source: March 15, 1903 Sunday Star (thanks, Jerry T :) -- Union Twp. has sold the following school houses & lots -- Vail, house and ground, to Wm. McClamroch, $209.


The Valley School was located in Clark Township - thanks to Bill Boone for providing the picture :)

Wabash (besides the historical things below, you might enjoy visiting the current Wabash College Website)
Photo of School
Wabash College
Faculty, 1871
1869 Curriculum
Entrance to school, about 1920 - thanks, BB

Source: Unknown. Dated March 7, 1890 - Wabash College Primary Oratorical Contest was won by W.C. Stover of Ladoga.

WALNUT GROVE (Brown Township)

Source: Waveland Independent 21 October 1904 -- "25 Years Ago" (making it 1879) -- Four abandoned school houses in Brown Township were sold at the bank on Tuesday as follows: Walnut Grove to Isaac Davis $126; Penn to Aaron Graham, $100; Wasson to WH Brock $126; and Green to R.H. Hodgkin $45.
In October (Crawfordsville Star 12 Oct 1882) J.H. Eads is listed as the teacher for this Brown Township school - thanks Jerry T.

WALNUT GROVE (Coal Creek Township - School #1)

Walnut Grove -- Purchased in October 1841 - 1/3 Acres in Coal Creek Township Section #11 for the purpose of a school. This was in the middle of Section 11 - the road does not exist any longer but on early maps it shows a road left New Richmond going East and the school was on the North side of the road. When the railroad was built around 1880 this road became part of the railroad bed and the Walnut Grove School relocated to the south side of present-day New RIchmond-Linden Road, placing the school on the northern line of Section 14. Source: Montgomery Magazine April 1979 p 13 - a pupil gave a description of this chool after it had been moved. "There were two doors on the north, one for the boys to enter and the other for the girls. The Teacher's desk was at the entrance end of the building, with recitation benches facing it. Pupil's desks, most single but some double were behind the benches facing the teacher. A large heating stove sat in the middle of the room to roast the nearby pupils and freeze the far ones. There was no water at the school so the boys went to the house next door and carried drinking water. Behind the school was apond where students in the wintertime could shinny on the lake or skate." - thanks Suzie Zach Baldiwn.


Source: Waveland Independent 21 October 1904 -- "25 Years Ago" (making it 1879) -- Four abandoned school houses in Brown Township were sold at the bank on Tuesday as follows: Walnut Grove to Isaac Davis $126; Penn to Aaron Graham, $100; Wasson to WH Brock $126; and Green to R.H. Hodgkin $45.


Weekly Argus News, Oct 15, 1898 under "Lowlands" -- School notes - Carrier Clements says of all the schools on his route, Watkins school is the school for him."


Note that Waveland especially but some of the other schools as well will have more on the "Photos - places - name of town"
Academy - see Waveland Academy below Waveland entries

1896 Waveland Annual Report - this is soooo cool (thanks, Dave F)

1897 Waveland Annual Report - these are just amazing - thanks Dave & Trevor

WORKING on a listing of all classes for Waveland HS - coming soon :) Thanks to Delores Thomas Reynolds Farley - you rock, 'ol babysitter !! Probably be up AFTER Christmas -- Here is what I have -- WAVELAND HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES from the beginning to the end :( Also, not sure where I got this picture, but it's colored AND AWESOME :) kbz

KESLER, H.A. - Returns to Benton County after 4 years at Waveland

WHS -- old school -- article -- although I had this picture tagged as the Waveland Academy, it clearly has WHS on it and this is also the same building mentioned in this article .... hmmmmmm

This is either a really old Waveland school or one of the Academy buildings (think there were 3 but mostly there is only one shown) - wish I know - YELL if you can help me on this one -- kbz

Horse Training class - about 1900:?? It is marked as Brown Township in pictures I received, bur I'm fairly sure this building is the Waveland school pre-1936 before the gym was added

Football Team, 1901

1904-05 HS - wish we knew their names :(

Football Team, 1905 (grandson Dave Fullenwider says that his grandfather, Henry Newton Fullenwider is in the back row, top right facing picture and that this team used to "kick everyone's butts they played!")

Football Team, Unknown year - unknown players - anyone know about this one -- thanks Betty S for it :) -- see 1922 Football Team - love this and the team even has a mascot :)

Football Team, final game of 1906 -- wonder if the players above belong to this team??

Graduates, 1906 (this is supposed to be the list of graduates but it does not seem to be to me - anyway, here are the name if it helps at all: Back Row: Carl Rusk, Newton Fullenwider, Harry Settles 4th Row: Carl Porter, Earl Spencer, Milford Milligan, GlennFullenwider, Mildred Kleiser, Dolly Sutton 3rd Row: Fred Spencer, Bonnie Strong, Ferrol Bilbo, Edith McCampbell 2nd Row: Jesse Milligan, Vivian Oldshue, Tella Goff (?), Mary Hopkins 1st Row: B. McCormick, Laila Ghormley, Cecile Jarvis)

Here are the names from the Class Roll, 1906: William Glenn Fullenwider, Jessica Forrest Milligan, Edythe Marie McCampbell, Henry Newton Fullenwider, Dollye Nadine Sutton, Nellie Cecile Jarvis, Fred. Everett Spencer, Claral Edna Rice, Ferrol Deane Bilbo, J. Milford Milligan, Norma Ruth Pearce, Mildred Kleiser, Carl C. Porter, Mary May Hodgkin, Vivian V. Oldshue, Earl E. Spencer, Bonnie M. Strong, Carl A Rusk, and "B" McCormick. Graduation was held at the Christian Church on May 18th, with a reception held the next evening at the home of Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Kleiser. So, perhaps this is indeed correct as it has the same people in it - hope so !!

Football, 1907 -- and, along with the pic of the team here's this article about how they did :) Source: Waveland Independent newspaper, Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana Nov 1907 -- The HS football team wound up the season Saturday in a blaze of glory, beating Roachdale to the tune of 23-0. The Roachdale boys were heavy, willing and cheerful, but they were not in it when it came to team play. Both sides confined themselves largely to line work and no forward passes were made. Waveland quickly made her first touch down but failed to kick goal. Another touch down was made in the first half and two in the last and all three goals were successfully negotiated. The crowd was rather slim but enthusiastic. The team has played four games, winning all as follows: Kingman 5-0; Rockville 10-0; Roachdale at Roachdale 14-4 and the Saturday game here. A total of 52-4 with not a point lost on the home ground.

Baseball Team, 1908 (may / may not be associated with the school) Front Seated: Albert Houston, Ben Canine, Chet Crooks, Guy Sprughan, Herbert Lough. Back Row: Bager McCall, Bill Moore, Raymond Hanna, Murray Thomas, Herb VanCleave, Frank Burrin

Brown Twp (or Waveland ?) Teachers (assumedly) - about 1910 - names unknown

Brown Twp - lunch time - girls only notice :) -- not sure if this is at Waveland or Browns Valley HS

Football team, probably 1909 -- as a couple of the others are in the next two. Standing left to right: Rohm Johnson; John Livengood; Dave Livengood; Sid Reddish. Bottom row: Jess Wheat; Fred McNutt; Virgil Vaught; Victor Moore; Garrie Dillman; Mose Crockett; Raymond Moore. This was a post card and it was written to HH Swisher, Frankfort, Ind by Chine (Barr?). How much vacation are you going to get? Better come down and make a week of it. I'm at about the time of year for Uncle Jack to send a money order to Kellerstrail ? (not sure of last word - the names of the boys are written on top.

Football Team, 1910 -- Top row, left to right: Virgil Vaught; Garry DIllman; Everett McClain; Will Oglesby; Victor Moore; Carson Dietrich; Dave Livengood; Leo Hazlett. Middle row: Jess Wheat; Rohm Johnson; John Livengood; Raymond Moore. Bottom: Fred McNutt; Sid Reddish; Mose Crockett.

Football 1911 -- Top left to right: Ralph Brengle; Mr. McMurtry; J. Livengood; Parke Spencer; Raymond Moore -- Harry Aiken; Otho Glover; Jesse Wheat; Kneeling: Paul Riley & Carson Deitrick; Bottom: George Mikles; Rohm Johnson; Victor Moore

1st Grade. 1911 --- "Waveland First Graders - Students in the first grade at Waveland during the 1910-1911 school year were: Front Row (left to right): Edith Fern Yaryan, Edith Rosebaum, Edith Seybold, Cora Hickman, Vera Lantz, Jessie Wilson, Dora Yaryan, and Hanna Yaryan. Middle Row (left to right): Ruth Fickenworth, Robert D. Patton, Olis Moore, Harry Allen, Olan and Oran Stark (twins), James Milligan, Eugene Britton, and Margaret Moody. Back Row (left to right): Ruth Rosebaum, Portia Donahue, Raymond Tague, Herbert Kelso, Minnie Donahue, Eldred Holland, Harrison Enoch, James Wright (behind Harrison Enoch and Jervis Sutton), Jervis Sutton, Addie Fraley (teacher), and Mary (Cox) Aikins. Ted Moore was a member of the class but was absent for the picture. Photo courtesy of Robert Patton." The teacher and her pupils are posed outside the Waveland School building's entrance. A girl in the front row, Cora Hickman, is holding the sign that says, "Waveland, Indiana, 1910-1911, Room ... (looks like Room One)." -- this is from the Crawfordsville District Public Library Collection, I'd say THE BEST collection of photographs for our area :) Check 'em out!

1912 - year school most of whom are looking at this page will remember was built (the old high school in other words but it was really Grades 1-12 in the 1940-60s) -- Source: Crawfordsville Review Aug 29, 1912 p1 - Waveland School building will not be ready for use until October. The township trustee, Irving Fullenwider has been unable to get suitable rooms elsewhere, so the school at that place will not begin until after the county institute which is during the first week in October.

Information - 1912 -- 1912 Home Ec class -- Sent by JD -- Waveland HS Home Ec class from the yearbook for about 1912. My aunt Grace Gilliland is on the left end and behind her is a handsome cookstove. On the chalkboard it says “gelatine dishes.” …. cheers.dg

All students in school - 1913 - oh, how I wish we had their names
Baseball Article, 1958 -- see Ladoga Baseball Article, 1958

1915 Annual - thanks to BS

Old High School before the one most onlookers will remember -- another shot of this one from JD Gilliand (1915 yearbook - thanks for scanning this one JD :)

1916-1917 Girls Basketball team - thanks so much Tom - awesome (kind of neat as some of the girls are the same as the 1915 group in the 1915 Annual above).

TO BUY ACADEMY BUILDING FOR HS -- Source: Crawfordsville (Indiana) Star newspaper, Jan 19, 1882 p 5 "Waveland news item" -- There is considerable talk about the board of trustees of our town purchasing the new college building, which stands in the extreme northeast part of town to be used as a school house, in place of the old one which is centrally located. The Board have submitted the matter to the tax payers within the corporation, and agree to act as they may direct. The question will most likely be called at the next municipal election.

WHS - Outside - with a group of students - about 1920 or so ? Guessing!

7th Graders, 1921 -- Teachers were: John D. Blacker; D.R. Myrell; Josephine McCreary; Volta Edwards - no students are known - anyone help?

1922 Football Team - independent from the school but most recently graduated from WHS

Waveland - 1924 - loses students

Waveland Classes 1925-1926

1926 - Grade card of my cousin (whom I adored) Bob Morgan - Waveland School, Brown Twp. Morgan, Robert L -- Jan 4, 1926 -- age 8 Spelling 89; Reading 94; Writing 90; Arithmetic 77; Geography 94; Grammar 94; History 96; Music 94; Exams Spelling 80; Reading 85; Arithmetic 50; Geography 100; Grammar 98; History 100 Jennie Burford, Teacher

Waveland class, unknown year somewhere in the 1920-26 range. - thanks JDG

Waveland Honor Roll 1928

Grade cards - 4th & 5th Grades Dec. 1929 - Apr. 1930

1930 - Grade Card of my cousin, William Brooks (Woody) Morgan - Brown Township, but sure it is Waveland School -- Dec 30, 1929 to April 18, 1930 term Brown Twp, Montgomery Co school report -- William Morgan Spelling 93; Reading 84; Writing 80; Arith 75; Geograpy 81; Grammar 81; Physiology 81; History 70; Music 80; Art 82 -- exams Spelling 100; reading 83; arith 55; geography 80; Grammar 87; Phisiology 89; History 80; Music 86 -- Frances Milligan, Teacher and here's one of his brother, 1930 - Brown Twp Schools Sept 1, 1930 to Dec 19, 1930 -- James Morgan age 8 -- Spelling 89; Reading 80; Writing 85; Arithmetic 94; Geography 86; Grammar 77; Music 86; Drawing 85; Examps Spelling 84 ; Reading 53; Arithmetic 89; Grammar 23; Music 41 Jennie Burford, Teacher

1932 Honor Roll - Jan 8, 1932

Jr .Class - 1932

1932 - Faculty - thanks, Dave Fullenwider who has been sharing his dad's pictures (thanks, Bob too - loved to talk to Bob about history). We only know 3 of these teachers, however. Let me know if you know any :) --Row 1: 2nd from left (lady with one foot up and flowery dress) is Miss Virginia Moore (later to become Virginia Moore Foster). Row 2: Lady in middle with pearls and the dark v in her dress is Hazel Hendrix Machledt. Row 3: Back right - tall thin man with glasses is our beloved Mr. Norman Walker.

Monthly Honor Roll - Oct 21, 1932

Grade Report for my cousin, Raymond Morgan -- Jan 2, 1933 -- Brown Twp, School report (found in local history room, Crawfordsville Library March 1993) -- Morgan, Raymond -- age 12 -- Spelling 83; Reading 78; Writing 83; Arith 79; Geography 81; Grammar 84; Hygiene 82; History 80; Music 83; Art 90 - I thought this was pretty nifty - kbz

1934 - Scholarship recipients - Willard Miles, Geneva Smith, Lorene Jenkins

Waveland - 1st grade 1933-34 (thanks sooo much to Sue P for this one) List of those in pic

Waveland Basketball Team, 1934 - 35 -- note -- the names under the picture are incorrect - Back: Glenn Morgan, Stanley Arvin, Glenn Hooker. Front: #44 David Canine; #77 Jim Moody #33 Bob Moore; #22 Bob Morgan -- sorry, I don't know how to remove the names and fix 'em but MAKE SURE you get the names from here :) Of course, principal/coach & little Billy Bruner are still a-okay !

2nd Grade, 1934-35 school years -- thanks to Sue P for this one - it's awesome!! Teacher is Ms. Moore who later became Mrs. Foster whom several people looking on this page had in first grade Listed on back: Miss Moore; (back row, left to right facing picture) -- Harold Alwood; Clarhud Moore; Junior Cosby; Martha McNutt; Harriet Ruth Hillabold; Barbara Kelly; Jackie Smith; Billy Dean Glascock; Charles Arvin; Harry Marshall; Jean Wheeler; Maryland (sic) Green; Eva Elaine Ghormley; Tommy Lindy Mason; Elizabeth Hodgkin; Rebecca Myers; Irene Payne; Tommy Lee Peterman; Jr. Hannah; Joseph Friz; Betty French; Marjorie Payne; Marion Crumley; Naomi Robinson; Darlene Wheeler; Kenneth Mitchell; Billie Brittan; Georgiana Banta; Harold Morgan; Patsy Lee Cunningham; Jr. Allen; Katherine Marshall; Bobbie Jackson - THANKS SO MUCH Sue

Waveland - Sophomores 1935 (need help identifying these)

Waveland - Seniors ? about 1935 -- Front row third from left..Tressa (later Wayne Sims’ wife ) 3rd row back 4th from left with nice hair is Genave (Geno) Gilliland Directly behind her is Gerald Robison (Larry’s dad) - thanks JD Gilliland for this nifty pic

Waveland - Basketball Team 1934-35 (thanks cuz, Jerry Lou for this one :) This also explains farther

3rd Grade - 1935-36 school year - again, thanks to Sue P for sharing this great one! Some of these students are 4th graders (duly noted) but the majority are 3rd graders. Back Row (left to right): Donald Priebe (4th); Thomas Wheeler (4th); James Crawford (4th); Martha McNutt; Doris Holycross; Jean Greve (4th); Clifford Cotton (4th). Row 2: Virginia Jackson; Jean Wheeler; Irene Payne; Harry Marshall; Dean Glascock; Leonard Mitchell; Jackie Smith; Clarid (Clarhud) Moore. Row 1: Joan Hallett; Dorothy French; Delores Hannah; Maxine Huxhold; Eva Elains Ghormley; Elizabeth Hodgkin; Rebecca Myers; Harriet Hillabold; Barbara Kelly. It is so awesome to have these pictures with names - thanks MUCHES Sue !! kbz

School Play - The Toys That Were Left Behind -- list of those with parts -- this is about 1935-36 - possibly a little earlier but not much according to who is listed

Class Play, 1936 (thanks, thanks, thanks, Kat)

Source: Waveland Independent Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana Jan 10, 1936 George WOODCOOK had the honor breaking ground for the gym on Wed. morning but the ground was down by the Pa. RR. Two Pa. Tool houses were wrecked and hauled up to the school grounds, where the material will be used to build a tool house to take care of the stuff used in building the gym.

Class of 1936 - Helen Yount 2nd row - 2nd from right with glasses (thanks, Rusty). Top row: right side, Warren Grimes. Top row, third from left: Jr. Milligan; Bottom row, left: Cecil Harris (thanks Jim G)

4th Grade - 1936-37 -- thanks to Sue P who has found most (see above & below) of this group's school pictures. How great! Surely appreciated - kbz. Pictured are: Row 1 -- (left to right) Irene Payne; Maxine Huxhold; Katherine Marshall; Georgiana Banta; Betty French; Marjory Payne; ?; Harriet Hillabold?; Rosemarie ?. Row 2: Joseph Frisz; Naomi Robinson; Betty Webb; Ruby Jarrett; Jean Wheeler; Rebecca Myers; Elizabeth Hodgkin; Eva Elzine Ghormley; Delores Hannah; Barbara Kelly. Row 3: Evart Keys; Tom Lindley; Billy Dean Glascock; Darlene Wheeler; Harriet Ruth Hill; Kenneth Marshall; Jackie Smith; Charles Arvin. Row 4: Clarhud Moore; Clifford Cotton; Harold Alwood ?; Martha McNutt; Pauline Jerrett; James Crawford; Lorene Short; Jr. Cosby; Don Ewbank

3rd Grade, 1937 - 3rd Grade 1937 Front Row - Della Mae Tolliver, Eileen Smith, Mary Va. Priebe, Pauline Welcher, Virginia Search, Charles R. Peyton, Frank Allen Jr., Robert Simms, Martha Jo Walker, Natalia Hodgkin, Dorene Miller, Ardell Rivers. Back row - Choyd Short, Kay Webb, Dorthy Keys, Charles Grady, Nelson Huxhold, Charles Hannah, Martha Hayes, Alice Merle Yount, Robert Gooding, Herb Shular, Billie Cotton. Teacher Etta Evans

1st Grade 1938 - 1st Grade 1938 - 1939 Front Row- Donn Spencer, Barbara Allen, Phillip Hodgkin, Betty Shuler, Russell Stockwell, Lu Fuller, Billy Keys, Noline Hankins, Bobby Hannah, Donna Lee Hester, Donald Eugene Warren, Billy Ed Walker, Beverly Cook. Back Row- Mary Lee Toliver, Bobby Harris, Connie Vanhook, Bobby Greve, Karl Moser, Carolyn Richardson, James Hickman, Ruth Johnson, John Miles, Dorthy Lou Foster, Richard Hocket, Alice Marie Cotton, Fred Pittman, Burnam Tolliver. Teacher Virgina Moore Foster

Senior Class - 1938 -- this was my mother's class (kbz) -- she told me they didn't have a year book because of the Depression and our economy. You'll note on the 1939 one that it is hand made. You can see the glue spots and how each was put on the page. Crazy, huh? Sure glad I wasn't yearbook editor of 1939 :)

6th Grade - 1938-39 -- thanks to Sue again - these are such super-dee-duper pictures -- Row 1: Evart Keys; Junior Cook; Joseph Frisz; Tommy Mason; Arland Hunt; Clarence Hoskins; Junior Cosby; Dick Shaul; Donald Ewbank; Jack Smith; Dean Glascock. Row 2: Elizabeth Hodgkin; Eloise Jack; Harold Morgan; Kenneth Mitchel; Delores Hannah; Betty Webb ; Jean Swearingen; Naomi Roninson; Georgiana Banta; Maxine Huxhold; Katherine Marshall; Donna Sue Heslar; Virginia Hankins; Marjorie Payne; Harry Marshall; Row 3: Mrs. Grimes; Irene Payne; Betty Jo Hickman; Bobby Weaver; Lindy Simms; Clarhud Moore; Harold Alward; Clifford Cotton; Martha Merritt; Loren Short; Joe Bowman; Max Rivers; Harriet Hillabold; Charles Arvin

1939 Waveland Echo Yearbook - thanks so much to my brother Larry for allowing me to borrow his old yearbooks and to my wonderful hubs, Jim, for scanning them all. He at first made 'em too large so even had to rescan some so love him for seeing the value of these old items. He's working on more so if you see him, tell him THANKS :) -- Note: the 1939 yearbook is hand made. You can see the glue spots and how each was put on the page. Crazy, huh? Sure glad I wasn't yearbook editor of 1939 :) -- kbz

7th Grade - 1939-1940 -- thanks so much, Sue P :) Harriet Hillabold is her mother and I'm so glad she kept all these wonderful pictures and Sue shared! Although there were no names this year that Harriet wrote down, with the last years I've been able to name most of them - if you know more of I have any wrong, PLEASE let me know -- kbz - Row 1: Jack Smith; ? Harry Marshall; ? ; ? Dean Glascock. Row 2 : Eloise Jack; Elizabeth Hodgkin; Irene Payne; ? ; Delores Hannah; Harriet Hillabold; ? ; Marha Merritt. Row 3: Dick Shaul? ; Don Ewbank; ?; ? ; Evart Keys? ; Jr. Cosby; ? ; Clarhud Moore and Loren Short

Waveland HS Band, 1940 or a year/two earlier

8th Grade - 1940-1941 -- thanks Sue :) -- Row 1: Loren Short; Evart Keys; Don Ewbank; Joe Bowman; Dick Shaul; Betty Patton; Irene Payne. Row 2: Barbara Himes; Elizabeth Hodgkin; Robert Oswalt; Jack Smith; Vernon Miller; Lenore' Hester; Delores Hannah; Leo McGaughey. Row 3: Mr. Lafollette; Lando Cosby; Bill Glascock; Russell Clouser; Clarhud Moore; Martha McNutt; Harriet Hillabold; Eloise Jack.

Senior Class 1940 (thanks Marianne M. for this one)

WHS - 1941-42 - thanks Sue -- although the 9th graders are listed this is obviously the whole high school (I see my aunt, Hulda Smith in there - 2nd row sort of in the middle) - unless we could get the Goodings or the Arvins or the .... to name 'em all I think I'll leave as is - kbz

Class of 1942

Bob Gooding, 1943 (basketbal player - thanks, Bill Boone)

1944-1945 Basketball Team - named - thanks Bob - greatly appreciated :)

1945-1946 Basketball Team - named - thanks so much Bob G :)

1946-1947 Basketball Team - named - thanks Bob G :) Such awesome pictures

1947-1948 Basketball Team -- Back Row: Herb Shular, Manger; #99 Bill Newell; #00 Earl French; #55 Keith Greve; John Hughes; Karl Moser; Manager Larry Servies. Front row: #22 Bob Miles; #44 Dick Seybold; #88 holding ball Leonard Sewell and thanks to his son, Dave for sending this awesome photo) #33 Max Weaver and #11 Charles Hannah - a very similar picture is here but not as clear and it has Coach Cliff Davis in it

Waveland HS -- Waveland HS -- must be Grades 9-12 about 1943 - I recognize very few -- and then with some great help from my buds on the Old School Waveland page (thanks, Ron, Carol, Dave; Joyce; Delores ...) we know a few more. Now, 1-28-2013, special thanks to the Arvins & Goodings, we have almost 100%. Still need Row 5 3rd person (thin boy). All rows left to right, facing picture

Row 1 - Cliff Davis; Marvin Swift; Barton Jarvis; Cloyd Short; Leonard Mitchell; Kenneth Mitchell; Bob Starnes; Max Rivers; Pete Clouser; Everett (Jim) KJeys; Bill Grice; Bob Patterson; Don Simpson

Row 2 -- Norman Walker, band director; Eileen Short; Harriet Hillabold (thanks Sue); Betty Jo Patton; Irene Payne; Helen Simms; Phyllis Evans; Joan Frisz; Pauline Whelchel; Eileen Smith; Anna Lee Bowles; Opal Patterson; Kathryn Arvin; Hulda Smith; Evelyn Cotton; Grace Cox

Row 3- , Elton Milligan, teacher; Principal is Leo McGaughey; Don Patton; William Morrison' Lindy Simms; Tom Mason; Della Tolliver; Martha Hayes; Bob Moore; Bob Simms; Frank Allen, Jr; Mary Priebe; Helen Grimes; Dorothy Keys; Barbara Lucas; Virginia Search; Isobel Shanks; (teacher) Sam Tom Patton

Row 4 -- Don Ewbank; Bill Glascock; Dwight McMurray; Gordon Weaver; Naomi Robison; Wilma Sewell; Maxine Huxhold; Kathryn Marshall; Marjorie Payne; Jean Swearingen; Barbara McBrayer; Herb Shuler; Nelson Huxhold; Wayne Carmichael; Jean Shafer; Charles Hannah and Jeannie Reffet (later Machledt).

Row 5 - Ralph Milligan; OralLee Brown; ____; Harry Marshall; Bob Gooding; Natalia Hodgkin; Ardell Rivers; Dorene Miller; Martha Walker; Donna Hesler; Dorothy Hartle; Zelda Carmichael, Ralph Williams, young boy by himself with the part zippered-shirt is Ralph Williams. Clarhud Moore (partially hidden behind teacher, Jeannie Reffet).

Row 6 -- Earl Starnes; Don Evans; Don Priebe; Martha McNutt; Velma Tague; Imogene Pane; Marianne Swearingtn; Sandy Search; Mary Beth Milligan; Mildred Campbell; Jean Himes; Elizabeth Hodgkin; Pauline Gooding; Joan Greve; Helen Harbison; Austin Simpson; Mildred Keys; Jack Smith; Alice Yount; Herb Porter; Harold Alward

Row 7 -- Charles Arvin (thanks Joyce); Max Burroughs; Loren Short; Dick Shaw; Ernie McCloud; Cecil Hunt; Paul Keller; Clyde Bullerdick; Pat Patterson; Junior Conklin; Harold Weaver; Max Himes; Dale Milligan; Dale Miller

1948 Waveland Yearbook (thanks Larry B)

1949 Waveland Yearbook (thanks Larry B)

1950 Waveland Yearbook (thanks brother)

Waveland Baseball - 1950 (pic below) -thanks to Bob Harbison - this was his Freshman year -- Bottom, left to right: Dean Milligan OF; Richard Smith, OF; Don Whitecotton, C; Dale Mitchell 2B; Bob (OF). Row 2: Dale Sowers OF; Bill Wheeler 3B; "Kid Seybold, SS . 3rd Row: Darrell Newell OF; Keith Greve 1B; Duane Kelly OF; Dave Grimes FB. Top: Harold Starnes P; Ray Spencer 2B; Bob Hannah OF


Basketball Jr. Hi? Or 5th-6th grade ? 1949-1950 - names are under photo and thanks thanks & thanks to Daryl May for this one, too :)

Bus Drivers about 1952 ? -- thanks muches to Daryl May -- drivers are: left to right, facing picture Wilbur Schmall; Glenn Newell; Jim Moody; Raymond Busenbark; Dean Murray

WHS - 1951 HS yearbook (most of it anyway :)

WAVELAND - basketball - GLORY YEARS -- thanks to Robert "Bob" Harbison we have some many wonderful clippings and photos and memorabilia to share with you !

Waveland -- 1952 Hornets Nest yearbook :) ENJOY - thanks so much to my brother Larry Bazzani for sharing this one with you all! And to my wonderful husband, Jim Zach who scanned all of these)

WHS -- 1953 HS Yearbook (thanks to brother Larry :)

1953 Senior Class- thanks to Bob Harbison - great photo

1953 Senior Class Play titled Dotty & Daffy - thanks to Robert "Bob" Harbison for this -- Staff (make-up ...) -- Cast

WHS -- 1954 HS Yearbook (thanks Lar :) thanks Jim - Love ya')

1954 Prom Pictures - only identified ones - Wanda Hess holding pillow on left - Jerry Joiner on right -- Sponsor, Lawrence Hazlett (behind Jerry) and his wife, Barbara and Johnny Walker, who is crowning the king/queen - Picture 2 & 3 Fun pics of the times - love the dresses and the facy suits of the guys - Thanks to Dave Harbison, his Uncle Bob Harbison admits to being the King and Bonnie Reynolds is the Queen - whoop whoooo :)

1955 County Champs

1955 WHS Yearbook -- ditto on 1956 thank you :)

1956 WHS Yearbook - thanks to my brother, Larry Bazzani for letting me borrow his collection to enter on this site :) And, my wonderful hubs, Jim Zach - thanks muches & muches more for all the thousands of scanning pages ya' put forth :) kbz

1957 Waveland football team - NOT -- see 1922 (it was in the 1957 Waveland Independent newspaper "35 years ago"

1957 -- Waveland Yearbook

WHS - black/white - about 1958

1958 -- Waveland Yearbook

1959 Waveland Yearbook

1960 Waveland Yearbook

WHS in the 1960s - perhaps its glory days ??

1960-61 Newspapers - thanks so much to Dave Fullenwider (& sister Betty)

Waveland -1st Grade 1961 (thanks so very much Kat WD for this one :) One below is same group of kids but are not sitting in same place
1st Grade - picture in 1960-61- know some: 3rd from left 1st row, Randy Wheeler. 2nd Row left to right: Deb White? Dave Rusk? ___; Dave Dooley; Carl Isaacs; ___; Joni Connard and Mrs. Virginia Foster. Back: ___; ___; Kathy Weaver; Dave Ross; Doug Hunt; Mike Metzger ____? - thanks, Kat
1961 -- Although tagged as 1st graders, I thought Mrs Harbison the teacher here was the Kindergarten teacher. Perhaps Kat or someone can clarify this - how cute they have little packages with their names on them.
Thanks to Dave Harbison this is his mother's 1961 (Virginia Jarvis Harbison) Kindergarteners (which by the way do not seem to be in the yearbook - very odd) --

1961 Waveland Yearbook

1961 - Basketball team news article - thanks so much to JD

1962 Waveland Yearbook -- complete except for the filler pages (Sports; Faculty ....) - thanks Larry B (love that brother of mine) --- Along with the 1961s group, this is Virgina Jarvis Harbison's 1962 Kindergartenders, thanks to her son David

Grade School Play, 1962, View 1 (thanks again to Kat WD - you're great, Kathy)

Grade School Play, 1962, View 2 (thanks so very much Kat WD)

Waveland Co-champ Baseball Champs -1963 (ahhh, my bros are on this team !! -- Thanks muches to Bill Boone for this one :)

1963 - Waveland Yearbook - thanks to my hubs for the scanning and to my brother, Larry for letting me borrow the book :)

WHS Outside - in the snow

WHS Outside - with students

Waveland Yearbook - 1964 (thanks brother, Lar :)

Waveland Hornet's Nest articles - 1964

1964 - Sr. Trip - Ralph Williams, teacher/sponsor; Herb Miller (left) and Dave Overpeck (in mirror) - thanks so much to Ron Keedy for this & one below :)

1964 - Sr. Trip - on bus to or from Washington DC -- part are identified - on left Bill Grimes - behind him - Tom Howell & Jim Chesterson - back seat Mike Handley & Ted Whitecotton. On right side - Bobby Fullenwider; Clyde Jones. Behind them perhaps Dale Calvert and behind him Dave Overpeck with hands up ? - last row - can't tell :( Thanks again to Ron K

1964 Baccaulareate at the Waveland Methodist (might have been a Baptist at that time) -- Left to right front: Tom Howell; Don Brewer; Frank Howell (Dave Overpeck behind with finger in his mouth) Garry Bazzani turned backward; Clyde Jones ? Larry Bazzani ? and Ron Keedy on end trying to get out of the icture :) Girls in the front: Nancy Stultz; Judy Hart; Joan Graham; Jennifer Grimes; Elsie Smith; Patti Miles. Anyone know the others, let me know

1965 Waveland Yearbook (thanks Lar & Jim)

1965 -- Seniors of 1965 as 1st graders - thanks so much to Patti Lewellen Mason for this cool picture :) First row: Ed Williams; Dave France; Kenny Lowery; William Logan; Dennis McCarty; Carrell Reynolds; James Welch; Arnold Lycan. 2nd Row: Clydia Davis; Cheetra Cooper; Gary Simpson; Jeanne Hunt; Don Hartle; Linda Graham; William Stonebraker; Linda Swank; Nancy Kelsey. Third Row: Bonnie Cronkhite; Donna Stewart; Sue Cassidy; Duane Miller; Steve Clouser; Pat Lewellen; Judy Banta; Jonathan ?; Joan Patton. Fourth Row: Ron Patton; Dan Allen; Larry Bullerdick; Judy Jefferies; Danny Edward; Janet Mitchell; Roxie Bowers; Sharon Swank; Jerry Hester; Tresha Cox. Virginia Moore, Teacher - Demaree Studio Crawfordsville. 1953-54 1st graders - I LOVE THIS PICTURE :)

1966 Waveland Yearbook -- (believe this one is from the Waveland Library's disk - thanks muches :)

1966 - - Kindergarten (below - and click on 1966 to see it too) - thanks so much to Dave Harbison for sharing his mother's teaching years with us !!!

Kindergarten -- thanks so much to Mike Hopkins for naming all but the first girl on the left front row - PLEASE let me know if you know who that is :)
? Daryl Gilland, Charlotte Carmean Thomas, Mike Sowers, Loree Thomas, John Wright, Nita Seybold McCormick, me, Roger Miller, Linda Curt Hockett, Kelly Ezra, Keith Jeffries, Becky Paxton Ambrose, Bryce Whitecotton, Patty Evans Linn, Darrell Carrell, Debbie Reynolds, Dion Thomas, Brian King Ray Gooding, Donnis Patton, Dave Harbison, Cathy Holmes Hutchison, Mark Moser, Mary Beth Lewellen Kirk, Dan Wheeler, Brenda Smith, Daryl Huxhold, Kyle Myers, Mrs. Virginia Harbison

WHS - 1967 - article about the upcoming tourney +

1967 Waveland Yearbook (thanks Lar & Jim)

Waveland Class of 1968 (thanks Dale Smith :)

1968 Waveland Yearbook

1969 Waveland Yearbook

1970 Waveland Yearbook

1971 Waveland Yearbook - - this one is particularly awesome - took one heck of a lot of work - think Betty Simpson Watson was editor that year - what an amazing feat - thanks, to you & your staff :)

1981 Alumni Banquet booklet - this is nifty :) - thanks so very much to the Fullenwider family for this - doggone it I went to the Alumni Banquet and was involved in it for probably 3 or more decades and don't think I kept a one of these - shucks :(

Waveland Academy (Collegiate Institute)

Waveland Academy -- these are the REAL academy buildings (clapboard) - 90% sure that the ones below (brick) are the first Waveland HS (built almost where the one we all knew/loved - slightly different place)

Waveland Academy - #1
Waveland Academy - #2 (nifty pic - I'd want my kids to go there)
Waveland Academy - #3 (thanks Bill Boone)

Waveland Collegiate Institute - 1868 graduation

1870 Article about the Institute

Waveland Collegiate Institute - Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana 27 February 1873 p 2 “Waveland news items – The trustees of the Waveland Collegiate Institute recently held a meeting at which they decided to go forward at once and build a new house. The old building has become entirely too small, so much so that part of the time two teachers have to occupy one room at the same time. They still lack some money, but believe they will be able to raise the amount by the time it will be needed. In the meantime the Trustees would be pleased to have all the friends of the school come forward and assist in the noble work. Mr. John Milligan is the authorized agent to receive such subscriptions. The site for the new building has not been definitely fixed, but the probabilities are that it will be built on the present site, as that seems to be more central and will accommodate more people than any other place they can get, without going out of town.


Note: 13 June 1913 Waynetown Despatch newspaper - this is the building torn down to create space for the building that those of us 50 + remember as their high school in Waynetown
Waynetown-Covington Basketball Game (1922 - love this pic)

Waynetown School, early one
Waynetown - old school with children in buggy (thanks so much to Viola Compton - via Sandra R for this nifty pic - taken about 1900)
Waynetown Sports (Bill Boone again - he's awesome :)

Source: Waynetown newspaper, Thursday, May 6, 1954 (Crawfordsville Journal Review?) -- Waynetown - Dedication of the new gymnasium of the Waynetown School on Sunday May 2, was marked by a large attendance despite the rainy day. The announced program was given with Larry Hobbs, principal of the school at Sheridan, speaking in place of LV Phillips, commissioner Indiana HS Athletic Association who was unable to attend because of family illness. Mr. Hobbs is a member of the board of controls of the association. Music was by the high school band and choir. Several gift bouquets of flowers were on the stage and there were numerous congratulatory messages. Pictured were: Frank Bunnell, Elmer Biddle, Virgil Wilkinson, members of the advisor board; Linnie Osborn, former trustee; Rev. Burns, pastor Baptist Church; Wilbur Young, State Supt of Public Inst; Marx Merrell, Twp Trustee; Clyde Mitchell, Principal; Rev. Vetters, Pastor Methodist Church; John W. Ward, Co. Supt. of Schools; James Warren, former trustee. (didn't copy picture as the article I typed from was very bad

Weir -- see Bunker Hill

Wesley Academy

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 30 Aug 1895 -- L. L. Harvey will teach at Wesley this fall. Ed Slavens will be principal at Shannondale. Sherman Vanscoyc will teach at No. 4 in Union. E. E. Fry will be retained at Rochester this year. W. B. Peterson will rusticate at No. 9, in Walnut. The attendance is the best ever held in the county. E. E. Vanscoyoc is retained at New Market'again. Miss Hintie Wray will build fires at Ash Pile again.

West Point

Located in Union Township, the 1910-1911 teacher was Margaret Smith (Arvin - Union Township Schools).

WHITE School

Located on Section 9, Scott Township, this was also referred to as School #7 and was on property given by the nearby White family - there is a White family living near there today (2012) - hmmm - thanks to Suzie for this one, too

Whitesville -- aka School #23 (located in Section #26 South Uion Twp)

thanks to CDPL for above pic

Brenton School (just north of Whitesville) - thanks, Bill Boone - never seen this one :)

WHITESVILLE -- March 15, 1903 Sunday Star (thanks, Jerry T :) -- Union Twp. has sold the following school houses & lots - Whitesville, $25 to residents of school district No. 30 for a hall.

Note: They may have built a new one as Charlie Arvin's 2000 listing (Union Township Schools) includes Will E. White as principal; Charles Shanks grades 6-8; Lola Ghormely 3-5 and Bertha Peterson 1-2 in the 1904-05 school year. (same source as below)

Source: Union Township Schools byh Charles Arvin April 2000. Whitesville closed in 1951 -- the last teachers were: Roy Busher, Principal and Grades 608; Beulah Wingert Grades 3-5 and Ruth Joiner Grades 1-2. The custodian was Harry Wren and there were 60 pupils.

Whitesville School (thanks, BB)

Grade 4, Whitesville School, 1936
(see Jameson - thanks CDPL image file )

Whitesville, outside - nifty picture from Mike Long :)

1886 Graduation Exercises - thanks so very very much to Pegeen for this cool piece of history - it's a tad hard to read so I've also typed it

Willow Creek - see School #20 - Union Township (South)

Willow Grove -- Also known as School #27 - Union Township (South - Section #20)

A small area just south of present-day County Road 300 South on US 231 (left side of road) - there was a school, several houses, cemetery and likely a church that went with that cemetery. Names at the school in 1894-1895 were Snyder, Stephens, Vancleave, (Teacher O.W. Oliphant), Pickle, Miller, McMains (sp?), Demort (Demoret?), --- I'm blogging the cool picture on Monday - so, if you want to link to the pic it will be ready soon. Also, just got a 1903 Mills school pic too - & an old CHS - 1894 & an 1887 school pic with a Mr. Vanscoyoc as the teacher -- possibly Willow Grove - don't know for sure. This from daughter, Suzie Zach Baldwin, one great ref librarian :) -- Source: Crawfordsville Star, Jan 11, 1877 p 7 – Willow Grove School house four miles south of Crawfordsville on the Greencastle Road was partially consumed by fire on Tuesday afternoon. Wm. Hall, the teacher barely succeeded in saving the building.

WILLSON School -

Located in Crawfordsville on Wabash Avenue, this school was also known as "the castle." This school was referred to as the Old Willson School. This one is what we all have known as the Willson School (thanks to the Crawfordsville District Library for the link :) and was a grade school. Located at 500 East Jefferson, this is now the Even Start school. The original Willson school was named for Anna Willson a long-time teacher and principal.


This country school was located in Section #12 in the western half of Union Township (South part). It likely existed from the late 1800s to very early 1900s. In 1914-1915 D.V. Pittman had the upper 4 grades (4-8) and Hazel J. Hall grades 1-3. .


Wingate first & second graders
Wingate High School
Wingate HS (brighter view)
Wingate Sports (Bill Boone's SUPER SITE)
Wingate Basketball Team 1917-1918

Wingate -- Freshmen class 1922-23 -- thanks to Dean Boyer for this one -- names on back : Fossy; Mason; Abel; Olive & Hughes

Wingate - Basketball player about 1922-24 (anyone know him? Thanks so much to Dean B for this one, as well)

Wingate school - 1908 - court injunction against building -- Thanks muches to Mary K for this nifty little article !

Wingate HS 1910 yearbook as part of the Coal Creek Township one

1915 Listing of Teachers

Chuck Clemans as a basketball player for Frank Allhands - thanks BIll Boone

Cool pic of a plate with the school on it - thanks to Paula Hedrick Davis on C"ville & Montgomery Co History Facebook page :)


Young's Chapel (see also Snyder)

1942 Young's Chapel class (back corner on left is :- MASON, Robert D.) - class at Young's Chapel School, 1942 - no others known but principal is (writing hard to read so hopefully it's correct) (Mrs) Irene Natdetlee Carner -- if you know anymore about the students here, the school .... please let me know !!

Young's Chapel's total years is not known as of today (April 12, 2016) but it is known that it was in existence as early as 1906-07 school year. Their principal was B.E> Connelly; teacher for grades 5-7 was Edgar Marcum with Mary A. Hall 3-4 and Adda Fraley grades 1-2 (information from Charles Arvin's Union Twp. Schools 2000).

Young's Chapel about 1938-39 -- only known one is Robert Dale Mason (a Miss Cleveland taught there for several years and Joyce B - thanks kiddo - thought this looked like Miss Cleveland in her younger years - back row)

Young's Chapel - 1950 -- thanks so much to Joyce Patterson Bever - she's the cutie in front of the teacher -- most are identified by Joyce, thank goodness :)

Young's Chapel School & Church - CDPL - they have some awesome "images"

Young's Chapel School - final year - 1953-54 -- also a CDPL photo -- Here is their Description: "The last sixth, seventh, and eighth grade classes taught at Young's Chapel School, 1953-1954 academic year. From left to right: Willie Wiekel, Jim McClure, Danny Hanson, Gene Quisenberry, Allen Cooke, Dick Sasbe, Paul Largent, Linda Welliver, Patsy Tempelton, Pauline Largent, Rita Hobbs, Margie Ingram, Tom Harper (Principal), Janet Brown, Frankie Buzzaird, Lula Anne Underwood, Judy Smith, Jim Patterson, Kenneth Quisenberry, Bernard Karle, and Larry Bridwell." This photo was donated by Frankie A. Hammon of Alachua, Florida. The children are standing outside the school building. The entrance to the school is shown in the center of the picture. Above the entrance there is also a flat roof where there would have been a bell tower originally.

Yoiung's Chapel - 1950 baseball team - thanks again to Joyce B :) GREATLY APPRECIATED

Young's Chapel - about 1900 - thanks Joyce B :)


Yountsville School - built 1894 - dedication

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 10 March 1899 p 5 “Yountsville news” – Next Friday will be our last day of school at this place. Our teachers, Newt Gilkey and Miss Kittie Goble, have taught two profitable terms of school here and the teachers, as well as scholars, regret that the last day, “the saddest of the year,” has come. They have given perfect satisfaction, and the parents of each child are well pleased with the efforts they have put forth. May success follow them as they go in other places as it has here.

class of 1919 - 1920

Yountsville School (outside about 1935 - thanks to Edith Rush)

Yountsville - basketball team 1937 -- thanks to Ron Keedy for this one :) Great Ron - love it!

Note: Sports Fans -- you might also enjoy Bill Boone's site for Girls' Basketball




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