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1953 Linden Bulldog

Introduction Page - Senior Bull Dog

Principal - Forest VanPelt - Sponsor, Raymond L. Lyon

Faculty -- Stephenson; Mizruchi; Edwards; Garner; Wells; Bunton; Ray; Buttrey; McNabb; Mack

Dedication - to Parents

Senior Introduction Page

Seniors - Cummins; DePlanty; Hawkins; Goldsmith

Seniors - McBee; Hampton; Ritchie; McBee

Seniors - Sabens; Payton; Simmons; Todd

Seniors - Class Prophecy ... continued ...

Seniors - Class Will ... Class History ... continued ...

Seniors - as 1st graders -- those together 12 years

Classes Introduction Page --

Juniors - Sophomores -- class picture & names

Freshmen - Eighth -- class picture & names

7th Grade - class picture & names PLUS all class officers (list - no pics)

Elementary Introduction Page (I could swear I see George Washington on that kiddo's knees :)

5th & 6th -- Mrs. Garner is the teacher for BOTH these classes - how in the world you teach two classes at a time especially when the 5th graders is a big one and the 6th grade is about perfect - YIKES - kbz -- class pic & names

3rd & 4th -- class pics and names (BTW - they have different teachers)

1st & 2nd -- someone put checks on people's faces - I did try for quite awhile trying to take them off -- helped on some but made others worse so decided just to leave well enough alone :( kbz

Organization Introduction Page

Student Council -- Library Aides--

Sunshine & Hi-Y --

Band & Sr. Band members -- (Sabens; Todd; Cummins; McBee; DePlanty)

Varsity Basketball & Cheerleaders --

Junior High Basketball & Cheerleaders (they are sooo cute)

Janitors - Cooks - Baseball players -- note janiators have same last name - Frank & Eddie Barton - dad/son -- Cooks are Ruth Davis and Mabel Hood

Favorites Introduction Page --

Baby pictures --

Candids -- more candids -- candids -- more candids -- more -- more --

Advertiser Introduction Page --

Ads - Tipmont REMC - Clark Bros; Teisler's Charles Hill Elevator --

Ads - Linden Cafe; Wabash Service Station; Cloverlead Dairy; Sears & Roebuch; Weir's Shoes; Wright's Hardware

Ads - Sportsman Shop; Maguire's Standard Service; McFarland & Miller Monument Works; Gene's Beauty Shoppe; John Marks Locker

Ads -- Veatch & Pinkerton IH; Collins Barber Shop; Ora Newnum, Standard Oil; Schloot FUrniture; Indiana Luck-Joint; Sabens DX; Morris Bryant Hotel; Perkins & Loft

Ads -- Michael's Standard Station; Russell Alter Drug Store; Ghott's Cities Service; Robert Reynolds; Alexander's Furtniture; New Richmond Lumber; H.A. Lidikay, Vet

Ads - Squire Shop; Cocoa-Cola; Kirkpatrick Grain; Bob Sosbe's Shell; Henderson Office Supply

Ads - R&M Book Store; Wharff Music; GT Dillman; Decker's; Frozen Food Locker; Consoer's

Ads -- Ritchie Cafe; Wallace Hood; Loeb's; Pease's Grocery; Oppy Hardware; Thayers Station; Reder's

Ads -- Foster Furniture; C'ville Paint; Hazelwood Farm; Vandenbark's Furniture; B&D Lumber; Mann's Radio; Palais Royal; Jim's Barber Shop

Ads - Reifer's Furniture; Cecil Green; Linden State Bank; Stinebaught Brothers; 7-Day Cafe; Tweedie Electric; Art Furniture Company

Ads - Patterson Radio; Lehnen's Appliance; Switzer Drug Store; Baltimore Clothes; Hall IH Sales; Scnaible Drug

Ads - Krug Plumbing; Schaeffer IGA: Winchell Jeweler; Gray Agricultural Supply; Bark's Cities Service; Blue Roof Motel; Schultz & Schultz Book Store

Ads - Smith Studio; McKinsey's Mobilgas; Shuman Feed Store; Thieme & Wangerin; Singer's; Modern Beauty Shop

Ads -- Leather Shop; Paul Tippet Chevrolet; Kum Bak; Warren's Hardware; Priebe's Steam Cleaning; Melvin Davidson Service; Cox Grocery - Locker

Ads -- Robert LeGalley, Dentist; Herman Ward Hauling; Boot's Regal Grocery; Crown Laundry; Walnut Fork Poultry; Anderson's Furniture

Ads -- Omar Man; Sinclair Station; Linden Lumber; Woods Wholesale Candy; Colfax Grain

Ads - Frazier Dairy (Frankfort); Doug's Drive-in; OK Galloway; Floor Covering Shop; Crawford Cafe

Ads - Dice Tire; Boulevard Steak House; Goodman's; Corner Gift Shop

Ads - Marthan Service; Perry Lewis; King Funeral Home

Autographs & Goodbye-



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