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Page 1 -- Introduction Page

Page 2 -- Principal John Hill; Trustees Andrew Johnson and Ralph Carpenter

Page 3 -- Faculty Introduction Page

Page 4 -- Doris Clayton; Inez Stephenson; Margaret Edwards; Eva Hudson; Elizabeth Ribble; James Merritt;

Page 5 -- Bertha Mount; Mary Wells; Annie Parkhurst; George Beatty; Raymond Lyons

Page 6 -- Thelma Webster; John Hill; Vinton Mack; Ernest Johnson; Perry Black

Page 7 -- Senior Introduction Page

Page 8 -- Officers: Smith; Waltz; Cleveland; Guinn - President Sharon Cleveland; VP Allen Waltz

Page 9 -- Sandra Todd; Oliver Lambuth; Delores Guinn; Dickie Hunsicker; Patricia Miller; Bill Vail;

Page 10 -- Anoma Whitlow; Carl Snyder; Velma Sue Martin; Steven Storms; Freda Barton; Carl Schaeffer

Page 11 -- Mary Sue Smith; James Lamar Clements; Ramona Eustler; Fred White; Russell Grenard

Page 12 -- 1st to 12th (together - Eustler; Miller; Smith; Waltz; Storms; Grenard; Hunsicker; Vail)

Page 13 -- Class History

Page 14 -- Class History Continued

Page 15 -- Class Prophecy

Page 16 -- Continued

Page 17 -- Baby & Youngun' pics - Waltz; Barton; Guinn; Vail; Cleveland; Lambuth

Page 18 -- Continued -- Schaeffer; White; Martin; Smith; Todd; Grenard; Miller

Page 19 - Class Will

Page 20 -- Class Will Continued

Page 21 -- Classes Introduction Page

Page 22 -- Class of '57 with officers, Propst; Kiger; Denhart; McCormick -- other names Krise; Lyon; Sutton; West; Irwin; Andrews; Kirk; Guard; Wells; Eubanks; Winger; Lambuth; Johnson; Glascock

Page 23 -- Sophomore & Freshman Classes

Sophomore -- Brooks; Coyle; Conrad; Davis; Denhart; Foye; Fry; Hale; Gick; Grenard; Kelly; Mack; McCarty; McCormick; Propst; Royer; Ritchie; Smith; Storms; Walker; Phillips; Wever; Winger

Freshman -- Austin; Blaydes; Burks; Clouser; Clayton; Clements; Carlson; Carpenter; Cummins; Fry; Haltom; Hunsicker; Irwin; Lyon; Krise; Layton; Lee; Oilar; Perry; Peterson; Storms; Winger; Whitlow; Wise

Page 24 -- Eighth & Seventh Grade

Page 25 -- Elementary Introduction Page

Page 26 -- Fifth & Sixth Grade

Page 27 -- Third & Fourth

Page 28 -- First & Second

Page 29 -- Activities Introduction Page

Page 30 -- Annual Staff (& Cooks, Mabel Hood & Margaret Oilar)

Page 31 -- Senior High Band

Page 32 -- Junior High Band

Page 33 -- Chorus & Band Sweaters (Smith; Lambuth)

Page 34 - Bull Dog Staff & Projection Staff

Page 35 -- Student Council & Library Aides

Page 36 -- Sunshine Society & Hi-Y

Page 37 -- Athletics Introduction Page

Page 38 -- Varsity Basketball (Glascock; Lambuth; Storms; Clements; Hunsicker; Snyder; Schaeffer; Kiger; Waltz; Grenard; Merritt; Johnson; Royer; McCormick & Varsity Cheerleaders - Todd; Guinn; Walker

Page 39 -- Varsity Basketball Schedule with wins/losses/scores/dates

Page 40 -- "B" Team -- McCormick; Royer; Winger; Fry; Conrad; Parker; Denhart; Hale; Merritt; Hunsicker; Davis - schedule as per above

Page 41 -- Jr. Hi basketball; cheerleaders

Page 42 -- Baseball; Track

Page 43 -- Bus Drivers: Simmons; Lee; Lough; Faust; Warren; Burton -- Janitors -- Eddie & Frank Barton

Page 44 - Miscellaneous pictures (not named)

Page 45 -- More candid pics, not named

Page 46 -- Junior Activities (no names)

Page 47 -- Advertisers Introduction Page

Page 48 -- Farmer's Feed; Alex Cox Standard; Snell's 66; Kunkel Plumbing; Warren's Hardware; Cessna's Store; Colfax Lumber

Page 49 -- Froedge's; Little Insurance; Linden Shell; Crawfordsville Cleaners; Schloot Furniture; By-Lo Furniture; Loeb's

Page 50 -- Shepherd Material Handling; CC Harlem Purina; Telephone Company; City Service; Thiems Department Store;

Page 51 -- Tippett Chevrolet; Rapp; Elston Bank; Borden Ice Cream; Horner; McFarland & Miller Monument Works; Corner Fruit Market

Page 52 -- Farmers & Merchants; Grenes (?) Barber; Linden Cafe; Bradison Cafe; Vermillion Cleaners; Square Corner Hardware

Page 53 -- Schultz Book Store; Maplehurst; Perry Lewis; House of Homes; Wharff; Weir; Sportsman Shop; SS Kresge

Page 54 -- Colfax Grain; Wright Hardware; Clark's Body Shop; Linden Goodyear Tires; Linden Marathon; Linden Print Shop; Patterson's Radio & TV; Dr. Sonerkrup

Page 55 -- Decker's Hardware; White TV; Pease Grocery; Melvin Davidson Farm Bureau; Robinson Implement; Walker Mobile Gas; Maguire Standard Station; Switzer's Sundries

Page 56 -- Pervine's; Scottie s Little Roller Rink; Schnaible Drugs; OM Foxworthy Pontiac; Shoe Store; Geislers Men Store

Page 57 -- Dick's Restaurant; Steck's; Town Market; Sportsman; King & Brown; Ora Newnum; Perkins & Loft

Page 58 -- United Welding; Idle Hour Roller Rink; Crawfordsville Candy & Paper; West Side Cleaners; Goodman's; Bell's; Fred Bible Realty; Grartney Barber Shop

Page 59 -- Montgomery Ward; Hazels; R&M Books; Coca Cola; Reynolds Plumbing; Haffner; Stoneys; Darling Drug Store; Hall Cafe; Smith Shoe Store; Darlington Dry Goods; Crull Plumbing; Legalley; Murphey; Pepsi; Maplehurst; Linden PO; Mobile Gas Station; Vogue Cleaners; Walleys Mobile; Pallen; Hazelwood; Smitty's Conoco; Harpel's Shoe; Mary Grimes; Jeffery Airey

Page 60 -- (picture) Kirtpatrick Grain Company; Gould's

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