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1949 Crawfordsville Athenian Yearbook Index

Note: If you click on the page, it becomes about twice as large :)

We'll always remember ...

Senior Class - assume so -- 1/2

World Happenings 1948-1949 --

Seniors - arriving in their "halls of ivy"

Remembering -- CHS highlights of 1948-49

Future Belongs... -- Candids of Seniors ?

We Broaden Our ... -- Pictures - Harvest Hop

Horizons in Study and Play -- Draftsmen at work; Perry Lewis Drivers - Ed Car

It isn't all ... (candid of two seniors in cords; Christmas play perhaps?)

Work and no play ... at CHS - picture at a sock hope perhaps?

All in a day ... Line-up first day and chem class

CHS -- ticket sale -- 954 students; 187 outside city limits - bus - some drove; rode with parents; or walked

Here's What We're -- US History & English classes

Doing to Prepare for Tomorrow -- Junior High - Home Ec - "Life classes"

A Spirit of Friend --

..liness Prevails .. at dear old CHS .. Sweetheart ball

Faculty -- teachers talking

Faculty - Admin Intro Page

Administration -- Freeman; McCullough - Gerald Alexander - School Board - Mallery; Buser; Manson; Husted; Allen

Teachers - Arthur; Biddle x 2; Brunk; Burns; Burroughs; Canine; Chase; Crecelius; Cross; Gabbert; Gierz; Gosma; Graham; Grater; Grider; Guilliams; Heeter; Hoke; Howes; Jackson

Teachers - James; Kimbrell; LaFollette; McCormick; Martin; Pitkin; Reddish; Reed; Rose; Schweitzer; Shute; Simpers; Smith x 2; Spaulding; Stout; Tharp; Wagner; Wells; Wright; Young

Staff -- Mrs. Betty Smith ... Bowers; Kareshner; Knight; Nussis

Staff - Dean Biddle; Wells -- Evans; Rimley

Class Officers - picture - named next page

Officers - named -- Seniors at top - Harvey; Dawson; Rogers; VanSickle. Juniors -- Cope; Anderson; Eyler; Hofferth. Sophomores - Baker; Dawson; Howard; Gran. Freshmen - Resoner; Allman; Nelson; Bratton

Seniors - Akers; Anderson (Richard & Ruth); Baker; Barnhill; Barkalow; Barton; Bayless; Biggs; Binford; Boze; Brady; Burget; Burkhardt; Busenbark; Clements; Coahran; Cooksey; Dawson; Dickerson; Dunbar

Seniors - Earle; Eggers; Elkins; Elliott; Everett; Fish; Flanigan; Foley; Francis; Froedge; Fry; Garner; Golden; Goodwin; Graves (Ruth; Wendell); Grier; Hamilton; Harding; Harper; Harvey

Seniors - Haslam; Hayes; Hayworth; Heater; Heath; Henderson; Henry; Hicks; Hitch; Hole (Margaret & Marjorie); Howell; Hunley; Hunger; Isenberg; Jessup; Jolley; Karle; Keedy; Kinkead; Knox

Seniors - Knox; Krug; Landon; Largent; Lewellen; Lingeman; Long; McMurry; Mason; Miles; Misch; Moon; Moore; Morris; Myers; Nichols; Nunan (Doris and Ken); O'Neall; Parker; Pegler

Seniors - Plane; Porter; Quillen; Quisenberry (Gloria; Marthine; Rankin (David; Donald); Reese; Remley; Resoner; Richmond; Riggs; Robinson; Rogers; Rose; Rudy; Sering; Shaw; Shields; Smith (Loraine; Pat)

Seniors - Stamps; Steele; Stewart; Switzer; Tague; Titus; Todd; VanCleave; VanScoyoc; VanSickle; Walton; Warbinton; Ward; Warren; Wells; White; Williams (Carole; Phillis); Wills; Wilson; Wolfe

Seniors -- Wright; Yount; Zachary; Zeigler -- GED Graduate listing (no pic - Addler; Clark; Cope; Cord; Stout; Zachary) -- In Memory of Margaret Jones (also no picture) - Class Officers - Rogers; Dawson; Harvey; VanSickle

Candids --

Junior Class -- Listing for 3 pictures

Junior Class - 3 pictures

Sophomore Class -- Listing for 3 pictures

Sophomore Class -- 3 Pictures

Freshmen Class - Listing for 3 pictures

Freshmen Class - 3 pictures

Eighth Grade - Listing for 3 pictures

Eighth Grade - 3 pictures

Seventh Grade - Listing for 3 pictures

Seventh Grade - 3 pictures

Sports - jump ball

Sports - Memories

Sports - Football - Lingeman - Churchill (pic) - Football team

Football - candids

Football - reserves & learning plays

Football - rundown of the season

Basketball - Varsity

Basketball - B-Team

Basketball -- Overview of season

Basketball -- Overview of season continued

Basketball - 9th Grade

Basketball -- Grades 8 & 7

Wrestling - Teams and schedules

Wrestling - "A" - and candids

Golf & Tennis - Teams and schedules

Track & Baseball - Teams and schedules

Band Formation --

Music Intro --

Senior Band - Twirlers - half of concert band (with names)

Senior Band - Other half of concert band (names) and Star Formation

Chorus - Girls' and Boys'

Choir - soloists

Color Guard - and Jr. High Band

Glee Clubs - Jr. Girls; Jr. Boys

Band Ensembles - Pictures (8)

Band Ensembles - Names; Activities; Overview

Band Ensembles - Pictures (8)

Band Ensembles -- Names; Senior Awards

Band Ensembles - Pictures (8)

Band Ensembles - Names; Choir Overview

Dancing -- pic from above

Always remember - Activities

Student Council

Athenian Staff --

Paletteirs --

Gold and Blue - Staff

Sunshine Society - Officers

Athenian Booster Club - Officers

Up-n-Atom - Library - Overviews

Language - Spanish Club/ Latin Club

Honor Societies - Senior - Junior

AV Aides - FFA - pics/names

Board of Publications - Quill & Scroll

Hospital Aides - Safety Patrol -

Senior Girls' Athletic Association -

Oratory - Pic and overview

Debate - and Speech Arts -

Jr. Dramatic Club and Jr. GAA - pics and names

Play - candid and Cheer Leaders -


Alumni Association -

Alumni -- Message from president, Dorothy Everson Elmore & listing of two-generation CHS graduates (how nifty)

We'll Always Remember - overview of year

We'll Always Remember continued - Nov - Dec

We'll Always Remember continued - Jan - Feb

We'll Always Remember continued - Mar - Apr - May - June

Candids -

Candids -

Custodians - (Kline; Maines; Thompson; Harmless; Long; Banks; Gerrold

Thanks to ... Alberschardt Furniture (never heard of this one); American Security; Bantz Drug; Beatrice Foods; Ben Hur Sports Shop; Joseph Binford; Brier's Studiop; Burget's Meat Market; Burroughs Brothers' Shoe; Cleveland Bakery; Cloverleadf Dairy; College Inn; Jack Cook's Grill; Corner Gift Shop; Crawford Cafe; Crawfordsville Dry Cleaners; Crawfordsville Lincoln-Mercury; Do-Nut Dunk; R.R. Donnelley; Elston Bank; Fanny-Bee; Farmers Coop Creamery; Fredman's Store; Gerry's Radio; Goodman's; Hazel's Bo-Ka Shoppe; RM Horner Garage; Howell-Goodwin Printing; Paul Husting Motors

Thanks to ... Indiana Gas; Krug Plumbing; Bob Layne's Insulation; Perry Lewis; Lineman; McFarland & Miller Monument; Montgomery County Lumber; Montgomery Ward; Nye Booe; JC Penney; Minnie Pett's; R&M Book Store; Resoner; Schloot; Schultz; Self-Help Grocery; Shaver's Hatchery; Snappy Sandwich Shop; Sportsman's Shop; Steck's; EL Stoker; Symmes & Williams; Tippett; Triple XXX Drive-Inn; Val-U Dress Whop; Wayne Cafe

Sign Here Please - Autograph Page

Sign Here Please - Autograph page - Indianapolis Engraving; Howell-Goodwin; Donnelley; Brier's Studio



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