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Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Review, Sept 30, 1909 p 8 c 1 The patrons, pupils and friends of Greenwood school, District No 8, Walnut Township, Montgomery County, Indiana met Saturday morning, Sept 25, 1909 to hold their annual reunion. After the merry greetings and the hearty handshakes of the many people present, preparations for the midday feast began. To say that all previous records of big dinners for which Greenwood is noted was broken, is expressing it mildly and it is needless to speak of the ample justice done. The afternoon session was called to order by Geo. W. Hinkle, president. Wallace Vancleave, a ventriloquist and musician of no little merit, performed upon a violin and at the same time operated three other musical instruments, one of which was a bass violin with his feet. After this extraordinary feat, which was greatly enjoyed, the minutes of the previous reunion were read, approved and by a unanimous request are here given: The members and friends of Greenwood School met Saturday morning, Sept 24, 1908 at the above named place to hold their second annual reunion. The morning was spent in social conversation, renewing old acquaintances and relating reminiscences of early childhood days. At the noon hour two long tables were arranged and the good housewives whose reputations in the culinary arts have long been established, began to spread the bountiful repast thereupon, and all present partook of the great feast most joyously. As to the degree of comfort experienced by each individual after this important feature of the day’s proceedings, the secretary is unable to vouch. At 1:30 the house was called to order by George W. Hinkle, president of the meeting, and a program in which all were invited to partake was rendered. The Hon. M.E. Clodfelter of Crawfordsville, spoke of the Greenwood school 30 years ago, when he was teacher. Mr. Ward R. Walkup spoke of Greenwood from “Patron to Pupil,” and Greenwood as a school and as a community. Mr. John Miller, who since our previous reunion has become an official factor in school ”ork, also made an interesting talk concerning the history of this beloved Greenwood. Mrs. Annie Nickell of Crawfordsville read a beautiful original poem, entitled, “Old School Days,” which was intended as a valedictory, but owing to the numbers on the program getting mixed, the reading was given at the wrong time. This caused a little embarrassment which was felt by no one except Mrs. Nickell. However, everybody not only enjoyed the beauty of thought expressed in the poem, but also the unusual experience of meeting face to face a real live poet and author. The poem appeared in a local paper the following week with an inverted arrangement of the stanzas. This mistake of the editor was an unfortunate one which everybody regretted. Misses Mary E. Brennan and Sarah Brookshire sang a duet entitled, Sweet Hearts in Heaven and Misses Florence and Bertha Randle sang The Jolly Students. Wallace Vancleave entertained the crowd for a half hour on the violin and, various other contraptions. The president appointed Mr. John Miller, William N. Randel, Mrs. Frances Luster and Jennie Clahan as committee to arrange for the next reunion, a partial report of which has already been given in the prelude of this article. A report of the committee was called for, to which Mr. John Miller responded and gave his views in regard to fixed programs on such occasions. He also appealed to the patrons to appreciate their school and discourage the abandonment of it. He stated that the graduates from the district schools are just as bright and young as those from the consolidated schools and that the idea that the consolidated schools are less expensive is a mistake one. He said they were more expensive, and that he would use his influence to retain the district schools. Aubry Bowers, who now holds a government position in Jeffersonville, Ind made an interesting talk about his work and his love for the teaching profession. He also spoke of the many changes since he was a teacher at Greenwood 17 years ago. The good things said by Ward B. Walkup, O.M. Eddingfield, W.N. Bandel and all the other speakers will be herd by attending our next reunion, which will be held on the last Saturday in September, 1910 and to which everybody is cordially invited to spend the day. George W. Hinkle, President, Jennie Clahan, Secretary.

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