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During the closing exercises of Dan Murphy's school on Friday, March 29 (1901) he read to his pupils some verses written on the death of his ex-pupil, Elmer Webb of Wingate, and by request of some of the pupils wo want a copy we publish that part of it addressed to Elmer's classmates.

A flower has perished
A friendship cherished
Dear pupils by you and me;
An hour made dark
In friendship's bark;
While sailing on Youth's bright sea

His lessons are through,
Like flowers in the dew,
They sparkle along the pathway trod;
And shine o'er his rest;
Like a smile from the West
Reflecting the splendor of a just God.

Died on life's highway
Long ere the noon day,
While his shadow westward falling;
With life of gentle history
Faced he death's mystery
Bravely answering his doleful calling

He is not dead,
His soul has fled,
To the destiny awaiting us all;
He sleeps in the earth
A magnificent berth,
Among rich and poor, great and small.

But happy is he,
Who sinks on life's sea;
Ere the stories of life's battle begin;
Free from all woes
Of life's bitter throes
Which years bring on in sin

No matter what cost,
The life is not lost
That fades in meadows of youth;
The sould is made lighter,
The crown is made brighter;
And gemmed with diamonds of truth

Like grass at the mower
Certainly but slower,
Must the proudest works of man perish;
And no springtide returus
To the ashes of his urus
And no earthly god to cherish.

Our home is not where
There is sorrow and care
For human hearts to measure;
But far more grand,
In a better land
Is life's only living treasure.

Whole lives are wasted,
And sorrows tasted
O'er differences of color, blood and creed
By rust of jealous tears;
And blight of ignorant fears
Closing a life without a noble deed.

The children of men
Are all of one kin;
Shed from the spark of creations
Naked into life we came
And very much the same,
We are called upon to go away.

Then do what is right
By day and by night,
In matters both great and small,
Let the world say
What it will or may,
A just God reigns o'er us all.

Life is too brief
To waste as a thief,
Stealing from hearts that are true;
The flower of their pleasure,
An unhidden treasure,
Bathed in Heaven's own dew.

Pupils, Elmer is gone,
His soul floats on
O'er the beautiful sills of Heaven;
Among angels to soar
He is earth's no more.
Since the floor of his prison was riven.

Remember him kindly
And not too blindly
Look on the death that closed his story;
It may seem lonely
By it's the means only,
By which we may reach the orchards of glory.

So do the aisles
Of tears and smiles
That stretch between us and the grave;
Let our hearts be true
As truth's own dew,
For immortal souls we have to save!

Note: Elmer W. Webb was born in October of 1884 and died a couple of weeks and a couple of days (13 March 1901) before these students end of school. It was fresh in their minds that one of their own could die so young. He was the son of Charles T. and Thomas. He had a sister Mamie and brother, Manford. He loved horses and his family and friends. He is buried in Green Lawn Cemetery (http://findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=pv&GRid=52111631&PIpi=28171067 - findagrave picture) - with two tombstones, both unique! God rest his soul!!

Note 2: -- It is unclear whether there was a school called Dan Murphy or if Dan taught at New Richmond which tends to be the case. Thanks so much to the Oppy family for allowing me to use the neat clippings from Joan Oppy on the GenWeb pages :)


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