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1939 Waveland Echo Yearbook

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NOTE: the 1939 yearbook was literally home-made. The pictures were glued on and the pages typed on - notice how the pages were just purchased then each was put together by hand. It is very precious. Fairly sure my mother said they didn't even have an annual the year before because of the Depression and the US Economy. So sad, I'd love to have hers :( Do have her senior picture, at least.

Administration Intro Page

Clifford Hallett; D.D. Douglas; Mary Kritz Miles; Myrtle Pope (later Myrtle Banta - isn't that neat?)

Norman R. Walker; J. C. LaFollette; Samuel T. Patton and Katherine Boling (later Mrs. Kenneth Milligan)

Dedication to Parents

Seniors Intro Page

Seniors -- Virginia Arvin; Pearl Brooks; Ruby Bryant; Harold Campbell

Seniors - Marshall Fuller; Shirley Garrett; Raymond Greve; Jean Grimes

Seniors - Mary Hickman; Betty Jack; Amy Knight; Dale McClure

Seniors -- Fred Mitchell; Edgar Money; Mildred Porter; Alice Search

Seniors - Virginia Simms; Betty Taylor; Maxine Wilson

Senior Prophecy, page 1

Senior Prophecy, page 2

Senior Class History, page 1

Class History page 2

Class Will, page 1

Class Will page 2

Class Will, last page

Juniors Intro Page

Juniors Picture Page-- Names pictured: Adams; Boling; Corder; Cosby; Evans;Gephart; Graham; Greve; Hardee; Hodgkin; Irelan; Kolling; McCullough; Patton; Simpson; Sewell; Spencer; Thompson; Williams; Woodrow (Mary Kritz Miles Sponsor & Katherine Boling co-sponsor)

Sophomore Intro Page

Sophomore Picture Page -- Names pictured: Allen; Bowles; Burroff; Brooks; Greve; Gray; Hartle; Heinen; LaFollette; McNutt; McCloud; Miles; Pickard; Priebe; Reddish; Smith; Stewart; Wilson

Freshman Intro Page

Freshman Picture Page -- Names pictured: Adams; Bower; Burroff; Gooding; Hodgkin; Oswalt; Search; Shaffer; Shepherd; Simpson; Staggs; Taylor; Weaver; Mr. Walker

Athletics Introduction Page

Basketball Sectional Champs -- Pictured: Clifford Hallett; Red LaFollette; Brooks; Greve; Grimes; Fuller; McClure; Money; Sewell; Spencer; Williams; Woodrow

Baseball -- Pictured: Clifford Hallett; Red LaFollette; Brooks; Fuller; Greve; Grimes; Hardee; LaFollette; McClure;

Schedule & Scores - baseball/basketball (love this)

Activities Introduction Page

Orchestra -- Mr. Hallett, Principal; Mr. Walker, Instructor -- Students: Burroff; Cosby; Evans; Fuller; Ewbank; Gephart; Glascock; Greve; McNutt; Milligan; Mitchell; Priebe; Search; Shaffer; Spencer; Simms; Thompson; Taylor; Weaver


Elementary Intro Page

7th Grade -- Pictured: Bowles; Burroff; Clouser; Douglas; Frisz; Greve; Gooding; Hickman; Harbison; Hayes; Hunt; Keys; McCloud; Mitchell; McMahan; Priebe; Penn; Simpson; Webb - Mr. Douglas, sponsor

8th Grade -- Pictured: Arvin; Campbell; Cotton; Clouser; Evans; Garrett; Hardee; Hickman; Himes; McCullough; McCarty; Milligan; Miller; Porter; Reddish; Patterson; Shaul; Smith; Simms; Search; Short; Swearingen; Tague; Weaver; Yount -- Sponsor: Sam Tom Patton

Grades 1-2-; 3-4; 5-6 -- no names

Advertisement Intro Page

Advertisers -- Montgomery County Farm Bureau-Browns Valley Elevator

Advertisers -- Charles Moore Store; Burrin Pharmacy

Advertisers -- Dillman - Moores Station; Gray Goose; Machledts; Katy's Beauty Shop

Advertisers -- Spencer; McNutt Beauty Shop

Advertisers --Hunts; Evans; Heinan; Gilliland; Brooks

Advertisers -- Reed; Glascock & conclusion

Note: There were three-four pages from the company that provided the paste-up pages - decided they were not all that important but the company can be seen here on this page -- if anyone really wants them, we do have scans. kbz

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