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The Hornet's Nest - 1948 Yearbook

Thanks so much to my brother, Larry B for this one

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School & Family

NOTE: If you click on the picture or wording, you can read what is there somewhat better

** Cover

** Title page includes pic of school

** Trustees & Hornet Staff

** Dedication - Clifford G. Hallett

** Faculty - see below for names

** Faculty Information - Auman; Machlet (right); Davis; Cox; Grimes; Walker (piano)

** Faculty -- (Isaacs; Hoffhaus x 2 )

** Class Will

** Seniors (listed left to right, top to bottom, on next page )

** Seniors (list of those in pics above)

** Class History

** Juniors -- names included are: Walker; Newll; Moser; Wendall; Hughes; Machledt; Busenbark; Fuller; Bayles; Keys; Anderson; Oswalt; Staggs; Aumann; Miles; Bryant; Reynolds; Hester; Seybold; Hannah; Wheeler; Deere; French; Smith

** Junior -- Gabbette continued

** Sophomore / Freshmen --Names included are: 10th Grade: Brown; Shular; Tolliver; Ebert; Cord; Staggs; McCloud; Foster; Clore; VanHook; Handley; Greve; Cord; Stockwell; Warren; Reed; Collins; Hutson; Hoffhaus; French; Hodgkin; Hockett; Spencer; Starns. 9th Grade ==Wendall; Miller; Seybold; Johnson; Whtiecotton; Brown; Heter; Allen; Anderson; Hoffhaus; Piersall; James; Servies; Hannah; Moon; Redden; Moore; Greve; Tolliver

** Grade 8 - Grade 7 -- Names included are: 8th Grade: Peyton; Morgan; Hester; Spencer; Handley; Nunn; Reynolds; Baker; Frisz; Hodgkin; Starns; Johnson; Cotton; Lawson; Martin; Miles; Tracy; Hayes; Kelly; Bougher; Hallett; Grimes; Isaacs; French; Sowers; Dazey -- 7th -- Tracy; Seybold; Pollock; Newell; Sewell; Martin; Allen; Harbison; Grimes; Smith; Woodcook; Reed; Reynolds; Simms; Baldwin; Mitchell; Wheeler; Williams; Milligan; Greve; Moon; Brady; Redden; Newell; Rivers; Moore; McClure; Chappell; Priebe; Brown; Smith; Sowers; Waltz

Teachers - Grade -- Glascock; Hallett; Miller; Moore; Isaacs; Mitchell - Sr. Class History - continued

Grade 6 - 5 -- Names included are: 6th - Reynolds; Hunt; Tolliver; McMurry; Gentry; Baldwin; Handley; Evans; Wendall; Howell; Miller; Hester; Hess; Johnson; Jeffries; Walker; Miller; Reynolds; Foster; Jones -- 5th : Marshall; Handley; Allen; Hodgkin; Wright; Morgan; Smiley; Weatherman; Cox; French; Seybold; Stockwell; Linton; Bougher; Hallett; Frisz; Newell; Hodgkin; Wheeler; Mitchell; Claycomb; Wheeler; Brown; Atkinson; Kelly; Greve; Tracey; Staggs; Walters; Chappell; Hastings; May; Waltz; French

Grade 4-3 -- Names included are: 4th: Moser; Wendall; Moody; Reynolds; Howell; Collins; Cooper; Moody; Claycomb; Smile; Short; Redden; Whitecotton; Hester; Peck; Bayless; Redden; Cobert; Isaacs; Hendrickson; Starnes; Davis; Hastings; Newell; Jones; Canine; Calvert; Hunsicker; Miller; EhrlicDazey; Smith; Brown 3rd: Calvert; Cooper; Patterson; Weaver; Martin; Linton; Morgan; Sewell; Peck; Harbour; Atkinson; McDonald; Lowery; Brady; Gentry; Mitchell; Milligan; Robison; Mitchell; Overstreet; Wheeler; Adkins; Waltz; Dazey

Grade 2 - 1 -- Names included are: 2nd Wheeler; Miles; Smile; Howell; Davis; Miller; Stockwell 1st: Priebe; Hester ;Williams; Lowery; Johnson; Hess; Sewell; Atkison; Johnson ; Smiley; Graham; Hunsicker; Collins; Cooper; Linton; Calvert; Weaver; Heter; Cronkhite; Bayless; Jeffries; Miller; Evans; Milligan; Canine; Reynolds; CLifton; Moore

Bus Drivers -- Glen Newell; James Moody; Wildred Poland; Lee Cox; Wilbur Schmall --Cooks - Margaret McCloud; Margaret Demaree; Fay Welch; Naomi McClure -- Custodians -- Webb Ewbank; Carl Smith (KBZ's gpa' :)

Band -- Choir

Play listings

Yell Leaders - Williams; Walker; Basketball Schedule

Basketball Team - Shular; Newell; French ;Greve; Hughes; Moser; Cliff Davis; Miles; Harbison; Seybold; Weaver; Hannah

Baseball: Cliff Davis; Newell; Moose; Greve; Tolliver; Hodgkin; Starnes; Hughes; Moser; Weaver; Harbison; Seybold; Hannah; Miles; French; Wendell; Whitecotton; Moon; Seybold

Multiple pictures; Also Tolliver; Hallett

Advertisements: Banta; Reed Auto; Coleman Grocery; Oscar Cook; CW Spencer; Sharpe Store; Shular's Pool Room; WHitecotton Hardware; State Bank of Waveland; Burrin Pharmacy

Advertisements: White Fox Cleaners; Milligan Insurance; Charles Moore Groceries; Hunt's Radio; Waveland Plumbing; Walter Wright Tractors; Canine & Moody Garage; Harry Moser Seeds; Robert Hunt Stoves; Rug Cleaner

Advertisements: Deere Insurance; Machledt's Furniture; Shades Inn; Dewey Goff's Barber Shop; Santy's Restaurant; Russellville Hardware; Rutledge Package Drugs; Hester & Greve International Harvester; Rivers Electric Shop; Spencer's Lumber

Advertisements: Marthaon; Marshall Hardware; L.F. Jackson Drug Store; W.B. Redden Station; Schmall's Grocery; Montgomery Co Farm Bureau; Clark Potato Chip; Busenbark Agency; Ball's Flower Shop; Lucas Auto Exchange

Advertisements: Corner Gift Store; Farm Bureau; T&R Grill; GT Dillman Hardware; Farmers Creamery; McFarland & Miller Monuments; Goodman's Dept. Store; R&M Book Store; Cloverlead Dairy; Powell & Massing

Advertisements: Sportsman's Shop; ZO Craig Jewelry; Demaree Studio; Schultz & Schultz; Ben Hur Sports; Cleveland Bakery; Gray Agricultural Supply; Schloot Furniture; Minnie Pett's; Diana Shop

Advertisements: Herff-Jones; Howell-Goodwin Printing; House of Harter; Decker's; National School Studios; Kiger & Co; Lee School Supply; McMillans Athetic Goods


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