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1955 Waveland High School Yearbook

NOTE: You can click on most of these pictures and they will enlarge or use the control and wheel to enlarge the whole page :)

Cover - also seen above

Page 1 -- Dedication to Carl Demaree

Page 2 -- Gym - Onward Waveland, Onward Waveland ...

Page 3 - School -- "Fight on for Your Fame"

Page 4 -- Dedication - picture - Jimmy Lee Morgan (anyone know anything at all about him?)

Page 5 -- Advisory Boards (Milligan; Whitecotton; Penn; Ward; Evans; Robison; Moody)

Page 6 -- Faculty -- Hall; Brown; Hazlett; Pence; Walker; Dingle; Williams; Huntsman

Page 7 -- Faculty -- Foster; Grimes; Mitchell; Servies; Good; Glascock; Machledt; Overpeck

Page 8 -- Seniors - Inskeep; Greve; French; Hughes; Hastings

Page 9 -- Seniors - Wright; Mitchell; Murray; Mason; Weatherman

Page 10 -- Seniors -- Allen; Wasson; Handley; Brown; Kelly; Newell

Page 11 - Smith; Hodgkin (x2); Staggs; Handley; Atkison

Page 12 -- History - Door to Success is Labeled Push

Page 13 -- History - page 2

Page 14 -- Pictorial History (candids of younger years)

Page 15 -- Continued - pictures

Page 16 -- 20 Years Later

Page 17 -- Continued

Page 18 -- Last Will ..

Page 19 -- Senior - class picture & Junior - class pic

Page 20 -- Sophmore class pic - Freshman class pic

Page 21 -- 8th - 7th

Page 22 -- 6th - 5th

Page 23 -- 4th - 3rd

Page 24 -- 2nd - 1st

Page 25 -- Plays

Page 26 -- Glee Club & Band

Page 27 -- Safety Patrol - FFA - got a giggle here -- so many in the Safety Patrol, not sure what students were left to escort across the street :)

Page 28 -- Yell Leaders; Twilight Twelve; Class Officers; Letter Sweaters;

Page 29 -- Jr. Hi Band; Janitors; Office Staff; Hornet's Nest; Bus Drivers

Page 30 -- Hornet's Staff; Jr. Hi Basketball; Cooks; Majorettes; 9th grade Yell Leaders

Page 31-- Basketball team & schedules

Page 32 -- Basketball b-team & jr. hi

Page 33 -- Baseball & Track

Page 34 -- Candids - Mr. Pence; Murray sisters ...

Page 35 -- Ads for : Whitecotton; Lee School; Farm Bureau; Vandenbark's; Moores; Burrins

Page 36 -- Ads for: State Bank; Sharpe; Spencer; Fullenwider; Banta; Thomas; Moser; Bayless; Busenbark; Taylor

Page 37 -- Ads for: Josten; Clement; Fishero; Clark; Veatch; Stecks; C'ville Paint; Wests IGA; Bell; Husted

Page 38 -- Ads for: Frisz; Koffee Kup; Moore Typewriter; R&M Book Store; Krug; Horner; McCullough; Etter; Bantz; Sportsman

Page 39 -- Ads for: Layne; Cleveland Bakery; Wearly; Hall's Harley; B&D Lumber; Gin-Jer-Boo -- Coca-Cola; Edward Motors; Bordens; Perry-Lewis

Page 40 -- Ads for: Goodmans; Golden Rule; Reeves & Gentry; Emmerts; New Market Welding; Machledts; Harmon; Colemans; Milligans; Sinclair Station

Page 41 -- Ads for : Cushman; Marathon; McMillan; Stafford Candy; Farm Bureau; T&R Grill; Dekalb; Paul Tippett; Crawfordsville Cleaners; 1st National Bank

Page 42-- Ads for: Wave-Inn; Russellville Bank; Russellville Super Market; McGaughey; Cooper; Spencer; Russellville Elevator; Goff; Barker; Kyker; Milligan

Page 43 -- Ads for: Owens; Rapp; Howell; Quigg; Squire Shop; Myers; Schultz; Schloot; Moew's; Waveland Feed; Weir's Shoes

Page 44 -- Ads for: McFarland; Morphew; O.K. Galloway; Gardner's Flowers; Service Laundry

and ... Boosters (my daddy's on there :) kbz

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