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WHS Newspapers - 1960-61 year

Here are a couple of great 1960-61 WHS Newsletters. Thanks to Betty & Dave Fullenwider for these. One of them was extremely light and I couldn't get it copied so just a few of the pages I've retyped - looks kind of odd but figure that's better than not having them :) Back cover of the first one I didn't see how I could duplicate so took a picture but it's not very good - extremely fuzzy original :( Sorry but I'm thrilled to get these !!

Note: You may have to scroll your computer screen to make it bigger but I can see these fine and I'm OLD :)


SEPTEMBER 1960s Newspaper

The first page is soooo dim, I'm going to just type it here - most of the others are okay.


The Hornet is published by the Secretarial Practice Class of Waveland High School

--- THE STAFF ---

Editor .... Eva Bailey

Associate Editor ... Judy Graham

Art ... Judy Reynolds

Feature ... Merridene Cronkhite ... and Lois Whitecotton

Production ... Carolyn Hunt

Sports ... Judy Reynolds

Business News ... Eva Lloyd


Senior ... Judy Reynolds

Junior ... Deanna Nixon

Sophomore ... Larry Thomas ... Belinda Cronkhite

Freshmen ... Don Evans

Eighth ... Elizabeth Howard

Seventh ... Shirley Crooks


Well here we are back in school again. It seems like only yesterday that we were out for the summer doesn't it?
Some of us, perhaps, were very anxious for school to start and yet there are some to whom it just seems boring. High school passes too quickly for us not to take advantage of it. So let's get with it kids and make use of our high school years. Try to attend and take part in all activities. Also never hesitate about doing your schoolwork. You have a future to live for, so start preparing for it right away. Why not now, huh?

--The TYPO ---

The typographical error
A slippery thing and sly;
You can hunt it till you're dizzy
But somehow it will get by
Till the paper is all printed
It is strange how still it keeps
It shrinks down in a corner
And it never stirs or peepes
That Typographical error
Is too small for human eyes
When it grows to mountain size!
The editor stares with horror
Then she grabs her hair and groans
The copyreader drops her head
Upon her hands and scans
The remainder of the issue
May be clean as clean can be
But the typographical error
Is the only thing you see ... The Staff


We are very glad to have Katherine Pittman in our class. She moved here from Chillicothe, Ohio.

The September birthdays are as follows: Maurice Brewer; Alan Franklin; Marily French; Glenn Miller, and Richard Watson


The Sophomore class elected the following officers at their first meeting:
President..... Herschel Tague
Vice President ... Malcolm Simpson
Secretary ........... Melba Dean
Reporters ........... Belinda Cronkhite... Larry Thomas

The second Sophomore class meeting was held September 13. The class voted to have class dues 50 cents per semester. The class also plans to order their sweaters very soon.

Two new members have joined our class. They are Melba Dean from Clinton and Kretha Morris


Don Evans is the only one in our class who has had a birthday this month. There are many boys who have gone out for baseball. We hope they have a good season.

We chose our class officers recently. They are: President, Donnie Brewer; VP, Sam Milligan; Secretary, Theresa Stockwell; Treasurer, Jennifer Grimes; Reporter, Don Evans.


Our class officers are as follows: Jean Hunt, President; Roxie Bowers, VP; Joyce Dean, Seretary; Tresha Cox, treasuerer; Elizabeth Howard, reporter.

Those celebrating their birthday this month are: Joan Patton; Jean Hunt; Darrey Reynolds and Pat Lewellen.


We elected our class officers Sept 2 as follows: Kenneth Brewer, President; Arlene Layne, VP; Betsy Milligan, Sec-Treasurer; Connie Staggs, Student COuncil and SHirley Crooks, reporter.

We are glad to have the newest member of the faculty, Mrs. Banta, as our class sponsor.

Danny Weatherman is now a member of the Senior Band.

Rita Allen visited relatives in Kentucky recently and enjoyed visiting Mammoth Cave.

With the recent enrollment of Dan Allen we now have 27 students in our clas.

Those who have birthdays this month are: Martin Chesterson; Carol Presslor; Dickie Stulty (sic - Stultz); Linda Myers and Arlene Layne.

Carol Presslor, Carol Miller and Dickie Stultz attended the State Fair.

We are now taking orders for Christman (sic - Christmas) cards. This is our first money project and we hope to show that we are good salesmen.

Looks like I'm going to have to type this page and hope there's no typographical errors :) kbz

We are studying collections in our English class. Some students brought collections to share with us. We have a ehight (ahhh ha the typo -- height) and weight chart to keep in our health class. We are trying to eat good food and to get plenty of sleep so we will grow throughout this year.


Our school year began with 11 girls and 16 boys. We are happy to welcome Denis Barker and Stephen Norris from the Crawfordsville schools, also Eric Bingham who attended our school a few days last year.
Janice Bullerdick and James Evans attended the State Fair one day.
Our seed collection now numbers 75 specimens. We have found that seeds are scattered or travel in many different ways and are of various shapes and sizes.
Health rules for this month are: Eat Good Food, Play and Exercise and Long Hours of Sleep.


The members of Grade one are: Marjorie Baldwin; Harold Caldwell; Joni Conrad; Cheryl Dandall Delp; David Dooley; Larry Epperson; Harvey Gilland; Deborah Grimes; Douglas Junt (sic - Hunt); Carl Isaacs; Sara Jones; Clara Lowery; Debra Meadows; Michael Metzger; Leland Miles; Elsie Norman; Chris Priebe; David Ross; David Rush; Rodney Staggs; Kathy Weaver; Randy Wheeler and Deborah White.
Larry Walden has gone to Indianapolis. Keith French has gone to Crawfordsville.
We are finishing the Number Book left over from Kindergarten before we start our new book.
Many interesting things are being show at Sharing Time.
Mrs. Foster enjoying her classes in Reading Workshop at ISTC this summer.
Mrs. Glascock and Mrs. Foster attended an AAUW meeting with Mrs. Don (? Ron? dim) Galey in Crawfordsville Tuesday evening.

RAINBOW thanks to clipartlibrary.com for the cool picture

The Waveland Rainbow Girls met September 15. They planned for the School of Instruction for the following Saturday. Officers were elected for the following term: Janet Kelsey, Worthy Advisor; Patty Lane, Worthy Associate Advisor; Barbara McCambell, Charity; Mary Harvey, Hope; Faith, Linda Presslor and Secretary, Carolyn Hunt.

WEDDING BELLS (thanks to clker.com for the cool bells)

Joan Whitecotton became Mrs. Glenn Livesay on Saturday evening, Sept 10, at her home. Reverend Lester Niles (sici - Miles) read the double-ring ceremony. A small reception was held just for the immediate family and friends, then the couple left for a short trip. They are now living in C'ville. By the way, Judy R. and Betty caught the bride's bouquet, so be on your guard, boys!

(Thanks to clipart-library.com)

During the summer the Waveland HS Band elected officers for the following year. They are as follows: President, Merridene Cronkhite; Vice President, Larry Robison; Secretary, Belinda Cronkhite; Treasurer, Judy Reynolds; Reporter, Sam Milligan.

The band entered the contest at the State Fair on Thursday, Sept 1. Waveland was supposed to be the 95 bbband to mach but due to the fact that many bands didn't show up, we got in much earlier than we expected. There were many good, larger, bands there to compete with, and Waveland did pretty well for such a small band.

The Ben Davis HS band won first and Anderson band placed second.

Our State Choral Festival will be presented at Cadle Tabernacle, Thursday evening Oct 27, at 7:30 p.m. with J. Russell Paxton of the University of Wisconsin as our guest conductor.

Mr. Walker and Mr. Steele attended a County Music Teachers meeting at Lyon's Music Store last Thursday night.


The following officers have been elected in FFA:

President .............. Jim Thomas
Vice President ..... Larry Thomas
Secretary .............. Jon Mitchell
Treasurer .............. Larry Wiatt
Reporter ................ Jim France
Sentinel ................... Dale Calvert

(Thanks to clipartpanda.com)

Canstockphoto.com (thanks for the nifty dog)

Long-Gone 1960 Graduates

Gerald Bowers ......... Farming
Marvin Brewer ..........Donnelley
Ann Coleman ............ Hanover
Darlene Graham .........Donnelley
Keith Hess .................Farming
Roger Johnson .......... Air Force
Dean Meadows ......... Reserve Training
Janet Mitchell ............. Home
Mary Ann Moser.........I.S.T.C. (Indiana State Teacher's College)
Sandra Myers .............Tupperware
Larry Pyle ..................Reserve Training
Carol Reynolds ...........Employed at Deaf School
Sandi Wheeler ............Nurse's Training
Jack Wills ...................Navy


Are you a nurse, a lawyer, or a mortician? Of course, you do best in a job that you like, so you choose your vocation carefully.

At Purdue University this summmer, a counseling service was held for high school boys and girls from all over Indiana. This program was sponsored by the counselor training branch of the PU Division of Education. Its two-fold purpose was to help the students in selection their vocation and to train counselors through actual practice.

Each student was assigned two days, one week apart, to meet with his counselor and discuss his probable choice of vocation. On the first day, a series of tests were given according to preferences and abilities. On the second day, the test scores were evaluated and the probable choices were discussed. When a vocation was chosen, information.. continued


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