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1964 Waveland Hornet yearbook


US Happenings - Frank Sinatra Jr; LBJ; Sandy Kaufax...

US Happenings -- JFK

US Happenings -- Pulitzer Prize Photography; Pope; Landslide ...

US Happenings -- Vietnam

Inside Cover - Senior class

Dedication - Larry David Williams

Administration - Cover

Administration Advisory Board -- (Jean Grimes; Lowell Simpson; Don Whitecotton; Oscar Moody); Cora Robison, Sec; Principal Don Cooper; VP, Ralph Williams

Faculty - Herman Hazlett Hall; Norman R. Walker; Thomas J. Woodward; Sam Tom Patton; Bob Collins; Larry Williams; John Isaacs; Jean Hughes; Myrtle Banta

Student Council -- (Bill Grimes; Don Brewer; Linda Graham; Jeanne Hunt; Don Hartle; Fred Brewer; Jim Chesterson; Don Kincaid; ? Brewer; Jim Fullenwider; Garry Bazzani; Arlene Layne -- along with Bus Drivers - John Weaver; Jon Foster; Dick Seybold; Clay Overpeck -- Cafeteria - Marie Weaver; Ruth Pyle; Lillie Mitchell and Custodians - Loren Howell; Wes Cotton and Alvie Thomas

Seniors -- Don Evans; Bobby Fullenwider; Theresa Stockwell;

Motto: Knowledge comes but Wisdom lingers. Flower: Rose Colors: Scarlet & White

Officers (Don Evans; Nancy Stultz; Bobby Fullenwider; Thersa Stockwell; Ron Keedy; Jim Chesterson; Garry Bazzani; Bill Grimes; Don Brewer - plus Garry Bazzani; Nancy Stultz; Bob Watson

Seniors -- Ted Whitecotton; Herb Miller; Elsie Smith; Bill Grimes; Judy Hart and Joan Graham

Seniors - Frank Howell; Tom Howell; Dave Overpeck; Ron Keedy; Jim Chesterson; Jennifer Grimes

Seniors - Don Brewer; Clyde Jones; Patti Miles; Larry Bazzani; Mike Handley; Dale Calvert

Senior Baby (young) pics - too cute --

Senior candid pics & a teacher/other students or two :)

Senior candid pics - ditto above

Classes intro page

Grade 1 - (Teacher) Virginia Foster. Children: Esra; Bingham; VanCleave; Grimes; Montgomery; Bennett; Lewellen; Cox; Seybold; Jones; Reynolds; Moser; Cornell; Newell; Rush; Collins; Smith; Ross; Thomas; Keeney; Pickett; Weaver; Carrell; Hayden; Simpson; Long and Harbison

Grade 2 - (Teacher) Rose Glascock -- Children: Cox; Esra; Smith; Thomas; Hunt; Patton; Bennett; Miller; Stafford; Gillogly; Long; Bonebrake; Smith; Thompson; Hartle; Nelson; Carmean; McCarty; Wright; Dooley; Kincaid; Wheeler; Norman and Myers

Grade 3 -- (Teacher) Ruth Isaacs -- Children: Cornell; Griffis; Basfield; Hockett; Myers; Gooding; Thomas; Hazlett; Milligan; Hubble; Patton; Montgomery; Stafford; Fullenwider; Priebe; Mason; Pickett; Stultz; Frances; Meadows; Keys; Brewer

Grade 4 -- (Teacher) Norma Mitchell - Children: Gilland; Weaver; Hayden; Cox; Norman; Meadows; Hunt; Metzger; Priebe; Ross; Rush; Isaacs; Wheeler and Dooley

Grade 5 -- (Teacher) Doris Grimes -- Children: Fowler; Sowers; Parker; Simpson; Crews; Hayden; Jackson; Hubble; Bullerdick; Patton; Meadows; Barker; Lewellen; Pickett; Cornell; Myers; Stewart; West; Chappell; Jones; Evans; Myers; McClure; Hockett; Gooding; Brewer; Simpson; Bingham; Jarvis; Keys; Hockett.

Grade 6 -- (Teacher) Juanita Hunt (loved that lady, Mrs. Glascock & Mitchell too and others were fine - just these 3 had a specialness about them - kbz) -- Children - Brewer; Keedy; Hubble; Murray; Stultz; Keeney; Thompson; Weaver; Hannah; Thomas; Carmean; Pruett; Montgomery; Reynolds; West; Isaacs; Kincaid; Chesterson; Hartle; Crews.

Grade 7 -- (Sponsor) Sam Patton -- Children: Bingham; Patton; Hazlett; Myers; Kincaid; Johnson; Rush; Newman; Myers; Stewart; Montgomery; Cosby; Weaver; Jackson; Allen; Meadows; McClure; Alexander; Wheeler; Miller; Thomas; Stewart; Jackson; Miller; Burdine and Watson

Grade 8 -- (Sponsor) Robert Collins -- Mitchell; Brewer; Grimes; Milligan; Fullenwider; Meadows; Hannah; Smith; Myers; Eaton; Keeney; Smith; Wiatt; Whitecotton; Presslor; Galvin; Nelson; Jones; Keys and Keedy

Grade 9 -- (Sponsor) Herman Hazlitt Hall -- Alexander; Myers; Keys; Cosby; Weaver; Kincaid; Smith; Gilliland; Cox; France; Lewellen; Stewart; Dildine; Hannah; Grimes; Nixon; Chesterson; France; Stewart; Wright; Sessions; Cornell; Bazzani; Grimes

Grade 10 -- (Sponsor) Myrtle Banta -- Stultz; Weaver; Weatherman; Crooks; Layne; Brewer; Staggs; Stewart; Presslor; Myers; Miller; Allen; McCarty; Weaver

Grade 11 -- (Sponsor) Jean Hughes -- Patton; Bowers; Cox; Banta; Cronkhite; Davis; Hunt; Graham; Hartle; Patton; Mitchell; Jeffries; West; Lewellen; Myers; Bullerdick; Simpson; Clouser; Galvin; Reynolds; Alexander; Meadows

12-Year-Seniors -- Chesterson; Whitecotton; Thomas; Grimes; Stultz; Graham; Stockdale; Fullenwider; Handley; Calvert; Brewer; Bazzani; Miller; Evans; Watson

Plays (my brothers as the Doublemint (Bubble Mint) Twins were absolutely hilarious - it was pretty Garry but Lar doing it, too - they were GREAT !! -- other candid type play pics

Activities Intro Page

Yearbook and Paper Staff member sponsored by Mrs. Banta - Joan Graham, Editor

Others on page: Bill Grimes; Don Brewer; Garry Bazzani; Ron Keedy; Nancy Stultz; Bobby Fullenwider; Judy Hart ?; Ron Keedy

4-H; FFA; FTA -- think I'm the only FTA one who became a teacher - not sure and so many in FFA and few farmers. Times a change :)

BAND - Percussion - Trombones - Bass (I'm in there - loved that bass clarinet :)

Mr. Woodward -- Brass (saxes, trumpets) ...


Twirllers ... Davis; Smith; Cronkhite; Myers; Miller; Graham; Bowers; Keedy

Pep, Dance & Jr. High Bands

Marching Band; Norman Walker; Sr Trio (Bobbi; Theresa & Jennifer)

Choir Members (think I can name 'em all or close) Nancy Stewart; Clydia Davis; Carol Miller; Rita Allen; Judy Banta; Elma West; Karen Bazzani; Roxie Cornell; Jennifer Grimes; Ruby Thomas; Elsie Smith; Linda Keys; Patti Lewellen; Linda Myers; Ron Grimes; Darrell Reynolds; Ron Keedy; Bill Grimes; Gary Simpson; Rick Lewellen; Darrell Meadows; Wanda Simpson; Patti Miles; Roxie Bowers; Judy Hart (think - a little fuzzy); Jim Grimes; Jim Chesterson; Dave Overpeck; Don Evans; Bob Watson; Duane Miller; Ron Patton; Bobbi Fullenwider; Theresa Stockdale and Carol Presslor

Varsity Basketball -- Coach Collins; Don Evans; Frank Howell; Ted Whitecotton; Garry Bazzani

Cheerleaders -- Linda Graham; Theresa Stockdale; Judy Myers; Jeannie Hunt

B-Team -- Karen Bazzani; Carol Miller; Connie Staggs; Linda Myers

Jr. Hi - Sally Patton; Jessica Grimes; Diane Meadows

B-Team Basketball -- Darrell Meadows; Jim Grimes; Kenny Brewer; Marty Chesterson; Brad Gilliland; Phil Myers; Danny Weatherman; Steve Clouser; Coach Bob Collins; Homer Cox; Denny McCarty; Phil Sessions; Rusty Weaver; Gary Simpson

Jr Hi - A-B

W-Club -- Names: Watson; Grimes; Howell; Evans; Bazzani; Brewer; Meadows; Simpson; Miller; Whitecotton; Weaver; McCarty; Hartle; Bullerdick; Myers; Grimes -- that must have been one humorous joke and wonder if Coach Collins told it as he's the only sobersides in there :) What a hoot

Baseball - Co-Champ Summer Baseball League -- Jim Grimes, Larry Bazzani, Ted Whitecotton, Phil Myers, Bud Meadows, Coach Collins; Rusy Weaver; Dick Stultz; Denny McCarty; Don Evans, Garry Bazzani, Don Kincaid -- also Don Evans sets county hurdling record (and we only had a few years where we had any track) -- the must be 6th grade basketball ? Looks like Dale Miller referring. LOVE IT

Candid Basketball pictures (I'm in the very corner of one of 'em)


"Boosters" include: Banta; Bazzani; Carpenter's; Collins; Cox; Cronkhite; Davis; Evans; Foster;Grimes; Glascock; Gooding; Hall; Harbison; Hart; Hazlett; Hunt; Hughes; Isaacs; Juanita; Miller; Mitchell; Newell; McCarty; McClure; Patton; Rafferty's; Robison; Seybold; Sowers; Stultz; Stockwell; Watson; Wheeler; Williams; Woodcock; Whitecotton; Wharff Music

Advertisers -- Bowman Soil; Burrin; Coleman's Food Store; Cushman Oil; Banta's Watch Sop; McMillan Athletics; Farmer's State Bank; Kelsey's Flowers; Leonard Winchell; Roachdale Messenger/Ladoga Crier; Russellville ELevator; Spencer Lumber; Russellville Stone; Russellville State Bank

Advertisers -- Ace Hardware; Anglin Plumging; B&D Lumber; (The) Book Store; Burnett Lumber; C.W. Spencer; Carrico Furtniture; Clements-Smith; Crawford Hotel & Cafe; Cooper Implement; Corner Fruit Market; Crawfordsville Cleaners; C'ville Lanes; Crawfordsville Motel; D.W. Williams Jeweler; Dairy Queen; Dellekamps; Dice Tire; Dog 'n Suds; Edwards Motor Sales; Elston Bank; Etter Ford; F.W. Woolworth; Farm Bureau; Fashion Shoes; First National Trust; Floor Covering; Gerald Robison; Golden Rule; Harmon's; Herman Davis; J.C. Penney; Jim Conklin; Kenney's Shoes; Ladoga Federal; Layne & Myers; McClamroch - Groves; McDaniel Freight; Meadow Gold; Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce; Nye & Booe; Miller's Shoes; Montgomery Savings; Montgomery Ward; Nichols Loan Corporation; New Market Lumber; O.K. Galloway; P.R. Mallory; Perry's Office Supply; Petts Florist; Puritan Manufacturing; Perry Lewis Ford; Ramsey Farm; Randolph Builders; Russell Grocery; Russellville Bank; Rapp Company; Resoner's; Sears Catalog Sales; Squire Shop; State Farm; Stecks;Taylor Grocery; Thrifty Wholesale; United Tractor Sales; Veatch & Pinkerton; Union Federal; Western Auto Association

Advertisers -- Childress Mobile Homes; Craft Shop; Conrad's Dress Shop; Elam's Paint Pot; (Dr.) E.E. Richards; Goodyear Service; Charles Moore; Jackson's Cafe; Marty's; McFarland & Miller Monuments; Moody Studio; Oscar Cook; Party Time Shop; Pfister Associates; Polar Ice Distributors; Schloot Furniture; Shewey's Flowers; Simpson & Sons; Tri-County News; Uptown Cafe; Waveland Rug Cleaners; Ralph A. Watson

Advertisers -- Decker's Sports; Dickerson's Grocery; Hunt Electric; Lee School Supply; Machledt & Servies; New York Shoes; Stafford Candy; Sharpe's Store; Simpson Insurance; Sportsman Shop; T & R Grill; The Snacker; ATilney Shoe; Tower Studio; Waveland Feed & Grain; Whitecotton & Sons

Advertisers -- Coca-Cola; Handley's Fertilizer; Kitts Gravel; Montgomery County Farm Bureau (Brownsvalley); Servies & Bowman Insurance; Shades Inn; West Supermarket




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