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Campbell P. and Polley (Lee) Clark Family Bible

This bible was last owned by Louise Miles Wolf (Mrs. John W) in Crawfordsville in 1968.


Campbell P. Clark and Polley Lee were marryed (sic) Aug 27 AD 1829

Andrew McMullen & Elizabeth Frances Clark was marr. Dec 15, 1853 (entry not clear)

Francis McMullin (sic) and Matilda J. Clark marr. Aug 5, 1858

Simeon S. VanCleave and Sarah A. Clark marr. Sept 23, 1858

William S. Clark and Nancy B. VanCleave marr. Feb 14, 1861

Abraham Clark and Hannah Harris m. Nov 14, 1861

James F. Clark and Margaret Nelson marr. Sept 1, 1863

Henry H. Clark and Adelia H. Ross marr. March 24, 1864

Barton W. Dooley and Harriet E. Wilder marr. Nov 7, 1866

James F. Clark and Lucinda H. ??? marr. Dec 25, 1866


Campbell Pearson Clark (son of William and Frances Clark) was b. 11 Feb 1804

Mary Clark, daughter of Tartton (Tarlton?) and Elizabeth Lee was b. Nov 17, 1805

William Tartton Clark son of Campbell P. and Mary Clark was b. July 27, 1830

Elizabeth Frances Clark daughter of Campbell P & Mary Clark was b. Oct 12, 1831

Sarah Ann Clark daughter of Campbell P and Mary Clark was b. Feb 20, 1833

James Franklin Clark son of Campbel lP. and Mary Clark was b. March 14, 1834

Matilda Jane Clark daughter of Campbell P & Mary Clark was b. March 19, 1837

Abraham Clark, son of Campbell P and Mary Clark was b. July 20, 1838

Henry Harrison Clark son of Campbell P and Mary Clark was b. April 19, 1840

Harriet Ellen Miller was b. Jan 24, 1844

Benjamine (sic) F. VanCleave was b. May 23, 1861

Phebe C. Wray was b. Nov 10, 1861

Walter Beatty VanCleave was b. March 2, 1886

Carrie E. VanCleave b. July 6, 1889

Roy Jewell VanCleave was b. July 6, 1889

Frank VanCleave & Phebe Wray was marr. Jan 25, 1882

(No explanation as to whom these belong)

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