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James Linn born Nov 25, 1770 (different handwriting James Linn father was Adam Linn) - Died April 14, 1846 Aged 75 Years 8 Months 12 Days

Ella Skiles, wife of James Linn was born Anno Domini 1778 August 25th - deceased Dec 11th, 1821 Aged 43 Years 3 Mo 14 Days

Isabella Linn was born Anno Domini 1798 May 28th - deceased Anno Domini 1822 June 5th Aged 24 Years 23 Days

John Linn was born Anno Domini 1800 August 4th - married March 14th 1822 - married Susannah Sept 15, 1843 Died Sept 16, 1858

Robert P. Linn was born Anno Domini 1802 Sept 15th - Dec May 28th 1841 - married Nov 21, 1829 (? on whole marriage date)

Elizabeth Linn was born Anno Domini 1804 Nov 15th

Margaret Linn was born Anno Domini 1805 -Dec 2nd (? on day) Deceased Sept 1827

James W. Linn was born Anno Domini 1810 Jan 7th

John Linn Bible 001

John Linn Bible (Heber) Hard winter begun Nov. the 9th 1842 and lasted till in April 1843

on the 29th of March the haying was good

John Linn the Winter of 1844 and 1845 was Dry and pleasant

grate Deal of oates sowed in february

John Linn Bible (Heber) Hard winter begun Nov. the 9th 1842 (only June) 2and 3 hard frost killed the corn vines _ potato tops

1855 hard winter

1855 and 1856 killed all spice peachtree

May 30 and 31 st 1856 corn potatoes and vines all killed

Sept 30 1856 snow hard oct 1st trees covered April 10, 1907

Trees all in bloom with Snow covering ground and ground frozen

ML Peterson 002 (written in pencil & ink, by Emmaline Linn Peterson)

1934 - 1935 - warm winter very little snow

Dust storms from Kansas and Neb. In March - 35 SEVERE ( ???) in 1934 1" snow

spring of 1935 snow

April 16 1935 No Rain for 90 Day (???) it Started In May and Lasted until Aug 13 - 1936

Longest Droght Know.

MLP Sept 24 - 37 Good Rains all Season.

Wheat Damaged By Blowing Dust - A Big (??? ???)

No Killing Frost yet Fall 1939 warm and Dry Jan 14-1940 Big Blizzard from S.W. all Day (???)

Very cold Fall 1939 Very large corn crop

Winter of 1940-1941 Not COLD NOT Much Snow

MLP 003 1943 Newspaper story 50th Anniversary of W.A. Linn and Wife (Wheeler Linn and Ella Parminda Ward)

004 Emaline Linn was borned July the 5th 1844 Penciled in names of: Susannah Linn Emaline Linn Asbury Linn There is also a calculation of Emaline's birthdate subtracting 81 from her death in 1921 to arrive at the year 1844. 2011-I believe many of the pencil notations made after 1936 are written by Everett Linn. The handwriting is consistent with his.

005 Title Page of HOLY BIBLE (1828) Winter 1942 - 1943

Very cold, snowed 34 Different Days up to March & Roads Slick


006 Asbury aug 12/28

John Linn came to Ind from Ohio In 1833. Built cabin near Spring on Place Now owned by M L Peterson

Born in Pensyvaia (sic)

This Book is The Property of John Linn. Price $4.25

God Grant that he may from what is therein Continues grow wise unto Salvation

--This appears to be written, in ink, in John B. Linn's own hand T

he first Linn Reunion was held in A Linn Woods near Big 4 RR in July 1905 107 at Reunion in 1927 ML Peterson Place 125 " " 1928 ??? 1929 at A Linn Linnsburg 1930 (???) 1931 (???) 1932

1933 Park Crawfordsville 1934 Park Crawfordsville 1935 " 1936 " 1937 " 1938

007 HOLY BIBLE Genesis

008 Apocrypha. II MACCABEES

End of Apocrypha

Charles Fender Linn -- Laura Linn wife Son of Asbury Linn -- Chas Fender Linn Born April 9 - 1869

Born Aug 25 1872

Died July 14 1924 Died Mch. 17 - 1947 At Linnsberg Ind at Lebanon within Hospital Buried at Mace Kof P as the result of being Cemetary struck by an automobile in Jamestown buried at Mace Kof P Cemetary

009 FAMILY RECORD. 7 miles S. Crawfordsville 4 Miles N-E ??? N-W of where church stood Buried in Finley Chapel Cemetary Montg Co Births Deaths Marriages

James Linn Died April 14th 1846 Born Nov. 26th 1771 aged 75 years 8 mo 12 days

Pencil notation: Son of ADAM married Ella Skiles, wife Deceased of James Linn was Dec 11th Anno Domini 1821 born Anno Domini 1778 Aged 43 years 3 mo 14 August 25th I

Isabella Linn was Deceased Anno. Domini 1822 Born Anno Domini 1798 June 5th May 28th Aged 24 years 23 days

John Linn was Married march the 14th 1822 Born Anno Domini Married to Susannah Fender 1800 August 4th sept 13th 1843 -- pencil notation unintelligible 1858

Robert G. Linn Married November the 4th 1829 was born Anno Domini Died May 28th 1841 1802 Sept 15th

Elizabeth Linn was Married 1821 born Anno Domini 1804 marriage information crossed off Nov 15th ________________________________________________________

Margaret Linn was Deceased Sept born Anno Domini 1806 Anno Domini 1827 Dec 2nd

James W. Linn was born Married march the 3rd 1831 Anno Domini 1810 Jan 8th died April -Margin notations: James Linn father was Adam Linn (the 2nd)


010 FAMILY RECORD. Births Deaths

William H. Linn was Married September the 25th born Anno Domini 1813

1836 Nov 12th Mary Linn was born Deceased Anno Domini Anno Domini 1815 Nov 8th 1822 March 5th

Records of John Linns family ____

Emmaline Linn married January the 8 was Born Anna Domini Died 1861 July the 8th 1844 Feb 21 1921

* Nancy Age 76y. 7m - 13D

Asbury Linn was Married. January the 23 born Anno Domini February

Martha Rasher 1848 23rd 1849

ASBURY LINN died Sept 25 1936 buried MaceK of P Cenetery

Charles Fender Linn was born Domani april 9 1869 (???) was born Anno Domini May 31, 1869


Births Deaths

John Linn was born Married March the 14 1822 Anno Domini 1800, August Deceased September the 16 1858 4th

Was married March 14th 1822 Aged 58 years 1 month 14 Days

Anny C Slayback Deceased June the 13th 1848 Wife of John Linn was born Aged 38 years 6 minths 11 days Anno Domini 1804 Nov 2nd

James A Linn was born Anno Domini Deceased Anno Domini 1823 May 28 1823 Nov 20th Aged 6 months 8 days

Margaret J. Linn was Deceased Anno Domini born Anno Domini 1824 oct 22nd 1833 April the 17th Aged 8 years 6 Months 17 days .

Elizabeth Linn was Married December 19 Born Anno Domini 1826 1848 To Nov. 9th David Smith .

Abel S Linn was Deceased Anno Domini born Anno Domini 1829 1833 April the 18th Jan 11th Aged 4 years 3 Months 7 days .

Mary F Linn Deceased Anno Domini born Anno Domini 1833 April the 15th 1830 Nov the 1st Aged 2 years 5 mo 14 Days .

William V Linn died July 17 1908 born Anno Domini 1832 October the 11th 012

FAMILY RECORD. births Deaths

Jane Anna Linn was Dec. A.D. 1835 born Anno Domini 1834 April the 24th October the 26th Aged 5 months 28 days

Eliza Linn Was Dec. A.D. 1836 Born Anno Domini 1836 October the 19th March the 23rd Aged 6 months 27 days

Enoch T Linn Was Married April 1861 Born Anno Domini D Jan 24 1893 1837 October 4th

John W Linn Was Dec A..D.. 1843 Born Anno Domini February the 19th 1840 January the 3rd Aged thre years and one month and 16 Days .

Henry H Linn Was Dec. A..D.. 1843 Born Anno Domini September the 29th 1842 November the Aged 10 Months and 12 Days 16th .

Married to Susannah Died July 11 1900 Fender on the 13th of September 1843 She was born January 25 th 1822 died July 11th 1900

013 Title Page of Bible

The Linn Homestead was built about 1841 or 1842 (Everett Linn) 014 Handwritten entries from research

014b Valentin Linn was an immigrant on the ship "Minerva", Capt Thomas Arnott, from Rotterdam, stopping at Coves in England, arriving at Philadelphia September, 17, 1771. Page 395 -Ruff's ~~~

Sarah Linn married John Richey July, 21, 1761

William Linn married Rebecca Blair January, 10, 1774 >

page 178 Sarah Linn married Peter Bankson Oct. 11.1743 at Christ Church (page 335) Philadelphia Pennsylvannia Archives, Second Series, Vol. 2.

014c Johann?? Linn - Settles in 1712 page 437 - Ruff's ~~

Peter Linn Ruff's Jr 108 - 1737.

Philip Lein " " 145 - 1741.

John Fredrick Lein 209 - 1749.

Philip Henry Lein 303 - 1753. Jocob Lein " " 378 - 1767.

Valentin Linn " " 395 - 1771.

John Simon Lind 409 - 1773.

John George Lind 409 - 1773.

Christopher Leinn 410 - 1773.

John Paul Lein 419 - 1775.

See Valentin Linn Letter MLP

It is hard to understand what the significance is to Valintino Linn. The "see letter" entry was written by Emaline Linn Peterson. The letter is no where to be found. Only the envelope addressed to Emaline in 1919 (103)

014d Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Vol 2.

David Lynn married Mary Boor: Aug. 8. 1748 at Christ Church. (page 335) Philadelphia.

Mercy Lynn married Josiah Monger, Nov, 26. 1774, page 183.

Adam Lyn married Elenor Jones Sep. 1774. page 192.

John Lind married Catherine Naglee, Nove, 13, 1773, page 177.

John Lyne married Mary Walker, May 27. 1773. page 183.

014e Newspaper clipping describing Samuel Lynn, born 1774 (has M.L.P. written in pencil)

Note-There does not appear to be any direct correlation between these entries and the Linn family records. However the mystery of the Valentin Linn letter could shed some light on that early settler.

015a Inside back cover of John Linn bible.

John Linn paid 4.25 This Book Family Book

Asbury Linn Obituary 1936

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Ward 66th Anniversary 1940 (Feb 10)

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Ward 67th Anniversary 1941 (Feb 8) Mary Linn was the daughter of W.V. Linn. They (she & John Ward) were married February 12, 1874 "Despite their years they remain in good health."

015b CU Clippings

016 Back Cover John Linn Bible 101

Photo Unknown (Believed to be ML Peterson family)

102 Same photo, enhanced

103 Valentino Linn envelope to Mr. M.S. Peterson Indianapolis, Ind. Care of The Enterprise Iron Works

Postmarked: LEBANON, PA AUG 3, 1919 6-30P Bookmark -

Think of me mother (Believed to have been given to Emaline Linn-Peterson

104 Handwritten Family Tree (Everett?)

105 Reverse - Mid-States Steel & Wire Co. Crawfordsville, Indiana Traveler's daily Town Report

THANKS SO VERY MUCH TO David Z. for these records -- above is his transcript / family information from the John Linn Bible

I do have the original scanns from DZ but could not get them up on the site but if you're interested give one of us a holler :)

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