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Reunions School


Last known owner Leann Day of Crawfordsville, IN

Births (ALL Sutherlins unless noted)

Thomas b. 12-24-1806

Polly b. 1-3-1808

Artimicia b. 4-24-1826

William b. 2-18-1833

John W. b. 6-2-1838

Thomas Jefferson b. 1-28-1844

Margaret Elizabeth b. 3-17-1825

Tolbert b. 4-25-1845

Lydia Jane 9-14-1847

Susan b. 7-10-1849

James Franklin b. 7-26-1851

Harvey b. 3-10-1853

Albert b. 9-19-1855

Christy Ann b. 3-25-1858 (Thursday at 10 o´clock)

Emma b. 5-5-1860 (Saturday morning at 4 o´clock)

Infant born to James (?) and Mary b. (& died) 2-5-1890

Eunice May b. 5-1-1891

Graver Andrew b. 11-23-1892 d. 1-14-1893

Ralph Bruce b. 3-11-1893

Leslie Edith b. 9-15-1893

Walter Dalton b. 10-28-1893

Elsie b. 12-4-1895

Russel Daniel b. 8-20-1897

Andy Douglas b. 2-21-1860

Mary Dulcena b. 7-26-1861

Thomas Mitchell (?) b. 3-7-1863

John William b. 2-4-1865

Anna B. b. 1-27-1867

Solomon Charley b. 10-17-1868

Arthur Franklin b. 8-16-1870

Alfred Walter b. 4-11-1872

Richard Otto b. 1-6-1864

Jesse Pleasant b. 10-17-1876

Stella May b. 5-8-1879

Lizzie Ellen b. 6-2-1881

Ruth D. Madge (possibly last name of McCleary) b. 2-21-1895
Gesse (McCleary?) b. 8-2-1896
Lizzie Margaret (McCleary?) b. 3-7-1897 (99?)

Ruth D. Madge ( no last name possibly McCleary) b. 2-21-1895

(No relationships were given)


Polly Sutherlin, consort of Thomas d. 6-19-1840 in her 33rd year

William Sutherlin d. 8-8-1857 on Saturday morning the son of Thomas & Polly Sutherlin age 24 years 5 months 21 days.

Susan Sutherlin died 10-19-1849 the d/o Thomas & Margaret E. age 3 months 9 days

Margaret E. Sutherlin d. 5-13-1860 on Sunday morning about 9 o´clock wife of Thomas

Arthur Franklin Sutherlin s/o GW & Amanda Sutherlin d. 3-22-1874 age 7 months 6 days
Graver Andrew Sutherlin d. 1-14-1893

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