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Jesse Carl ALFRY

Source: History of Montgomery County, Indiana. Indianapolis: AW Bowen, 1913, p. 868
Life is pleasant to live when we know how to make the most of it. Some people start their careers as if they had weights on their souls or were afraid to make the necessary effort to live up to a high standard. Others, by not making a proper study of the conditions of existence, or by not having the best of all trainers -- good parents -- are side tracked at the outset and never seem thereafter to be able to get back again on the main track. Much depends on the start, just as it does in a race. The horse that gets the best start, all other things being equal, will almost invariable win the race. So in the race of life, if you properly started with suitable grooming, such as good educational and home training, you will lead in the race in after years and enjoy your existence. Such home influences were thrown around Jesse Carl ALFRY, well known business man of Crawfordsville and a representative of one of the leading families of Montgomery County. Both father and mother were people of sound principles and exemplary habits, no word of repoach being heard against either of them, being revered by all their many friends. Jesse C. Alfry was born in Indianapolis, Indiana Nov 2, 1881 and is a son of Henry & Nancy DRAKE Alfry. In view of the fact that a complete sketch of Henry Alfry occurs in another part of the volume, an extended notice of this distinguished business man is not deemed necessary here. However, briefly, he was born in Mercer Co, Ky, Spet 15, 1837, the son of Kentucky parents, and Mr. Alfry spent his boyhood in his native state, remaining there until he was 18 when he came to Indiana and began working on a farm in Ripley Co and while living there married in 1857 his first wife, Lydia A. SELMAN, whose death occurred in 1874, leaving 3 children: William F; Etta Jane and Rose. The following year Mr. Alfry married Nancy Drake, mother of our subject. Her death occurred Aug 8, 1909, leaving 3 children: Elenore and Harry D, besides our subject. When the Civil War came on, Henry enlisted in 1861 in the 37th Indiana Volunteer Infantry and served gallantly for the union until discharge din 1864, having partipated in many important battles. After the war he returned to Indiana nd in a modest way began the line of business that ultimately led to a fortune, lumbering, or more properly a department of lumbering, the heading business. He started this in the woods near Muncie, beginning making barrel staves, later made barrel and keg headings. He was successful in this from the start and his business increased with the years, having at one time 5 large factories, employing over 2,000 men in fact, he had handled millions of dollars and employed many thousands of men, having been the undisputed leader of the heading business since 1857. Under his own management, he has made and shipped fully 40,000,000 sets of all kinds of circled tight barrel heading from 1876 to 1912, having worked up in all his years in the business fully 400,000,000 feet board measure or 16, 666 carloads or about 555 trains of 30 cars each, which would make a solid train 135 miles long. He has operated in various parts of the country, moving to Indianapolis in 1880, removing to Crawfordsville two years later, which city has since been his home and chief headquarters, although he has seen in the South a great deal, looking after his itnerests there. He is still active int his business, but not so extensively as formerly. Through his energy, honesty and close application he has accumulated a fortune, is one of the best known and highly esteemed men in Montgomery County. Jesse C. Alfry was educated in theschools of Crawfordsville and was graduated from the Culver & howe MIlitary Institute in Sept 1910, after which he formed a partnership with JC Treadwell in the Crawfordsville Fruit Company and in 1912 purchased his partner's interest and is doing an extensive and satisfactory business, handling fruits of all kinds, cigars and confectionery. Fraternally, Mr. Alry is a member of the Elks. Mr. Alfry married Dec 23, 1909 Beatrice Agnes Daley, a native of Brooklyn, NY.
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