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Arlie Bannon

Crawfordsville Weekly Journal

"#13 News Item"

Arlie Bannon of Springfield, Illinois visited his father's family here last week, making a brief call on friends. He is chief butler in one of the largest hotels in the city. He has been in the hotel 12 years and has been promoted until he occupies his present responsible position.

NOTES: Benjamin Arlistes Bannon, son of James Clark Bannon and his wife Elizabeth C. Fulwider, was born Oct 15, 1861, probably in Randolph County, Indiana. (James and Elizabeth were there in the 1860 US Census.) He died in Springfield, Illinois, on August 6, 1917. His wife was Martha Elinor Wilson, born about 1869, whom he married on Valentine's Day, 1889, in Crawfordsville. After his death, the three children (Noble, Clair and Nellie) lived in New Richmond for a time, where Noble attended New Richmond High School. He was a football player there. They also lived in New Buffalo, Michigan, with their aunt Lenna Bannon Holle. In 1899 he would have been visiting James C Bannon and his second wife, Phebe. They lived in New Richmond. Noble and his wife Virginia (Correll) returned to Springfield, Illinois, where they both died. Clair lived in Buffalo, NY when I was a child. He was named James Clair Bannon, but was always known as Clair. I have a note that says his wife was Ethel Atkinson, but Noble's book is packed away until ice-out in Maine – sorry.

Noble, Arlie's son, was the family genealogist. He enlisted his cousins Edna and Edythe as collectors (and sometimes typists), and produced a pre-computer genealogical collection about the Bannon family which is a marvel to me. I am fortunate to have a copy of it. Unfortunately for me, many of the xerox pages of greatest interest (about Michael Bannon's land transactions in Ohio) have deteriorated or did not take well to the xerox techniques of the 1960's.


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