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Source: Montgomery County, Indiana Portrait & Biographical Record of Montgomery, Parke & Fountain Counties, Indiana (Chapman Brothers, 1893) p 558

Noah J. Clodfelter, poet.

"Blessings be with them

and eternal praise,

who gave us nobler loves

and nobler cares;

The poets, who on earth have made us heirs,

of truth and pure delight by heavenly lays."

It is with the utmost satisfaction that the biographer places before the reader of this record a brief notice of the talented gentleman whose name appears at the opening of this article. In these practical days the poetic fire with the gentle, dreamy temperament belonging to it, comes too seldom to the notice of the world. When among us is born one of the gifted, the life of this individual holds superior interest, as the existence of a different kind of being. The subject of the present sketch was born in Alamo, Indiana Dec. 14, 1853 and he has been affectionately and proudly named, "The Wabash Poet." He is scarcely conscious of the time when his thoughts did not run in rhythm, some of his published poems having been the emanations from the pen of a lad of only 17. Perhaps the best known and most ambitious booKnights of Pythiasoems is the one entitled, "Early Vanitas." This is to be found in most of the larger libraries, and although it has received slashes from the critics, Mr. Clodfelter can point even now to the critics of Shakespeare. Our subject has not confined his pen to poetry, his novel, Snatched from the Poor House, having been kindly received, and having had a sale of 4000 copies. His first publication took place in 1866, since which time he has contributed to the papers and periodicals over the country. His residence is at "Knoll Cottage," a beautiful home erected at a cost of over $20,000. Probably more will be heard from this western poet in the future. Inspiring themes are not lacking and the valley of the Wabash has many spots beautiful enough to encourage the poetic flame. 1880 - Noah J. Clodfelter of Alamo originates the use of electric currents on railroads for interurban service.


Source: Montgomery County, Indiana Waveland Independent ? 1899

Noah Clodfelter It is reported that Noah J. Clodfelter, who, a year or so ago, attained considerable noteriety by his promotion of electric railway enterprises in central Indiana is now at the home of his brother, ME Clodfelter in Crawfordsville and he is in a lamentable condition. His mind is a wreck and his physical health is not much better. He fancies that certain parties are hastening to Crawfordsville from the far West to present him with a million dollars, and scatters this suppositious wealth with a lavish hand. A few years ago, Clodfelter organized a mutual life insurance company in Crawfordsville and for a while it was a great success. It finally fell into disrepute and its officers were made defendants in several law suits. Clodfelter's elegant home in Crawfordsville, "Knoll Cottage," was lost to him in the crash and he left Crawfordsville in disgust, denouncing nearly everybody in town. He had previously written considerable so-called poetry and after he left Crawfordsville he published a book - a lengthy, wandering poem - abusive of the town and many of its best citizens and organizations. He hurled the wildest kind of invective upon those who had incured his displeasure and even cast reflections upon those who had been steadfast friends. Many looked upon this book as an evidence that he had failed mentally, as in former times he had been regarded as an easy going man, with no malice in his disposition. His electric railway schemes were regarded by the people of Crawfordsville as the vagaries of a diseased mind and but little surprise was manifested when he was brought there the wreck he is now.


Crawfordsville Weekly Review 29 Oct 1887 Mr. Clodfelter, the author, has sent on to the publishers the manuscript for his new work of fiction, "Snatched from the Poor House." The book will contain 360 pages will be issued about Dec 15. The publishers are T. Peterson & Bro, Philadelphia. 10,000 copies will consitute the first installment for which Mr. C. receives $1,000.

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