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Source: Waveland Independent Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana Thursday, Jan 25, 1940

Fabian Frisz was called to Chicago, Friday, by the death of Mrs. Friz's mother. She had been with her for some time. They will not return to Florida for the rest of the winter.

Source: Waveland Independent, Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana Thursday, Jan 8, 1942

One of the bad things about a state of war is the facility with which rumors start and spread. Waveland, with its almost complete lack of foreign born or connected people would look like that last place to look for a Nazi spy, and of all places, one where the public comes and goes at will, The Shades Park. But somebody dreamed that a short wave sending set had been found in the gravel pit at the Shades that the Manager, Fabian Frisz, had been arrested and confined in the jail at Rockville. Some tavern patriots in Crawfordsville wanted to come down to the Shades and burn the hotel. So far from being under arrest, however, Mr. Frisz and his family were visiting in Chicago. As soon as he had word he came home immediately to find himself the most talked of person in the county. Just why rumor should have picked on him is hard to say, but a vigorous effort is being made to track it down. Fabian, himself, in spite of his German name, is a Hoosier born in Terre Haute. His father, JW Frisz, was also Hoosier born, but grew up in Ky. at Bowling Green. The great grandparents, although German born, came to the US in 1840 and are buried at Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Naturally Fabian is worried at the notoriety, but none of his friends credited the report. The Journal-Review of Tuesday says: "Local authorities branded as utterly idiotic a widely circulated "spy" story which has provided a field day for tongue wagers in recent days, as they pursued an inquiry as to the identity of the person or persons who started a falsely vicious rumor about a prominent county business man. Stories of the "arrest" of the "spy suspect" in "question by the FBI and his incarceration in various jails had been current here for several days stories involving sinister short wave radio apparatus, code signals and all of the popular trappings of the best espionage yarns. The person victimized by the rumor peddlers, was Fabian Frisz, manager of The Shades, and member of one of the county's old families." Mr. Frisz, visiting in Chicago, over the weekend, finally found it necessary to return here and to enlist aid of state police and County Sheriff Roth Monday in tracing the source of the vicious rumors. Just what the exact basis for the story linking Mr. Frisz with "subversive acts" had not been established, his legal counsel and officers of the law investigating said. This type of stories is an example of the excitable, unreasoning state of mind into which thoughtless people lapse in war times; a state of mind which breeds vicious rumor and harms innocent people, a state police spokesman said Monday. "As a result people of high character and good reputations like Mr. Frisz are caused needless embarrassment. Patriotism is not served by such gossip or by those who spread it." -- typed by kbz

Source: Waveland Independent Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana Jan 20, 1949

Mr. and Mrs. Fabian FRISZ who are known for their genial and efficient management of the Shades for a number of years and who enlarge and modernized the Shades Hotel, just previous to negotiating the sale of the Shades Park to the State, have become the owners and operators of the Candy Kitchen, 129 S. Washington Street, Crawfordsville. This popular candy store will be modernized and the name will be the College Inn. There will be besides the usual line of candies, sandwiches and soft drink service. They invite the people of this community to make the College Inn their headquarters when in Crawfordsville. Elsewhere in this paper will be found an ad as Mr. Frisz's message to this community. The Independent joins with their many friends in congratulations and good wishes in this new enterprise. Mr. and Mrs. Frisz purchased the Candy Kitchen from the Triffus Nusis Estate. They will continue their residence at their farm home on Shade's Lane. - typed by kbz

Source: Crawfordsville Journal Review would guess around 1947 as year

Chances that the Shades park with its primitive beuty and virgin timber might be preserved for future geneartions appeared to be fading rapidly Friday. Fabian Frisz, representing the owners of the resort was in Indianapolis for a final meeting with officials of the Conservation Department after the American Legion, its option already expired, sought a small price than the $300,000 previously agreed upon for the 1,452-acre tract. "It's a matter of take it or leave it," said Mr. Frisz. "The Conservation Department after an exhaustive survey, offered the agreed price for the land and that's it. The family has agreed on the price at which the Shades may be purchased. If this price is not met, the trees are going to the sawmill." The Journal-Review has no interest in the price set on the famous old resort, one of the last places in the state where virgin lumber of many varieties still stands and where nature is untouched, but it is interested in the preservation of this scenic spot for oncoming generations. Of course, if the state is merely interested in purchasing farm land, tracts of comparable size can be found at a considerably small valuation. But the Shades are more than land. They represent the last stand of the forest primeval against the encroachment of civilization. And as such there is no real intrinsic value. The local Legion post has, time after time, favored purchase of the park by the state and still is wholeheartedly behind the proposal to make it a memorial park in honor of the soldiers of WWI and II. And in this emergency, we believe the entire community once again should rally behind the proposal to acquire the tract as a public institution rather than to allow it feel the bite of the woodsman's axe and become just another bit of marginal land. - typed by kbz


Frisz Family Reunion

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