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WILLIAM AUGUSTUS KRUG (b. 1790) -- Krugg

Source: 1881 Montgomery County, Indiana History. H. W. Beckwith, p 511

William A. Krug, saddler and farmer, Pleasant Hill, was born September 17, 1790, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. His parents, John V. and Eve (Graff) Krug, were natives of the same city and state whither their parents had come in an early day from Europe, the Krugs from Germany and the Graffs from Holland. John V. Krug died in 1817, in Adams County, Pennsylvania, and his wife died in 1801 in Lancaster. William A. Krug early learned the saddler's trade, which he followed in Pennsylvania till 1821, in York and also in Philadelphia.In York he was married to Elizabeth Jones, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Jones, old settlers of Pennsylvania. In 1821 Mr. Krug moved to Ohio, where, in Paris, he followed his trade for four years, then located in Hamilton fourteen years. In 1839 he emigrated to Montgomery County, Indiana, bringing wife and eight children. He had buried two infants, hence is the father of ten children, five of whom were born in Pennsylvania and five in Ohio. He bought the whole of Sec. 31, R. 6 W., Coal Creek township. In 1846 he moved to Pleasant Hill, where he opened a hotel. There he became postmaster, which position he held for ten years. March 17, 1860, his wife died. This was a severe stroke to Mr. Krug, already seventy years of age. He quit business, and has since spent the years in Pennsylvania, Kansas and Indiana, being much of the time with his children. Mr. Krug is a member of the Episcopal church. In politics he was federal, and then a whig, and later a stalwart republican. He has never been very active in politics, yet was township clerk in Paris, Ohio. He still owns eighty acres of land in Coal Creek township. The Krugs are noted for longevity; John V. Krug's sister was over one hundred years old when she died. William A. Krug is now ninety years old, and still active, hale and hearty. He is almost as old as the government he loves, and has seen it grow from infancy to its present power. In 1876 he visited the Centennial Exposition and noted the advancement in all the avenues of industry since that day of mourning when he attended the sham funeral of George Washington at Lancaster. - kbz

Source: Hamilton Daily Democrat March 29, 1890 page 8

Old citizens of this city will remember William Krug, who was a resident of Hamilton fifty year* ago. Yesterday a DEMOCRAT reporter had the pleasure of a half hour's conversation with the old gentleman who was seated in the Miami Valley bank talking and spinning yarns by the dozen with some old cronies. Mr. Krug at present lives in Crawfordsville Indiana and has attained the age of seventy-six years. His father also named William Krug is still living and on this seventeenth of September will be 100 years old Many, many, years ago William Krug, Sr., used to keep a addlery, on High Street, opposite the court house. His son also was a saddler. When young, Krug, Jr., was noted as being one of the Wildest youths in Hamilton. He was a dare devil; he would do anything an did not know what fear was. He was the leader of a crowd of mischievous spirits who were went to hold high carnival in this city in the long ago. Mr. Krug left this place in 1840. When he, arrived here (he came here merely to look up old friends,) he swore by all the saints that the only persons he knew were Cyrus Falconer and Peter Murphy. After a while George Vinnedge came into the bank, and Krug; at once recognized him. Seeing old Uncle Tommy nearby he was told that he was seventy six years old. "Why," said Krug, "if I thought I looked as old as he I would, go and drown myself." This convulsed those present with laughter. His nature is to be jolly and he retains all the fire of youth. He is vigorous and emphatic in his language, and occasionally will say a bad word by way of variety. He at one time lived where the Second National bank now stands in the old Crane property. He asked after the Symmes family and old Robert Harper. He is as gay today as he ever was, and it is a pleasure to sit and listen to him talk. Possessed with an inexhaustible fund of reminiscences, he is also possessed of the happy faculty of interesting everyone in his conversation. He and George Vinnedge poked fun at each other persistently. He would say to Peter Murphy, "Now Pete vou know I wouldn't tell a lie for a $100 now don't you Pete." "Oh, no. you wouldn't," would come from Vinnedge, and then Krug would turn round and paralyze Vinnedge with a look and a well put remark. Krug is a mason. and a nice old man, full of spirit; nothing of the old fogy about him. - thanks to Mary Kay G :)

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Review, Jan 24, 1885

Krug (g) William A. Krugg of this city made the Review a call on last Tuesday. Mr. Krugg was born the year after George Washington was inaugurated President and is now in his 95th year. The first vote he ever cast was for James Monroe. He came to this County from Lancaster Pa, the city of his birth, at an early age and has been identified with the material growth of this County from its formation. He has good health and bids fair to reach 100 or even more. He is as spry now at his extreme age as many men are at 35. His son, William is Sheriff of this County and is now in his 7th year. The old gentleman can write a good, legible hand and tolerably rapid and can see to read almost as well as he could 50 years ago.

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Sept 17, 1890 Wednseday p 3 -- The Anniversary of the Birth of William A. Krug -

William Augustus Krug is 100 years old today. He was born on Sept 17, 1790. His birthplace was Lancaster, PA and his parents were of German descent although both of them were born in the quiet little town of Lancaster. There were 5 other children besides William, 3 boys and two girls. One of them still lives, Jacob age 94 and a resident of Eaton, Ohio. The subject of our sketch having acquired a good English education and a very considerable knowledge of German, apprenticed himself to a saddler to learn the trade, which he followed successfully until his removal to Indian ain 1839. In 1812 he was married to elizabeth Jones who was the mother of all his children and his beloved helpmate until March 17, 1860 when she died. After his marriage, Mr. Krug continued to follow his trade at Lancaster until 1821, when he moved to Paris, Starke Co Ohio and there lived until 1825 when he left for Hamilton, in Butler County, Ohio. In 1839 he purchased an 80 acres section of land 3 miles east of Pleasant HIll (Sec 31 Rg 6 W Coal Creek Twp) in this county, and removed there with his wife and 8 children two others had died as infants. His farm was christened Mount View and here he remaine duntil 1846, when on account of the sickness in his family occasioned by the malarial swamps he .........

Source: (same as above article)...

Mr. Krug's appearance is almsot too familiar to be noted here. Dressed in the old fashions he loves so well, his slender and slightly bent but exceedingly sprightly form is a familiar object on our streets as he daily, in all weather walks aobut carrying, but rarely using a heavy cane. He eats heartily sleeps well and is regular in all his habits. He has always been a strictly temperance man in every particular, and what better demonstration ofthe rewards of a youth well spent can there be than the anniversary he celbrates today? Mr. Krug's mental faculties are splendidly preserved. He talks readily and gives correct and intelligent accounts of incidents that transpired 90 years ago. Within the last two years he has visited his brother in Eaton, Ohio alone and returned as a man of 40 might do. His eyesight is somewhat impaired, but he persists in carrying on all his correspondence which is very considerable. He remembers with pride his intimate acquaintance with the two men who built the first railroad locomotive int he united States, Jonathan Jessup and Phineas Davis, Quaker residents of York, PA.

The CELEBRATION -- Relatives of the centenarian continued to pour in on every traint his morning and at noon when the banquet began there were at least 130 persons at the home on W. Pike St. Rev. GW Switzer was present and asked the blessing. Never in the history of the county has there been a more notable family reunion. FIve generations were represented and the two extremes, Mr. Krug and his great great grandchildren were as lively as any in the party. In fact, the old gentelman is in perfect ecstasy. It is the happiest day of his life. Aobut wo o'clock according to arrangements made before the oldest men of the city and vicinity began to assemble at Smith & Morgans drugstore for the purpose of escorting Mr. Krug from the site of the banquet to the residence of Dr. JR Duncan where the public reception was held. Shortly before three o'clock the old men star4ted in carriages to get the centenarian, the band being in front. He and his younger brothere were given the place of honor in the front carriage, and the procession then passed thorugh several of the principal streets before reaching the dstination. The ages of the old men in the procession ranged from 64-92.

Jacob Krug is rather feeble and his 100 year old brother carefully helps him.

The following is a list of the old men who were in the procession:

Joseph ENSMINGER was 92 last Sunday born in PA and moved here in 1822.

James S. POAR, is 88 years old and came here 38 years ago from PA where he was born. He voted for Andrew Jackson 3 times and is now independent in politics.

William CHAMBERS, was born December 29, 1808 at Baltimore and came to Indian 40 years ago. He is now a republican and voted for Andrew Jackson.

Charles ALLEN was born May 19, 188 in Shelby Co KY at the age of 39 moved to Indiana. He is a Democrat.

John RICE is 83 years 5 months and 17 days and came here from Washington Co PA. He is a Republican

EW CRANE is 77 years old and came here from Ohio in 1823. He is a Republican.

Alvin DUCKWORTH is 78 and was raised a Democrat in Kentucky, moving to this state 35 years ago.

Michael BARNES will be 84 on next Christmas Day. He was born in Kentucky just across the river and has lived here since 1866 always voting the Democratic ticket.

Thomas DAVIS is now 86 and in his own language "was born in VA raised in KY; and wore out in Indiana." He is a Democrat.

Joab ELLIOTT is almost 83 and was born on the line between Ohio and Indiana. He is a Republican and has lived here since 1826.

Alexander THOMSON was 78 last January. He was born in Ohio and came here in 1835. He is a Republican.

Ben T. RISTINE was born in KY 83 years ago and came here in 1838. Republican.

Samuel DAISY is 83 and was born in Maryland.

Thomas HALL is 75 and was born in Warren County, Ohio

William BROMLEY, aged 72.

JN WRIGHT aged 76.

George HOUGH.

Samuel AUSTIN, aged 71.




Silas JONES aged 74.

Col. John LEE is 64 years old and is the oldest man born in Montgomery County having first seen light March 11, 1826.

The following is a list of relatives:

Jacob Krug, aged 94 and two sons, Wm. and George;

Mrs. WW Jefferson;

Mr Longnecker, wife and daughter of Eaton, Ohio;

Harvey Caldwell and wife of Rushville;

Mrs. Cox of Middletown, Ohio;

Mrs. WN Williams, daughter and son-in-law of Ohio;

William Younger and wife of Danville;

John Krugg of York County, Pa;

AM Williams and wife of Rushville;

George McKeehan and daughter of Jamestown;

William Unger of Danville. Ill;

Calvin Krug of Hanover, PA;

Gottlob C. Krug, Indianapolis;

Jacob Kitzmiller, Canton, O;

William G. Kitzmiller and wife of Massolin, Ohio;

Mrs. Jacob Bucher, Canton, Ohio;

Cornelius Bucher, Canton, Ohio;

Mrs Catherine McKinsey, Newtown; Sam Kerr and wife, Newtown;

Mrs. Scott, Pleasatn Hill, MO;

Arch Bailey and wife, Vesley,;

Gus Krug, wife and six children and

Albert Earl, Hallowell, Kas;

Mrs. Col. Searing and son, Harry, Lafayette;

Dr. JF Davison, wife and child Yountsville.

Note: The only thing to mar the old man's happiness in the least is the fact that the printer put two gg's in his name when printing the cards instead of one. Extra copies of our Grandfather Krug edition can be obtained at this office. =========

Montgomery County, Indiana

Source: Crawfordsville Journal, Sept 22, 1888 - Monday was the 98th birthday of Wm. A. KRUGG (sic).

He was born September 17, 1790 in Lancaster, PA. In youth he learned the saddler's trade which he followed for many years, both in Pa and Ohio. He came to this county in 1839, bought a section of land in Coal Creek Township and after removed to Pleasant Hill. In politics, he was a Federal, then a Whig but now a stalwart Republican. He cast his first vote for President for DeWitt Clinton in 1812 and has voted continuously for every President since, making 19 Presidential elections at which he has voted. If he lives until November 6th it will make his 20th. He voted for WH Harrison in 1836 and 1840 and will vote for the grandson in November. Last week he wrote a letter to General Harrison and Monday, his birthday he received a reply which the old veteran said was more valuable to him than a suit of clothes or a gold headed cane. The receipt of the letter was a grand celebration of the day for him. The following is a full text of General Harrison's letter: Indianapolis Ind Sept 15, 1888 - Wm. A. Krugg, Esq - Crawfordsville, Ind - My Dear Sir: Your letter of Sept. 10th has been received. I am glad that you have been able to assert the supremacy of Indiana over Connecticut. I congratulate you upon t6he ripe old age you have attained, which I hope is attended with every circumstance of comfort. What an amazing development you have seen. Hoping that your life may be preserved and thanking you sincerely for your kind personal interest and your intelligent zeal in this campaign from Most Sincerely Yours Benj. Harrison.

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