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Leveritt W. OLIN, M. D.

Source: History of Montgomery County, Indiana. Indianapolis: AW Bowen, 1913 , p. 1016

The men most influential in promoting the advancement of society and in giving character to the times in which they live are two classes -- the men of study and men of action. Whether we are more indebted for the improvement of the age to the one class or other is a question of honest difference of opinion; neither can be spared and both should be encouraged to occupy their several spheres of labor and influence zealously and without mutual distrust. In the following paragraphs are briefly outlined the leading facts and characteristics in the career of a gentleman who combines in his makeup the elements of the scholar and energy of the public-spirited man of affairs. Devoted to the noble and humane work of eradicating mortal ills, Dr. Leveritt W. Olin, the well known and popular physician of Elendale (sic - Elmdale?), Montgomery County has made his influence felt in the most potent manner in the locality of which this history treats. He is evidently endowed by nature with those qualities of heart and mind so necessary to the success of one who chooses for his life work a profession in which human sympathy must be dispensed with a liberal spirit as well as the ability to relieve human suffering. Dr. Olin was born in Portage County, Ohio Feb 12, 1851. He is a son of Ransom and Clara CLARK Olin. They were both natives of the same county, state in which our subject was born; there they grew to maturity, were educated and married and there they spent their lives, the father dying in 1868 and mother in 1883. They devoted their lives to farming and were known as honest, hospital and hard working people. They became the parents of 11 children, six still living. Dr. Leveritt W. Olin was reared in his native county in the buckeye state an there he received a common school education and early in life determined upon a medical career and with that end in view he entered Buchtel College, Akron. He began reading medicine under Dr. FW Price of Kent, Ohio under whom he studied 4 years, then entered the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City which was the medical department of Columbia University. There he spent two terms of six months each, making a splendid record for scholarship. After his graduation on march 12, 1880, he came to Ellendale, Montgomery County, Indiana and here he has been actively engaged in the practice since April 13th of that year, having built up an extensive and lucrative practice which extends over a wide territory and he has met with exceptional success and has taken a very high rank among his professional brethren in this section of the state. He has ever remained a student of all phases of his profession, keeping fully abreast of the times. The Dr. was married Sept 2, 1883 to Effie SWANK, daughter of Benjamin and Ellen COMAN Swank, who were born in this county during the pioneer period. Here they grew to maturaity, were married and established their home in the woods and here they became well known and highly respected. Here Mrs. Olin grew to womanhood and was educated. 7 children have been born to Dr. Olin and wife: Lester W; Blanche; Grace; Leveritt R; Leland E; Ruth and Reine. Four of these children are still at home, all are living in Montgomery County. Fraternally, the Dr. belongs to the Free and Accepted Masons, having joined in 1882; and he belongs to the Knights of Pythias, which he joined in 1892. Religiously, he belongs to the Methodist Episcopal Church, being a trustee of the same.

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Source: Nye, George S. Biographical sketches and records of the Ezra Olin family. Chicago: Publ unknown, 1892 p 154

Leverett W. Olin, born Feb 12, 1851 in Streetsboro, Portage County, Ohio where he spent a few years in his life; his parents then moved into Franklin onto the Grandfather Clark's old homstead where he remained with his father until his death then assisted his mother for a time in carrying on the farm. He received the foundation of his education at Earlville district school where so many Olin children attended at one time or another. In 1869 he attended one term at Mt. Uion College. In 1872 he began a course at Buchtel College, Akron, Ohio and after somewhat more than a year's study was thrown behind his class by sickness and finally did not return to resume his studies there. He then taught three terms of school in Streetsboro, after which he began the study of medicine with Dr. E.W. Price of Kent; attended his first term of lectures at Medical Dept. of Western Reserve College, Cleveland, Ohio in the winters of 1876-77. His second and third terms of lectures were received at the College of Physicians and Surgeons New York City by which he was graduated March 12, 1880. After receiving his degree of MD, he returned home and after a short stay went into Indian awhere finally located at Elmdale, a little "burg" in Coalcreek (sic) Township, Montgomery County and commenced the practice of medicine.With pardonable pride he gives the name of his first patient and declares that he is yet "still living." He still resides and practices his profession in the same place where he first located. He was married Sept 2, 1883 in the parlors of the Nutt House in Crawfordsville, Indiana to Effie Swank, daughter of Benjamin and Mary E. Swank. She was born in Coalcreek (sic) township, Montgomery County, Indiana Jan 13, 1863. She was one of a family of 10 children and was brougt up and always lived in the township of her birth. Her father at first carried on the farm, which he still owns, but after a time began the study of law and has since adopted that profession which he is following. Her education was obtained at the common schools, known as the Oakland School. They have had four children: Lester Weir Olin born Sept 23, 1884 in Elmdale, Montgomery County, Ind; Blanche Olin born in Elmdale, Ind July 4, 1886; Edna Ray Olin born in Elmdale, Jan 28, 1889 died March 8, 1889; buried in Oakland cemetery; Grace Olin born Feb 14, 1890 in Elmdale, Ind.

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