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Diary of Hiram A. Pratt, Waveland Barber (Standard Diary #31) October 1870

Note: These diaries were in the Waveland Public Library for decades but were disposed of by a librarian several decades ago. Luckily, another librarian's daughter (thanks sooo much Pam, (at the death of her mother, Virginia Banta Sharpe) found them in some belongings and gave them back for proper housing. A complete circle. I'm a librarian too and thought since they'd been lost to posterity for so many years that it would be a good thing to transcribe them and give them to the world. They are currently housed in proper temperature/storage at the Crawfordsville District Public Library. Karen Bazzani Zach (transcriber) was raised in the big 'ol town (500 people) where HA Pratt lived 5 decades before I was born. I remember the building where his little shop was and wish it was still there. What an interesting little place. ALAS! Progress !

Saturday Oct 1 --$6.50 I made today. Spent 1.25 for beef; 35 for bay rum .50
for butter. My trip to Terre Haute cost 2.20. One week from today Morton
will speak in Crawfordsville. It is my intention to go hear him. Eliza is
not so well today as she has been. Heard J.M. Butler tonight. Good speech.

Sunday Oct 2 -- We attended Methodist meeting at 10 a.m. and at 3 p.m. our
new pastor was on hand and gave us a good sermon from Heb 23 at 10 1/2
1st rate 1-4 at 3. His voice is rather frail, he is not a stout man but is a
good worker in the vinyard of our Lord. At night we went to camolite (sp --
Hiram has many spellings for this word that I'm assuming is Campbellite?)
church. Heard a good sermon.

Monday Oct 3 -- It has been cloudy all day and has an appearance of setting
in bad weather. I wrote a letter to father Shaw. Have fixed the Hen House so
as to shut the chickens up. Helped to kill a hog for Mr. Shellada, he gave
me a few pounds for my help. Gave his wife 25 for a wooden bucket of
tomatoes. Gave 10 for sexton fee yesterday. We are all well. 3 of us now.

Tuesday Oct 4-- $1.15 is all I made today. Paid corporation tax 1.30. Bought
a new dress for Allice it cost 3.60 she sayes it is the nicest dress she
ever had and is well pleased with her present. The weather has the
appearance of Indian sumber (sic). We have had no rain of note for a long
time. 6# sugar for 1.00

Wednesday Oct 5 -- $1.60 I made in the shop. Gave 75 cents for one gallon of
sorghum molasses and 10 cts for 1/2 yd combrie for Alice' dress. The weather
has turned some colder. The crops are all out of danger from the frost. 1
pt. hair oil 75. Democrats have speaking there in town tomorrow night.

Thursday Oct 6 -- 40 cents is all I made today. Bought 10 1/2 # lard 20 cts
per lb 2.10. I have been unable to get a horse that I might go with Columbus
Moore to Crawfordsville next Saturday to hear Moorton (sic but Hiram has
made a note -- one too many o's). Morton is Minister to England and will
sail for Europe in Novemer. I do not know now how I shall get to hear
Morton. Wrote Ause Pratt a letter. Got one from Father Shaw one dozzen eggs

Friday Oct 7 -- I done no work in the shop today. Cut some stove wood and
sewed on Alice's dress, have got it done. Eliza basted the most of it and
bossed the work. I like to sew on Wheeler & Wilson's sewing machine. The
Rusians are before Paris over 4 hundred thousand strong.

Saturday Oct 8 -- Made 3 dollars in shop tonight. At 7 this morning went
with Ed Milligan to Crawfordsville to hear Morton but as he was sick at
Michigan City he could not be there. Nelson Trusler of Indianapolis filled
the apointment Pd 4.50 for having a boiler made for my stove at the shop.
.55 for fare to Crawfordsville. .55 for fresh beef .25 for box collars .20 for

Sunday Oct 9 -- We went to the Presbyterian CHurch for 10 1/2 o'clock
services. Thompson their pastor preached the sermon. The remainder of the
day was spent at home, Alice wore her new dress for the first time, this she
could not have done wihtout the aid of a sewing machine. At night we were at
Mr. Wymores a few minutes, he lives a cross the street one lot west of us.
We enjoy the pleasure of good health tonight.

Monday Oct 10 -- I bought 9 yds of bed ticking to day at 40 cents per yd
have not paid for it yet, but will in a few weeks. Ben McIntosh and his wife
and 2 children were here for dinner. I done some sewing on the machine for
his wife. Have done nothing that will bring in any money. 2# butter .25-50.
(I assume this is 25 cents per pound and since he got to it cost 50 cents?)

Tuesday Oct 11 -- $6.00 I received today. Had some rain today. Paid Sam J.
Milligan $53.92 for note given Dec 21, 1869. Bought spice, cloves, cinnamon
bark 5 cts each .15 Pd express for Alice on her shawl .75. 6# sugar for one
dollar. Voted the Republican ticket straight. Wm. Peterman our candidate run
16 behind here. State ticket Rep 157. Dem 68. Votes all counted out by 12

Wednesday Oct 12 -- 30 cts is all I made today. It is believed the democrats
have carried the elections in the state, they have in this county most
assuredldy. Manson, Dem for Congress in all probability is elected.
Democrats are very jubilant over their achievements for which they have a
perfect right. Wrote a letter to Bro Bill this evening. Rec'd a letter
returned from San Francisco Cal.

Thursday Oct 13 -- .35 is all I made today. Bought 2# of butter for .25 cts.
Paid Tom Lough on wood 10 dollars. I paid this the week after he finished
halling. He delivered 6 cords owe him 8 dollars more. The State Sentinel a
democrat paper sayes, this state has gone democratic. Ohio and Iowa have had
large Rep gains, Penn gone Republican.

Friday Oct 14 -- 40 cts is all I made today. Jesse Martin the agent for
Wheeler & Wilson sewing machine came before noon we put the one he had left
with me, in the wagon and took it over to Georeg McIntosh's and sold it to
him for $85 due in 6 months. Eliza and Alice keep well and enjoy themselves
very finely.

Saturday Oct 15 -- $4.85 is all I made today. Fresh beef .75 Butter .50.
There was no work of any note come in before noon. There came very near
being a big riot in Crawfordsville today between DW Voorheese (sic) and Dr.
A. T. Steele. Voorhees and Steele were in court at the courthouse when they
got to disputing about some point in reference to the case. When V. took his
seat, he remarked to a lawyer close by, "That is a most infamous lie."
Steele raised with a chair to hit him, but was caught.

Sunday Oct 16 -- This morning Zachie Robinson and his wife came along in a
carriage and took us along with them over to Russelville Church. We arrived
in time to hear the sermon. Elder Hargrave was on hand and preached a
splendid sermon. We took dinner at Uncle Marshal's and arrived home at

Monday Oct 17 - I done no work in the shop today. Done a little chorse (sic)
about the house and went to Aung Lucy Davis for 2 citcons (?) to make
preservs of bought postage stamps 15. and one lead pencil 10.

Tuesday Oct 18 -- $1.40 made in shop today. We got no papers today that have
any election news in. Eliza and Alice went visiting today at Mrs. McLanes.
We now have a new drug store in operation, this makes two in our town. The
trial at Crawfordsville continues without interruption. Some think Bill
Glenn will come out clear this time.

Wednesday Oct 19 -- 80 cents is all I received today. I done a good deal
more work than would amount to the above sum. Have heard no definite returns
of the elections. We give up Indiana to the Democrats this year. Will try
hard to regain it next. Eliza & Alice done their washing this morning.
Rained some day.

Thursday Oct 20 -- Rec'd a letter from Bro. Bill. 65 cts I made today. The
Cin Gazette sayes congress men elected in Ohio stand just as they did last
year. In this state we have lost one and in Penn lost 4 and gained 2 Iowa
sends all republicans. Neb sends her quoto of Reps. This state will require
the official count before it can be determined which party has won.

Friday Oct 21 -- I spent the day at home in the garden digging potatoes the
most of them were small occasionaly I found some that were real nice. A
little over 2 bbl covers my entire crop. Hair oil one pint 75. Beef 15 cts.
1/2 bushel sweet potatoes 75, one dozen eggs 10. Gram McIntosh, Sarah
McIntosh and Mrs. Vinson were here visiting. Warm Day.

Saturday, Oct 22 -- $15.35 I rec'd today. The agent for Wheeler & Wilson's
sewing machine paid me 10 dollars for selling the one I did to George
McIntosh. The weather is most delightfull. We have some notion of going to
Grandmother Pratt's tomorrow if not there we will go see Freek (?)
McAlisters three little babies. They will be two weeks old next Monday.

Sunday Oct 23 -- Eliza is 29 years old today. I got the loan of Dr. Wm.
Steele's mare and buggy and we went to see the triplets at McAlstus found
the babies all well, they were the smallest specimens of humanity that I
ever seen. Eliza and alice had to have them on their laps just to see how
such an armfull of babies would look. We spent the afternoon at George

Monday Oct 24 -- I got up a little after 4 this a.m. and seen the grandest
display of Aurers Borealice (sic) or Northern light (sic) that I ever seen.
Pd 45 cts for beef. 1.50 for sack of flour 3.60 for Elizas dress pattern,
that I bought some time last month. 1.50 for 5 yds cotton flannel and 3
spools of thread. This after noon I sewed some for Eavline McMains. She was
making a pair of pants for her bro. Robert then sewed some for myself,
nearly finished 2 prs of drawers. (blush)

Tuesday Oct 25 -- I done a little work this evening will make no note of it
today but will add it on tomorrows work. Bought 2# butter .25 per lb = 50.
7# fresh beef for 65. Done some sewing on the machine for Mrs. McGill. The
weather indicates rain. Alice rec'd a letter from her friend Lottie

Wednesday Oct 26 - $1.00 I made in shop today. Bought one pair of shoes for
Alice cost $2.50 then I bought 4# of coffee for one dollar. I then bought my
little woman a striped shall (sic) cost 6.50 maybe I will not keep it, as
she is not as well pleased with it as she thought she would be. Cloudy all
day. Air is warm.

Thursday Oct 27 -- This forenoon I helped do some sewing on the machine for
Eva McMain. My little woman has concluded to remoddle (sic) her green dress.
This afternoon I shoveled gravel for the corporation in payment of my dues
for road work. I now owe 1/2 day more. Democrats carried this state by a
little over 2,500 they gain one congressman in Penn they gain 3.

Friday Oct 28 -- This forenoon I went to shovel gravel, only helped to load
up on load, the rain prevented us from doing any more. This evening Thornton
Jarvis came in the shop, he just got home last night from Kansas. He left
uncle Daves last Monday morning they were all well. Aunt and Rich are not

Saturday Oct 29 - $5.85 is all I received today. 2# butter 50. Beef 1.00.
Rec'd a letter from Bro Ben he sent his photograhp, was glad to get it.
Father and brother Jim voted the copperhead ticket on the 11 of this month.
Rep maj in Iowa will be about 4,000. (translated Republicans had a major win
of 4,000 in Iowa). I have a box of cigars from ZM Ball to sell on
commission. I will get 2 for selling will pay him 3 for the box. Elizas fall
hat 2.50

Sunday Oct 30 -- Rained some yesterday evening and has been raining all day.
Maria Rush a cousin of mine came in yesterday evening and went away this
afternoon. We did intend to go to church twice today and once at night (once
is all we could go, if at all), but the rainy weather is not preferable for
outdoor walks. Rebel Gen RE Lee died on the 14 inst.

Monday Oct 31 -- I done some work about home made a plank walk from the
summer kitchen to the dwelling a distance of 30' then fixed the platform
around the well, water was frozen in the little tub that set by the well it
was not solid on the surface. This month has closed and no cold weather

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