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*Early Divorces

The Early Divorces above are an index to the court divorces.

-- See below for those found in newspapers - work in progress :)


ADAMS, Hub vs. Maud Adams
ALEXANDER, Hiram vs. Dora Alexander
ALLEN, Hattie (Corey) vs. Stephen Allen


BAYLES, Elizabeth vs. Alexander Bayles
BAYLESS, George vs. Rachel
BEESON, Hubert S. vs. Thelma (Armstrong)
BENNETT, Jacob C. from Jennie Bennett
BENSON, Leora vs. Firman DAVIS
BIDDLE, Mary Elizabeth -Philip
BOOKER, John & wife
BRITTON, Frank & wife
BROWN, Nina from Charles H. Brown
BROWN, Odessa (Wray) - Garland Brown
BROWNING, Rachel ( Kennedy) vs. John R. Browning
BURN, Julie vs. Clarence
BURNSIDE, Nancy vs. George HOMAN
BURROWS, S.S. vs. Martha A.
BUTCHER, Laura vs. Chester
BUTCHER, Morton vs. Carrie


CANINE, Ethel - William
CLOUSER, Martin vs. Viola
COLEMAN, William vs. Cordelia - damage suit
COLTRAIN, Claude R. from Leona A.
COLTRAIN, Leona A. Ferguson from Claude R. Coltrain
CONKRIGHT, Myrtle vs. John
CONN, Zella from Albert
COPE, Dora vs. George
CORNWALL, Pearl vs. Miles
COURTNEY, Rebecca Fruits Stivers vs. Thomas Courtney
COX, Rosa vs. Wallace
CROWE, Ben vs. Cora etc.
CUSHING, Emma Taggert vs. Wallace H. Cushing


DAVIS, Leora (Benson) vs. Firman A. Davis
DOOLEY, Carrie vs. William
DOOLEY, William vs. Mary
DOTSON, Nettie vs. Alva
DUNBAR, Chauncy- Nancy
DUNBAR, Morton - Elizabeth
DUNCAN, Mary L - Rev DB
DYSON, Clara - Peter


ELKINS, William vs. wife
EMMERT, Rholla - Mayme
ENGLE, Margaret
ERMANTROUT, Joseph - Viola


FERGUSON, Leona A. Ferguson Coltrain from Claude R. Coltrain
FISHER, Ira & Edna
FOWLER, Russell vs. Maude
FRAME, William F. vs. Mary H. Doyle Frame


GILLIS, Effie vs. Lonnie
GLOVER, Lewis vs. Carrie Glover
GRIDER, Birdie - Charles
GRIEST, Maggie from Wm.
GRIMES, Charles - Ella (Blacketer)
GRIMES, Grace (McCormick) vs. Lawrence Grimes
GRIMES, May vs. John


HACKATHORN, Elizabeth from Herbert
HARTMAN, Harriet vs. Robert
HAYS, Lena vs. Willie
HENNESSEY, Berda -Charles
HENRY, Bruce - Nancy
HOMAN, George vs. Nancy (Burnside)
HOOVER, Sadie - vs. Frank
HUMBERT, Drucilla - Joseph
HUNTER, Lucinda wants from Albert
HUTTON, Annie T. from John C. Hutton


IRWIN, Mary vs. Samuel


JOHNSON, Susie vs. John



LINN, Asbury - contests
LOGAN, Anna - Charles
LOWERY, Mattie vs. Michael


M'CASLAND, Andrew vs. Ruth M'Casland
McCLURE, Charley - Maude YORK
McCLURE, Edna Gobel vs. James E.
McCLURE, Katie vs. Ralph
McCORMICK, Maulsie from Howard
McDANIEL, Wm. vs. Adaline
McKINSEY, Elizabeth vs George (1834)
McKINSEY, Joseph vs. Mary (plus children taken away)
McLAIN, Myrtle vs. Charles


MARSHALL, Oda (Otis) - Elizabeth May (Cook)
MASON, Fred - Emma
MAXWELL, Ida vs. James
MAXWELL, Mary vs. Scott
MILES, Mildred vs. Robert
MITCHELL, Mary Alice vs. Charles G.
MOODY, Glenna vs. Oscar N.
MOTE, Etta from Ambrose


NEAL, Grace vs. Grover
NEWHARD, Nancy vs. Frederick (1834)
NEWLIN, Clara vs. William
NIXON, Harry


PATTON, Sarah from James W. Patton

PATTON, Dr. P.E. and Julia Patton

PETRO, Sarah vs. Sam

PICKETT, Howard vs. Hazel



REAMER, Anna D.vs. James C. Reamer

RIDDLE, Kerilla vs. Jacob S. - 1834

ROUTAN, Bessie vs. Franklin Chase - desertion


SAYERS, Carrie vs. William Q Sayers

SERING, Perry vs. Olive

SEYBOLD, Olen Blanche Wheeler vs. Frank Seybold

SHOTTS, Frank - Alice

SILLS, Patricia vs. Raymond

SKAGGS Divorce-- Set Aside

SMITH, Frank vs. Katie

STAGGS, George vs. Georgia

STEADMAN, Nathan - 3-way affair

STEPHENS, Clyde vs. Opal

STILWELL, Ethel vs. Andrew

STOUT, James vs. Nettie


TAPP, James vs. Josephine

TAYLOR, Leroy from Opal

TOMLINSON, ELizabeth - Henry



VAIL, Noah vs. Mariah
VanCLEAVE, Mable vs. John Lambert

WALTON, Nettie vs. Thomas
WARREN, Mary Lebo vs. Harry M.
WASSON, Clara - William
WEBSTER, Helen vs. Roy Webster
WILHELM, Eva Pearl vs. Albert
WOODARD, Grace Farlow vs. Omer Woodard
WRIGHTSMAN, Sarah vs. Ashley


YORK, Maude - Charley McCLURE



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