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Three Divorces - Engle - Glover - Webster

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Nov 7, 1914

Three applicants for divorce decrees were awarded the legal separation they sought when the cases were heard for Judge West in circuit court. Two of the plaintiffs were wives and the other was a colored man. The successful ones were Mrs. Margaret J. Engle, Mrs. Helen Webster and Lewis Glover. The hearing of evidence in the Engle case was finished late Friday afternoon and decree was granted Mrs. Engle at that time. Custody of the two minor children was given her and her husband, John B. Engle, was ordered to pay into the court the sum of one dollar each week for the support of the children. The charge in the complaint of Mrs. Engle was failure to provide. She was represented by Chase Harding while Williams & Murphy presented the evidence of the defendant. This morning Helen Webster was given a divorce from Roy F. Webster on grounds of abandonment. The plaintiff charged that her husband left her soon after their marriage in Denver Colo in 1908 and never returned to her,. She stated that in her examination that Mr. Webster went to the Philippines as a soldier after their marriage but on his return to this country failed to come back to her. She said she gave him no cause for deserting her. The plaintiff's former name, Helen Rivers, was restored to her. She was represented by Chase Harding, while prosecutor Ira Clouser appeared for the defaulting defendant. Lewis Glover, colored, charged his wife, Carrie Glover with cruelty unfaithfulness and abandonment. He said she associated with immoral characters, cursed and abused him, and finally in 1906 deserted him. The plaintiff said his wife is now out of the state. The divorce decree was granted him, but the court informed Glover that he could not remarry for two years. "Don't you worry yo'self none, Jedge," Lewis happily exclaimed, "Ah know ah can't marry fo' two year and Ah suah don't want to. One time is a plent fo' me." Glover was represented by WM Reeves. Prosecutor Clouser entered appearance for the absent Mrs. Glover. -- kbz


Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal 28 October 1914

Hub Adams, well known colored young man, filed suit for divorce from his wife, Maud Adams, in circuit court here Tuesday afternoon. Hub states in his complaint that his wife treated him cruelly calling him vile names, accusing him of being in love with his former sweetheart, refusing to prepare his meals and finally deserting him. The plaintiff alleges that when Maud left she remarked that she "was going to Tennessee as the sunny south was good enough for her," the plaintiff is represented by WM Reeves. -- kbz

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