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Montgomery County, Indiana

SOME Descendants of John Peyton VAN CLEAVE (Shelby Co, KY 26 Sep1820- 25 Dec1899 Montgomery Co, IN) m. (Montgomery Co, IN 3Sep1844) Marjorie Jane McMULLEN (Shelby co,KY 11Dec1826-17Apr1905) daughter of James McMULLEN, Jr. & Martha 'Patsy' VAN CLEAVE

[1] Benjamin Warren VanCLEAVE (Montgomery co,IN Nov1847-10Dec1902 Montgomery Co IN;bur: Harshbarger Cemetery)

[2] Joseph Albert Wright VAN CLEAVE (Montgomery Co, IN 13Jan1849- 3May1916, Albuquerque, NM; bur: Fairview Cemetery) carpenter, sawmill operator, rancher, real estate developer m. (Montgomery co,IN 4 May1881) Susan Catherine BOWERS (Greencastle, Putnam co,IN, 25 Jan1861-6 May1924 Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co,NM; bur: Fairview Cemetery) daughter of Alexander BOWERS & Elizabeth Adeline WILSON

(1) Errett VAN CLEAVE (New Market, Montgomery Co,IN 26 Sep1885- 8 Dec1966 Washington, DC) no middle name; general credit manager for Charles Ilfeld Co. m. (Albuquerque, NM 7J un1910) Mabel CAMPBELL (Jan1883- 10 Mar1974) dau. of Allen D. CAMPBELL & Sarah OWEN

[1] Marjorie Jane VAN CLEAVE (22 Jul1914 or 2 Jul1 913-Mar1975) m. (29 May1936) William David "Dave' LEWIS

{1} Nancy Lynn LEWIS

{2} Van Hampton LEWIS real estate broker

{3} Peggy LEWIS

(2) Otto Bowers VAN CLEAVE (New Market, IN 16 Dec1891-16 Mar1976, Albu. NM) rancher, salesman, oilman, carpenter, real estate developer m. (Albuquerque, NM 2Jul 1914) Laura May BOYLE (Pike [near McKinney], TX, 16Nov1894-27May1967 Albuquerque, NM), dau. of Alfred BOYLE & Effie May KING

[1] Effie Kathryn VAN CLEAVE (Albuquerque,NM 26May1915- 12Dec1968, Colorado Springs,CO) m. 1st (28Oct1933) Max J. FRAHM (Grand Island,NE, 1Mar1904-3Dec1945, Deming,NM) son of C. H. FRAHM & Enge DIFELDT, both of Germany

(1) Laura Margaret FRAHM (Albuquerque NM) m. Joe MORELAND

(2) Shirley Maxine FRAHM (Albu.NM )

(3) Otto Henry "Hank" FRAHM (Albu.NM)

Effie Kathryn m. 2nd (1948) Herman Emil PEDERSON (PETERSON)(Ertenvoog, Gildeskall, Norway, 19 Jan1894-20Feb1968) son of Peder HANSEN & Eline HANSEN

(4) Teodor Amaljus "Pete"/'Ted' PETERSON (Albuquerque, NM, 26Aug1950-27Mar1987, Hillsboro,OR) m. (5 Mar1972) Paula Ray VIAN (Valentine, NE -)

{1} Thomas Andrew PETERSON (Bozeman, MT )

{2} Christopher Scott PETERSON (Great Falls,MT )

[2] Chester Thomas VAN CLEAVE (Albu.NM 8Aug1917-12 Feb 2008 Albuq NM) m. 1st (Santa Fe, NM 7 Nov1952) Ester Jeanne EWING (Cambridge, OH 20Apr1919 - 22Dec1962 Albuquerque,Bernalillo Co, NM) daughter of Paul Doak EWING & Ruth CORBIN

(1) Donald Paul VAN CLEAVE (Albuquerque, NM )

(2) John Edward VAN CLEAVE (Albuquerque, NM ) m. 1st (Albuquerque, NM ) Joanne Marie FISHER

{1} John Edward VAN CLEAVE, Jr. (Kingsville,TX )

John Edward VanCleave I m. 2nd (Albuquerque, NM Diane BROWN

m. 3rd (Albuquerque,NM ) Robbyne Dawn DUNNIGAN

(3) Joseph William VAN CLEAVE (Albuquerque,NM) m. (Albuquerque,NM ) Andrea Elizabeth VALENCIA nee BRITO

m. 2nd (Albu.,NM 7Jun1963) Rose Viola YOUNG (Albuquerque, NM Apr1920-6 Jan 2000 Albuquerque,NM) dau.of Jacob Robert YOUNG & Mary Katherine BECKTLOFF

[3] Laura June VAN CLEAVE (Albuquerque,NM 11Jun1919- 24Jul1994, Durango,CO; bur: Greenmont Cemetery) artist(oil paint), writer, biblical scholar; 1939 graduate of Albuquerque [NM] High School; attended Ozark Bible College, 194?; graduate of Cincinatti [OH] Bible College. In 1920 her mother copyrighted a four-stanza song "June Time All The Year 'round' (words by Laura Boyle Van Cleave, music by Artie Bowers) celebrating her birth. m. (Albuquerque,NM 20Mar1943) Roy Herman SAUNDERS (Memphis,TX, 3 Sep1915-23 Jan1991, Durango,CO; bur: Greenmont Cemetery) cook in CCC; carpenter SeaBee in WWII, civil engineer for U.S. Forest Service, simmental cattle rancher

(1) Michael Roy SAUNDERS( Denver, CO) m. 1st Vicki Jo RADER (Finlay,O) daughter of Eugene E. RADER & Carol Grace PAYNE

Michael Roy Saunders m. 2nd )Honor Adelia REYNOLDS (Easton,PA -) dau. of Edward Allen REYNOLDS & Gertrude Moebius MOTHERSELE {

1} Adelia Marie "Dia" SAUNDERS (Minneapolis,MN )

{2} Timothy Roy Edward SAUNDERS (Minneapolis,MN)

(2) Rebecca June SAUNDERS (Denver,CO 19Aug1949- 27Jul1997 Durango,CO) m. (Durango,CO 12Feb1994) Richard Alan SMITH (30May1946-)

[4] Ruth Maxine VAN CLEAVE (4Oct1923-12Aug1998 Portland,OR) m. 1st (divorce) James Anderson WEAVER (28Nov1920-?)

(1) James Robert WEAVER (Bernalillo, NM -)

(2) Thomas Eugene WEAVER (Dallas,TX )

{1} Thomas Eugene WEAVER, Jr.

{2} Tammy WEAVER (

3) Female infant WEAVER (?-?) deformed and died in infancy

Ruth Maxine VanCleave m. 2nd Al SCHWARTZ

[5] Patricia Ann VAN CLEAVE (Albuquerque,NM -) m. 1st (Albuquerque, NM 31Aug1945-div.) Robert Edwin MILK (Braintree,MA, 20 Nov 1925-)

(1) James Bower SNEPENGER nee MILK (MA -)

{1} Celena Melissa Ann "Brandy' SNEPENGER

{2} James Bower SNEPENGER, Jr.

m. 2nd Joseph SNEPENGER (16Sep1918-) first Postmaster of USAF Academy @ Colorado Springs,CO

(2) David John SNEPENGER m. Mary Rose HARTMAN

{1} Brian Joseph SNEPENGER (Vicksburg, MS )

{2} Laura Maggie SNEPENGER (Fairbanks, AK)

(3) Daniel Joseph SNEPENGER (Denver,CO 26Apr1952- 28 Jul 1992, blood disorder) t

win (4) Donald J. SNEPENGER (Denver,CO 26Apr1952- 26Apr1952) twin

[3] Sarah Louise VANCLEAVE (1865-1945) m. (Montgomery co, IN 1885) Josephus TERRY

[4] James W. VAN CLEAVE

[5] Thomas VAN CLEAVE

[6] John B. VAN CLEAVE 28 Dec 1859 Montgomery Co IN m. (27Dec1883) Nancy Isabelle GILLILAND (1855-1920) John died 27 May 1916

(1) Floyd S. VAN CLEAVE b 26 April 1888 died 17 Dec 1948) m. (13Feb1919) Ruth REDMAN

(2) John Burton VAN CLEAVE

(3) Emmert VAN CLEAVE m. (19Apr1899) Flora HARWOOD

[7] Lindsay F. VAN CLEAVE

[8] Martha "Mattie" A. VAN CLEAVE m. (17Sep1879) Thomas DENNEY


[10] Matilda VAN CLEAVE

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