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Source: People's Guide Directory. Indianapolis: Cline & McCaffie, 1874 p 294

Ripley Township is located in the SW part of the County and is bounded by Fountain Co, and Wayne, Union and Brown Townships in Montgomery Co, and contains about 30 square miles. The west and north lines are straight. It has but 3 boundary lines. Sugar Creek strikes it at the NE corner, and constitutes its boundary line from that to the SW corner; consequently it is a 3-cornered township. The two straight lines on its W. and N. are about equal. The line on its SE made by Sugar Creek, is irregular, in consequence of the crookedness of the creek. The soil of this township is mostly good, and is generally well adapted to grain raising. The S. part is quite broken and seems to be better adapted to grass and sheep raising than for grain, although, splendid wheat crops are sometimes harvested from this part of the township. The cause of the broken nature of the southern part is in consequence of the numerous little branches or creeks which find their heading in that section. Some of these branches flow So. and empty into Sugar Creek, while others flow westward into Mill Creek. This Mill Creek has some head waters form the NW part of the township also. In the northeastern part there are one or two little streams flowing SE and emptying into Sugar Creek. The No. portion of the township is more level, being in many places gently and agreeable undulating and is wonderfully adapted to the growth of all kinds of grain, and every sort of vegetable grown in the state. There is a variety of soil, scenery and situations in this little township, where any one on the hunt of a farm might find one to meet every fancy. Originally this township was heavily timbered with the very best of timber, and there still remains a sufficient supply for all needful purposes. The public roads are very good; in fact all the public property is in good repair. This township has no railroad at present; its nearest railroad point is at the NE corner near Yountsville. There are 3 post offices in the township, Yountsville; Alamo and Lane. The first of the 3 seems to be the principal place of business. The people of this township are up with other favored parts of the County in the way of learning and intelligence. They are generally friendly and sociable with strangers. This township can boast of the oldest man in the State; his name is George FRUITS; he now lives two mi. W. of Lane Post Office; he was b. in Maryland in 1763; and settled in Montgomery County in 1815; during the War of 1812 he served in Capt. Samuel Lee's Company under Col. Noble; he was one of the frontier guards, and was wounded at the battle of Blue Lick, in Ky, by a rifle ball in his leg, which he still carries. Mr. Fruits is 111 years old, and walks about the premises with considerable ease; his wife is still living, they have been marr. 65 years. Mrs. Fruits is 85 years old. Ripley Twp. has 8 school houses, generally in good repair and are valued at $3,500. Mr. J. A. CLARK is the present Township Trustee. The township voting population is about 300 with a small Democratic majority. Secret Organizations Alamo Lodge, IOOF [Independent Order of Odd Fellows] , No. 230 ; organized in 1861; membership, 50; John W. WILLIS, NG; J.H. GRIMES, Sec'y, value of property, $1,600. Alamo Lodge, F & AM No. 144; organized in 1852; membership 50; A.F. HENRY, WM; James S. BAYLESS, Sec'y; value of property $1,800. Alamo Grant No. 1419; membership 40; GW BOWERS, Master; AS CLODFELTER, Sec'y; James MYERS, Overseer; J.A. CLARK, Lectureer; JW DOWDEN, Chaplain. Farmer's Grange No. 811; membership 70; R.B. SNYDER, Master; MR SCOTT, Sec'y; Jesse PATTERSON, Overseer; Jacob KROUT, Chaplain. Ripley Grange No. 609; membership 60; Joseph McMAN, Master; George FRUITS,Maggie GILKY, Sec'y; M. FRUITS, Chaplain. Musical Alamo Cornet Band; Thomas HAM, leader; value of property, $500 Theological Alamo Presbyterian Church; membership 25; Rev. F.M. SIMS, pastor; value of property, $2000; Thomas ELMORE, superint. of Sabbath School; ave. attendance 40. M.E. Church, Alamo; membership 20; Rev. Lafayette BUCKLES, pastor; value of property $1200. ME Church, Yountsville; membership 55; Rev. Lafayette BUCKLES, pastor, assisted by Rev. C. MANKER; value of property, $1000; ave. attendance at Sabbath school, 50. Christian Church, at W. Union schoolhouse; membership 42; Rev. Lindsey McCOY, pastor; superint. of Sabbath school, Jacob KROUT, George K. FRUITS, sec. United Brethren Church, Alamo; membership 60; Rev. John NEWALL, pastor; value of property, $1000. It is claimed by the United Brethren that in the year 1872 they built a house of worship for every day in the year and two over; this would be 367 houses in one year. If all other denominations of different sorts of worship would do as well, we should soon have no scarcity of places where we might worship out Creator under a roof of human mechanism; we might, also, have within our reach houses where various manners, systems and customs are practiced, so that if we should feel disposed, in consequence of mental eruptions or personal insults, we could find a near resort, where our praises, thanks, blessing and cursings could be liberally dispensed, agreeably to our morbid feelings and tempers of mind toward our enemies. Variety satisfies every passion of man.


Information contained below includes:


ALBERTSON, W. W. Wagon Maker Yountsville OH 1819 1830 Republican Methodist

ALLEN, James Faremr 1 M S Alamo MC 1837 Democrat

AMMERMAN, G. W. Druggist Alamo MC 1846

AMMERMAN, John Farmer 1 M S Alamo MC 1840 Democrat Methodist

AMMERMAN, Richard Saw Mill 1 1/4 M W Alamo OH 1823 1842 Republican United Brethren

BALES, John Farmer 3/4 M SW Alamo MC 1844 Republican

BALSER, Frank Farmer/Cooper Alamo OH 1841 1850 Republican

BARD, Henry Faremr 3 M N W Yountsv PA 1834 1865 Democrat

BARKER, James M Farmer 2 1/2 M S Alamo Ind 1836 1874 Democrat Christian

BAYLESS, A. R. Farmer Alamo NJ 1818 1828 Republican Universalit

BAYLESS, J.F. Clerk Alamo MC 1847 Republican

BAYLESS, William T Farmer 1 1/4 M SW Alamo MC 1842 Republican

BEAM, Jacob Farmer 4 M S Waynetown PA 1814 1848

BEAM, James Y Farmer 4 M S Waynetown MC 1850 Republican

BISHOP, George Manuf of wagons Yountsville NY 1841 1861 Democrat

BOLSER, J.H. Farmer Alamo OH 1815 1840 Republican

BOLSER, James Carpenter/joiner Alamo MC 1852 Republican

BOSTIC, G.W.R. Spinner Yountsville Ind 1851 1858 Democrat Methodist

BOOE, L.D. Faremr 2 M SE Alamo Ind 1830 1874 Democrat Christian

BOWERMAN, Leonard Farmer 2 1/2 M NW Alamo MC 1847 Democrat

BOWERMAN, T.B. Farmer 2 M S Alamo OH 1836 1839

BOWERMAN, Wm. Farmer 3/4 M SW Alamo MC 1842 Democrat

BOWERS, George Farmer 2 1/2 M SW Alamo Ind 1839 Democrat Lutheran

BRENT, Geo. W. 2 M S Alamo Ky 1811 1834 Republican

BROWN, J.L. Physic/surg Alamo KY 1826 1830 Republican Presbyterian

BROWN, James H Farmer Alamo MC 1851 Democrat

BROWN, Joseph Farmer 2 M S Alamo MC 1853

BROWN, John E. Farmer 2 1/2 M NW Alamo Ind 1851 1854 Republican Methodist

BROWN, John P. Farmer 2 1/2 M NW Alamo OH 1827 1837 Republican Methodist

BROWN, Levi Farmer Alamo NJ 1820 1845 Democrat Christian

BROWN, A.H. Carr. Painter Crawfrodsville NY 1844 1873

BURDELL, John M. Carpenter Alamo Oh 1837 1866 Democrat

BUCKLES, LS Pastor Meth Yountsville OH 1836 1866

CALLAHAN, Mich. Farmer 3 M NW Yountsv Irel 1859 Catholic

CAMPBELL, A. Farmer Alamo MC 1850 Democrat Christian

CAMPBELL, Henry C Cooper/farmer Alamo OH 1818 1840 Christian

CASON, T.F. Miller Alamo MC 1847

CHAFFER, Wm. Wool buyer Yountsville Engl 1815 1857 Republican

CHARTERS, Josiah Farmer 2 M N Alamo Oh 1830 1845 Democrat

CHAMBERS, H.K. Farmer 2 M W Lane VA 1829 1830 Democrat

CLARK, John A. Twp. Trustee Alamo Va 1832 1838 Democrat

CLODFELTER, Mathias Grocery Store Alamo NC 1817 1844 Democrat Universalit

COMPTON, Ira Farmer 2 M SE Alamo OH 1810 1837 Democrat

COMPTON, John Farmer 1 1/2 M E Alamo OH 1814 1840

COMPTON, Newton Farmer 2 M SE Alamo MC 1852 Christian

COOPER, A. Farmer 6 M SW Crawfordsville MC 1839 Republican Universalist

COPNER, Calvin Farmer 1 M E Alamo Oh 1851 1853 United Brethren

COPNER, John Farmer 1 M E Alamo OH 1851 1869 United Brethren

COPNER, Joseph Farmer 1 M SW Alamo OH 1828 1869 Democrat United Brethren

COWEN, James Farmer 2 1/2 M SE Waynet MC 1846 Democrat

DATES, B. Ret. Carpenter Alamo OH 1818 1838 Republican

DAVIS, Isaac Farm/stock 7 M SW Crawfordsville OH 1820 1826 Republican Presbyterian

DEETS, W.F. Farmer 3/4 M N Alamo OH 1837 1866 Republican United Brethren

DENMAN, Mrs. J 2 1/2 M SW Alamo

DEWEES, Jesse Farmer 3 M NW Yountsv PA 1834 1874 Democrat Methodist

DOSS, Samuel Blacksmith Alamo KY 1842 1874 Democrat Christian

DOWDEN James W Rev/farmer 2 1/2 M S Alamo Ind 1843 Democrat Baptist

ELMORE, Jacob Farmer 1 1/2 M NE Alamo MC 1847 Democrat

ELMORE, Mathias Farmer 1 1/2 M NW Alamo OH 1809 1826 Democrat Christia

n ELMORE, Quincy Farmer 1/2 M N Alamo MC 1851 Republican Presbyterian

ELMORE, T. W. Farmer 2 1/2 M NW Alamo MC 1844

ELMORE, Thomas Farmer 1/2 M N Alamo OH 1816 1825 Republican Presbyterian

ETTER, Jefferson Farmer 3 m SW Alamo Ind 1837 1865 Democrat

ETTER, Susan (Mrs) Farmer 2 1/2 M SW Alamo

FARLEY, S.F. Farmer 1 M NW Alamo MC 1850 Democrat

FINK, R.J. Carp/millwr. Yountsville OH 1820 1823 Democrat

FISHERO, John Cab. Maker Alamo France 1816 1847 Republican

FISHERO, Michael Farmer 1 M W Lane MC 1836 Democrat

FISHERO, Samuel Farmer 2 M SE Alamo PA 1844 1847 Republican Christian

FRENCH, John S. phys/surg Alamo KY 1829 1844 Presbyterian

FRENCH, Simon B Chair manuf Alamo NJ 1800 1844 Republican Presbyterian

FRUITS, Allen Farmer 2 M W Lane MC 1851

FRUITS, George ret farmer Lane MD 1763 1815 Democrat 111 yrs old

FRUITS, George A. Farmer 2 M N Alamo MC 1850 Democrat

FRUITS, George R. Farmer 2 1/2 M N Alamo MC 1848 Democrat

FRUITS, John Farmer 2 1/2 M N Alamo Ind 1818 1828

FRUITS, William Farmer 2 M N E Alamo MC 1831 Democrat

FRUITS, Jonathan Farmer 2 M W Lane MC 1833 Democrat

FRYBARGER, S Frybarger's Mill 2 M SE ALamo Ind 1849 1862 Democrat

GALAWAY, James Farmer 3 M W Yountsv Ind 1849 Democrat

GILKEY,Rob't Farmer 1/2 M E Alamo MC 1837 Republican

GILKY, Daniel 1 1/2 M N E Alamo MC 1839 Republican

GILKY, Samuel H. Farmer 2 1/2 M W Yountsv MC 1853

GILKY, William Farmer 1 1/2 M E Alamo

GILLES, Andrew Farmer 3 M SE Alamo MC 1847 Democrat

GILLES, Wm. P. Farmer 1 M E Alamo OH 1807 1863 Democrat

GRAVES, John F. Ripley Mills 3 M SE Alamo MC 1841 Democrat

GRAY, J. H. Farmer 3 1/2 M S Waynetown OH 1825 1863 Democrat

GRIM, George Miller Alamo VA 1833 1855 Democrat Lutheran

GRIMES, J.H. Dealer Gen. Mer Alamo Ind 1841 1845 Republican

GRIMES, Joseph Clerk Alamo Ind 1843 1845 Democrat

GRIMES, N.W. Merchant Alamo NC 1817 1849 Republican Lutheran

HALL, Edward F Farmer 2 1/2 M W Wesley Va 1835 1837 Democrat Christian

HALL, Robert Farmer 4 m S Waynetown SC 1777 1831 Democrat

HALL, T.W. Farmer 3 m S Waynetown 1845

HAM, George Farmer 1 3/4 M N Alamo MC 1845 Democrat

HAM, Henry E Engineer 1 1/4 M W Alamo MC 1840 Republican

HAM, J. W. Farmer 1 1/2 M NE Alamo Ind 1833 Republican United Brethren

HAM, John 3 1/2 M NW Alamo MC 1845 Democrat

HAM, Thomas Saddle shop Alamo MC 1849 Republican Christian

HAM, William Farmer 1 M SE Alamo MC 1850 Democrat

HAMBLETON, Charles Cooper Yountsville OH 1844 1864 Democrat

HAMMEL, Francis Farmer 4 M N Alamo OH 1834 1846 Republican Methodist

HANCOCK, James Farmer Alamo OH 1847 1851 Republican

HARDESTY, George Farmer 2 M E Alamo Ind 1854 1861

HANKINS, John Farmer 4 M N W Alamo

HARWOOD, Philip Farmer 2 M S Alamo Ind 1817 1839 Democrat

HEATH, R. Farmer 1 1/2 M SW Alamo Ind 1847 1847

HEATH, Samuel Farmer 2 M W Alamo Ind 1822 1847 Republican United Brethren

HENDRICKS, J.W. Farmer 3 1/2 M S Waynetown MC 1838 Democrat

HENRY, A.F. phys/surg Alamo MC 1835 Republican

HERRON, A. W. Farmer 5 M S Waynetn MC 1842 Democrat

HIRST, Edward Wool sorter Yountsville Engl 1843 1867 Republican

HORNBRAKER, Albert Farmer 1 M W Younts MC 1846 Republican Methodist

HUDSON, George W Stave Maker Alamo Tenn 1847 1863 Republican Christian

HUGHES, J. E. Farmer 3 M NW Alamo MC 1853

HUGHES, O. R. Farmer 3 M N W Alamo Oh 1818 1840 Republican

JANEWAY, Arthur Hibernia Mills Lane Engl 1839 1869 Democrat

JARRELL, John Carriage Maker Yountsville Ind 1849 1873 Republican

JULIEN, Azariah Wool Carder Lane OH 1823 1849 Republican

KEYS, E.T. Farmer 5 1/4 M S Waynetn OH 1835 1840 Democrat Christian

KEYS, Henry Farmer 3 M N Alamo MC 1843 Democrat New Light

KEYS, James T. Farmer 1/2 M N E Lane MC 1837 Democrat

KISHLEY, D. Alamo NJ 1849 1857

KROUT, Jacob F Farmer 5 1/2 M S Wayne MC 1831 Democrat Christian

LANE, James F Farmer 2 1/2 M S Alamo PA 1846 1874 Republican

LARSH, H. C. Farmer 3 M E Alamo Republican

LEBO, Frank C Woolen Mills Yountsville PA 1826 1841 Republican Universalist

LEBO, William Spinner Yountsville Ind 1852 1871 Republican

LEWIS, Henry Farmer 1 M W Alamo OH 1845 1848 Democrat

LINDSEY, O.P. Farmer 2 1/2 M NW Alamo MC 1833 Democrat Christian

LITTLE, Cyrus Farmer 2 1/2 M N Alamo MC 1854

LITTLE, Ellis Farmer/Teamst 3 M N Alamo VA 1840 1852 Republican Outfit for moving buildings

LITTLE, J.W. Prop. Sawmill 5 M S Waynetown VA 1830 1869 Republican

LOVE, Samuel Spinner Yountsville PA 1834 1853 Republican

McCLURE, W.W. Farmer 3 1/2 M W Yountsv KY 1848 1870 Democrat

McCORMACK, Jackson Farmer 1/2 M S Lane Ind 1835 1869 Republican

McCOY, John Farmer 7 M W Crawfordsville KY 1832 1834 Republican

McMACAIN, Andrew Farmer Lane MC 1843 Democrat

McMACKEN, Jos C Farmer/Stock 1 M SW Lane OH 1828 1830

McMACKEN, Wm. Farmer 1/2 M SW Lane MC 1833 Democrat

McSPADDEN, Albert Carp/joiner Alamo MC 1851 Democrat

MILES, John A. Farmer/shingle Alamo KY 1823 1848 Republican makes shingles

MUNNS, Wm. Farmer 4 M S Waynetn MC 1844 Democrat

MYERS, Emanuel Farmer 1 1/4 M W Alamo Ind 1846 1873 Republican

MUSSEX, Augustus Farmer 3 M NW Alamo MC 1853 Republican

ONEAL, Wm. Farmer Yountsville MC 1847 Republican

OPPERMAN, John L Farmer/teacher Germ 1836 1861 Republican United Brethren

PARKER, Edmond G Farmer 7 1/2 M W Crawfordsville OH 1822 1868 Democrat

PARKER, Miles Farmer 2 1/2 M W Yountsvl OH 1852 1868 Democrat

PARMER, Richard H. Farmer 2 1/2 M S Alamo KY 1830 1856 Democrat OS Baptist

PARSONS, James M Manuf of boots Alamo W VA 1834 1866 Republican

PATTEN, Joel Manuf of shingles Yountsville MC 1848 Democrat

PATTERSON, Wm. Farmer 3 m SW Alamo OH 1848 1871 Republican

PAVEY, Samuel A. Farmer 2 1/2 M NW Alamo Ind 1845 1872 Republican Christian

PAYTON, C.S. Sawyer 2 M SE ALamo MC 1842 Democrat

PEARCE, Howard Farmer 1 MW Yountsville MC 1850 Republican PEARCE, I.B. Engineer Crawfrodsville MC 1847

PEARCE, William Farmer 1 M W Yountsvill MC 1836 Republican

PENCE, David Farmer 4 M NW Alamo MD 1823 1874 Democrat Methodist

PICKETT, C.H. Farmer 1 1/4 M W Alamo oh 1849 186 Democrat

PICKETT, John Farmer 1 M S Alamo OH 1803 1860 Republican

POTTENGER, John Farme 3/4 M W Alamo OH 1848 1871 Republican

PRICE, W.H. Engineer Yountsville Ind 1842 1857 Democrat

REDDISH, Samuel H Farmer 5 M NW Alamo Ind 1837 1871 Democrat

RILEY, John Farmer 1 M E Alamo KY 18111 1837 Republican O.S. Baptist

RILEY John B. Teacher 1 M S Alamo MC 1846 Republican

ROSS, F.M. Farmer 2 M S Alamo MC 1832 Republican M. Baptist

ROUNDTREE, Charles Farmer 3/4 M E Alamo MC 1846 Republican

ROUNDTREE, James Farmer 3/4 M NE Alamo NC 1817 1827 Methodist

ROUNDTREE, Wesley Farmer 1 M NE Alamo OH 1825 1827 Republican

SAWYER, James Farmer 3 M S Alamo Irel 1830 1862 Republican Presbyterian

SAYLER, Alexander Farme 3 M SW Alamo MC 1844 Democrat SAYLER, Mathias Farmer 3 M S Alamo MC 1843 Democrat

SCOTT, Daniel Carpenter 4 M S Waynetown IND 1850 Democrat

SCOTT, Matthew Farmer 3 1/2 M S Waynetown Ill 1823 1849 Democrat

SEEDERS, Wm. F. Farmer 3 1/2 M S Waynetown 1848 Democrat

SEING, Thomas B Engineer/millwr 1 1/4 M W Alamo Ind 1839 1851 Democrat

SHAFER, John Farmer 1 M E Alamo MC 1845 Democrat

SHAFER, S.M. Blacksmith Yountsville OH 1850 1874

SHERMAN, Charles Blacksmith Alamo Engl 1847 1867 Republican

SIDLE, Matilda Yountsville age 50

SIMPSON, James Farmer 2 M E Alamo

SMITH, Daniel Farmer 1 1/2 M N W Alamo OH 1827 1838 Republican

SMITH, F.M. Hack Driver Alamo MC 1840

SMITH, Howard Farmer Alamo MC 1849 Democrat

SMITH, John H. Teamster Alamo IN 1851 1851 Democrat

SMITH, John H. Miller Lane OH 1830 1836 Democrat

SMITH, Newton Farmer 1 M E Alamo MC 1835 Republican

SMITH, William S. Miller/Carpenter 1/2 M W Lane VA 1822 1837

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