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Name Occupation Residence Birth Settled Mont Co Politics Religion Other

ABSHIRE, John F Farmer 4 M SW Ladoga VA 1848 Democrat Granger

AKERS, James B Farmer 2 M E Parkersbrg Va 1794 1870

ALLEN, J.T. Farmer 1 M E New market MC 1854 M. Baptist

ALLMET, Thomas Farmer 1 M W Ashby's Mill Ky 1838 Granger Methodist

ARMSTRONG, A.W. Farmer/Elder Christian Ch Parkersburg Ky 1810 1830 Republican

ARMSTRONG, H.C. Farmer/Stock Raiser 1 1/2 M S New Market MC 1833 Republican Christian

ARMSTRONG, TP Farmer 1 1/4 M NW Parkersb Ind 1843

ARMSTRONG, W.N. Farmer 1/2 M NW Parkersburg Ind 1848 Republican Christian

ARNOLD, Henry Farmer 2 M NW Ladoga MC 1840 Republican

ARNOLD, S.L. Farmer 2 1/2 M NW Ladoga MC Republican

ASHBY, RS Farmer/Stock dealer 1 1/2 M E Parkersbgh MC 1847 Republican Presbyterian

ASHBY, T.V. Farmer 1 1/2 M E Parkersbgh Ky 1818 1829 Republican Presbyterian

ASHBY, WH Farmer/Stock dealer 1 1/2 M Eparkersburg MC 1845 Republican Presbyterian

ATCHISON, Wm. J Farmer 3 M SW Ladoga Ky 1844 Democrat

BARTON, Wm. H Farmer 1 1/2 M E Parkersbgh Ind 1851 Republican Methodist

BRADLEY, Leroy Farmer 2 /1/2 M NW Ladoga Va 1811 1844

BRITTS, David h Farmer 3 1/4 M SW LadogA Ind Democrat

BRITTS, James A. Farmer 3 1/2 M SW Ladoga Ind 1839 Democrat

BRITTS, John C. Farmer 2 m SW Ladoga Va 1829 Democrat Baptist

BROOKSHIRE, J.A. Farmer 2 m SW Ladoga Ind 1847 Democrat

BROWNING, J.R. Farmer 6 M W Ladoga Ind 1829 1857 Republican Christian Granger

BRUCE, Thomas P. Farmer 4 1/2 M SW Ladoga Ind 1850 Republican Granger

BRUSH, James R. Farmer 6 M W Ladoga MC 1834 Republican Christian Granger

BURKENBARK, Daniel Farmer 3 M SE New Market OH 1831 1834 Democrat


BUSER, W.H. Farmer/stock dealer 1 M S North Union OH 1836 1855 Democrat Christian

BYRD, A.S. Farmer 4 M SW Ladoga Ind 1833 Democrat Baptist Granger

BYRD, J.T. Farmer 4 1/2 M SW Ladoga Ind 1854 Democrat Christian

BYRD, Samuel Farmer 4 1/2 M SW Ladoga Ind 1853 Democrat Granger

BYMASTER, D.L. Farmer 2 1/2 M SW Ladoga Pa 1829 Democrat Christian Grn

CALHOUN, D.M. Farmer 3/4 M W Ladoga NC 1852 Christian

CALIHAN, Patrick Farmer/stock trader Ladoga Putnam Co Democrat Catholic

CALL, Samuel Farmer 1 1/2 M EParkersburg Ky 1823 1833 Democrat Christian

CAPLINGER, Clayton Farmer/Twp Trustee 2 M S No. Union Ind 1825 Democrat Christian

CAPLINGER, Franklin Farmer/stock raiser 3 M SE N. Union Ind 1827 Democrat Christian

CAPLINGER, W.C. Farmer 3 1/2 M SE N. Union Ind 1854 Democrat Christian

CARTER, D.T. Farmer/stock raiser 1 1/2 M N Parkersbg Ind 1832 Republican Methodist

CARTER, James M Farmer 2 1/2 M N Parkersbg Ind 1842

CHASE, Moody Minister/Presby Ch, Park Parkersburg Cornish NH 1802 Ind 1832/MC 46 Republican

CLEVELAND, Jas H Carpenter Parkersburg Ky 1824 Ind 1834 Republican Methodist

CRAMER, Martin Cabinet Maker Parkersburg Pa 1808

DALE, Wm Hotel Keeper Parkersburg Canada 1839 Ind 1849 Democrat Methodist

DAVIS, Thompson Farmer 5 M Wladoga Ohio 1819 Ind 1826 Republican

DICKERSON, B.F. Farmer 4 1/2 M W Ladoga MC 1821 Republican Christian

DICKERSON, Floyd Farmer 2 M SW ladoga Ind Democrat

DICKERSON, Willett Shoemaker 4 1/2 M Wladoga MC 1826 Christian in sentiment

ELLIS, John Farmer Ladoga MC 1839 Democrat

EPPERSON, W.S. Farmer 5 m SW Ladoga Ind 1854 Democrat Granger

EPPERSON, WW Farmer/stock grazier Ky 1815 1827 Democrat M. Baptist

EVERSON, John P Farmer 4 M NW Ladoga MC 1841 Democrat Christian

EVERSON, Thomas Farmer/stock grazier 5 M NW Ladoga OH 1831 1834 Democrat German Bapt

FARROW, John W. Farmer/stock raiser 1 M N Parkersbg Ky 1844 Republican Methodist

FORGEY, SP Farmer/stock raiser 1 1/2 M SW Whitesvl KY 1819 Ind 1828 Republican Methodist

FOSTER, James W. Farmer 1 1/2 M E Parkersbgh MC 1853 Democrat Presbyterian

FOSTER, S. Wallace Farmer 1 1/2 M E Parkersburg MC 1853 Democrat Methodist

FRAME, John Farmer 1 M N Parkersbg Ind 1844 Republican Christian

FRAME, Wm. R. Farmer/Stock grazier 2 1/2 ME Parkersbrg MC 1851

FRANTZ, John F Farmer 1 m NW Ladoga MC 1850 Democrat

FREEMAN, John M. Saddler Parkersburg Ind 1821 Republican Universalist

GALEY, L.F. Farmer/stock trader 2 M S Newmarket MC 1837 Democrat M. Baptist

GILBERT, John Farmer 2 1/2 M SE N. Union KY 1820 Ind 1829 Democrat R Baptist

GILL, Henry Farmer 4 M SW Ladoga Ind 1841 Granger

GILL, J.H. Farmer 4 M SW Ladoga Ind 1847 Republican

GILL, Jonathan Farmer 4 M SW Ladoga Ky 1810 MC 1827 Baptist

GILL, Samuel Farmer 4 M SW Ladoga Ind 1852

GOODBAR, D. G. Farmer/Stock raiser 1 M S Whitesville VA 1813 Ind 1829 Democrat

GOODBAR, J. N. Farmer/stock raiser Parkersburg Ky 1818 Democrat

GOODBAR, John C. Farmer/stock dealer 1 M S WHitesville 1850 Independent Universalist

GOODBAR, H.H. Farmer/stock dealer Parkersburg Ky 1815 Ind 1827 Democrat

GOTT, George Farmer 4 1/2 M NW Ladoga Ky 1828 Democrat Christian

GOTT, R.C. Farmer 4 1/2 M W Ladoga Ind 1841 Democrat Christian Granger

GRAYBILL, Andrew J. Farmer 4 M SW Ladoga Ind 1851 Democrat

GRAYBILL, Daniel Farmer 4 M SW Ladoga Va 1810 In 1829;MC 1846 Democrat R. Baptist

GRAYBILL, Samuel Farmer/stock raiser 3 M NW Ladoga Va 1803 Ind 1834 Democrat German Bapt

GRAYBILL, Samuel C Farmer 3 M NW Ladoga Ind 1850 Democrat

GRAYBILL, Samuel F. Farmer 1 m NW Ladoga Va/Ind? 1837

GRAYBILL, Wm R Farmer/stock dealer 2 1/2 M NW Ladoga MC 1841 Democrat

GREGG, WH Farmer 2 1/2 M SW Whitesville MC 1851

GRIDER, William H. Farmer/stock raiser 2 M SE N. Union Ind 1829 Christian

HAMPTON, J.H. Teamster 1/4 M E Parkersburg Ky 1843 Democrat Christian

HAMPTON, P. L. Farmer 6 M W Ladoga Ky 1837 Ind 1849 Democrat Christian

HAMPTON, Wm. F. Farmer 6 M NW Ladoga Ky 1834 MC 1850 Democrat Christian

HARRISON, Allen Farmer 2 1/2 M SW Ladoga Ohio 1812 1828 Democrat Christian

HARRISON, David B. Farmer 2 1/2 M SW Ladoga 1839 Republican Universalist

HARSHBARGER, David Farmer 4 1/2 M SW Ladoga MC 1842 Democrat Granger

HARSHBARGER, S.N. Farmer 1 M NW Ashby's Mill Va 1837 Democrat Granger

HARSHBARGER, Wm Minister/Farmer 4 M SW Ladoga MC 1839 German Bapt

HENDRICKS, A Blacksmith Parkersburg Ind 1829 Republican

HENRY, M.M. Farmer/trader 1 1/4 MW Ladoga Ind 1826 oldest native resident of twp. Democrat

HIGEN, WB Wagonmaker Parkersburg Ky 1823 MC 1820 (sic) Democrat Methodist Colored

HINES, Jacob Farmer/carpenter 4 1/4 M NW Ladoga OH 1829 Ind 1844 German Bapt

HOSTETTER, DH Farmer/stock dealer 3 M W Ladoga OH 1822 MC 1831 Republican

HOWARD, Wm. V. Farmer 2 1/2 ME New Market OH 1820 MC 1828 Methodist

HULSE, OB Farmer 2 M SW New Market MC 1852

HYTEN, WH Physician/Surgeon Parkersburg KY 1823 Democrat Presbyterian

JAMES, C.S. Merchant Parkersburg KY 1829 MC 1837

JAMES, J.W. Merchant Firm James/Shannon Ky 1823 Republican Parkersburg

JOHNSON, George Farmer/stock dealer 4 1/2 M WLadoga MC 1838 Republican Christian

JOHNSON, P.J. Farmer Parkersburg MC 1842 Republican Christian

JOHNSON, Presley D Farmer/mechanic 5 M W Ladoga Ky 1817 Ind 1831 Republican Christian

JOHNSON, WP Farmer 4 M W Ladoga MC 1840 Republican

JOHNSON, Wm. Farmer/stock trader 4 1/2 M W Ladoga MC 1845 Republican M. Baptist

KESLER, Benj. Farmer 1 1/2 M N Ladoga Va 1802 MC 1847 Democrat German Bapt

KESLER, Jacob Farme 1 1/2 M N Ladoga MC 1849 Democrat

KESLER, John M Farmer 1 1/2 M S Whitesville VA 1824 Ind 1847 Democrat

KESLER, NG Farmer 5 M SW Ladoga VA 1838 Democrat Universalist

LANE, Timothy Farmer 4 3/4 M W Ladoga Irel 1832 Democrat R Catholic

LEAN, John Farmer 4 M W Ladoga Irel 1831 MC 1852 Democrat R. Catholic

LIDIKAY, George E Farmer/stock raiser 4 M NW Ladoga Ky 1836 MC 1853 Republican

LIDIKAY, Jacob Farmer 2 M W Ladoga Tenn 1809 MC 1853 Republican

LONG, MLD Farmer 4 M SW Ladoga KY 1832 MC 1858 Democrat Methodist

McMULLIN, Joseph Farmer 4 M W Ladoa Ky 1820 Ind 1847 Democrat Christian

MAHONEY, BP Farmer 4 M SW Ladoga KY 1844 MC 1861 Republican Christian

MAIDEN, TG Farmer/stock trader 1/2 M W Ladoga Ind 1822 MC 1855 Republican Baptist

MARTIN, WH Farmer 5 M NW Ladoga MC 1850 Democrat MASTERSON, Michael Farmer 4 1/2 M W Ladoga NY 1846

MILES, George L Farmer/stock raiser 1 1/2 M SW Whitesville Ky 1819 MC 1841 Republican MILLER, H.C. Farmer 3 M SE N Union Ind 18?? Republican Universalist

MILLER, H. Farmer 1/2 M E Parkersburg Ind 1851 Democrat Universalist

MILLER, RH Farmer/minsiter 2 1/2 M W Ladoga Ky 1824 German Bapt

MOBLEY, Henry G Farmer 4 1/2 M SW Ladoga Ind 1829 Republican German Bapt

MORRISON, George Farmer 1 M WN Parkersburg Ind 1844 Republican Christian

MYERS, Hiram Farmer 3 1/4 M SW Ladoga Ky 1824 Democrat Christian

MYERS, Wm. Farmer 1 M Ladoga Va 1816 Republican NOLAN, Perry Farmer 3 M S Ladoga Ky 1812 Democrat Regular Baptist 41Y

O'CONNER, Eneas Farmer 4 M N W Ladoga Ire 1834 Democrat Catholic

O'CONNER, Thomas Farmer 4 M NW Ladoga Irel 1844 Democrat Catholic

O'HERRON, Michael Farmer 4 M W Ladoga Irel 1849 Ind 1854

O'HERRON, Thomas Farmer 4 M W Ladoga Irel 1847 Ind 1854 Democrat Catholic

OTEY, WT Farmer 5 M SW Ladoga VA 1839 German Bapt OWEN, WH Farmer 1 m SE New Market MC 1835 Democrat M. Baptist

PAXTON, Henry Farmer 1 M NW Parkersbrg Ind 1849 Republican Methodist

PAYNE, Harrison Farmer 4 M W Ladoga Ky 1841 MC 1867 Baptist

PEFLEY, D. F. Farmer 5 M SW Ladoa MC 1841 Democrat German Bapt

PINKLEY, Wm. Farmer 5 M W Ladoga Ind 1851 MC 1863 Democrat

PROCTOR, WF Farmer 1/2 M W Forest Home Ind 1840 Democrat

QUINLEY, J.M. Farmer/teamster 1/4 M E Parkersburg KY 1842 MC 1864 Democrat

ROOK, SH Shoemaker PA 1836 Methodist Neutral

SARVIES, John A. Farmer 5 M W Ladoga MC 1854 Democrat

SARVIES, W. T. Farmer/stock dealer 5 M W Ladoga Ky 1830 MC 1832 Democrat

SCHENCK, Isaac Carpenter 3 M SW Ladoga OH 1830 Democrat

SHANNON, J.F. Merchant Firm James/Shannon Parkersburg KY 1834 Democrat

SIDENER, Martin V Farmer/stock raiser 6 M W Ladoga Ind 1841 Democrat

SKELTON, James A. Farmer 3 M SW Whitesville Ky 1825 MC 1832 Republican Christian

SLAVENS, Isaiah Farmer 1 1/2 M SW Whitesville KY 1814 Ind 1828 Republican Christian

SMALLEY, A. Farmer 2 1/2 M SW Ladoga VA 1820 MC 1832 Democrat Christian Granger

SMALLEY, JW Farmer 5 M SW Ladoga KY 1837 Democrat

SMITH, David Farmer 4 3/4 M W Ladoga Ind 1823 Democrat Christian

SMITH, John W. Farmer 4 M W La Ind 1852 Democrat Christian

SRADER, J.H. Farmer/stock grazier 3 1/2 M SW Ladoga Ind 1841 Democrat

STOVER, Samuel Farmer 3 M SW Ladoga VA 1820 MC 1832 Democrat Christian Granger

SUTHERLIN, Talbott Farmer 1/4 M E Parkersburg Ind 1845 Democrat Universalist

SWINDLER, H.H. Farmer 2 MS N. Union MC 1855

SWINDLER, Wm. Farmer/stock raiser 2 M S N. Union Ky 1815 MC 1830 Republican United Breth

TAPP, John H Farmer 3 M SW Ladoga Ky 1835 Democrat Christian

TAYLOR, G. W. Farmer 1 1/2 M Parkersburg Ind 1847 Democrat Christian Granger

TAYLOR, James F. Farmer/stock dealer Ky 1844 MC 1848 Democrat Presbyterian

TERRY, Jacob A. Farmer 1 M N Ladoga Va 1846

TERRY, T. B. Farmer 1 M N. Ladoga Va 1848

THOMPSON, Aaron Farmer 3 M NW Ladoga Ind 1831 Democrat

THOMPSON, D.S. Sawmill 3 M W Ladoga Ind 1843 Independent

THOMPSON, JWP Sawmill 3 M W Ladoga Ind 1828 Independent

THOMPSON, Samuel C Farmer 4 M NW Ladgoa Va 1841 Ind 1867 Democrat German Bapt

VanCleave, AW Farmer 1 3/4 M NW Parkersb Ind 1844 Republican Presbyterian Granger

VanCleave, David Farmer/merch 5 M W Ladoga Ind 1830 Democrat R Baptist Granger

VanCleave, Jane Farmer 1 3/4 M N Parkersb Ky 1803 MC 1831 Presbyterian

VanCleave, Simeon T Farmer/mechanic 1 M S Newmarket MC 1838 Democrat Presbyterian Granger

WARBRITTON, Andrew Farmer/stock trader 3 M W Ladoga Ind 1844 Democrat

WARBRITTON, Peter Farmer/stock trader 3 M SW Ladoga Ky 1802 Democrat R. Baptist

WASSON, Joseph Farmer/stock dealer Parkersburg Ky 1828 Ind 1835 Republican Methodist

WATKINS, JM Farmer/stock trader 3 1/2 M NW Whitesvl MC 1842 Republican

WATKINS, TJ Farmer 4 1/4 M NW Ladoga MC 1847 Neutral Baptist

WATKINS, Francis M. Farmer 2 1/2 M SW Whitesvl MC 1838 Republican

WATKINS, MC Farmer/stock raiser 2 M SW Whitesvl MC 1840 Democrat

WATKINS, PA Farmer 2 M SW Whitesvl OH 1824 MC 1826 Methodist

WELCH, JE Blacksmith Parkersburg KY 1823 1828 Republican Christian

WHITE, FA Farmer/stock raiser New Market MC 1841 Republican Methodist

WHITE, George Farmer 4 1/2 M NW Ladoga MC 1848 Republican

WHITE, JH Farmer/stock trader 6 M NW Ladoga MC 1839 Republican Granger

WHITE, GW Farmer 4 1/2 M NW Ladoga MC 1848 Republican

WHITE, WS Farmer/Stock raiser 3 1/2 M NW Ladoga OH 1817 MC 1831 Republican

WHITE, Joseph Minister ME Church Pa 1805 Ind 1828

WILLIAMS, BF Farmer 1 M Wladoga MC 1840 Democrat

WILLIAMS MC Farmer 1 MW Ladoga MC 1840 Democrat

WRAY, DD Farmer/stock raiser 1 1/2 M SE Newmarket MC 1828 Democrat R Baptist

WRIGHT, JM Farmer/stock raiser 5 1/2 M W Ladoga Ind 1850 Republican Methodist

WRIGHT, James Farmer 5 m W Ladoga MC 1847 Republican

YOUNG, AD Farmer 2 M NW Ashby's Mills Ky 1824 MC 1846 Democrat Granger Univ.
1874 People's Guide Scott Township


Original land owners in Scott Township

White, Joseph
Gordon, George
Kelsey, Daniel
Elrod, Benjamin
Redenbaugh, Fred
Venard, Thomas
Hall, Bainbridge
Davis, Isaac
Kelsey, Joel
Kennedy, William
Gott, William H.
Coppock, Wright
Noggle, Cavin
VanCleave, Benjamin
Swindler, Letitia
Gott, William N.
Maddax, Robert
Enlow, Jesse
Ringer, John
Armstrong, Thomas
Miller, James
Corn, William
Allen, Joseph
Gott, William
Goddard, Samuel
Lincoln, James
Cofield, John
Pottenger Jr., John
Jackson, John
Smith, Nathan S.
James, John
Gott, James
Hultz, Joseph F.
Peffley, John
Pottenger, Robert
Pottenger, Dennis G.
Miller, Clark
Smith, Peter
Smith, Paten
Pottenger, John
Nelson, Joseph
Ellsworth, Henry L.
Armstrong, Henry
Pottenger, Harvey
Wade, Joseph
VanCleave, Aaron
Railsback, Edward
Montgomery, James
Johnson, Henry
Armstrong, Samuel
Johnson, Alfred
VanCleave, David
VanCleave, Jonathan
Huss, Jefferson
Leffler, Jacob
Wrenn, John B.
Proctor, Sarah S.
Fisk, James
Gregg, Alpheus
Dean, Phillip
Frame, William
Ashby, Silas
Goodbar, John H.
Swank, William
Shepherd, John M.
Doyle, Farmer
Shuck, Jacob
Swank, Joshua
Crawford, John
Lafollett, Robert
Swank, Jacob
Branhill, Robert
Drennan, John
Shuck, Christopher
Danner, John
Everman, Michael
Barnard, Calvin
Cline, Joseph
Ashby, Abraham
Swank, John
Nicholas, Charles
Wilson, James B.
Faith, Thomas
Railsback, Enoch
Cartwell, John
Westfall, John
Herndon, John T.
Henry, George
Jones, Isaac
Stansell, Jeremiah
Hanna, Lindsay
Cronmiller, Thomas
Schenck, Aaron
Verard, Abner
Norton Jr., Jeremiah
Norton, Aaron
Harvey, Michael
Watkins, Daniel
Watkins, George
Hays, Samuel
Hillman, William
Kelsey, Isaac
Frantz, Matthias
Kenney, Hiram
Graves, John
Nutter, Thomas E.
Harrison, Hudson
Holmes, John N.
Foxworthy, Enoch
Ramey, William P.
Leigh, Foster W.
Aldridge, John
Britts, John
Hernley, Wesley
Harshbarger, Jacob
Hunt, John
Keeney, Jonathan
Brush, America
Sharp, Daniel
Warbritton, Peter
Graves, Richard
Hausser, Peter
Westfall, Reuben
Sutherlin, John
Lopp, John
Bruce, Charles P.
Sutherlin, Riffle
Huss, James W.
Wilson, Eliakim
Nelson, George W.
Nelson, Samuel
Nelson, Ezekiel
Harrison, Robert
McDowell, James
Myers, John
Mosbarger, Peter
Hostetter, David
Harrison Sr., Robert
Byrd, Abraham S.
Sutherlin, Madison
Beck, Solomon
McMahon, James
Myers Jr., John
James, James
Gill, Samuel C.
May, George
Britts, Samuel
Farrow, Alex S.
Rodgers, Thomas L.
Peffley, Daniel
Powell, Lewis
Mills, Dan
Stover, George
Graham, Samuel
Baber, Thomas
Prewitt, Austin M.
Tracey, Isaac
Sutherlin, Thomas
Randall, Joseph
Sutherlin, Sampson F.
Sutherlin, William
Henry, David
Swank, David
West, Willis
Robertson, Orius
Robertson, Ozius
Gill, Jonathan
Stewart, Levi
Fortune, William
Malone, Thomas
Gill, Samuel

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