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General Information

Source: People's Guide: a business, political and religious directory of Montgomery
County, Indiana. Indianapolis: Cline & McHaffie, 1874.

Union Twp. is located exactly in the center of Montgomery County; it is large, and contains more than 100 square miles. Union Twp. either corners with or borders on every other township in the County. The surface is from level to a hilly. The soil is generally good. The Twp. is watered by Big Sugar Creek and its numerous branches. The public improvements are generally good. Crawfordsville is the principal (sic) town in the township, and as it is the County seat, is noticed in the historical sketch of the County given in this book. The other towns are small and only of local importance; Whitesville, on the LN A & C RR is a very pleasant little village. The people of Union Twp. are generally in good circumstances, moral and affable. The city of Crawfordsville contains a population of over 4,000 inhabitants and is incorporated. There are two school houses belonging to the city, valued at $75,000. The vote of the township is about 2,200, the Republicans having a majority.

Secret Organization

Montgomery Lodge, No. 50 F & AM, Crawfordsville; hall on Main St; membership, 164; value of property not known; LA Foote, WM; WN Babcock, SW; WH Ryker, JW.

Montgomery Chapter, Crawfordsville; membership, 70.

Montgomery Council; Crawfordsville; membership, 22.

Montgomery Lodge, No. 38, IOOF; hall on Green St; IN Runyan, NG; TN Myers, Sec.

Bethesda Encampment, No. 15, IOOF; hall on Green St.

Crawfordsville Lodge, No. 223, IOOF, hall on Green St, membership 125; value of Lodge property, $4,000; HL Boroughs, NG; James Owens, Sec'y.

Tahoe Lodge, No. 384, IOGT, meets in Graham's Building, Crawfordsville.

DeBayard Lodge, No. 39, Knights of Pythias, Crawfordsville, meets at Odd Fellows Hall on Green St; Eli Kahn, PC; WP Herron, K or R and S.

Shady Nook Lodge, IOGT, 4 M. SE of Crawfordsville, membership, 150.

North Union Lodge, IOGT; memberhsip, 30.

Girard Lodge, IOGT, 3 1/2 Mi. S. of Crawfordsville, membership, 40.

Union Grange, No. 601, 3 1/2 Mi. SE of Crawfordsville, membership 60.

Smartsburg Grange, No. 711; organized 1873; VW Clark, Master; AP Enoch, Sec'y.


First Missionary Baptist Church; Crawfordsville; membership, 70, Rev. CJ Bowles, pastor; L. Williams, Sabbath school superintendent; ave. attendance 75; value of Church property $2,000.

M.E. Church ; corner of Wabash Ave and Water St, Crawfordsville; Rev S. Peck, pastor; membership 325; Alfred Dickey, Sabbath school superintendent; ave. attendance 170; value of Church property, $20,000.

Roman Catholic (St. Bernard's) Church; corner of N. and Walnut Sts, Crawfordsville; Rev. Father Walters, Pastor; membership 600; value of Church property, $20,000; Church organized about the year 1850 by Rev. Wm. Doyl; the first priest in charge was Rev. M. Clark; Church building erected 1854; the first Catholic priest who visited Crawfordsville was Rev. Stephen Badin; member of Sabbath school teachers, 5.

A.M.E. Church; Crawfordsville; Rev. McSmith, pastor; membership 60; John a. Jordan, Sabbath school superintendent; number of scholars, 40; value of Church property, $2,000

Center Presbyterian Church, corner of Washington and Pike Sts, Crawfordsville; Rev. John Stafford, pastor; membership 220; D. Harter, superintendent of Sabbath school; number of teachers, 16; attendance at school 140; number of volumes in library, 250; value of Church property, $10,000.

Christan Church, corner of Walnut St. and Wabash ave, Crawfordsville; membership about 185; Rev. WR Jewell, pastor; JA Booe, superintendent of Sabbath School; number of teachers, 12; number of scholars, 125; value of Church property, $8,000.

First Presbyterian Church corner of Pike & Water Sts, Crawfordsville; membership, 168; Rev. RE Caldwell, pastor; EH Hills, superintendent Sabbath school; number of teachers 15; average attendance, 185; value of Church property, $10,000.

Young Men's Christian Association; meets in First Presbyterian Church; A. Lukenbauch, Pres.; IL Wilson, sec; CA Miller, Treas.

Union Chapel Church (New Light); 1 1/2 miles SW of Mace; membership, 80; value of Church property, $300.

Finley Chapel ME Church; 5 mi. S. of Crawfordsville; number of Sabbath school scholars, 59; value of Church property $300.

Shiloh Church (United Brethren); 4 mi E. Crawfordsville; membership 15; Rev. L_____, pastor.

Mount Tabor ME Church; 2 1/2 mi. SE of Crawfordsville; Rev J Wright, pastor; membership, 15; value of Church property $400.

Christian Church; Whitesville; Rev OB Wilson, pastor; membership 83.

Union Township, 1874 People's Guide

 Name  Occupation  Where live  Born in  to Mont. Co  Politics  Religion Other
 ADAMS, W. B.  house and sign painter, paper hanger, glazing and all kinds of graining  Crawfordsville  VA 1852  1872    Missionary Baptist  
 ALLEN & BRO.  dry goods merchants  Crawfordsville          
 ALLEN, Isaac  farmer and hotel proprietor  No. 21 Main St. Crawfordsville  MC 1838    Democrat  Protestant  
 ALLEN, Mrs. Isaac  proprietress hotel  No. 21 Main St. Crawfordsville          
 ALLEN, N. H.  firm of wilson & Allen  Crawfordsville  IN 1832  1874      
 ALLEN, Wm.  merchant  Crawfordsville  Tipp. Co.        
 ALLER, J. J.  farmer  1 1/2 m sw Crawfordsville  OH 1844  1872      
 AMBROSE, L. C.  mechanic  Crawfordsville  OH 1840  1865  Republican  Methodist  
 AMBROSE, S. C.  mechanic  Crawfordsville  OH 1840  1865  Republican  Methodist  
 ARMANTROUT, E.  farmer  1/4 m e North Union  MC 1839    Democrat    
 ARMANTROUT, J. H.  miller  North Union  MC 1845      
 ASHLEY, W. H.  fireman in stave factory  Crawfordsville  VA 1828  1862  Republican  Methodist  
 BABCOCK, W. N.  hat store  Crawfordsville  NY 1847  1872    Episcopalian  
 BAILEY, I.  stone cutter  1 1/2 m w Crawfordsville  Baden 1825  1855      
 BALL, S.  farmer  1 1/4 m sw Crawfordsville  OH 1803  1824  Independent  
 BARR, B. B.  farmer  1 m n Crawfordsville  OH 1802  1839  Republican  Universalist  
 BARR, C. J.  brick manufacturer  Crawfordsville  PA 1827  1839      
 BARR, Z.  farmer and toll gate keeper  2 m w Crawfordsville  KY 1802  1870  Democrat  Baptist  
 BASS, M. L.  physician  Crawfordsville  VT 1831  1861      
 BAYLAND, J. G.  groceries  Crawfordsville  OH 1822  1824      
 BEAL, Jonathan  farmer  2 m nw Crawfordsville  OH 1818  1840  Democrat  Methodist  
 BEARD, J.  retired farmer  1/4 m e Crawfordsville  NC 1795  1823  Republican  Friend  
 BEARD, John  retired farmer  1/4 m e Crawfordsville  NC 1795  1823  Republican  Friend  
 BEARD, T. J.  farmer  3/4 m e Crawfordsville  IN 1822  1824  Republican  Methodist  
 BEARD, T. J.  farmer  3/4 m e Crawfordsville  IN 1822  1824  Republican  Methodist  
 BECK, W. F.  firm of Straight & Beck  Crawfordsville          
 BELL, G. W.  barber and hair dresser  Crawfordsville  MC 1838    Republican    
 BELL, T. B.  plasterer  Crawfordsville  MC 1850    Democrat  Protestant  
 BENEFIEL, I. H.  groceries  Crawfordsville  IN 1817  1828      
 BERRY, J. E.  farmer  1 1/4 m ne Whitesville  MC 1830    Republican  Methodist  
 BEST, F. W.  grocery store  Crawfordsville  MC 1842    Republican  Protestant  
 BINFORD, A. W.  druggist  Crawfordsville  MC 1840    Republican  Episcopalian  
 BISHOP, G. W.  silversmith  Crawfordsville  MC 1855      
 BLAIR, J. W.  founder  Crawfordsville          
 BLAIR, LYLE & SMITH  founders and machinists  Crawfordsville          
 BLAIR, RAMSAY & Co.  stave factory  Crawfordsville          
 BONNELL, L. H.  music teacher  Crawfordsville  MC 1840      
 BOOE, I. A.    Crawfordsville  IN 1839  1865      
 BOOTS, J. F.  planing mill  Crawfordsville  MC 1837    Republican    
 BOREAKNE, M.  tenant farmer  Crawfordsville  MC 1851    Democrat  Universalist  
 BOWERS, A.    1 m ne North Union  IN 1832  1873  Democrat  Lutheran  
 BOWLT, C.  barber  Crawfordsville  France 1847  1874    Catholic  
 BRADY, H. W.  boot and shoemaker  Crawfordsville  KY 1839    Republican    
 BRAMBLETT, Wm. R.  first-class photographer; all work warranted  Crawfordsville  KY 1850  1873      
 BRASFIELD, T.  farmer  2 1/2 m se Crawfordsville  KY 1826  1850  Democrat  Methodist  
 BRAWLEY, I. J.  farmer  4 1/2 m sw Crawfordsville  PA 1822  1851  Republican  Independent  
 BRENNAN, P.  boot and shoe shop  Crawfordsville  Ireland        
 BRENTON, H.  farmer  5 m se Crawfordsville  MC 1841    Democrat  Methodist  
 BRIGGS, B. B.  physician  Crawfordsville  NY 1827  1870  Democrat  Protestant  
 BRITTON, J.  resident farmer  Crawfordsville  NY 1808  1834  Jackson Democract  Protestant  
 BRITTON, J. N.  farmer  1/2 m w North Union      Republican  Universalist  
 BRITTON, Jane  farmer  3 1/4 m n Crawfordsville  KY 1815  1832      
 BRITTON, T. H.  farmer  1/4 m w North Union  MC 1848    Republican    
 BRITTON, W. F.  dealer in dry goods, etc.  North Union  MC 1840      
 BRITTON, W. P.  attorney at law; firm of Britton & Bruner  Crawfordsville  NC 1836      
 BROACH, Jacob  farmer  3 m e Crawfordsvile  NC 1822    Republican  Christian  
 BROCKWAY, A.  carpenter and contractor  Crawfordsville  NY 1820  1865  Republican    
 BROMLEY, W. F.  silversmith  Crawfordsville  MC 1852    Republican  Methodist  
 BROMLEY, Wm.  agricultural house  Crawfordsville  OH 1818  1828  Republican  Methodist  
 BROWER & SONS  plow factory  Crawfordsville          
 BROWER, E. A.  plow factory    OH 1851  1871  Republican    
 BROWER, G. S.  plow shops  Crawfordsville  OH 1816  1871  Republican    
 BROWER, G. W.  plow factory  Crawfordsville  OH 1849  1871  Republican    
 BROWN, J.  miller  Crawfordsville  OH 1824  1840  Republican  Methodist  
 BROWN, J. D.  farmer  5 m n Crawfordsville  KY 1837  1858  Democrat  Universalist  
 BROWN, J. E.  plasterer  Crawfordsville  OH 1846  1854  Republican  Protestant  
 BROWN, J. H.  plasterer  Crawfordsville  KY 1844  1852  Republican  Protestant  
 BROWN, J. S.  merchant and cooper  Crawfordsville  1824  1853      
 BROWN, T. T.  city clerk  Crawfordsville  IN 1830  1844  Republican    
 BROWN, WATKINS & Co.  grain dealers  Crawfordsville          
 BROWN, Wm. L.  restaurant  Crawfordsville  London 1842  1872  Republican  Protestant  
 BRUNDAGE, C. I.  great western marble works  Crawfordsville  NY 1821      
 BRUNER, William  firm of Dickey & Bruner  Crawfordsville  IN 1847  1872      
 BRYANT, R. E.  manufacturer of burial cases  Crawfordsville  DC 1827  1836    Presbyterian  
 BUFFINGTON, T.  contractor and builder  Crawfordsville  PA 1813  1852  Republican  Presbyterian  
 BURBRIDGE & HOUSER  hardware dealers  Crawfordsville          
 BURBRIDGE, W.  dealer in hardware  Crawfordsville  MC 1827      Protestant  
 BURK, O. A.  farmer  2 m n Whitesville  OH 1812  1841  Democrat  Methodist  
 BURLEY, D.  farmer  1 1/4 m nw Whitesville  PA  1866  Democrat  Baptist  
 BURNS, P. H.  undertaker  Crawfordsville  OH 1832  1856  Republican  Presbyterian  
 BURROUGH, H. L.  blacksmith  Crawfordsville  OH 1839  1867  Democrat    
 BUTCHER, John  farmer  1 1/2 m n Crawfordsville  Age 27    Democrat  Methodist  
 BYRD, E.  farmer and mechanic  1 1/4 m s Crawfordsville  VA 1815  1836    Methodist  
 BYRD, L.  farmer  4 m s Crawfordsville  MC 1845    Republican  Methodist  
 BYRD, Mary J.  farmer  4 m s Crawfordsville  MC 1824      
 BYRD, Peter  farmer  3 m s Crawfordsville  OH 1830  1835  Independent  Methodist  
 BYRD, T. P.  farmer  2 m e Crawfordsville  MC 1845    Republican  Lutheran  
 BYRD, T. P.  farmer  2 m e Crawfordsville  MC 1845    Republican  Lutheran  
 CADWALLADER & CRAIG  livery and feed stable  Crawfordsville          
 CALFEE, Jas.  school teacher  4 m e Crawfordsville  VA 1805  1838  Republican  Universalist  
 CAMPBELL, J. P.  merchant, firm of Campbell & Harter  Crawfordsville  VA        
 CAMPBELL, T.  Park House  Crawfordsville  PA 1807  1829  Republican  Methodist  
 CAMPBELL, W.  farmer  1 1/2 m n Crawfordsville  Age 35    Democrat    
 CAMPBELL, W. G.  house painter  Crawfordsville  MC 1848    Democrat  Protestant  
 CARNEY, W. A.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  IL 1848  1866      
 CARNINE, R. N.  machinist  Crawfordsville  IN 1823  1848  Republican  O.S. Presbyterian  
 CARR, W. B.  farmer  3 m s Crawfordsville  IN 1841  1855      
 CARR, W. C.  carpenter and telegraph repairer  Crawfordsville  IN 1848  1871      
 CARR, W. P.  merchant  Crawfordsville  KY 1842  1872      
 CARTER, J. W.  resident farmer  Crawfordsville  In 1848  1873  Republican  Christian  
 CASEY, D.    Crawfordsville          
 CATES, Joseph  carpenter  Crawfordsville  IN 1854  1874  Republican  M. Baptist  
 CHADWICK, J. F.  farmer  1 m n Whitesville  MC 1847    Democrat  United Brethren  
 CHADWICK, J. T.  farmer  1 1/2 m w Mace  MC 1836    Democrat    
 CHADWICK, Jehu  farmer  4 m e Crawfordsville  KY 1807  1834      
 CHALLIS, S.  dealer in boots and shoes  No. 8 East Main street, Crawfordsville  NY 1845  1872      
 CHEAP, John  optician  Crawfordsville  Ireland 1841  1860  Democrat  R. Catholic  
 CHESTERSON, G.  farmer  4 m se Crawfordsville  OH 1822  1825      
 CHESTERSON, J. N.  farmer  2 1/2 m e Crawfordsville  IL 1851  1852      
 CHILDERS, J. J.  farmer  1/2 m n North Union  KY 1824  1857  Democrat    
 CHILL, S. J.  butcher  Crawfordsville  IN 1826  1858      
 CHRISTIE, A. J.  machinist  Crawfordsville  IN 1833  1851  Democrat  Protestant  
 CLARK, J. C.  brick mason  Crawfordsville  NY 1812  1864  Democrat    
 CLEMSON, J. W.  firm of Hartman & Clemson; painters  Crawfordsville  OH 1846  1869  Republican  Methodist  
 COHOON, C.  stave manufacturer  New Market  PA 1841  1873  Republican  Universalist  
 COHOON, J. M.  stave manufacturer  New Market  IN 1851  1870  Republican  Universalist  
 COHOON, L. J.  stave manufacturer  Whitesville  OH 1833  1866      
 COLLINS, T. B.  Crawfordsville Review  Crawfordsville  KY 1838  1872  Democrat    
 CONAWAY, J.  blacksmith  Crawfordsville  OH 1835  1860  Republican  Methodist  
 CONFER, Jacob  mechanic  3 m se Crawfordsville  OH 1838  1844  Republican  Methodist  
 CONNARD, H. W.  dealer in ice, fruits, vegetables and produce  Crawfordsville  IN 1838  1867  Republican  Presbyterian  
 CONSTANCER, Wm. S.  cooper  Crawfordsville  Prussia 1830  1855    Methodist  
 COOMBS, John  well and cistern builder  Crawfordsville  OH 1831  1857  Democrat  Protestant  
 COON & EVANS  lawyers  Crawfordsville          
 COON, G. C.    Crawfordsville  MC    Republican    
 COONS, F. M.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  IL 1832  1832  Republican  Christian  
 COONS, John R.  Mayor of the city of Crawfordsville    TN 1820  1829  Republican  Christian  
 COOPER, J. M.  livery stable  Crawfordsville  IN 1836  1838  Republican    
 COREY, C. H.  carpenter and contractor  Crawfordsville  MC 1842      
 COREY, L. H.  painter and collector of fossils and minerals  Crawfordsville  NY 1834  1870  Democrat  Protestant  
 COREY, O. W.  gunsmith  Crawfordsville  PA 1805  1846  Republican    
 CORREY, C. H.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  MC 1842    Democrat  Universalist  
 COSTOLO, Thomas  railroad workman  Crawfordsville  Ireland 1824  1852  Democrat  Catholic  
 COURTNEY, John R.  attorney at law  Crawfordsville  TN 1852  1870    Methodist  
 COWAN, J. E.  lawyer  Crawfordsville  IN 1848  1862  Democrat  Presbyterian  
 COWAN, J. M.  lawyer  Crawfordsville  IN 1821  1864      
 COWAN, WHITE & COWAN  attorneys at law  Crawfordsville          
 COWGILL, Rev. S.    Crawfordsville  NY 1832    Republican  United Brethren  
 COX, L.  cooper  Crawfordsville  NY 1832  1872  Republican  Methodist  
 CRAIG, T. F.  trader and farmer  Crawfordsville  KY 1831  1854  Democrat  Protestant  
 CRAIG, Wm. M.  livery  Crawfordsville  MC 1831      Christian Church  
 CRAWFORD, C. M.  merchant  Crawfordsville  MC 1845      
 CRAWFORD, Henry  retired  Crawfordsville  PA 1802  1828    Presbyterian  
 CREEMER, W.  boot and shoe shop  Crawfordsville  Ireland 1847  1873      
 CRIST, H. H.  grocery store; firm of Crist & Stubbins  Crawfordsville  IN 1834  1859      
 CRIST, J. M.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  IN    Republican  Methodist  
 CROOKS, J. L.  trader  Crawfordsville  PA 1832  1870  Republican  Protestant  
 CURTIS BROS.  dealers in boots and shoes  Crawfordsville          
 CURTIS, E. B.  firm of Curtis Bros.  Crawfordsville  MA 1825  1859    Presbyterian  
 CURTIS, L. T.  firm of Curtis Bros.  Crawfordsville  MA 1827  1858    Protestant  
 DARNELL, N. T.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  IN 1842  1860  Democrat  O. S. Baptist  
 DARTER & BRO.  commission merchants for the purchase and sale of flour, grain, feed, seeds, lumber, lath, shingles, lime, cement, coal, salt, etc. No. 35, corner Pike
and Washington streets,
 DARTER, J. J.  commission merchant  Crawfordsville  IN 1828  1855  Republican    
 DARTER, W. M.  commission merchant  Crawfordsville  IN 1833  1868  Republican    
 DAVIDSON, G. W.  cooper  Crawfordsville  OH 1844  1855  Republican    
 DAVIS, A. C.    Crawfordsville  OH 1839  1871  Democrat  Universalist  
 DAVIS, J.  farmer  1/4 m w Whitesville  NJ 1818  1858    Christian  
 DAVIS, Jacob  farmer  1 m w Crawfrodsville  OH 1817  1826  Republican    
 DAVIS, T. A.  millwright and house joiner  Crawfordsville  NC 1826  1832  Democrat  Protestant  
 DAVIS, T. T.  farmer  Crawfordsville  MC 1848    Democrat    
 DAVIS, W.  stock trader  Crawfordsville  KY 1824  1851  Democrat  Baptist  
 DAVISON, John J.  National House Hotel  Crawfordsville  Ireland 1833  1869    Protestant  
 DETCHON, D.  druggist and physician  Crawfordsville  OH 1828  1854  Democrat  Methodist  
 DICKEY & BREMER  books and stationary  Crawfordsville          
 DICKEY, A.  merchant  Crawfordsville  IN 1846  1871    Methodist  
 DINNEEN, John  wholesale liquor dealer  No. 10 N. W. street, Crawfordsville  Ireland 1846  1868    R. Catholic  
 DIVINE, D.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  VA 1830  1853  Republican  Protestant  
 DOBSON, T.  boot and shoe shop  Crawfordsville  Ireland 1827  1852  Democrat    
 DOHERTY & MCCLELLAND  manufacturers of wagons, hacks, carriages, buggies, etc.  Crawfordsville          
 DOHERTY, T.  carriage and wagon factory  Crawfordsville  OH 1817  1844  Abolitionist  Spiritualist  
 DOLAN, J. C.  Stone and lumber dealer  Crawfordsville  Canada East 1846  1873  Conservative  R. Catholic  
 DOLAN, Thomas J.  lumber dealer  Crawfordsville  NY 1830  1873  Conservative  Episcopalian  
 DORSEY, John W.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  IN 1825  1851  Republican  Methodist  
 DORSEY, Rebeca A.    Crawfordsville  OH 1829  1836  Republican  Methodist  
 DOSS, John  blacksmith  Crawfordsville  KY 1839  1867  Republican  Christian  
 DOUGLAS, J.  farmer  1 1/4 m e Whitesville  MC 1832        
 DOYEL, A.  farmer  1/2 m s North Union  MC 1832    Republican  Christian  
 DRISKELL, G. W.  billiard rooms  Crawfordsville  KY 1832  1844      
 DUNCAN, A.  farmer  1 1/2 m e Crawfordsville  OH 1837  1841  Republican  Methodist  
 DURHAM, W. H.  banker and farmer  1 1/2 m s Crawfordsville  KY 1822  1864  Democrat  Methodist  
 EAKERT, M.  saw mill  North Union  MC 1849    Republican    
 EAKERT, M.  farmer  1/4 m w North Union  MC 1849    Republican    
 EDWARDS, C. D.  farmer  2 1/2 m e Crawfordsville  OH 1851  1852      
 EDWARDS, D.  farmer  3 1/2 m se Crawfordsville  NJ 1812  1854      
 EDWARDS, David  farmer  4 1/2 m se Crawfordsville  NJ 1806  1854  Republican  Methodist  
 EDWARDS, Mrs. Mary A.  farmer  2 1/2 m e Crawfordsville  PA 1811  1853    Methodist  
 ELLIOTT, J.  farmer  1 m s Crawfordsville  OH 1807  1824  Republican  Christian  
 ELSTON & SON  Elston Bank, established 1852  Crawfordsville          
 ELSTON, I. C.  banker  Crawfordsville  MC 1836        
 ENGLE, B. W.  cashier Elston Bank  Crawfordsville  WV 1820  1846      
 ENOCH, Abner  farmer  4 m e Crawfordsville  IN  1872  Republican  Methodist  
 ENOCH, T. R.  farmer  5 m s Linden  IN 1853    Republican  Universalist  
 ENSMINGER, S. L.  physican  Crawfordsville  MC 1845        
 EPPERSON, David  resident farmer  Crawfordsville  VA 1823  1836  Jackson Democract  O. S. Presbyterian  
 EPPERSON, Richard  contractor and builder; furnishes estimtes of work and material for other parties  2 m w Whitesville  VA 1818  1836  Republican  Universalist  
 EPPERSON, W. D.  farmer  1 1/2 m w Whitesville  MC 1847    Republican    
 EPPERSON, W. M.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  VA 1804  1836  Republican  M. Baptist  
 EVANS, E.  lawyer  Crawfordsville  IN  1872  Republican  Methodist  
 EVANS, J. E.  attorney at law  Crawfordsville  IN 1849  1872    Methodist  
 EVERSON, G. W.  farmer  1/2 m nw Whitesville  PA 1807  1831  Democrat    
 FAGG, J. W.  physician  Whitesville  TN 1821  1849  Democrat  Christian  
 FAUST, A.  farmer  1 m e North Union  PA 1809  1825  Democrat  Lutheran  
 FERGUSON, F. M.  farmer, mechanic and engineer  1 1/4 m s Crawfordsville  MC 1848    Independent  Methodist  
 FISHER, J.  barber  Crawfordsville  IN 1854  1865      
 FISHER, W. J.  farmer  1 m nw Whitesville  KY 1827        
 FOOTE, L. A.  books, stationery, wall paper, pens, pencils, writing fluids, etc.  Crawfordsville  OH 1824  1865  Republican  Presbyterian  
 FRANCIS & BRO.  blacksmiths  Crawfordsville          
 FRANCIS, Isaiah  farmer  4 1/2 m n Crawfordsville  MD 1800  1820  Democrat    
 FRANCIS, J. S.  blacksmith  Crawfordsville  IN 1850  1867      
 FRANCIS, John L.  farmer and mechanic  3 m nw Crawfordsville  DE 1825  1852  Democrat  United Brethren  
 FRANCIS, W. T.  blacksmith  Crawfordsville  IN 1840  1867      
 FREEMAN, David  farmer  Crawfordsville  MC 1845    Republican  Methodist  
 FRENCH, Asam M.  farmer  1 3/4 m s Crawfordsville  OH 1803  1827  Republican  Christian  
 FRY & SHEAN  bakery  Crawfordsville          
 FRY, J. C.  bakery  Crawfordsville  IN (24 years old)        
 FRY, W. S.  merchant  Crawfordsville  MC 1836    Republican  Episcopalian  
 FULLEN, C. M.  farmer  3 m nw Crawfordsville  In 1828  1840  Democrat    
 FUQUA, D. W.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  KY 1828  1856  Republican  Protestant  
 GALEY BROS.  dentists  Crawfordsville          
 GALEY, B. B.    Crawfordsville  MC 1832    Republican  Methodist  
 GALEY, B. V.  dentist  Crawfordsville  MC 1833        
 GALEY, M. H.  dentist  Crawfordsville  MC 1837        
 GALEY, M. H.    Crawfordsville  MC 1837    Republican  Methodist  
 GALEY, S. T.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  MC 1838    Republican  Presbyterian  
 GAMBLE, A.  miller  Crawfordsville  England 1838  1874  Republican  Baptist  
 GARRARD, M. J.  farmer  3 m se Crawfordsville  VA 1822  1851      
 GARRARD, M. J.  farmer  3 m se Crawfordsville  VA 1822  1851      
 GASKILL, A. N.  carpenter  New Market  OH 1848  1871      
 GEHRING, John B.  farmer  3 m n Crawfordsville  Germany 1837  1854  Democrat  Soul-sleeper  
 GERBRICK, M. L. S.  engineer  Crawfordsville  PA 1817  1850  Republican  Methodist  
 GIBSON, L.  barber  Crawfordsville  TN  1864  Republican  Methodist  
 GLAZEBROOK, L. M.  sewing machine agent  Crawfordsville  IN 1845  1870  Democrat  Christian  
 GOLTRA, C.  hat store  Crawfordsville  IL 1845  1872      
 GRAHAM, J.  lumber dealer  1 m w Crawfrodsville  KY 1825  1833  Democrat  Presbyterian  
 GRAVES, John F.  bowling alley  Crawfordsville  IN 1841  1841  Democrat  Protestant  
 GRAY, D. P.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  IN 1832  1867  Republican  Christian  
 GRAY, F.  farmer  5 m n Crawfordsville  IN 1828    Democrat    
 GRAY, R.  farmer  1 m e Crawfordsville  PA 1805  1866  Democrat  Christian  
 GRAY, Robert  farmer  1 m e Crawfordsville  PA 1805  1866  Democrat  Christian  
 GREEN, J. C.  painter  Crawfordsville  OH 1832  1870  Democrat  Methodist  
 GREEN, J. R.  farmer  4 m e Crawfordsville  KY 1836  1854  Republican  Christian  
 GREGG & SON  queensware, hardware and glassware  Crawfordsville          
*Queensware was cream-colored Wedgewood pottery. Named by Queen Charlotte the First who made Wedgewood her court potter.    
 GREGG, O. M.  queensware store  Crawfordsville  MC 1848        
 GREGG, Samuel H.  queensware store  Crawfordsville          
 GRIFFIN, J. A.  blacksmith  Crawfordsville  VA 1828  1857  Democrat    
 GRIFFITH, E.  teamster  Crawfordsville  OH 1834  1870  Republican    
 GRIMES, G. W.  farmer  4 m e Crawfordsville  TN 1809  1850  Republican  United Brethren  
 GRISKELL, S. H.  bar-tender  Crawfordsville  KY 1844  1845  Democrat    
 GRIST, J. R.  watchmaker  Crawfordsville  IN 1846  1870  Republican  Methodist  
 GULLY, M.  carpenter  6 m n Crawfordsville  France 1829  1859  Democrat  Catholic  
 HALL, J. H.  farmer  4 m sw Crawfordsville  OH 1814  1835  Republican  Independent  
 HALL, J. R.  farmer  7 m sw Crawfordsville  KY 1817  1832      
 HAMILTON, J.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  Ireland 1820  1855    Episcopalian  
 HAMRICK, W. S.  druggist  Crawfordsville  IN 1849  1874  Republican  Christian  
 HANNA, F. B.  fancy goods  Crawfordsville  NY          
 HARDEE, W. B.  grocery clerk  Crawfordsville  MC 1845    Democrat  Christian  
 HARDING, H. W.  farmer  1/2 m s Crawfordsville  IN 1846  1863      
 HARDING, J.  farmer  2 1/4 m s Crawfordsville  MO          
 HARDING, J.  farmer  2 m s Crawfordsville  ME 1801  1863  Republican  Protestant  
 HARDING, J. A.  farmer  2 1/4 m s Crawfordsville  KY 1835  1863  Republican  Protestant  
 HARLAN, H. L.  farmer  4 m s Crawfordsville  MC 1844    Republican  Universalist  
 HARRIS, J.  blacksmith  Crawfordsville  VA 1824  1856  Republican  Protestant  
 HARRIS, John R.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  IL 1843  1833  Republican  Methodist  
 HARTER, D.  merchant  Crawfordsville  OH 1815  1843    Presbyterian  
 HARTWELL, Charles A.  agent and telegraph operator, L. C. & S. W. R. R.  Crawfordsville  Canada West 1849  1874  Republican  Methodist  
 HAYS, B. F.  saloon  Crawfordsville  MC 1831        
 HAYS, Robert H.  saloon  Crawfordsville  KY 1839  1849      
 HEATON, James, Jr.  house painter  Crawfordsville  MC 1841    Republican    
 HEATON, James, Sr.  General insurance agent  Crawfordsville, office 29 1/2 Main st., with Coon & Evans  Hamilton, Butler County, OH  1832  Republican  Methodist  
 HERRON, W. P.  treasurer of M.C.  Crawfordsville  MC 1844    Democrat    
 HESS, H. H.  coffin maker  Crawfordsville  KY 1814  1873  Republican  Presbyterian  
 HIGHTOWER & RAMSEY  blacksmiths  Crawfordsville          
 HIGHTOWER, D.  confectionery  Crawfordsville  KY 1850  1866      
 HIGHTOWER, Geo.  blacksmith  Crawfordsville  KY 1814  1865  Republican  M. Baptist  
 HIGHTOWER, R. A.  post office lobby and US mail carrier  Crawfordsville  KY 1843  1865  Republican  Protestant  
 HILL, J. L.  house painter  Crawfordsville  OH 1840  1866  Democrat    
 HILLS, R. M.  dealer in clothing  Crawfordsville  OH 1829  1852  Republican  Presbyterian  
 HIMES, W.  farmer  1/2 m e Whitesville  VA 1824  1845  Republican  Dunkard  
 HIPES, F.  carpenter  4 m e Crawfordsville  MC 1848    Democrat   Granger
 HITCH, J. S.  toll-gate keeper  Crawfordsville  MC 1841    Republican  Christian  
 HODGES, Emery  student  Crawfordsville  IN 1853  1871    Methodist  
 HOLLAR, G. M. R.  saloon  Crawfordsville  IN 1844  1873  Democrat  Protestant  
 HOLLAR, M.  farmer  4 1/2 m s Crawfordsville  MC 1836        
 HOUGH, Geo.  clerk in dry goods store  Crawfordsville  OH 1814  1854      
 HOUSER, J.  hardware store  Crawfordsville  NC 1831  1869    Methodist  
 HOWARD, W. E.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  KY 1849  1871  Democrat    
 HUBBARD, W. C.  blacksmith  New Market  IN 1828  1866  Republican  Christian  
 HUFFMAN, C. D.  painter  Crawfordsville  OH 1838  1842  Republican  Methodist  
 HUGHES, A. S.  farmer  Crawfordsville  OH 1823  1853      
 HUGHS, Wm.  farmer and toll-gate keeper  1 m w Crawfrodsville  KY 1810  1835      
 HUME & ADAMS  stationery  Crawfordsville          
 HUNT, A. L.  mechanic  Crawfordsville  ME 1846  1872  Republican  Christian  
 HUNT, J. E.  carpenter and builder  Crawfordsville  MC 1846    Republican  Methodist  
 HUNTER, D. C.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  IN 1843  1866  Republican  Protestant  
 HURLEY, G. D.  lawyer  Crawfordsville  IN 1833  1839  Democrat  Episcopalian  
 HURST, John    Crawfordsville  1842  1852  Republican    
 HUTCHINSON, J.  farmer  4 m se Crawfordsville  OH  1853      
 HUTTON, J. C.  clerk in dry goods store  Crawfordsville  MC 1848    Independent  Protestant  
 IN 1846 1874            
 INSLEY, J. J.  livery stable  Crawfordsville  IN 1838  1868  Republican  Methodist  
 INSLEY, William R.  livery  Crawfordsville  IN 1835  1872  Republican  Methodist  
 IRWIN, S. G.  physician  Crawfordsville  PA 1825  1863  Old Line Whig  Protestant  
 JAMISON, A. C.  lawyer  Crawfordsville  MC 1842    Republican  Protestant  
 JOEL, A.  clothing house  Crawfordsville  Germany 1809  1860      
 JOHNSON, A.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  OH 1813  1852  Democrat  Protestant  
 JOHNSON, G. M.  billiard rooms  Crawfordsville  IN 1834        
 JOHNSON, J. B.  boarding house; corner of Plum and Franklin Sts.  Crawfordsville  OH 1820  1852  Independent  Christian  
 JOHNSON, Samuel    Crawfordsville  OH 1837  1853      
 JOLLY, H.  farmer  3 m n Crawfordsville  IN 1827  1869  Democrat    
 JONES, Abner  farmer  Crawfordsville  VA 1807  1831  Republican  Protestant  
 JONES, Cornelius  farmer  2 3/4 m e Crawfordsville  MC 1845    Democrat  O. S. Baptist  
 JONES, D. D.  carpenter, contractor and builder  Crawfordsville  OH 1833  1838  Republican  M. Baptist  
 JONES, D. F.  farmer and wagon maker  2 1/2 m e Crawfordsville  OH 1808  1836  Democrat    
 JONES, O. H.  physician  Crawfordsville  MC 1843        
 JONES, R.  farmer  2 m se Crawfrodsville  OH 1818  1859  Democrat  Presbyterian  
 JONES, S. J.  farmer  5 m ne Crawfordsville  MC 1834    Democrat  O. S. Baptist  
 JORDAN, John A.  whitewasher  Crawfordsville  IN  1861  Republican  Methodist  
 JORDAN, Wm. B.  groceries  Crawfordsville  KY 1826        
 JOSLIN, N. S.  stove store  Crawfordsville  IN 1837  1865    Methodist  
 JUSTICE, J. T.  cooper  Crawfordsville  IN  1855  Republican  Methodist  
 KAHN, Eli  clothing house  Crawfordsville  France 1828  1871  Republican  Hebrew Faith  
 KEARNEY, Wm. R. R.    Crawfordsville  Ireland 1824  1848  Democrat  Episcopalian  
 KEENEY, Jere  Editor and Publisher of the "Crawfrodsville Star," and bookbinder  Crawfordsville  KY 1824    Republican    
 KELLER & Coon  Keller House  Crawfordsville          
 KELLEY, M.  Leland House Hotel  Crawfordsville  Canada West 1846  1852      
 KELLEY, T. E.  saloon  Crawfordsville  Canada 1835  1849  Democrat  Catholic  
 KELLEY, T. S.  boots and shoes  Crawfordsville  PA 1813  1859  Republican    
 KELLEY, T. S. & Co.  boots and shoes  Crawfordsville          
 KELSEY, I. M.  lumber dealer, firm of Snyder, Son & Co.  Crawfordsville  IN 1826        
 KELSEY, I. M.  sheriff and farmer  Crawfordsville  MC 1826    Republican  Universalist  
 KELSEY, J.    North Union  MC 1827    Independent  
 KELSEY, Wm.  farmer  1 m s North Union  MC 1830    Republican  Methodist  
 KENNEDY & BRUSH  attorneys at law  Crawfordsville          
 KENNEDY, D. W.  farmer  1 m w Mace  VA 1829  1836  Republican  Baptist  
 KENNEDY, Elijah  farmer and carpenter  4 m e Crawfordsville  MC 1834    Democrat    
 KENNEDY, J.  wholesale store  Crawfordsville  Ireland 1818  1859  Democrat  R. Catholic  
 KENNEDY, John  saloon  Crawfordsville  Ireland 1829  1852  Democrat  Catholic  
 KENNEDY, P. S.  lawyer  Crawfordsville  KY 1829  1865  Republican  Protestant  
 KENNEDY, Wm.  retired farmer  1 m w Mace  VA 1799  1836  Republican  Presbyterian  
 KESLEY, Dr. J. S.  farmer  6 m s Crawfordsville  OH 1822  1825  Democrat  Universalist  
 KING, Samuel  blacksmith  Crawfordsville  OH 1829  1874      
 KING, W. J.  farmer  2 1/2 m sw Crawfordsville  MC 1830        
 KLEIN, M. C.  watches and jewelry  Crawfordsville  IN 1848  1870    Protestant  
 KOSTANZER, A.  furniture dealer  Crawfordsville  1819  1850      
 KROEGER, Fritz  miller  Crawfordsville  Prussia 1848  1873  Democrat  Protestant  
 KROUT, R. K.  druggist  Crawfordsville  KY 1836  1837      
 KROUT, R. R.  druggist  Crawfordsville  KY          
 LACY, J.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  KY 1826        
 LAFORCE, W. R.  lumber dealer  Crawfordsville  TN 1844  1860  Republican  Methodist  
 LAMB, G. W.  artist tailor  Crawfordsville  MC 1834        
 LAMB, Mary E.  dress maker  Crawfordsville  MC 1839    Republican  Presbyterian  
 LARGENT, J. C.  farmer  4 m n Crawfordsville  MC 1838    Republican  Christian  
 LARGENT, J. P.  farmer  6 m n Crawfordsville  MC 1844    Democrat  Christian  
 LARRICK, J. A.  farmer  2 m s Crawfordsville    1846      
 LAUGHLAND, H.  farmer  4 1/2 m n Crawfordsville  DE 1815  1839  Democrat  Spiritualist  
 LAUGHLIN, N. M.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  IN 1842    Republican  M. Baptist  
 LAYNE, W. M.  farmer  5 m ne Crawfordsville  MC 1851    Democrat    
 LEE, J.  grocery  Crawfordsville  MC 1845    Democrat    
 LEE, John  President of _________ and attorney at law  Crawfordsville  MC 1826        
 LEE, M. J.  farmer and brick maker  2 m n Crawfordsville  KY 1837  1863  Democrat  Catholic  
 LEMMON, L. W.  artist  Crawfordsville  IN 1844  1856  Republican    
 LEWELLEN, John  farmer  8 m sw Crawfordsville  OH 1818  1839  Independent  
 LINE, J.  hats and furniture  Crawfordsville  OH 1831  1853      
 LINN, James H.  farmer  3 m n Ladoga  MC 1846    Republican  Christian  
 LIVINGOOD, W.  pump maker  Crawfordsville  IN 1845  1874  Democrat    
 LOCKHART & BRO.  lumber dealers  Crawfordsville          
 LONG, D. L.  farmer  3 m n Crawfordsville  MC 1847    Democrat  O. S. Baptist  
 LONG, David  farmer    PA 1796  1821      
 LOWERY, Oskar  plasterer  Crawfordsville  OH 1829  1849  Republican    
 LYLE, W. B.  firm of Blair, Lyle & Smith  Crawfordsville  IN 1835  1866  Republican  Presbyterian  
 MACK & JOHNSON  restaurant  Crawfordsville          
 MACK, J. D.  farmer  4 m se Crawfordsville  OH 1819  1845  Republican    
 MACK, J. T.  grocery  Crawfordsville  MC 1834    Republican  Methodist  
 MACK, S. D. V.    Crawfordsville  MC 1838      Christian  
 MAHORNEY, Z.  hardware  Crawfordsville  IN 1833  1833      
 MANGES, W. J.  farmer  1/2 m w Whitesville  VA 1842  1864  Democrat    
 MARKS, Mary  farmer  2 1/2 m se Crawfordsville  KY 1816  1854      
 MARTIN, J.  farmer  3/4 m sw Mace  OH 1815  1843  Republican    
 MARTIN, J. M.  confectionery  Crawfordsville  PA 1843  1874      
 MARTIN, M.  farmer and minister of the gospel  3 m se Crawfordsville  OH 1823  1862    New Light    
 MARTIN, Robert  farmer  3 m e Linden  IN 1847    Democrat    
 MARTIN, William H.  model farmer  5 m e Linden  KY 1821    Democrat    
 MASON, Eli  carpenter  Crawfordsville  IN 1846  1867  Republican  Christian  
 MASON, W. D.  farmer  3 m e Crawfordsvile  OH 1801  1830  Democrat  Presbyterian  
 MASON, W. D.  farmer  3 m e Crawfordsvile  OH 1810  1830  Democrat  Presbyterian  
 MASTERSON, H. J.  farmer  2 1/2 m sw Crawfordsville  MC 1839    Democrat  Independent  
 MASTIN, H.  farmer  4 m e Crawfordsville  NY 1831  1859  Republican  Universalist  
 MASTIN, John  farmer  4 m e Crawfordsville  IN 1833  1859  Republican  Universalist  
 MAXWELL, J. C.  Deputy Assessor  Crawfordsville  IN 1822  1854  Republican  Liberal    
 MAY, W. L.  physician and surgeon  Crawfordsville  KY 1828  1847  Republican  Methodist Temperance  
 MCCAIN & TALBOT publishers Crawfordsville Journal, a Weekly Republican Paper; 6 column quarto; established in 1847      
 MCCAIN, T. H. B.  McCain & Talbot; appointed Post Master in Jan. 1874  Crawfordsville      Republican  Methodist  
 MCCARTHY, M. G.  tailor and cutter  Crawfordsville  Ireland 1837  1873      
 MCCLELLAND & COWAN  physicians  Crawfordsville          
 MCCLELLAND, A. J.  carriage factory    MC 1840    Republican    
 MCCLELLAND, J. S.  physician  Crawfordsville  OH 1821  1840      
 MCCONNELL, I.  law student  Crawfordsville  OH 1842  1866  Republican    
 MCCONNELL, J. M.  verterinary surgeon  Crawfordsville  OH 1822  1826  Ind.  Crusade    
 MCCORMAC, J.    4 m s Crawfordsville  MC 1835        
 MCCORMACK, Frank  farmer  3 m n Crawfordsville  MC       Granger
 MCCORMACK, W. H.  farmer  1 3/4 m ne Whitesville  VA 1827  1847  Democrat  Christian  
 MCCORMICK, H.  farmer  2 3/4 m e Crawfordsville  Ireland 1812  1853  Democrat  Catholic  
 MCCORMICK, Hugh  farmer  2 3/4 m e Crawfordsville  Ireland 1812  1853  Democrat  R. Catholic  
 MCCREE, Aaron  all kinds blacksmithing  Crawfordsville  TN 1836  1870  Republican  Protestant  
 MCCULLOUGH, M.  farmer  3 m e Crawfordsvile  IN 1818  1824  Republican  Christian  
 MCGILLES, W. A. & Co.  brewers of lager beer  Crawfordsville          
 MCGILLIARD, F.  carpenter  Whitesville  MC 1828        
 MCGILLIARD, J. P.  mechanic  Whitesville  OH 1801  1830  Democrat  Christian  
 MCGILLIARD, S. R.  carpenter and builder  Crawfordsville  IN 1827  1830    Christian  
 MCGRIGG, W. A.  drayman  Crawfordsville  KY 1822  1832  Republican  Protestant  
 MCKINSEY, J. C.  farmer  Crawfordsville  OH 1827  1829      
 MCMULLEN, A. J.  farmer  1/2 m w Whitesville  MC 1829    Democrat  Baptist  
 MCMULLEN, A. S.  farmer  1 1/4 m w Whitesville  MC 1830    Democrat  Baptist  
 MCMURRY, J. W.  wood chopper  3 1/2 m se Crawfordsville  TN 1844  1864      
 MCNEELEY, W. H.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  IN 1830  1853  Republican  Christian  
 MCNULTY, James  farmer  2 m n Crawfordsville  OH 1848  1874  Republican  Methodist  
 MILHOLLAND, D. W.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  IN 1836  1846  Republican  Protestant  
 MILLER, A.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  OH 1821  1867  Republican  Dunkard  
 MILLER, A.  cooper  Crawfordsville  Germany 1829  1863  Democrat    
 MILLER, A. J.  jeweler  Whitesville  IN 1840  1856      
 MILLER, COLLINS & VORIS  Review Publishing House  Crawfordsville          
 MILLER, J. W.  farmer  5 m sw Crawfordsville  KY 1839  1841      
 MILLER, Jas.  farmer  2 1/2 m n Crawfordsville  IN 18153    Democrat    
 MILLER, John L.  Review Publishing House  Crawfordsville  MC 1840    Democrat    
 MILLER, L. H. & Co.  job printing  Crawfordsville          
 MILLER, W. W.  teller in Elston Bank  Crawfordsville  OH 1852  1873      
 MILLS, E. H.  engineer  Crawfordsville  IN 1833  1866  Democrat  Protestant  
 MITCHELL, A. C.  carpenter and contractor  Crawfordsville  KY 1814  1833  Republican  Presbyterian  
 MITCHELL, L.  farmer  1 1/2 m sw Crawfordsville  MC 1839    Democrat  Methodist  
 MOFFETT & BOOE  druggists  Crawfordsville          
 MOFFETT, T.  druggist  Crawfordsville  IN 1835  1865      
 MONEYMAKER, A.  farmer  3 1/2 m s Crawfordsville  VA 1851  1873  Democrat  Protestant  
 MOORE, Ada  dressmaker  Crawfordsville  KY 1841    Republican  Presbyterian  
 MORGAN, A. J.  painter  Crawfordsville  OH 1818  1853  Democrat  Protestant  
 MURPHY, C. A.  blacksmith  Crawfordsville  VA 1828  1857  Democrat    
 MYERS, T. N.  County Recorder  Crawfordsville  1831  1848      
 NEILEST, G.  barber  Crawfordsville  Germany 1848  1867    Catholic  
 NEWTON, Geo. A.  Agent I., B. & W. R. R.  Crawfordsville  OH 1839  1872  Republican    
 NEWTON, H. E.  tinner  Crawfordsville  Iowa 1846  1851  Republican  Protestant  
 NICHOLS, J. L.  grocery store  Whitesville  OH 1808  1845  Republican  Universalist  
 NICHOLSON, A.  farmer  2 1/2 m n Crawfordsville  OH  1823  Democrat  Baptist  
 NICHOLSON, W. B.  farmer  2 1/2 m n Crawfordsville  OH  age 7  Democrat  Christian  
 NICHOLSON, W. E.  sewing machine agent  Crawfordsville  MC 1845        
 NUTT, J.  farmer  3 m sw Crawfordsville  MC 1829        
 OLIVER, J.  farmer  2 m w Whitesville  NC 1833  1860      
 ORNBAUN, B. L.  harness maker  Crawfordsville  VA 1829  1835  Republican  Methodist  
 PATTERSON, W. B.  lawyer  Crawfordsville  Ireland 1830  1866  Republican    
 PAXTON, A.  farmer  6 m ne Crawfordsville  VA 1812  1834  Republican  Methodist  
 PAXTON, S.  brick mason  6 m ne Crawfordsville  VA 1803  1832  Republican  Methodist  
 PAXTON, T. M.  farmer  6 m ne Crawfordsville  MC 1839    Republican  Methodist  
 PAYN, G. W.  farmer and stock trader  3 1/2 m w Crawfordsville  ME 1813  1854  Democrat  Christian  
 PEARSON, G. W.  tailor  Crawfordsville  OH 1810  1830  Republican  M. Baptist  
 PEIRCE, R.  law office  Crawfordsville  IN  1867  Republican  Presbyterian  
 PERRY, H. M.  student  Crawfordsville  OH  1852  Republican  Congregationalist  
 PORTER, G. R.  carpenter and builder  Crawfordsville  OH 1824  1827  Democrat  Universalist  
 PORTER, J. N.  saloon keeper  Crawfordsville  MC 1849    Democrat    
 POSEY, W. H.  dining hall  Crawfordsville  IN 1837  1862      
 PREWITT, J. H.  Prewitt House  Crawfordsville  KY 1817  1842  Republican  Christian  
 PRICE, J. J.  Deputy Recorder  Crawfordsville  Ireland 1852  1871  Democrat  Catholic  
 PRINE, J.  farmer  1 1/4 m ne Whitesville  MC 1834        
 PURSEL, J.  Justice of the Peace  Crawfordsville  OH 1803  1825  Republican  Methodist  
 PURVIANCE, Dr. S. W.    Crawfordsville  OH 1823  1862      
 RAMEY, W. P.  grocery  Crawfordsville  KY 1814  1822  Republican  Methodist  
 RAMSEY, A. F.  grocery store  Crawfordsville  KY 11842  1866      
 RAMSEY, J. W.  Justice of the Peace  Crawfordsville  MC 1839    Republican  Protestant  
 RAMSEY, P.  blacksmith  Crawfordsville  KY 1816  1871    M. Baptist  
 RAMSEY, R. M.  stove store  Crawfordsville  KY 1804  1826    Presbyterian  
 RAY, C. C.  farmer  Crawfordsville  age 32    Democrat    
 RAY, D. M.  farmer  Crawfordsville  age 24    Democrat   Granger
 RAYMOND, S.  lumber merchant  Crawfordsville  Canada 1849  1872      
 RECKARD, F. B.  foreman of L. C. & S. W. R. R. repair shops  Crawfordsville  OH 1841  1870      
 REICHARD, J. W.  grocery store  Crawfordsville  OH 1847  1872  Republican  Protestant  
 REYNOLDS, Harris  farmer  1 1/2 m n Crawfordsville  IN 1822  1867  Democrat    
 RICE & VANCE  brick masons  Crawfordsville          
 RICE, J. H.  blacksmith  Whitesville  MC 1857        
 RICE, M.  brick mason  Crawfordsville  KY 1822  1851  Democrat  Christian  
 RICE, W. A.  farmer  1 m ne North Union  KY 1838  1851  Independent  
 RICHARDSON, M. J.  hotel  Crawfordsville  IN 182  1868      
 RICHARDSON, Z. B. & Son  Richardson House  Crawfordsville          
 RICHEY, Abram  barber and hair dresser  Crawfordsville  IN 1849  1857      
 RICHMOND, M. B.  harness maker  Crawfordsville  OH 1821  1870  Democrat    
 RIDGE, D. T.  artist  Crawfordsville  OH 1824      
 RISTINE, B. T.  attorney at law  Crawfordsville  KY 1807  1823          
 RISTINE, H. H.  attorney at law  Crawfordsville  MC 1847             
 RISTINE, T. H.  attorney at law  Crawfordsville  MC 1845     Republican  Presbyterian  
 ROBB, J. B.  agricultural implements  Crawfordsville  OH 1829  1855  Republican       
 ROBERTSON & Co.  manufacturers of burial cases  Crawfordsville                
 ROBERTSON, W. & Co.  coffin makers  Crawfordsville                
 ROBINSON & VORIS  plasterers  Crawfordsville                
 ROBINSON, J. R.  Union Township School Trustee  Crawfordsville  NJ 1807  1842  Republican  Methodist  
 ROBINSON, L. R.  plasterer  Crawfordsville  IN 1830  1870  Democrat  Protestant  
 ROUDABUSH, David  cooper  Crawfordsville  OH 1811  1854  Republican       
 ROWE, E. G.  saloon  Crawfordsville  NY 1837  1861  Democrat  Protestant  
 ROYALTY, A. J.  nursery; dealer in fruit trees, ornamental shrubbery, roses and flower plants generally, and hedge and green house plants  1 m w Crawfrodsville  MC 1836     Republican  Independent  
 RUSH, Susannah  farmer  9 m sw Crawfordsville  1817  1841          
 RUSH, V. J.  carpenter  New Market  MC 1838     Independent  Methodist  
 RUTLEDGE & SON  dealers in lightning rods  Crawfordsville                
 RUTLEDGE, C. A.  lightning rods  Crawfordsville  IN  1850          
 RUTLEDGE, G. D.  lightning rods  Crawfordsville                
 RUTLEDGE, W. T.  farmer  1 1/4 m e Crawfordsville  MO 1845  1848  Democrat  Presbyterian  
 SAPPENFIELD, C. W.  pump factory  Crawfordsville  IN 1839  1865     Lutheran  
 SCHOOLER, W. H.  horse trader  Crawfordsville  OH 1814  1830          
 SCOTT, J. B.  farmer  3 m s Crawfordsville  KY 1817  1834  Republican       
 SCOTT, W. W.  sewing machine agent  Crawfordsville  MC 1845             
 SERGENT, L. L.  agent L., N. A. & C. R. R.                   
 SHEAN, J. F.  firm of Fry & Shean  Crawfordsville  Ireland 1841  1865          
 SHOTTS, J.  farmer  8 m ne Crawfordsville  PA 1805  1829  Democrat  Catholic  
 SHOTTS, M. R.  farmer  8 m ne Crawfordsville  OH 1848  1849  Democrat       
 SHULAR, A. J.  farmer  1 1/4 m e NEW Market  MC 1834     Republican  Methodist  
 SHULAR, L. H.  blacksmith  Crawfordsville  IN 1831  1838  Republican  United Brethren  
 SHULTZ, J.  segar store  Crawfordsville  Holland 1843  1862          
 SIDENER, D. C.  farmer  3 m s Crawfordsville  KY 1831  1837  Democrat  Protestant  
 SIMPSON, J.  tanner  Crawfordsville  PA 1801  1839  Republican       
 SIMPSON, W.  clerk in dry goods store  Crawfordsville  MC 1842     Republican       
 SLATTERLY, P.  farmer  1 m n Crawfordsville  NY 1852     Democrat  Catholic  
 SLATTERLY, T.  farmer  1 m n Crawfordsville  IN 1824  1868  Democrat  Catholic  
 SLATTERLY, W.  farmer  1 m n Crawfordsville  1855     Democrat  Catholic  
 SMILEY, Andrew  farmer  3 1/2 m s Crawfordsville  VA 1841  1863     Presbyterian  
 SMITH, A. W.  farmer  1 1/2 m ne Whitesville  MC 1842     Democrat  Christian  
 SMITH, Chas. B.  attorney at law  Crawfordsville  IN 1832  1874  Democrat  Catholic  
 SMITH, D. D.  painter and farmer  Crawfordsville  OH 1822  1832  Independent  Presbyterian  
 SMITH, J.  farmer  1 3/4 m w Crawfordsville  OH 1821             
 SMITH, J., L. D. D.  Presiding Elder M. E. Church  Crawfordsville  VA 1811     Republican    Temperance  
 SMITH, M. B.  firm of Blair, Lyle & Smith  Crawfordsville  OH 1838  1866          
 SMITH, N. G.  farmer  5 1/2 m n Crawfordsville  MC 1849     Democrat  Universalist  
 SMITH, Nancy  hair dresser  Crawfordsville  KY        Methodist  
 SMITH, Perry  cooper  2 1/2 m e Crawfordsville  OH 1815  1843  Democrat  O. S. Baptist  
 SMITH, R. A.  farmer  1 m n North Union  KY 1840  1860          
 SMITH, R. C.  druggist  Crawfordsville  IN 1851  1874     Christian  
 SMITH, R. O.        IN 1849  1859  Democrat  Baptist  
 SNYDER, B.  farmer  3 m nw Crawfordsville  OH 1811  1869  Democrat       
 SNYDER, E.  lawyer  Crawfordsville  MD 1843  1870  Republican       
 SNYDER, Frank, Sen.  firm of J. C. Snyder, lumber dealers  Crawfordsville  OH 1852  1873          
 SNYDER, J. C.  firm of Snyder, Sen. & Co. lumber dealers                 
 SNYDER, Mary  farmer  2 m sw Crawfordsville  OH 1826  1863     Methodist  
 SOMERVILLE, J. A.  baker  Crawfordsville  IL 1842  1849          
 SONG, S. T.  farmer  4 m ne Crawfordsville  OH 1828  1830          
 SONG, S. T.  farmer  4 m ne Crawfordsville  OH 1828  1830          
 SOUTHARD, A. W.  produce merchant  Crawfordsville  OH 1847  1871          
 SPENCER, Robert S.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  KY 1851  1858  Republican  Methodist  
 SPERRY, F. L.  miller  Crawfordsville  NY 1844  1845  Republican       
 SPERRY, Henry  milling  Crawfordsville  NY 1806  1845  Republican Liberal     
 SPILLMAN, W. J.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  IN 1832  1850  Republican       
 SPILMAN, W.  farmer  Crawfordsville  KY 1803  1850  Republican  Presbyterian  
 SPRINGGATE, H. W.  student  Crawfordsville  IN 1856     Republican  Methodist  
 SPRINGGATE, W. H.  retired  Crawfordsville  OH 1827  1836  Republican  Methodist  
 STEWART, C.  tailoress  Crawfordsville                
 STILWELL, J.  farmer  3 1/2 m w New Market  KY 1797  about 1820  Republican  Baptist  
 STILWELL, Mary J.  dress maker  Crawfordsville                
 STILWELL, S. A.  machinist  Crawfordsville  MC 1839     Republican       
 STIVERS, W. C.     Crawfordsville  IN 1845     Republican       
 STONECYPHER, W. H.  farmer  3 m n Crawfordsville  MC 1838     Republican  Methodist  
 STOUT, R. L.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  OH 1826  1868          
 STOUT, T.  farmer  6 m se Crawfordsville  OH 1831  1858  Republican  Methodist  
 STRAIGHT, E. W.  planing mill  Crawfordsville  VA 1840  1868          
 STUBBINS, J. M.  groceries  Crawfordsville  MC 1848             
 STUMP, Wm.  farmer  8 m sw Crawfordsville  MC 1840             
 SURFACE, G.     1 1/2 m ne North Union  OH 1805  1827  Republican  United Brethren  
 SURFACE, T.  farmer  3 m s Crawfordsville  MC 1828     Republican  United Brethren  
 SUTHERLIN, J. F.  physician  Whitesville  TN 1821  1849  Democrat  Christian  
 TALBOT, H.  farmer  1 m w Crawfrodsville  KY 1842     Republican       
 TALBOT, J. T.  firm of McCain & Talbot; entered Journal Office in fall of 1868  Crawfordsville  Hendricks Co. 1845  1865  Republican  Presbyterian  
 TAYLOR, H. W.  physician  Crawfordsville  VA 1841  1870  Democrat       
 TAYLOR, Wm.  farmer  1 1/2 m e Lane  OH 1831  1852  Democrat       
 THOMAS, C. L.  lawyer  Crawfordsville  PA 1832  1862  Republican  Christian  
 THOMAS, J.  painter  Crawfordsville  NY 1849  1873  Democrat       
 THOMPSON & THOMPSON  attorneys at law  Crawfordsville                
 THOMPSON, D. P.  tile maker  3 m se Crawfrodsville  IN 1845     Democrat       
 THOMPSON, J. N.  attorney at law  Crawfordsville  IN 1840  1868  Democrat       
 THOMPSON, W. H.  attorney at law  Crawfordsville  MO 1848  1873  Democrat       
 THOMSON, Alexander  lawyer; firm of Thomson & Ristine  Crawfordsville                
 THOMSON, David  general assortment of merchandise; firm of Thomson & White  Whitesville  OH 1809  1846  Democrat  M. Baptist  
 THORNBERRY, J.  farmer  Crawfordsville  OH 1826  1866  Republican  Christian  
 TILLEY, L.  farmer  3 3/4 m se Crawfordsville  KY 1812  1830  Democrat  Methodist  
 TINSLEY, H. R.  hardware; firm of Tinsley & Campbell  Crawfordsville  OH 1842  1866     Presbyterian  
 TOLBERT, J. C.  dairyman  1 m w Crawfrodsville  OH 1836  1873  Republican  Presbyterian  
 TOMLINSON, W.  farmer  2 m n Crawfordsville  OH  1851  Republican  Methodist  
 TOTTEN, E.  dentist  Crawfordsville  OH 1832  1859  Republican  Methodist  
 TRIBBY & REICHARD  dealers in all kinds of groceries  Crawfordsville                
 TRIBBY, J. T.  grocery store  Crawfordsville  KY 1844  1860  Democrat  Methodist  
 TROUTMAN, J. M.  miller, and dealer in grain, flour, feed, etc.  Crawfordsville  MD 1831  1844  Republican  Methodist  
 VAIL, S.  drayman  Crawfordsville  OH 1824  1834  Republican       
 VANARDALL, George  constable  Crawfordsville  KY 1808  1853     Methodist  
 VANARSDALL, W.  plasterer  Crawfordsville  KY 1824     Republican  Protestant  
 VANARSDEL, W.  farmer  5 1/2 m se Crawfordsville  IN 1821  1836     Presbyterian  
 VANCE, I. M.  County Clerek  Crawfordsville  MC 1832             
 VANCE, J. L.  brick mason  Crawfordsville  MC 1841             
 VANHOOK, F. P.  farmer  1 m w Crawfrodsville  MC 1852             
 VANSANDT, J. N.  grocery  Crawfordsville  KY 1828  1873  Republican  Presbyterian  
 VANSANT, J. C.  butcher  Crawfordsville  OH 1834  1848          
 VANSCOYOC, Godfrey  farmer  1 1/2 m sw Mace  OH 1806  1841          
 VANSCOYOC, I. N.  farmer  2 1/2 m sw Mace  MC 1847     Democrat  Protestant  
 VANSCOYOC, J.  farmer  2 m n Whitesville  PA 1803  1831          
 VANSCOYOC, J.  farmer  1 3/4 m w Whitesville  OH 1819  1836          
 VANSCOYOC, J. A.  farmer  1 1/2 m sw Mace  MC 1854             
 VANSCOYOC, S. M.  farmer  5 m se Crawfordsville  OH 1839  1841  Republican  Protestant  
 VANSICKLE, I. N.  watch and jewelry establishment  Crawfordsville  OH 1842  1864  Republican  Protestant  
 VANSLYKE, W. H.  shoe shop  Crawfordsville  Canada West 1828  1849  Republican       
 VERMILLION, W.  farmer  2 m w Whitesville  IN 1819  1873  Republican  Presbyterian  
 VOLE, Albert  farmer  5 m n Crawfordsville  IN 1849     Republican  Christian New Light  
 VORIS, Geo. W.  plasterer  Crawfordsville  OH 1828  1870  Democrat  Protestant  
 VORIS, John  farmer  1 1/2 m w Crawfordsville  OH 1821  1870  Democrat  Baptist  
 WADE, H. H.  marble business  Crawfordsville  OH 1837  1837  Republican  Methodist  
 WADE, I. F.  marble business  Crawfordsville  OH 1811  1831  Republican  M. Baptist  
 WAGNER, G. W.  miller  3 m nw Crawfordsville  MD 1829  1869  Republican       
 WALLACE, Gen. Lew  attorney at law  Crawfordsville  IN April 10, 1827     Republican       
 WARBINTON, J. A.  farmer and trader  4 1/2 m se Crawfordsville  MC 1836     Republican  Christian  
 WARD, A.  farmer  1 1/2 m sw Whitesville  IN 1835  1856  Republican       
 WARD, O.  farmer  4 1/2 m se Crawfordsville  IN 1843  1855  Republican       
 WARD, Uzal  farmer  1 1/4 m w Mace  OH 1801  1833  Republican  Presbyterian  
 WARNER, I. W.  brick mason and contractor  Crawfordsville  OH 1829  1838  Republican  Christian  
 WARREN, C.  farmer  3 m se Crawfordsville  KY 1820  1823  Democrat  Methodist  
 WARREN, G. W.  farmer  3 m e Crawfordsvile  MC 1841     Democrat  Methodist  
 WASSON & MYERS  dry goods  Crawfordsville                
 WASSON, H.  merchant  Crawfordsville  MC 1839             
 WATKINS, John W.  farmer  4 m e Crawfordsville  MC 1843        Protestant  
 WATSON, J. H.  Auditor  Crawfordsville  MC 1836     Democrat       
 WATSON, Oneall  harness, etc.  Crawfordsville  MC 1849     Democrat       
 WATSON, W. P. & SON  harness and leather findings  Crawfordsville                
 WATSON, Wm. P.  harness shop  Crawfordsville  OH 1804  1836  Democrat       
 WATTS, W.  drayman  Crawfordsville  OH 1823  1856          
 WEBSTER, W. H.  assistant agent L., N. A. & C. R. R.  Crawfordsville  OH 1846  1856  Republican  Protestant  
 WEEKS, M.  farmer  1 1/2 m ne Whitesville  NJ 1833  1838  Independent  Universalist  
 WEIDMAN, Thomas  farmer  2 m e Crawfordsville  PA 1831  1862  Republican       
 WEIR, R.  farmer  7 m sw Crawfordsville  KY 1810  1827          
 WELIVER, H. S.  butcher  Crawfordsville  MC 1843     Democrat       
 WELTY, J.  farmer  2 3/4 m w Crawfordsville  MC 1849     Democrat       
 WELTY, John  carpenter  Crawfordsville  PA 1814  1854  Democrat       
 WHITE, J. H.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  IN 1818  1871          
 WHITE, L. H.  merchant  Whitesville  OH 1847  1849          
 WHITE, M. D.  lawyer  Crawfordsville  OH 1827  1852          
 WILHITE, Mary H.  physician  Crawfordsville  MC 1831     Radical  Christian  
 WILHITE, P. F.  farmer  1 1/2 m w New Market  KY 1808  1826  Republican       
 WILHITE, W.  farmer   1 1/2 m s Crawfordsville  VA 1800  1822          
 WILHITE, Warner  Deputy Sheriff  Crawfordsville  MC 1848     Republican       
 WILKINSON, J.  farmer  1 m w New Market  OH 1810  1832  Democrat       
 WILKINSON, O. M.  farmer  4 1/2 m se Crawfordsville  MC 1852             
 WILLCOX, J. H.  farmer  2 3/4 m w Crawfordsville  MC 1849     Democrat       
 WILLHITE, J. M.  farmer and carpenter  1 m s Crawfordsville  MC 1832             
 WILLIAMS, B.  farmer  1 1/4 m e Whitesville  NC 1813  1826  Democrat       
 WILLIAMS, Z.  whitewasher  Crawfordsville  KY 1842  1865     Methodist  
 WILLIS, A. D.  artist  Crawfordsville  MC 1838        Spiritualist  
 WILLIS, D.  farmer  5 m n Crawfordsville  KY 1805  1830  Democrat  Christian  
 WILSON & ALLEN  wholesale and retail dealers in staple and fancy groceries  Crawfordsville            
 WILSON & SOMERVILLE  baker and grocer  Crawfordsville                
 WILSON, A.  farmer  3 1/2 m sw Crawfordsville  1832  1853          
 WILSON, Harman  bar tender  Crawfordsville  MC 1849     Democrat       
 WILSON, Howard  grocery  Crawfordsville  MC 1852     Republican       
 WILSON, James  grocery store  Crawfordsville  MC 1827     Republican  Methodist  
 WILSON, L.  druggist  Crawfordsville  MC 1842     Democrat       
 WINGERT, J.  farmer  1/2 m e Whitesville  VA 1829  1867  Republican  Christian  
 WISEHART, William  farmer  3 m e Crawfordsvile  MC 1840     Democrat  Granger    
 WISEMAN, J. P.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  VA 1815  1870  Republican  Methodist  
 WISEMAN, L. B.  carpenter  Crawfordsville  IN 1847  1869  Republican  Methodist  
 WISNER, B.  farmer  4 m e Crawfordsville  OH 1810  1835  Democrat  O. S. Baptist  
 WOODARD, A. L.  conductor I., B. & W. R. R.  Crawfordsville  IN 1846  1874          
 WOODSON, B. F.  repair shops  Crawfordsville  KY 1853  1872          
 WRAY, C. R.  farmer  2 m e New Market  MC 1832     Democrat  Independent  
 WRAY, H. B.  farmer  3 m s Crawfordsville  OH 1823  1830  Republican  Methodist  
 WRIGHT, C. W.  general insurance agent and loan broker  Crawfordsville  KY 1844  1871      
 WRIGHT, James     Crawfordsville  IN 1839  1865        
 ZELLER, M.  resaturant  Crawfordsville  Bavaria 1829  1858        

Original land owners in Union Township - South

Alexander, Simpson
Alexander, William
Andrews, Jas. M.
Appleget, James H.
Armentrout, Fredrick
Barnes, David
Beard, John
Bell, Henry
Bell, William
Birch, Jonathan
Blevins, James
Bloomfield, Abigial
Blue, John
Bond, Merriken
Boyland, Nicholas
Brenton, Jane
Brenton, Samuel
Brenton, Thomas
Britton, Nathan
Brockman, Andrew
Brockman, John
Brook, Josiah
Brook, Thomas
Brooks, Thomas
Brown, Asa
Brown, Benjamin
Brown, Henry
Burbridge, William
Burch, James K.
Burk, Paul
Busenbark, James
Busenbark, Redding
Caldwell, John
Campbell, John
Canine, Cornelius
Canine, Richard
Carr, John
Carsheddon, James
Catterlin, Ephramin
Charters, Sarah
Chesterson, James
Christman, Jacob
Claypool, Peggy
Claypool, William
Coch, Tunis
Coleman, Jacob
Combs, Michael
Coon Jr., John
Coons, Jesse
Cowan, John
Crabb, Jeremiah
Craig, Robert
Craig, Robert H.
Crane, Elihu
Crane, Ira
Crawford, Thomas B.
Crawford, William
Crosley, Jesse
Davidson, Wm. F.
Davis, Randolph
Davison, Samuel James
Debeanport, Russell
Dunn, Nathaniel A.
Eden, Benj.
Edwards, Jonathan
Elliott, Alex M.
Elliott, John
Elliott, Thomas
Everson, Geo. W.
Everson, Jacob
Farley, John
Faust, George
Fender, Henry
Fender, John
Ferguson, John
Field, Foster
Fields, Stephen
Fink, John
Fisher, Jno. M.
Fisher, John Brackett
Fitspatrick, William
Flathers, Benj.
Flathers, Edward
Foster, Robert
Foulke, Mary
Fox, David
French, Adam M.
Galey, Samuel S.
Galey, Wm. S.
Garrirus, Solomon B.
Gaston, Jos.
Gilkey, James
Gilkey, Robert
Graham, James
Gregg, Alpheus
Gregory, William
Guntle, Geo.
Hahn, Joseph
Hall, Benj.
Hall, Thos. N. A.
Halloway, Washington
Ham, Michelberg
Hamilton, Robert
Harlan, George
Harlow, Lewis
Harris, David
Hays, Samuel
Hays, William
Helphenstine, James
Hocum, William
Hollar, John
Hopkins, Daniel
Howard, Fredrick
Hueston, Matthew
Hughes, Willis
Hunt, Wilson
Hunter, Thomas
Husley, Matthew
James, May
Johnson, David
Johnson, Richard
Johnston, Charles
Jones, Heo. W.
Joyce, James
Kearns, Joseph
Kellay, Moses
Keller, Daniel
Kelsey, Amos
Kelsey, Edward
Kendall, George
Kester, John
Kimler, Israel
Krim, Adam
Krout, Jacob
Krout, Simeon
Lamson, Thomas W.
Lamson, Thos. W.
Larsh, Tolliver
Layne, Elisha
Layne, Tarleton J.
Layne, Wm. M.
Leak, Elisha
Leak, Larkin
Leatheridge, Lewis
Leigh, Daniel
Leigh, Foster W.
Linn, Hugh
Mann, Jonas
Martin, Abia B.
Martin, Archibald
Maxwell, Samuel D.
Maxwell, Samuel D.
Maxwell, William
McAllen, Robert
McCabe, David
McCain, John
McClung, Samuel
McConnell, Ezekiel
McCord, William
McCullough, James B.
McDade, James
McGilliard, Jas.P.
McLaughlin, Jno.
McLaughlin, Nathan
McMacker, Robert N.
McMahan, Willam G.
Michael, Cornelius
Miller, Abraham
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, George
Miller, Isaac
Miller, Jacob
Miller, William
Miller, William Wilhite
Mills, Isaac
Milroy, Henry B.
Mitchell, Wm. P.
Mocum, William
Moore, Fredrick
Moore, Phillip
Mount, William
Mullen, Samuel
Nelson, Nesbit
Noel, Aaron
Noel, Hiram
Noel, John
Noggle, David
Nutt, Edmund
Oliver, Elias
Oliver, Washington
Olliver, Elias
Ott, John
Perrie, Robert
Peters, Isaac
Powers, David
Powers, Jonathan V.
Ramey, Wm. P.
Ramsey, John
Rees, William
Richardson, Eliza
Riddle, David
Riddle, William
Ringer, John
Rodgers, Tilman
Rose, Stiles
Runyan, John
Rush Jr., Isaac
Rush, Jeptha
Rush, Jesse
Rush, Leonard
Scott, James
Scott, James
Scoyoc, John
Shaeffer, Jacob
Shaeffer, Peter
Shelley, David
Slayback, Levi
Slayback, Solomon
Smith, John
Smith, Peter
South, John
Stewart, Mary
Stillwell, Jeremiah
Stotts, James
Stump, George
Sullinger, James
Sullivan, James
Swan, Robert
Swearingen, Charles
Swindler, Clayton
Thompson, Aaron
Thompson, Enoch
Thompson, Moses
Tichenon, William
Turner, Wesley S.
VanCleave, John
VanCleave, Samuel
Vaneaton, James
Walden, Ebenzer
Walden, Elisha
Warbington, Jas.
Warren, James
Warren, John
Warren, John B.
Watkins, Daniel
Watkins, Isaac
Weir, Elizabeth
Weir, Mary
Welliever, William
Wheeler, Joseph
White, William
Whitlock, Ambrose
Whittaker, John
Wilhite, Elliott
Wilhite, Simeon
Wilhite, William
Wilkinson, James
Williams, Stephen
Williams, Stephen
Williamson, John
Wilson, John
Wilson, Robert
Wimmer, William
Winton, Robert
Witteman, John
Workman, Benj.
Wray, David
Wray, Samuel
Wright, Isaac
Wylie, James
Zerfaz, Abraham

Original land owners of Union Township - North

Aker, Jacob
Anderson, John
Baldwin, Jackomyer
Barclay, Edward
Barclay, Gabriel Mcneil
Barkley, Gabriel M.
Barton, John
Baxter, Joshua
Baxter, Joshua
Beeler, Isaac
Beeler, Jacob
Binford, James
Binford, John
Binford, Peter
Black, John
Blalock, Bruce
Blevins, William
Bloomfield, Isaac
Bohon, Daniel
Breaks, Richard
Brown, Jacob
Brown, Samuel
Brown, Thomas
Burch, James K.
Burley, John
Burns, Isaac
Busenburgh, James
Cadwallader, Isaac
Cassity, Isaac
Catterlin, Ephraim
Chapman, John B.
Clark, Jonathan
Clarke, Hiram H.
Conrad, James
Conrad, Jonathan
Conrad, Joseph
Cooley, Matthew
Cooper, Joseph
Cooper, Joseph
Cooper, Lewis L.
Cope, Samuel
Cox, Abner
Cox, Elijah
Cox, Hannah
Cox, Isaac
Cox, Joseph
Cox, Mary
Cox, Priscilla
Cox, Rachel
Cox, William
Crawford, John
Crawford, William
Crouch Sr., Andrew
Crouch, Andrew
Croy, Alex
Croy, Alexander
Croy, Joseph
Davison, Samuel
Dawson, Isaac
Dawson, Mary
Day, Ambrose
Dewey, John
Donahue, William
Dox, Philip
Dungan, James
Eaken, Andrew
Elmore, John
Ennis, Samuel
Epperson, Charles
Farlow, John
Fender, Henry
Fender, John
Flanigan, John
Fowler, John
Gaines, John
Garrigus, Jeptha
Gist, Robert C.
Goble, David
Gradner, Laban
Graham, Ansley
Graham, George
Graham, John
Graham, John
Graham, William
Gray, Joseph
Gray, William
Griest, Robert C.
Griffin, Elizabeth
Grist, John
Groendyke, Peter
Harper, Middleton
Harshbarger, Christian
Hart, Richard
Hendricks, William
Henry, James
Henry, John
Hiatt, John
Hollingworth, Fredrick
Horner, Abraham
Howard, Fredrick
Hueston, Matthew
Jackson, Ebinezer
Johnson, James B.
Johnson, Timothy D.
Jones, Caleb
Jones, James
Jones, Jonathan
Keesling, Jacob
Kellison, John
Kemble, Manley
Kenworthy, Elisha
Kenworthy, Joshua
Kenworthy, Silas
Kenworthy, Thomas
Kerr, John
Ketcham, Abraham
Key, George
Key, John
Kite, Michael
Lee, Edmund
Lee, Henry
Lee, Henry
Lee, John
Lindsay, James
Lockridge, Eljah H.
Long, David
Lucas, Isreal
Mann, John
Mann, Jonas
Marlow, George
Marquis, George
Martin, Abia B.
Mason, William
Masterson, Charless
Masterson, Mary
Mats, Charles
McCafferty, Richard
McClaskey, John
McCullough, James
McCullough, John
McCullough, John
McDaniel, Henderson
McIntire, Jacob
McMillen, Samson
Meadows, Isham
Middleton, Hudson
Middleton, Levi
Miller Jr., Daniel
Miller, Abraham
Miller, Isaac
Miller, Jacob
Miller, James
Miller, John
Miller, Solomon
Mitchel, Perley
Moberly, Drury
Moholland, Samuel
Monroe, Jesse
Morehouse, Wm.
Mote, William
Munger, Edmund
Munger, Henry K.
Musgrave, Henry
Newhard, Abraham
Nicholson, Henry
Nicholson, William
Park, George
Paullin, Daniel
Paullin, Jermiah
Perkins, Thomas
Peyton, Geo. W.
Pickerell, John
Pickering, William
Pierce, Nathaniel L.
Pless, James
Pottenger, Samuel
Potts, David
Potts, John
Powers, Jonathan W.
Pullen, F.M.
Pullen, Y. B.
Quick, Edwin
Quillen, Elijah
Ramey, John
Ramey, William P.
Ramey, William Page
Ramey, Wm. P.
Rankin, James
Rayburn, Henry
Redenbaugh, Fredrick
Reed, Richard
Ristine, Henry
Ristine, John
Ritter, Simon
Rogers, Tillman
Ross, Samuel
Scott, James
Scott, Prior
Shanklin, Andrew
Shidmore, William
Ship, Elijah
Shoemaker, John
Shotts, Lavina
Simms, Lany
Simpson, Allen
Smith, Charity
Smith, John
Snyder, David
Staats, Abraham
Staats, Rebecca
Staley, Matthias
Stevens, Abednego
Stites, James
Stitt, John
Stone, Riley
Stover, Samuel
Struble, James
Struble, James
Swank, Joseph
Swearingen, Charles
Taylor, Barsilla
Taylor, Plesant
Teeter, Robert
Thompson, Samuel
Vanarsdall, Wm. A.
Vaneaton, James
Ventioner, James
Walter, Henry
Walton, John T.
Wheeler, Joseph
Wheeler, Ralph
White, Daniel
Whitlock, Ambrose
Williams, James
Williver, William
Wilson, John
Wilson, John
Wilson, John
Wilson, John D.
Woods, Abraham
Woods, Andrew
Worley, Robert

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