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ORIGINAL LAND OWNERS - names only (no book & page #s - sorry)

Airhart, Robert

Alexander, John

Alexander, Joseph

Alexander, Richard

Allhands, Andrew

Allhands, Daniel

Ball, Dennis

Ball, Nathan

Beach, Nathan

Beard, John

Beedle, Abraham

Beedle, Jacob

Beedle, Simeon

Beeler, Abraham

Beever, Christian

Beever, Henry

Bible, John

Bible, Lewis

Biddle, Stephen

Binford, Peter

Bladen, Fredrick R.

Bolen, Richard

Bowlin, Richard

Bradley, James W.

Brady, Christian

Brady, John

Brooks, Benj

Brooks, Stephen

Brown, Samuel

Bryant, J.R.M.

Bunnell, Burzilla

Cain, John

Campbell, Elisha

Carl, Jonas

Carothers, Arch Carr

Campbell, Jacob

Chenoworth, John

Clark, Abner

Clark, William

Clarkson, David

Clement, Henry

Clement, John F.

Clements, John F.

Cogshell, Matthew

Connell, Hiram

Cook, Ann

Cook, Bradley

Coon, Christian

Coon, Isaac

Coseboom, William

Cowan, Charles

Cowan, John N.

Crawford, John

Culver, Jacob

Dalton, Wm

Davidson, William

Dazey, Jacob

Dazey, John

Dazey, Thomas

Deborah Kinkead

Dewey, James

Dewey, Richard

Dilling, Daniel

Donham, Robert

Dudley, John

Duncan, John H.

Elias Moudy,

Elrod, Eli

Elston, Isaac C.

Elston, William M.

Epperson, Elias

Ferguson, Daniel

Foot, William

Forbes Sr., William

Forbes, William

Fox, Phillip

Frey, Thos

Galdman, Archibald

Geo Southard,

Gilbert, John

Grady, Thomas

Grave, William

Greathouse, John

Gregory, James

Grenard, Elisha

Halland, Otho

Hanks, Joseph

Harper, Middleton

Harris, William

Hathaway, William

Hawk Sr., John

Hawk, John

Hay, Alexander

Hay, Andrew

Hemphill, Andrew

Henry Dazey, Jamee

Hickson, Joel

Hixon, Andrew

Hixon, Matthew

Hixon, Richard

Holland, William

Honham, Robert

Hughes, Levi

Husted, John

Husted, Moses

Hutcheson, Josiah

Hymen, Bartlett

Hymer, John

Insley, Aaron

Insley, Ellis

Insley, Isabella

Insley, Noah

Insley, Thomas J.

Jackson, Enoch

James Smith,

John Mann,

Jones, George

Kendall, Elisha

Kendall, James

Kendall, Samuel

Kincaid, Samuel

Kincaid, William

Kinkead, Samuel

Kirkpatrick, Absalom

Kirkpatrick, John

Koon, John

Lambourne, Thomas

Layton McKinney, William

Layton, Arthur

Layton, Joseph B.

Layton, Joshua C.

Levally, Henry

Logan, Alex

Low, Samuel

Lowe, James

Lungar, Phillip P.

Lungar, Ruth

Mack Sr., John

Mann, Jonas

Marlow, George

Martin, William

McBroom, William

McClane, Joseph

McDaniel, Isaac

McGinnis, Joseph

McGinnis, Theodore

McJumsey, William

McKinney, Franklin

McKinney, James

McKinney, James L.

McKinney, Solomon

McMahan, Abrahm

McMillan, Eli

Meharry, Hugh

Meharry, James

Meharry, Thomas

Miller Jr., John Mills, John

Mitchell, James

Mitchell, WIlliam

Moberly, John L.

Monroe, Aaron

Monroe, Barnabas

Montgomery, Alex

Montgomery, Arch

Montgomery, Isaac H.

Montgomery, Simpson

Moore, Allen

Moore, Phillip

Morrow, James

Nicholson, William

Nix, John

Odell, Caleb

Oppy, David

Pare, Jospeh

Park, Elijah

Parke, Andrew H.

Parke, Eliza

Patrick Ward,

Walter Patton,

Thomas Potto, Stephen

Quick, Edwin

Reed, Charles

Reed, Elias

Reeder, George W.

Reese, A.

Reeve, Asa

Reiley, William

Richardson, Ira

Rollo, John

Rynearson, Corneluis J.

Sargent, Asher

Shankland Boyd, Elliot S

hanklin Boyd, Eliel

Shell, John

Sherwood, Benj

Sherwood, Jeremiah

Shoemaker, David

Shoemaker, Seth

Shreeves, Benjamin

Shull, George

Simmons, Jacob

Simpson, Allen

Smith, Isaac

Smith, Jas

Smith, John H.

Smith, Peter

Smith, Phebe

Smith, Robert

Smith, Thomas

Smith, William

Stoddard, Daniel

Stoddard, Orin

Stoddard, Orren

Stout, Michael

Stover, Christian

Stover, Samuel

Strasburger, David

Suter, Stephen

Swank, Michael

Swank, William

Taylor Hayden, Johan

Taylor, Jas

Taylor, Thomas

Templeton, William

Thomas, Adam

Thompson McKinney, Presley

Thompson, Abram

Thompson, James S.

Thompson, William

Tillard, John

Tracy, Jesse

Tracy, John

Tracy, Vesey

Voliva, Nathan

Walden, Elijah

Walden, Theolophilus

Ward, Thomas

Ward, Walter

Ward, Walter P.

Warner, Thomas

Watson, William S.

Welch, Thomas

Wells, William

Wheeler, Michael

White, Charles

Whitlock, David

Wilhite, President H.

Will, William

Williamson, Balden A.

Williamson, R.

Wilson, James

Wilson, Samuel

Winter, Sylvia

Wood, Joseph

Woodhouse, Hadley

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