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NOTE: I have always wanted to write a blog. Doubt any one in the world will read these, but just thought it would be fun. So, here goes #1 -- will probably put the newest one on top if I ever do more than #1 that is :) ENJOY !!!!

Blog 3 Dated 3-17-2018

Anyone having done genealogy for more than a couple of decades knows the hobby is much changed. Gone are the days of filling-out paper sheets, fewer are those stomping cemetery days or rustling around in the courthouse basement. Enter Family Tree Maker (Legacy or the like), findagrave, Ancestry and let's not forget the DNA frenzy.

Another item that was once a must but that has come close to being a lost tool is perusing genealogy magazines. In fact, I hadn't looked at any for several years, but had a couple of hours to kill at the Crawfordsville District Public Library today and decided to ta plunge! In fact, I began with a magazine I'd never seen, Your Genealogy, Sept/Oct 2017.

Hopefully, you'd never need the first article I glanced over (Crimes Across Multiple Jurisdictions) but if you did have an old stinky relative, who crimed- around, Diane Richard gives excellent, overall research tips about geography, types of courts and how records were often filed.

Next, although a century ago, is a current topic, because of the 100th anniversary of WWI this year. "Discover Your WWI Ancestor Through State-Base Resources. Many have databases for the soldier's from their state. It's easy - Ancestry, local libraries, general google search, to discover the basic facts, but keep going. Create a real profile.

Check for a 1934 Veterans Compensation Application - you might discover he earned $10/month from the state which during the Depression was a major income-aid. Your could discover the battles in which he fought. Check the Gold Star Rolls, as well. If a person who died was in your ANcestor's unit, then gpa' was probably in that battle, too.

Several other articles of course included your Irish Ancestors (ha - guess that one I should have read since it IS St. Pat's Day) and their Schools; Apprentice Records; Probate INformation; Overseers and Surveyors of Roads and more.

Meet me next week for another view of Family Tree!


Blog 2 : Dated 3-12-2018

Last week, I talked about one of my side hobbies to genealogy (collecting signatures) so no surprise, I'll discuss another this week.

One day, I found in a stack of genealogy things that a lady gave me a picture sheet for ancestors. That was my start, only I've always been an overachiever. I wanted to collect a picture representing every piece of my ancestor's lives. That takes a bunch of pictures. Using my dad as an example: the youngest picture I had was when he was probably three standing with his sister in their back yard, his hand on his faithful dog, Shep. My grandparents were Italian immigrants so extremely poor so to even have that picture is very lucky. Shep was dad's babysitter. Dad was quite the stinker, prankster, adventurer so Shep literally kept him in the yard. Next dad would have a bathing suit picture - it's quite the scream of him, his dad and sister. He was probably 12 or so. Then his graduating picture from his high school year book. CCC - now, I do have a lot of pictures from the CCC years but do wish I'd had one in his baseball uniform when he played for them.

WWII was next then there are several of the five of us (I have twin brothers, Larry, Garry and me, all born 10 days before Christmas - they are three years older than I am - my poor mother) and when I got camera age I have lots of dad. Did miss carpet laying. He is in one advertisement laying carpet and I have him in a picture putting up mail.

Of course, it wouldn't have to be live pictures. Tombstones; something representing their work (farm tractor for instance); a picture of the church they attended. Anything to chronicle their life. Okay, that said, I should get myself busy practicing what I preach!

Blog 1: Dated 3-8-2018

How many of you have discovered a side hobby while working on your genealogy? Me? I have so many.

Likely my first side step was collecting my ancestor's signatures. Probably had 200 or more in a file when we had our basement flood about eight years ago and I've never refound any of them; some may not be replaceable anyway.

My oldest one was dated in 1704 and was a note to pay off a small piece of property. It was an original and I cherished it so -- sadly, all gone!

Of course, since then, I could find easily my kings and queens' signatures and refind many of the ones I lost, but I guess I just don't have the interest anymore. Next week's blog, I'll tell you some more.

I found the signatures in various places - wills, marriage licenses, letters and the most unusual in an autograph book.

Well, there it is Blog #1 :)




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