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Charles D. 'Chine' BARR

Waveland Independent
Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana
Dec 7 1917

Charles D. Barr writes from Ft. Thomas, Kentucky

"When we arrived in Indianapolis we went direct to the recruiting office where we were given our transportation to Ft. Thomas. We 4 with 5 others, were taken to a restaurant where we enjoyed a good dinner, the 1st one on Uncle Sam. After dinner we were each given a box lunch and taken to the station. We left on the Big 4 at 1:20 noon for Ft. Thomas, via Cincinnati. We arrived at the military reservation about 4 p.m. going direct to the receiving station where our measurements were taken for uniforms, after which we were ordered tot ake a bath. After takeing a good shower bath I felt much better. We were then ordered back to the receiving room where, with about 200 others we were line dup single file and given our mess-kits, consisting of a combined metal dish and plate which folds up when not in use, also a metal cup, knife, fork and spoon. Passing thru the kitchen our plates were filled. Our first meal at hte Ft consisted of hash, beans, corn, celery, corn bread, wheat bread, butter, coffee and a bottle of milk. We then passed into the mess hall with long tables and benches running full length. There are about 500 in our mess. After supper each man washes his own kit and turns it in. After supper we were written up and then released until 8:30. We went to the YMCA. Saw Bill Ferrell from Browns Valley, also "Bones" Shaul; they both look good in uniforms and seem to like it fine. We have some sort of entertainment at the YMCA every afternoon and evening. Las tnight we had a lady singer, a band concert and movie pictures. At 8:30 we reported at the receiving hall again and were given two good blankets each, and at 9 o'clock were ordered to bed. Just imagine me going to be at 9 o'clock. But I did all right. Our barracks (sleeping quarters) are large and well ventilated, have steam heat but the heat is turned off at 11 o'clock. The bunks are the regular army beds single iron beds, having a spring matress and one pillow. So you see were are not faring so badly after all. We get up at 5:55 have 5 minutes to dress, fold our blankets and wash. After this comes the funny part, some have to sweep, op, carry water or clean cuspidors every morning but there are so many of us that it isn't hard on anyone. Today (Sunday) we spent the entire day in the examination rooms. They sure give us a rigid exam. There were 900 o fus took the examination. We took our clothes off at 8 o'clock and didn't get them back on until noon. After dinner we took the oath, had our finger prints taken and were vaccinated and all given a dose of salts. I didn't mind the vaccination, altho my arm is pretty sore, but the salts wa awful! What do you think? The Sgt told me I had the best examination card in the bunc! My eyes are a little bad and I have to have one tooth pulled, also some nerve trouble, but no heart trouble at all, as some doctors told me. Monday - Didn't get to finish my letter last night, so will finish now. We had to go to the barber shop today and get a shave and hair cut. We won't get our uniforms until tomorrow morning, as they are changing from cotton to wool uniforms, and we are in luck, for the wool ones are so much nicer. We got 3 suits of underwear, 3 pairs of socks, 2 shirts, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of patns, 2 pairs of leggins, 1 coat, 1 overcoat and hat. "Bones" Shaul left today for Ft. Leavenworth. All the boys are feeling good and like it fine. The eats are splendid, have a bottle of milk every meal, also coffee, tea, or coco. Have some kind of fruit every onring, either an apple, orange or California grapes. had ice cream yesterday for dinner. Chine [Charles D. Barr] 22nd Regt Squad 10, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky.

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