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John Bonsack

Laport County, Ia October 19th 1835

Dear Susana

I will now inform you that we landed In the St. Joseph Country on the 19th of this month - the First family I saw of our aqaintience was Abraham Stoners soning law of Christly Moomaw& I had a letter for him have we only stopt a little on our horses Stoner was diging a well and told me he had Jacob Stoner down he drawed him up he apeard to be very glad to see me he to lives near Am Stoners then "Myself & Jacob Stoner went to his house to Polly his wife & her child here in this section -the people began to look more healthy that what the -did in the south part of the state I was a goodeel dis couraged with the country to see so many sick folks I thought when I seen so many pale face is if I should live to get home I wold content my self in our country and did not think to see this country my mare as it is a long journey and to go sutch -a long distance without a good cause it wold be useless Now we found the people generly well in this country we went from Stoners to Abraham Gersts and found them all well took our breakfast then Abraham went with us to Liglers and rode about with us to show his land & situation then we went back to his house took diner the are all well and appear to be well satisfid in this country in the afternoon Abraham Gersts went with us to the town of southben here we saw som of our aqaint ience Matthias Stoners campes from Fincastle and also one of Am Gersts sons also aqaintience of Wm C Smith that married Hamett McCrery by the name of Patterson, thence we went on to David Millers on a Pastay Prania here we staid all night here we came in company with the Fishers boys from Franklin namely Elias & Nathanl jest moved from Ohio and landed the same evening The next morning we started to John Beckners In Laport County Found them all well & harty two our great satis faction the next day we rid about with company John Beckner -in the Prania and then to the town of Laport and seen som of our aqantience both the -Browns then back to John Beckners that evning the next day on Sunday we went To a man by the name of Webster on the watters of the little Kankakee here we saw the most uncommon groth of turnups I ever had seen and all kinds of vegetation but the corn is very sorry in conciquence of the frost the had every thing is dear in this country in conciqence of the uneven Emigration of people to this fertile country I belive this to be an easy country to make -a living the land is very rich level and Drye Joshua and Leroy appear to be highly pleased with this country I belive if I intended to move to any strange or new -country I would come here but I will not say any thing about this at the preasent If the Lord is willing that I shal see you all and in brace you in love we perhaps can say move about it I see land here that I would be willing to buy if I could get it for a reasonable prise the land has risen verry mutch in value here I do not think that Crumpachers will be sorry for moving if the only can buy many of brother and sister immigrate to this country if Grandaddy Hershberger will not stay in Virginia and intends to move to any country I would rather he would move here then any other place as this land is uncoman risk level and fertile and good mill power drye roads this is not concern in new countrys The country where Jacob Hershberger and John Myers moved too is much more muddy If we can find any land vacant here that is worth entering we intend to enter here but the good chance is very much taken and the Land office is not open now in Conciqence of the land sale that has bee Lately the Clarks must make some change ments in the land affairs it will be perhaps 3 to 4 weeks I am not able to tell when I will start back to Va I do not wish you to be -uneasy about me I do not expect to come till late the distance is to far to go for -nothing I do not expect to return till I seen some more although I would be very glad to see you all We are at a good friends house John Beckners has been very kinds to us this day we went with us to Michigan Citty on the Lake Michigan this is a thriving place I must close I would wish to write Mutch more but in tend to thirteen milles this evening and it is late in the day and the rest a waiting with patiens All I think you will not begroge 25 cents to here from mee from a distance no move at preasent My kindes love to you and to my children and to Edward & Esqire and to Asena and all inqiring friends give my love to grandfather -& Grandmother Hershberger also to Samuel -and Elizabeth and to Joseph Brubaker & sister Caty & children and I shall ever -remain you efectinate husband till death and commend you in the hands of him that can protect mee and you all

John Bonsack

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