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Above Christmas card is to Maggie Schleppy

Letter 1 - December 8, 1925 - to Mrs. Margaret Schleppy c/o WH Cowan - Baker, FLA (RFD 5, Crawfordsville, Ind marked out) -- 143 Garfield Ave, Salem, O. (does not say who this is from nor have John Cowan nor I, Karen Zach, figured who they might be)

Dear Cousin was glad to hear from you. We have had a lot of sickness this fall. Mr. had to quit the shop, has charge of a filling station. You know what this is week day and Sunday & late at night. He feels much better gets more fresh air. Leta and I visited my sister in Trenton, NJ in Nov. I guess the trip was too much for me. A month ago Mary took pneumonia. I went there to see after her and they burned gas. I took a heavy cold . I was in bed 2 weeks. Today is the first that I have been out of the house. I am so weak. Marys trouble has turned in to TB she had to go to the Sanitarium. I have her baby. She is four, his mother has the two older ones. Dr. says that is keeping me from getting well. Just so she apread to her kiddies. You ought to see Letas baby she is a little Dear. Leta said she will send a snap of her to you. My sister is not a bit well was sick all the time we were there but is working again she has charge of the kitchen in one of the big potteries. I thought about coming to see you. Maybe we can make it next fall. You had bad weather too, rained nearly all the time here. The dirt raods are impassible now. We had lots of fruit our pear tree was loaded and the cherry to big white sweet ones. We such ? hard hail storms through the summer it be nice for you to go to Florida. I would like to be where is a little warmer. For I nearly freeze. Leta said she was ahamed that she didn't thank you for the little dress Jane is wearing it yet but is a tight fit. Your letter is all right. You will have to put in what I left out like to hear from you again. Love to all and have a good time if you go from your loving cousin Ida ByBy - Wish you all a Merry Xmas

To Mr. and Mrs. RE Schleeppy (sic) Crawfordsville, Ind (Christmas note from EL Marcrum in Jane Lew, W VA) - front

To Mrs. Margaret Slipfey Crawfordsville Ind RR- front - back (ahhh, what a Christmas card SHOULD be - don't see much of this anymore - 2017

7-26-1926 Baker, Fla - to Mr. WH Cowan, Crawfordsville, Ind

Mr. WH Cowan Dear Sir

Your letter to hand (?) and 2 a.m. at home I have waited so long to ans- but have been run to death and two tired on Sunday. All is well. Had Imogene tonsil taken out at Andalusin. She is ok now. Had potatoes dug and I ? got several bushel paid Mom in potatoes. Mr. Smith has moved in your house hes selling life ins - don't no how is making it. Mr. Stewart is going to be an principal he wants room for light house keeping. Bela Moore & WC Moore is putting in drug store in tin building I dont no but Belah must have failed he wont say nothing. Moccol M is in South Fla I think most all teacher in common school here will be home. Girls wife has 9th grade at Leon salary I dont no all high school teachers but none of old ones Mr. Jesse Merrit an trustee shoudl now. It is dry down her enow been ary most every time you left have good cotton crop. I believed they get 1.25 bales an all my crop corn not so good but will make flexity. I am still selling a little land. Some to Chicago fellows. I have had a hard year work but you no that sutes me. I will cose give love to all & both grandma & come by and see us all Keep yours W Kierce ? - Excuse all mistakes JWK

(goes with Ethel Hill note)

from Virgil & Grace, New Richmond, Ind 6-23-1918

Dear Merrell:
Well, I have been hearing what you have said about me, and can imagine you have thought a great deal more than you wrote but I will take it because I know I am guilty. I know I should have written sooner but we have been very busy and again I thought my letters would interest you more after you had been gone a little while. Is that excuse enough? Well you are missing a lot of good fun now. We are into the clover hay up to our eyes. We have Scotts done got about a day here yet had to stop today to cut this patch of rye.

Scott got his new binder the other day thought he would have to use it about the last of this week. His wheat is looking fine. We had a big frost here night before last - and the corn in the low grown is a sight in some places. It did not hurt ours much

We sold our cattle week before last sent them to Chicago. Scott and I went on the freight with them and say we had some trip.

Scott's weighed 858 up there and mine 885 got 15.90. We had been offered 15 1/2 at home so you see we lost out somewhat. Mine would have brought 83 more at home and Scott's 102 more. But we had that much fun out of our trip I am sending you a picture of the cattle with this.

We are having it very dry now have not had any rain for good while I am afraid the oats are out in to, to what we thought they would be. How does crops look out in there.

I suppose it wont be long till you will be getting some experiences in the aira. Hope you get through with your studies all right so you can get the place you counted on.

I seen Herb T. St. Clair Saturday night in town. We only got to stay about one hour. You would think he is General Pershing. We are send the boys picture also. Virgil. Write soon

from Betty Hightower 8-26-1918 Chicago, Ill

Dear Merle, Well a few days ago I received a nice letter from someone down in Texas, which pleased me much. Seems like old times to be writing to you again. I guess it was rather nervy for me to call you and no doubt your mother thinks I'm terrible, but I'm not, am I? I just wanted to talk to you. I dind't think you would call me after the news you heard. Nioma told me she told you I was going to get married when I was down home Easter. It has been quite awhile since then and I'm still single. I was going with a fellow at that time but didn't know I ever intended to marry him. At least I never heard anything about until she told me when I was down home. That's all right she didn't mean any harm. You know she just loves to talk and ride in machines. So do I.

I am very glad you got into the branch of service you wanted to. It will be more interesting to you. I don't imagine I would want to go very high. I would fall out on my head, then I wouldn't be no more.
I hardly know what you mean concerning Niaoma. She told me she had a date with you before you left and that you were just as nice as ever. Hobart has gone to war. They have not been keeping company for sometime. He was up to see her just before he left and told her he still loved her and some other junk, she doesn't seem to care much for him though. She gave you the picture so you wouldn't forget yu had a real good friend back in C'ville. She likes you so well that she i s inclined to be a trifle jealous. When I asked about you she said I need not worry she had told you I was going to get married and that you belonged to her anyway. Now I hope you won't think I mean to say anything agains Ni. cause she is certainly a nice big kid and we have been friends quite awhile. She tells me most everything when we get together. You know how she raves nevertheless she is a good kid and I think you would be perfectly safe in writing to her so far as Chenault is concerned.

Merle I have a very large photo I could send you but it would be impossible for you to keep it with you for it is terribly big. Now if you want it just whistle and I'll send it immediately.

I do enjoy my work sometimes then again I don't I was put on a new desk for this week and I don't know anything about it. Suppose I can learn in the course of a week. Have to issue Sale Orders against the agents and cancel drafts and deposits all checks that come in. I handle oodles of money. Otherwise when I'm on my own desk I am a real stenographer now instead of a dictaphone operator.

My girl friend & I are going on a trip to the Great Lakes today so must hurry. I started this last night but went out so got up real early to finish this morning. Expecting a letter real soon. Still your friend, Betty.

from Betty Hightower Crawfordsville Oct 15, 1918

Dear Merle: Don't you sign your letters Andy to me, cause you are Merle still yet and always will be with me. I don't want to call you Andy. You probably expected a letter before now but you see I didn't get yours until today, as you sent it to Chi. I came home the next Sunday after you left. Thout I would get here before you went back. Am going to stay home this winter with the folks. Already have a position with the Pioneer Box Company. Real close to home here. I hired as a stenographer but they put me on dictaphone today and such an ache as I have in my poor head. I suppose it is the dictaphone. Maybe I am taking the "flux." I see you wrote this letter on Sunday evening. What was the trouble didn't you have a date, where are all the girls down there?

By the way you must not forget to tell me what you think about the girls I am rather anxious to know just thru curiosity you know. That one especially. Do I know her. I imagine I do. I sorta thought you liked her. You were here quite awhile to only have one date with her, Nioma. I am speaking of. I don't 'spose you would have had time to even come to see me one time, had I been home. I guess you went Thurs or Friday and I came Sunday just missed you a few days. Sad but tre. You will have to get another furlough to come and see me. Yeah. That would be nice. Maybe I should get a furlough and go see you huh? Now wouldn't that be terrible. I see myself doing it. I don't think.

Well, Merle, I am going to retire. Write to me here at home. I think I shall just simply croak for the want of excitement in this town but maybe I can stand it this winter. Write as often as possible cause you know your letters will help kill the monotony and they are certainly welcome. Still yet your friend, Betty

Written sideways across the top of the letter -- Merle - be careful when you fly. Some day when you come home, you must take me for a ride way up high. Now be awful careful please. Love, Betty

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