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From: T. L. Hanna - 497 N. Orange Grove Ave, Pasadena Calif - Feb 2nd, 1915

To: Mr. George M. Cowan, Waveland, Indiana

Note: This was typed and probably by a secretary as at end, it has TLH/A.

Dear George: Your letter of a month or more ago received and for dealy in answer, some apology is due you but for the fact the aplogy might be the greater offence of the two, will attempt none.

In reading your letter felt as if almost in your presence, right in your sitting room as of yore. Imagination is a great factor sometimes in lieu of the actual. Some fellow has said, as you know, by it one can "sail aloft through the regions of unlimited space and gaze on worlds unknown." But for the common fellow it is safer to remain closer to the old sod, and leave the other to the air man if he cares for the job.

Yes, indeed, we should be thankful that we are in "Wintry Indiana and Sunny California" and in no wise subject to the dicatates of any war lord, whose orders might be to fight "nolends, volends," on land, on sea, in air, or under all, only fight to kill.

Heard a very able address last week on the subject of PEACE but in which much reference was made to the great war of which we hear so much. It was given by Dr. David Starr Jordon, former president of Stanford University, who has just completed a tour of the world with extensive observations in the war zone. Thinking you could better appreciate by reading the lecture than by any description we could make of it, we are sending you a copy of the paper containing a summary of it. Since Dr. Jordon resigned the presidencey of Stanford, he has been devoting his entire time to the interst of peace. For years he has been a close student of international relations and with his experience and travel among te nationas of the world, he is well qualified for the work he has undertaken.

We have many opportunities to hear good things not only by prominent people who come here but by those already located here, or nearby, GEH and I try to meet nearly every Sunday afternoon at the YMCA to hear a lecture by some prominent speaker for the ocasion (sic). Two prominent Hoosiers have been among the best we have heard; Robert Coyle, formerly of Crawfordsville and J. Whitcomb Brougher from the Southern part of the state, the latter is a prominent, unique Chatauqua speaker and past of the Burdette Church in Los Angeles with thousands to hear him every Sunday.

Most of the churches here have very efficiet men and seating capacity is usually at a premiu. Think you would enjoy the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, a very able young Scotchman of great power and ability.

Come along as soon as you can and be convinced. Am sure we would greatly appreciate your company.

George Hanna lives about two miles form us. They are located on a beautiful street which runs to the mountains and have built a comfortable bungelow fitted with every convenience for a home.

we are sorry to hear of John R. Canine's death. It does seem that the Reaper Death is cutting a wide swath in and about Waveland.

See one of your old friends often - one of the Perkins formerly of Lebanon and he sends his special regards to you. He is at his old business here, Mens Furnishings, etc.

Now a word about business. As you stated in your letter that you hoped to ship your sheep in January; suppose you have done so ere this, and have no doubt that they were in good condition and topped the market. Left ours in the care of Andy Miles and Willoughby with instructions to ship in January or as soon as they would do to go.

The price for grain seems to be doing better in the market than the price for livestock. Have you sold your mules yet? Should think that the war would create some demand for them as well as for horses. What stock do you next expect to handel (sic); hogs, most likely? Regret to hear of the stock desease (disease?) breaking out again in our state. Refer to the notice given of its appearance in Johnson County.

We have letters from the men on the farm now and then. They all report most things to be in fairly good condition, as you stated.

As to the health proposition, think I have made some improvement since coming West this time as I am up to my usual weight. Have never suffered the least inconvenience from the effects of the knife operation and take frequent walks as far as down town or father, if necessary. Can ride just as well for the great sum of 5 cents as the street car is close at hand. Guess the very careful oversight in the early stages of the operation has had much to do with the apparently successful outcome. If I was not duly thankful for the services of my chauffeur and all the others who held me down then, I surely am now.

The rainy season is now on and we have had an abundance for the lasty few days and nights but no more than is needed. Have had perhaps 6" within the week. Pleanty of rain this month insures good crops for the farmers here whether much comes later on or not.

Will close here with kind regards to Jessie and yourself. The family wish to be remembered and we would all enjoy hearing from you again, anytime. Sincerely yours, TLH/A


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