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Note: Her father, Thomas Edward Huston, owned, operated, edited and published the Waveland Independent newspaper for 40 years Nellie was Waveland's 1st librarian for about (definitely an approximation) 20 years until her marriage to Mial E. Lamb in 1917

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To: (in YMCA envelope stamped Taylor Branch, Louisville, KY Feb 1, 11 a.m. 1918)

Mrs. Mial E. Lamb Waveland, Ind On stationary - Army and Navy Young Men's Christian Associations "With the Colors" - Jan 31, 1917 My Dear Sweetheart, I received your letter tonight and I believe I had better answer at once. I want to be sure you get it in time to answer, so I will know when you are coming. These last 4 days have been strenuous ones for me. I have been out all day each one of them. We are making a map of all the immediate vicinity about the camp, a distance of 35 miles in circumference. First of all we locate the bearings of the boundary lines and then we make a detailed survey of the whole enclosed area in respect to location and land levels. It is quite a job. We have to transient (?) and three levels parties working on it. It has been rather trying. The ground is covered with snow and ice and you can scarcely walk. I imagine I have fallen about 2 dozzen (sic) times. I am standing the work fine though some of the boys almost gave out. We walk about 15 miles a day, quite a distance considering. Well, dear, I believe it reasonably safe for you to come the 15th if you would rather. I don't believe I will be moved before then. Of course I would like to see you as soon as I could. I won't see you so badly but we have to consider the financial side and I believe 4 weeks to be about as often as we can afford. This next month is going to be a hard one for me. I owe the government $5.00 or about that. They never took out for my liberty bond last month, so they will take out for two months this time, that $10, $15 allotment $6.90 insurance and $3 to the regimental exchange that makes me owe them $4.90 and I am practically broke now, have about $3 or to be literal $2.85. Interesting isn't it? They say they will council the liberty bond as soon as it can be arranged and then pay us back that ain't. They have to see that each man draws at least $7.50 so they will have to cancel my bond, but they wont do that before another month, or is everything has to take its course in the army. I hope they send out those allotments this month they surely should get it arranged. We will be a little better arranged when they do. Please let me know when you are arriving. And please ans at once, I have to put in for a Sat pass Wed to get it now. I will leave it to you to decide when to come. I would sure like to see you soon, come this next week if you wish to or if you think it advisable the 15th. I will be at the train to meet you if possible, if I am not, you can go to the Annex as before. Well my darling, I must say good night. I am your loving husband with much love and many kisses. Amial

Feb 3, 1918 - My Dearest Wife, I received your last letter last night. I attended church at the YMCA this morning. We have a regimental chaplain now, he preached this morning. It is very interesting too I enjoyed the services very much. He is going to preach to us every Sunday now at the YMCA. I am going on guard this afternoon, so I will be free next Sunday. This last week has been very strenuous. I was out on a transit party every day last week from 7:00 a.m. until from 5 -6 in the evening. That is going to regular from now on until further orders. I am going to try to get excused Sat afternoon but I am not sure if I can so I may not get uptown until about 7:30 p.m. If I get secured I will be up there about 2 p.m. I will look for you on next Friday evening this Friday Feb 8 I mean on that 6:35 train so be sure and come. I believe it best for you to come then, because as I said before I am not apt to be here very much longer, so I don't think we should worry about the expense it is pretty tough on you, but youll be all right when ever you get that allotment. I am so happy to think you are coming. I surely am getting crazy about you. I believe I love you more each day. Ah yes about that sweater, I wouldn't get one. I get along very well now. I have two already. I have the one Lottie gave me and also one with sleeves in it. So you see I am fixed out pretty well. Well, my Darling I must close. I will meet you at the train if possible. If I don't I will get down to see you either Sat afternoon or evening. Your loving husband, Mial

Monday evening, 1917 (but postmarked Feb 5 1918) I am very tired and sleepy tonight, so I am going to just write a note. I just got off of guard duty this afternoon about 4:30. You know I never slept but a little since Sat night. I just found out today that it will be impossible for me to get a pass Sunday. We all have to remain in quarters all day Sunday. They want to check up all of our clothes and supplies we have received. I am so aggravated about it I was talking to the company clerk about it. He that I would get a pass the following week the 15th allright. So you can come then. I am so sorry, I wanted to see you so badly and then I always so hate to have my plans broken up. I hope you get this in time, I think you will. So Dear I will expect to see you Friday evening Feb 15. Your husband with lots of love & kisses MIal

Sunday afternoon, In Camp Feb 10, 1918 - My Dear Nell, Do you know I like that name, some way it sounds a little more informal than Nella; so I think I shall call you Nell. My Dear I wish you were here today and you could have been. It only took until noon to check up our belongings, but I guess it is just as well this way. These trips are a little expensive, but then you wont make many more. The authorities say that we will be moved in about six weeks. So one or two more visits will be all you will be able to make. That don't look fair to throw all the expense on you, but then you will get it all back whenever (if ever) those allotments go through. Oh, yes! I have a little surprise for you. I am now a sergeant, was appointed this last week. Our Capt made four new sergeants. I surely was surprised, it was totally unexpected. You see, I jumped from a private to a sergeant. The other 3 were already corporals. I will now receive $44 that is a little better than $30. I will look for you Friday evening, I will meet you, if your train isn't too late. I think I will be able to get two nights off now I think I will be able to get both Sat & Sun night that will be a little better. Well, dear, I will close as I expect to see you in a few days. We will then have a good opportunity to talk. You own loving husband, Mial E. Lamb

Feb 24. 1918 My Dear Sweet Heart (sic) I am not going to write but a brief letter this morning as I want to go down town to church this morning. I received your letter, I am so glad you arrived home safely, but sorry you were so fagedirect (?) but really it seems to me you stand those trips splendidly, it would tire me out. It makes anyone tired to travel when they are not used to it. I am so glad you came, I enjoy being with you so much and I hope the time isn't far off when we can have a home of our own, don't you? I wish you were here to go to church with me this morning, I will remember you when I am there this morning. Well you see I am still here. I wasn't in the bunch ? we talking about, for which I am thankful. I supper a lot of us won't be here in 3 or 4 weeks from now though. It looks as if we would all have to go. This is surely a dandy morning. It isn't at all cold, I don't believe we will have anymore real cold weather. Well Dear, I must close. I just wish I could hold you in my arms and kiss you now. Your own loving husband, Mial E. Lamb

March 3, 1918- My Darling wife, I have a few minutes to spare before dinner, so I will write to you. This is even a fine day wish you were here today. It would be fine weather to get around today. Say those fellows that expected to leave the day you went home, just left here a few minutes ago just before I began this letter to you. As the saying goes I guess they are gone for a long long time. I guess all the engineers will move out soon. They are measured outfit, examined our socks and shoes this morning, it is that we are all home in a couple of weeks. I think we will take that hike I was talking to you about. Please don't speak to anyone about it. I was slightly undisposed for 4-5 days lagrippe I presume. I had a sore throat, dizzy head ache, sick to my stomach and pretty high fever. I am about all right now though. I was awfully sorry to hear you had been sick. I hope you are feeling recovered. I hope it wasn't your trip down here that caused the trouble. I rec'd the $1.00, I think you will get your money from the govt all right his month. I think the most of the fellows wives in my co. rec'd their money last month, they got all that was due them at once, so if you get yours this month you will get $60. Well sweetheart I must go to dinner so I will close. Yours with much love and many kisses Mial E. Lamb

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