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1926 - LETTERS FROM AND TO NELLIE HUSTON LAMB from or to her husband, MIAL E. LAMB

Note: The letters below are from Nellie Houston Lamb's brother, John Albert Huston who married Virginia Cromwell (Va below) -- don't know Vivian below at all -- anyone?? These letters are to Mrs. Mial E. Lamb, Phillysburg, Kansas

Globe, Ariz Feb 15 -- Dear Nellie

Your letter received last night so will ans at once to clear my credit. I was rather surprised to get that picture its the first time I have seen anything about her. Vivian's picture was in the Veterans of Foreign War magazine about two months ago.

So Mial is going home and you are going to spend a time in Kansas city rather a bad time of year to go to KC. You should have come down here. We haven't had any snow yet and 22 degrees above zero is the lowest its ever been. Last rain it showed a few days and last night it turned off cooler, but warmed up today. Business with this company has been rather rushing of late, got in three nights of over time. This overtime interferes with my work at the house. We are to have a Lattice accross th eyard for vines this summer IF I get it built. And to do any good it will have to be sudden as things have started to grow already.

Had a letter from Joe last night - they certainly have been having a run of bad luck since XMas should be all set for a good summer

Our City of Globe is to vote on a $150000 pavement bond question the 20th of March. If it goes thru we will be in pavement. Most every body I heard in the question think it will pass. By to date we haven't desided (sic) which way to vote.

Maybe Taylor wants it then you can sight see Arizona first. At present the State is paveing a mile with Federal Aid thru town it went for $28000 I think I don't just remember. Well best of luck in your travels Best to both from both So long, Albert

Globe, AZ April 19 -- Dear Nellie

I don't know for sur ejust how to write this letter. So far the package hasn't arrived and Virginia says I should let you know as she says you are so prompt that it is probably eather lost or delayed on the way. On the other hand it might arrive tonight, in which case this should be a letter telling you how well I like the contents. Anyway as it sounds like eats I can tell you just the same. If it does arrive I will PS the letter.

We celebrated my birthday by me puting on the silk sock from home and driving two hundred miles sight seeing. The folks also sent me some shirts and handker but I didn't use them all at one time. NOw I can celebrate again by trying the others.

We had a great day. Eat out dinner out on the river bank with close ? flies and amt to help us the real thing believe me. Just like city folks. Arizona is a good deal like the rest of the world I guess. It has rainned every since the first of March. The contractor that is putting in a mile of 18' cement pavement was supposed to have finished the 27th of Mon. Year to date he as five block in - and he has to tear that out and the contract calls for washed crushed stone and the city Engineer claims he used dirty rock. I guess it will be some time before he gets those in the mean time its nice as it is the only street you can gte out of town on and all the rough grading is done and it is about two feet below the side walk so form a wide ? home ? one mile long. Hope they have better luck when the city does the whole town.

Today it rainned hard on us all day and snowed on the mountain on both sides so it is rather cool to night. I am at the Shop puting in a little over time. So far I have written home also to gal ? so you see I can't be doing much for the company. (His letter is on the back side of an "Electrical Repair or Trouble Report")

If the weather gets a little warmer but not too hot we should have worlds and worlds of flowers without so very much water bills. Even the bare mountains are looking good this years just cornered ? with wild tulips and popies (sic), and some yellow flowers of some kind. I guess we intend to go out and dig a bunch of them this week some time.

Its almost time to go home if the package arrives, Virginia will make a note on this letter. So long Albert

Hoping you have as full a celebration of your birthday as I did. You presents started on its way.

Globe, AZ May 9th --Dear Nellie

You should see our roses now the red and white roses - climbers on the house are doing their stuff the bush roses are just starting and all this at no extra cost as it has rainned so much we havent had to pay more than the minm so far. May be it will continue. We gots lots of stuff besides the roses but Virginia would have to tell what they are, I thing (think) shes to the yard being rather small things are about thru sleep.

Myself, I am not the gardener, last week I put in my evening out hauling the oil stove, preparing for Summer. So far we are more than glad to have a fire in the kitchen range. But I guess befor long summer will be with us. This is my labor day Sunday, that is it is a holiday but I have to spend it at the plant. Timors ? all we are puting out today. Work isn't as pressing now as it has been for the last three month.

You remember I told you that the Federal Aid was puting in a mile of cement paving thru Globe. So far they have three block finished I guess it going to take all Summer. The $150000 CIty Bond past, the bonds were to be sold last Wens, Tues might the town dad ? found that the aslo ? for bids in the bond was printed wrong so have to be redone. So our pavement (sic) wont start for that much longer. THe $150000 is for five miles of cement paving 18' wide. What does Mial thing (sic) of that for price! We eat again this fall - as we now have eleven baby chicks and maybe we celebrate Thanksgiving as we have six turkey eggs setting.

We have been staying close to home the last this week so there not much to write about. We have a small trip plan(sic) for next Sunday weather permitting. This so should be able to do better next time. Both of us are doing fine neather one having any tooth trouble. Best so long, Albert


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