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Note: Her father, Thomas Edward Huston, owned, operated, edited and published the Waveland Independent newspaper for 40 years

Nellie was Waveland's 1st librarian for about (definitely an approximation) 20 years until her marriage to Mial E. Lamb in 1917

9 Jan 1922 -- On The Independent Waveland, Indiana TE Huston -- Louise Huston stationary - typed

Dear Nella: I hear that you have had a shower out your way. We had one too, three days of it, but the weather has turned fine again. It is certainly the best winter we have had since last winter. Aunt Lou has gone down to Seybold's. Grandma is writing letters. I have just finished the American. Will read Post later on. I am three weeks behind with the Post. Hasn't been much lately, but there is a good serial just finishing: "Men of Affairs" by Roland Pertwee. Some name for an author! What? Twenty years ago a name like that would have damned any writer. Now we stand for Hergesheimer without batting an eye. Have been as busy as the proverbial peanut merchant in Byron. You can see some reason for in the paper, but we have been havings lots of jib work on top of it. And we hare having trial preachers. Had one today, but I struck on hearing him. Ruth Clark - who is visiting here - says he is awful, but then Ruth is not exactly a connoiseur on preachers. The Grimes family is in transition. Glyndon has job in the main PO at Cincinnati, and Ruth is staying here while he finds a house. So far a three-room flat amoung to $50 per month and its the best he has struck. As his salary is only about a hundred a month, that doesn't leave much for eats, cloths (sic) and incidentals; especially incidentals. Lettesr from the west are more hopeful. We are gradually getting some information out of them which we Sherlock together as best we can. Albert seems to be set to come to you in the Spring if they don't starve out before then. Joe says not to urge Albert, because if he gets the idea anybody wants him to move to Kansas, he will develop an affection for Colorado. I do not think I could ever develop much affection for a country whose ordinary temperature, even in summer is below freezing and from that down to 40 below. Etta says they have some fine scenery but I prefer the glories of the Devil's Backbone in a warmer country. The Wrightsman family of blessed memory is on another tear. The fair - but frail daughter, Helen who has been staying with an aunt at Browns Valley, yearned for the old home and came home on Monday. To celebrate, she had a party that night. The guests remained later than suited Ashley and refused to depart at his suggestion, so there was a free fight. Ashley left home and is now at his fathers out where Willis Perkins used to live. He sent for his clothes, but Mrs. Ashley stood the messenger off. We live in a great town, but there are others. One of Garrie Dillman's pear trees is badly peeled. Both Bobbie and Norman say the other fellow did it. Bobbie makes frequent visits to the office but all he does is to look pop-eyes, so he doesn't caust any trouble. We attend the open house of the Men's Social Club. It was a very unhappy assemblage of men standing around the walls, with the women occuping all the chairs and davenport. Swell refreshments - pop corn - was served as a good time was had by all. Boyer and the prof made speeches but we dodged those. We are going to have several books at the library, as we will have $600 for books this half year. So if you know of any good ones, sent in a list. If you are having as good weather as we are it is find for Mial's work. Doubtless he will be interested to know that we had both divinity and fudge today - not as good as yours, however. The grandmother got some real sore bought chocolates from Washington yesterday but alas were so few of them. Papa


Another in same enveloped marked Jan 8 1922 - again on the same Independent stationary (this one from Nellie's Aunt Lou, but not sure who that is

Dear Nella, Things have been strenous with this family and I know you will have some idea of it when you see the paper but it don't tell the half, for everybody wanted something the first of the year. Then I served out my two days at the library besides Saturday and Monday. Yesterday and today I have been resting and dont you know we just skipped SS and church this morning and your father is going to this evening but I think perhaps I will go. I am having a great book buying time in with the other work. We have an even hundred to spend amonth on books for the next six months so it means something if you have any suggestions you can make on referance that you think we should have will be glad to know about it. We are going to buy pretty heavy for the children to. And of course Evelyn will have to work that but the other I will have to do the most of. I was just down to see Mable Seybold a few minutes. Mollie is there to day with the baby he is real sweet and fairly prety (sic) but not up to Jack by any means. Mollie is quite fat. Also Ruth Clark came in and spent the afternoon yesterday when I was going to write you but we enjoyed her very much and she is fat to so know telling you may get fat the first thing you know and By the Way how is the leg you never mention it has it gotten better? I will try and answer your questions if I can remember them for some way I can't locate the letter. Send the dress to Gail for it can't get her a dress out of it she will piece it up any way but I know she can and I dont want mother working a wool block anymore they are to heavy on her shoulders you know they have to be set on. I think Mary sent you something by the way she talked to me but I will try and find out for sure. Elva is sick right now she is going to be operated on as soon as able for gall stones. Mable has a girl baby born the fourth, Dorothy Jane. Helen had a nice baby about the best one I ever saw looked a great deal like Hubert. Helen looked real well and is a fine mother, also she is very careful on expenditures they are trying their best to get a start. But I think have had to help both his and her folks. The baby was clothed out of her old duds you remember the white broadcloth skirt well it was its cape wrap and her white dresses were made over for it all the way along she had done that way she had a new coat and hat and dress for herself, but she had made her dress it was dark can to crepe and she had used the old red silk dress to face the sleeves and line the sask and put buttons on it it was very pretty se told me about her housekeeping she was managing it the same way. She tried to get the bunch to cut out the Christmas party but owing to Mary Kritz we didn't get it done. About the War stamps, they are off the market at present, but the ones you have are reddemable at any time, of course just cuts your rate of interest down you know we cashed ours last sprin (sic - spring). Now, I know what Byrne spent her money for I will let you know Et promised me to tell me all about it. I will be glad when Albert can get away and get to work for he needs some managing to and I am going to try to get him to watch his finances a little closes. But realy the whole trouble has been Et she spoins Byrne and all ways over estimates what they are going to make. I am going to Cville Tuesday to settle up for th eyear. I am treasurer of the Aid now. They unhooked India from the job, and I just let them. It is good for them. Aunt Lou



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