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Letter from Dan (& Faye) Lookabill dated Crawfordsville In 11/23/57

We thank you most sincerely for your card of sympathy with personal note, due to the passing of our brother, Russell. He was a good man, kind hearted. He was a very religious man, but not a minister as is Randel. However, he has held about every office in the church aside from the minister. He sang in the 3rd Christian Church, together with his wife for more than 50 years. He was a well-known realtor in Indianapolis in partnership with Lawrence. He had not been ill long enough to cause any of us any worry. Of course, we knew of a condition existing within his physical structure, but not to an alarming degree. He called on us Nov. 1st. He came over in his very new Pontiac car to see about placing markers on his and his late wife's grave. Whe he had finished his business here he drove to Montezuma to be with his daughter there. She left with him for Indianapolis on the following Monday. When he was here he said he had made arrangements to be in the hospital for a checkup only. Would be xrayed in order to see what whas the matter...we all had our worries at that time, even him but we had the conviction within ourselves that he would pull through with whatever was found. In that we were wrong. Russell lived well. He was not selfish with his talents and possessions. He left quite a nice estate to his only heir, his daughter; a most estimable lady whose husband is a dentist in Montezuma and Rockville. They have two children, a son and daughter. The daughte ris marr and has a child which was b. about two months ago. The son is not married. I have two sons, both married. One is in and has been in Calif. ever since he was mustered out of the army. He married a Calif girl and has made his home there ever since. His wife is a sister to Lew Ayers, the motion picture actor. He will be on television this next Monday evening. I do not know the hour or channel. The book may tell...they have two children, a girl and boy. His name is Charles, I mean my son and lives in Santa Ana. The other son lives here. He is a clerk in the local postoffice. Has one daughter, Joellyn who was 11 on the 22nd this month. I am getting along fairly well as far as health. Have been retired from Prudential since 1943. Faye is not well as you know. The arthritis has plagued her for the past 23 years and has had not letup. I stay at home about all the time and never leave her alone more than 2 hours and then know where she will be when I get back home. If I should ever have to leave town for a day, someone will be engaged to stay with her...I will be 80 on the 17th of next Feb...Randel is still at Kokomo and seemingly in the best of health. "It has been a long LONG time since "the Lookabill & Morgan boys roamed the hills and valleys out W. of town." Those days were the happiest of my whole life. It was too bad that you came amongst us so late as you really did miss a lot of fun. Maybe you would not have approved of the matter we had our fun, at time, but even so I know you would have had some real laughs. Courtney & I seemed to sort of hang together in so many activities. Ipp and Chat..Stanley and Lawrence..that be the way we generally hooked up. I find real enjoyment and get relaxation when I pause to recount some of the things we did. Seems strange that all of them are gone. Ipp, as I recall was the first to go. One by one they passed on. Now you, Hazel, are the last one to depart this world. I am in full realization that all us Lookabill "BOYS" will soon be passing clear out of the picture and in very short time, as far as years are counted. Who will be the last of us, time only will tell. We thank you for telling about your family. Would like very much to see all of you. When Lawrence gets over here next time, I will see if I can get him to arrange to drive down to your town and "look you over" and let you see US, and not show old and bedraggled we look after the many years have crowded upon us. We hope you will get well of your illness and that you will enjoy many more years among your family and friends who need you as well as love you. If at any time you feel able to call on us, we will be very glad to have you do so. I am living on E. Market St, #610. Not very far out and easily located. Again thanking you for your thoughts of us at this sad hour I bid you a good GOOD morning, your friends Dan & Faye Lookabill. PS I add this PS to tell you that I have mailed a copy of your letter to Randel and Lawrence as they will be glad to hear from you as we were. I will tell you that Lawrence has two children, both married, one son and one dau. The son's name is John; is a realtor and home builder is a partner in the Jennings & Lookabill J&L as it is advertised, Realty co. If you will note in the "Building Section" of the Star, the number of houses the company has built and sold for the given week. His company has to date sold more than 2,000 houses. Built and sold. He is moving this week into a new house built for himself at $70,000, big house big business....Randel has one dau, marr and living in Wooster Ohio. They have no children...Randel never married since losing his wife 20 years ago. I thought you might be interested to know what I have written above. Dan

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