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Letter from Amanda Barker Morgan to her daughter (& family), Hazel Morgan Smith

Waveland, Ind (tyed as is - her spelling and notations but I did add a FEW Periods (there are none in the whole thing) for easier understanding. This is my great grandmother writing the letter to my grandmother. I loved her "I" -- it looks like a little carot - funny

I believe this is probably in 1929 - late autumn or nearing Christmas -- Amanda died in April 1930

Dear Folks
I just got rid of old sesser Spruhn I will rite a little now this is a fine morning after the storm. How are you folks? I am better now. I was worse when I come home than I was at your house. I got your letter yesterday was glad to get them. I am glad the babys is all right. I expect I spoilt her. Nigs all right except Harold he fell and hurt himself. Well it was to bad about Leona. She is better of if she couldn't get well. You spoike about Blanche moorning (sic) couldn't stand the preshier (sic). I recon I dident go to the funerl it was so bad I didn't see or hear of BLanche. I looked for her to come but I dident see her I herd Courtney was in town yesterday. Ida said you called. I just went over their (sic)a few minutes. I got so lonesome a sitting hear by my self if I get sick I will let you known wont be long at it either. Ruby Wilson has got the scarlet fever. The teacher sent the kids all home from school that had been with her. I havent heard how she is this morning. SHe was prety sick yesterday. Do you ever talk to the half achre to see how emaline is you acn call marguriete she stays at Jake Fines at Wallice. Come over when you can. I will rite to the kids some from Mother

I have several letters written to my mom, Kathryn Smith Bazzani and aunt Hulda Smith, from Amanda -- here are a couple --

to Hulda -- well, Sish, how arryou this fine day grandma is all right i was glad to get your letter you rote me rite a gain. Well sish when are you coming to slep with me if you dont come pretty soon i will haft to get little Maxine Gooding to sleep with me. She is a nice little girl.

Well Kathryn I suspect your are tickled because your school is so near out . Are they going to have a dinner the last day of school. Nina and Mildred stoped in as they went to Sunday School. They are all right Grandma is all right now. Lorene is sending me the material for her comforts I gues i will be busy now for a while well when are you comin over when you come dont come down to Nigs you can come after me (there are three stick figures drawn here) I don't know who they are--they went up the street a little while a go. They look like gipsies. You can't talk if i hand? at home I will quit ritting for this time you rite and come when you can come to stay all night. Love to you and busses ??? oxoxoxoxoxo by by


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