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A. D. Scott

Letter transcribed as written:

CRAWFORDSVILLE Ia. OCT 21 25 (black CDS postmark)

A. D. Scott Esqr
clKnights of Pythiasrobate Court
Knox County

L . Sublett }
vs } Disposition

P. M. Currey

Disposition of Ambrose
Whitlock publication
made by order of Court
Novr 12th 1834

The following deposition of Ambrose Whitlock
before me & M. Currey a Justice of the Peace in & for
County of Montgomery and State of Indiana at my office
In Crawfordsville in said county On this 18th day of October
1834. between the hours of 9 A.M. & 6 P.M. of said day, to be
read in evidence in a suit pending and undetermined
In Chancery in the Knox Probate Court, county of Knox
& State of Indiana wherein Lewis Sublett is complainant
and Joshua Baird and Elihu Stout dependents
taken in pursuance of the attached notice and
dedimus. The said Ambrose Whitlock, of lawful age
sworn deposeth and saith.

Question by Complt. Were you acquainted with John T. Sublett
now deceased?

Answer by Deponant. Partially His name was on the Roll of
capt Moderells company of Rangers.

Question by same. Was he a Ranger during the late war?
& if so in whose company?

Answer by Deponant. There was such man on the Roll
Of Capt. Moderelis company of

Question by same. Did he sd. John T. Sublett draw pay and
who drew the pay of sd. Sublett after
his death and what amount was drawn
and for what time & by whom - and who
receipted for his pay & where is the Receipt.
and was you the pay master who paid
the amounts of money due sd. Sublett to his
administrator, and if so how much
& when. & did you give the annexed
statement in writing marked A. dated Nov.
6, 1815, and when, & is said statement cor-

Answer by Deponant. A person by the name of Coleman
drew of witnefs as paymaster $113. The pay of said Sublett
from augt to 21. Nov. 1812, as appears from said annexed
Statement marked A. which Statement is in the hand
writing of witnefs & given at the time of its date. but don´t
now recollect to whom he gave said Statement. Nor
witnefs Know or now recollect whether the money
drawn by Coleman, under power of attorney, or
as administrator or executor of Sublett or how.
Deponant took a receipt which was used as his Voucher
with the General Government, but dont Know whether the
receipt has or not been preserved in the war department.
but deponant saith that the facts as contained in
Said statement were true & correct or he would not have
given the statement, & he has no recollection that it
was given by any mistake or oversight whatever.
and that this deponant further with that a letter
written by this deponant to John Law on this
subject & the only one on this subject contains a statement of the facts of this case
more fully & accurately than deponant could now
recollect to state therin & further saith not

A Whitlock

Sworn to subscriber before
me 18th. October 1834. as stated
in caption & given under
my hand & seal.

P. M. Currey J. P. Seal

Justice Fees.
Swearing witnefs .06¼
1st. 100 words of Depositn. 25
other 200 words at 12 ½ each. 25
56¼ cents



Mr. Coleman drew the pay of John T. Sublet
Late a Ranger in Cap Modres company
from the 1st Augt to the 21 Nov. 1812 inc
at One dollar per day making 113 dolls.

Vincennes Nov 6 1815

A Whitlock

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