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All three of these letters are addressed to Mr. Carl Smith, Greencastle, Indiana) November 1940 - fairly sure this is when my grandfather was a prison guard in Putnamville, Indiana -- he was the head of the tool shop where they made furniture - I have a couple of the tables they made

8:30 Monday a.m. -- Dear Dad, Just got the mail - we haven't even had breakfast yet. I have a terrible cold. I had a sore throat Friday but it isn't sore now. Worked all day yesterday (this was probably at the telephone office in Waveland). Martha and I dance last nite down at the New Place by Bunks. The PO will be closed today so you may not get our letters as soon. Goods are hunting their lost cat so we may not have him long. We've quit calling him Felix because that is their cats name. Well, there isn't a bit of news this time so will close. Love, Kate This was hand written on the back of a typing sheet is this this he they they an than than us just just this is (twice) Is this the right size for the box? They must work quickly (twice). typing typing con control control typing control control (twice) I must work for typing control--and for stroking speeds, too (twice) This is what I want to do--to get rid of jerks in typing. This is what I want to do--tl. I can't imagine my grandparents having a typewriter and if they did why didn't my mother type the letter ? That's a mystery never to be solved, I'm sure.

Same envelope - a letter from my grandmotherSarah "Hazel" Morgan Smith

Thurs morn will write a little and put in Sishe's letter (my aunt, Hulda Smith was called Sish). I hope you are alright Daddy Sishie is ok Kathryn is a little better I feel tough this morning headache and all in terling ? Hope I feel better since I got my breakfast coffee helps you more. I have really had a set back will take a while to snap out and have taken cold to. The girls built the fires before I could get awake. They just fly around.

The little Boy is sitting by the stove (Note: this must be the cat mentioned above). He looks cute. I laid off a lot to do but think I will fail to get it done. I am having to take it slow thats all. I am about out of the tablets as Im sending a card for Sie ? to mail some down for I just cant do without think and keep my bowels often and wait till that poison parses off. Well I must quit so Sishie can mail it will write again tomorrow and be looking forward to seeing you Sunday night. Carl will be good to see you. xxx Hazel (my grandmother writes with no periods so I put them in where they make sense) Hers was also on the back of a typing sheet :)

This one is marked Waveland, Ind Nov 13, 1940 (from Hulda Smith to her father, Carl Smith) -- all 3 letters on back of typing sheets in the same envelope - 3cents stamp

Dear Dad: I'm just about stuck. We've got to write a three-hundred word theme on "My Chosen Vacation" in English and I don't have a vaction. So I don't know what to do. There hasn't been anything very exciting happening in Waveland since election is over and you went back to work, only the lights were out all day yesterday and until about six last night. There were live wires everywhere that you had to detour around.

Did you see in the paper where we beat Marshall Friday night? There is a game at Linden the 15th. I don't know whether I'll go or not. It won't be long before Thanksgiving. Just next week I think. We only have to go to school (two?) days and that will really be nice.

The little man's name isn't Felix anymore because Goods' have a gray and white cat gone and his names Felix. So OUR cat's name is Danny now. I'd better close now before I run off the paper. Love, Hulda

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