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72ND Indiana Regiment Company E Wilder's Lightning Brigade


Harvey B. Wilson Resigned December 14, 1862

1st Lieutenant

Lawson S. Kilborne Promoted Captain

2nd Lieutenant

John N. Insley Promoted 1st Lieutenant

1st Sergeant

Lewis C. Priest Promoted 2nd Lieutenant, Died June 24, 1864


Elijah Park Linden Deserted 11/21/62

William Ashby Ladoga Died Gallatin, TN. 12/26/62

James W. Medcaris Waynetown

John W. Plunkett Waynetown Promoted 2nd Lieutenant


Edward H. Cooningham Ladoga

Simpson Montgomery Linden

Lewis E. Wilhite Independence Mustered out as Sergeant

Samuel C. Maxwell Ladoga

David Shelby Lafayette

William H. Mahan Thorntown Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant

James Harris Crawfordsville


Johann Greenburg Linden

John Webster Ladoga Died at New Albany, no date

Wagoner Alfred P. Ellis Whitesville


Avery, Whiting A. Ladoga

Albertson, Silas W. Linden

Barton, Madison Linden Discharged 9/30/63

Bible, John C. Sugar Grove

Campbell, John F. Ladoga Discharged 3/8/63

Chambers, Andrew J. Crawfordsville

Cobb, Uriah Lafayette

Coombes, John N. Linden Discharged 11/28/63

Coombes, Denman J. Pleasant Hill

Connell, Theodore B. Lafayette

Curnutt, Henry Linden Discharged 1863; disability

Doyle, Harrison Parkersburg

Doyle, Allen Parkersburg

Dungan, John W. Linden Discharged 1863; disability

Deans, George Linden

Edwards, John W. Ladoga Discharged 2/24/63

Edwards, Michael H. Whitesville

Fletcher, Jonathan Ladoga Discharged 11/11/62

Gannon, George W. Linden Died Murfreesboro, TN 4/18/63

Gill, Jonathan Ladoga

Hamilton, Nathaniel Pleasant Hill

Harney, Richard H. Lebanon

Haines, Charles G. Blue Grass IL.

Haywood, Thomas Sugar Grove

Hobbs, Horatio Linden Died New Albany, IN. 12/7/63

Insley, William A. Sugar Grove

Insley, David W. Linden Died Murfreesboro, TN. 4/27/63

Jones, John E.B. Ladoga

Johnson, Presley J. Ladoga

Keeny, James Linden

Keys, William G. Linden Died Andersonville Prison; 7/26/64

Kirkpatrick, Milton Sugar Grove

Kendall, James K. Suger Grove

Kesterson, George S. Linden Discharged 9/8/63

Leffland, Alfred Romney

Miller, Henry New Richmond

Montgomery, Geo. W. Linden

McClenrock, L.B. Crawfordsville

Mason, Omar W. Crawfordsville

Mason, Francis M. Linden

Menugh, Robert J. Sugar Grove

Meadows, William J. Sugar Grove

Nicholson, William W. Ladoga Discharged 2/2/63

Newkirk, Abner M. Linden

Neely, John A. Ladoga Died Murfreesboro, TN. 5/28/63

Nutt, James H. Ladoga

O'Nell, John Ladoga Discharged 2/24/63

Peters, Henry S. Ladoga Died New Albany, IN. 8/27/62

Piggott, Joseph Linden

Plunkitt, Abraham Vevay

Plunkitt, George W. Waynetown

Plunkitt, Levi H. Linden

Pointer, William Ladoga Discharged 1/17/63

Quick, Stebbins Linden Discharged 2/2/63

Quick, Harrison Linden Discharged 11/11/62

Randel, Abram B. Ladoga

Remley, Ambrose Crawfordsville

Reed, Henry Linden Discharged 11/5/62

Ross, James New Richmond

Roush, William Homer, IL.

Rice, Henry Sugar Grove

Savage, Patrick Urbana, IL.

Swindler, Calvin E. Crawfordsville

Shepherd, Israel H. Ladoga

Shepherd, John T. Sugar Grove

Strater, Daniel Attica

Stockton, Theodore Linden

Slavins, John W. Linden Died New Albany, IN. 11/20/62

Stewart, John J. Linden Died Louisville, KY. 7/21/63

Tennery, Tristom B. Linden Discharged 7/10/64; wounds

Thorpe, George B. Linden Died Gallatin, TN. 1/11/63

Totten, Jasper Linden

Walton, James W. Linden Discharged 2/17/63

Warbritten, Andy Ladoga Discharged 3/23/63

Winter, Daniel W. Ladoga

Wright, James W. Ladoga Died Murfreesboro, TN. 6/5/63

Wood, John C. Linden Killed Chickamauga, GA. 9/19/63

Wise, John P. Lewisville Promoted 1st Lieutenant

Williams, James H. Sugar Grove

Zoller, George F. Sugar Grove


No place of residence was given on the roster

Allen, James

Adwell, James H.

Andrews, Horace

Burnett, Flavius J.

Bacheldon, Ira D.

Berry, James M.

Bell, Ransom H.

Clark, Jackson

Carter, William H.

Cavanaugh, John

Fry, Samuel

Hamilton, Andrew

Haywood, Curtis B.

Haynes, George U.

Hickon, Israel

Kesterson, William H.

Kesterson, George S.

Kinsell, William B.

Kiger, M.M.

Liberger, Isaac

Lyon, William

Miller, James L.

Parker, Henry A.

Rifer, Thomas

Shaw, William L.

Self, Hiram

Tiffeny, William W.

Thayer, Caleb

Westfall, John W.

Other Montgomery Men in the 72nd Indiana Regiment

Bernard M. Thompson, Corporal, Co. D, Ladoga, Mustered out as Sergeant

Major Simon B. Hawkins, Pvt., Co. D, Linden, mustered out 1865



















































































































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