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Reunions School

72nd Indiana Regiment Company B

Wilder's Lightning Brigade

Henry M. Carr - Later promoted to Major
Oliver P. Mahan - Resigned Feb. 16, 1863
William P. Herron - Mustered out with regiment

First Lieutenant:
Oliver P. Mahan - Promoted Captain
Wesley C. Gerard - Resigned Feb. 2, 1863
William P. Herron - Promoted Captain
Robert Maxwell - Mustered out with regiment

Second Lieutenant:
Wesley C. Gerard - Promoted to 1st LT.
William P. Herron - Promoted to 1st LT.
Robert Maxwell - Promoted 1st LT.
Charles M. Robinson - Resigned April 18, 1864
Nelson Gaskell - Mustered out with regiment

First Sergeant:
Herron, William P. Crawfordsville

Maxwell, Robert Crawfordsville
Robinson, Charles M. Crawfordsville
Grubb, Joseph Montgomery Co. Discharged March 25, '63
Hanver, Barnette Crawfordsville Mustered out July 24, '65, as private

Green, Thomas C. Waynetown Mustered out July 24, '65 as Sergeant
Herr, Benjamin L. Crawfordsville Mustered out July 24, "65 as Sergeant
Montgomery, William Montgomery Co. Killed by guerrillas near Lebanon,TN.
Keese, Thomas Crawfordsville
Bridges, John Montgomery Co. Discharged March 9, '63
Clain, John Crawfordsville
McClean, William C. Montgomery Co. Died at Gallatin, TN., Jan. 17, 63
Richestine, Jacob G. Wesley

Waldron, James Crawfordsville
Townsley, Charles Montgomery Co. Discharged Feb. 20, '63

Christman, Matthias Darlington

Andrews, Joel H. Montgomery Co. Discharged May 1, '63
Anderson, Austin B. Crawfordsville
Beckner, Marion Darlington
Brown, John H. Died rebel prision, Cahawba, AL. May 12, '64
Brown, Solon H. Crawfordsville
Bannister, William Whitesville
Bannister, Enoch Whitesville
Callahan, William H. New Richmond
Castor, Franklin Darlington
Cowan, Samuel Crawfordsville
Childers, Robert Montgomery Co. Died Murfreesboro, TN, Jan 26,'63
Castor, Isaac N. Montgomery Co. Discharged May 28, '63
Carns, Joseph Montgomery Co. Discharged May 10, '63
Dodd, George W. Montgomery Co. Died Gallatin, TN Nov. 27, '62
Doyle, Sanford Montgomery Co. Died Louisville, KY., Dec.14, '62
Doherty, James Crawfordsville Mustered out July 24, '65 Corp'l
Drenman, John W. Montgomery Co. Discharged June 10, '63
Davisson, Nathan Crawfordsville
Doss, John E. Montgomery Co. Left wounded, Okolona, Miss.,
Feb. 22, '64 supposed dead
Eshelman, Peter Adel ………
Fulwider, William A. Prairie Edge

Globe, Jasper Montgomery Co. Discharged June 26, '63
Globe, Thomas Montgomery Co. Transfer to Marine Squadron
July 1, '63
Gillam, Salathiel J. Burnside
Grubbs, Samuel Montgomery Co. Died at Camp Dennison,
Feb. 11, '63
Grubbs, John Montgomery Co. Discharged Jan. 13, '63
Goodman, Jacob Darlington
Grist, Alva C. Crawfordsville
Hamilton, Sanford Montgomery Co. Discharged Feb. 8, '63
Hancock, Joseph Coal Creek
Hoover, Henry Darlington
Hatfield, Thomas Montgomery Co. Discharged Jan 15, '63
Harshberger, Noah Montgomery Co. Died Bowling Green KY.
June 18, '63
Harris, John Montgomery Co.
Harris, Jonah Montgomery Co.
Harris, John L. Montgomery Co. Died Bowling Green, KY 11/62
Hixson, Theodore Pleasant Hill
Hollingsworth, Pinson Darlington
Henshaw, John M. Montgomery Co. Died Murfreesboro, TN. 5/22/63
Henderson, William Waynetown
Ingersoll, Martin Alamo
Johnson, Benjamin Montgomery Co.
Joyce, Robert T. Mace
Jackson, Elbridge Montgomery Co. Died Gallatin, TN. 1/10/63
Jackson, Athol Montgomery Co. Died Gallatin, TN. 1/12/63
Lowman, David A. Darlington
Lauders Laporte
Laughlin, Nathan M. Montgomery Co.
Martin, David Montgomery Co. Wounded and captured at Chickamauga, September 19, 1863; supposed to be dead.
Miller, Enoch Whitesville
Miller, Jasper Montgomery Co.
Mills, William H. Montgomery Co. Died New Albany, IN. 5/15/63
Mershon, Shubad Montgomery Co.
Monohan, David Montgomery Co. Died Gallatin, TN., 1/18/63
Martz, Jacob Montgomery Co.
McCoy, James F. Montgomery Co.
McCoy, Boyd L. Mace
Moorman, Miles Montgomery Co.
O'Harion, Henry Montgomery Co.
Patton, Aaron Montgomery Co. Killed, accident, Columbia, 1864
Patton, Albert Crawfordsville
Powers, David F. New Richmond
Picket, Nathan Montgomery Co. Died Bardstown, KY. 11,16/62
Peters, John Montgomery Co.
Rhoads, John Darlington
Ruckelle, John C.F. Montgomery Co. Deserted 10/28/62
Shurr, John A. Waynetown
Sellers, David A. Crawfordsville
Sands, David A. Darlington
Strain, Andrew Darlington
Smith, Abijah Darlington
Smith, Pleasant Marion
Trickey, David S. Montgomery Co. Died Selma, AL. 10/17/63
Vance, Isaac R. Crawfordsville
Vance, John W. Montgomery Co. Discharged 6/9/63; wounds
Wright, Henry F. Montgomery Co. Died Frankfort, KY. 11/10/62
Wright, Elam P. Montgomery Co. Died Columbia, TN. 4/25/64
White, Francis A. Crawfordsville
Wilson, Joseph Montgomery Co.
Wilson, George M. Clarks Hill
Wilson, Henry H. Clarks Hill
Walters, Harvey Darlington

Recruits: No place of residence was given on rolls

Brady, Oliver B.
Bright, Hiram
Carnutt, John
Coble, Nelson J.
Fisher, William
Fulwider, James M.
Fincher, Lemmel
Fox, Jonathan B
Gooding, John F.
Gibbons, Michael
Henry, William
Helton, John
Hoel, John
Ireland, James
Irwin, John
Jamison, Peter M.
Littleton, William
Lazers, William
Lamb, Basil
Myers, Hugh H.
Myers, Richard Montgomery Co. Drowned at Macon, GA. 5/8/65
McFarland, Wm. E.
Owen, Thomas M.
Sink, Lewis C.
Sellers, John B.
Sellers, Solomon
Small, Nathan
Stewart, William F.
Thrasher, Henry
VanBuskirk, T.
Weaks, John W.
Ward, William
Winter, Henry A.
Wakeman, Thomas

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