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40th Indiana Regiment Company C

Muster Date Dec. 6 1861



Henry Leaming Romney, IN.

First Lt.

John W. Wilson Romney, IN.

Second Lt.

DwWitt C. Wallace Lafayette, IN.


1st George S. Forman Romney, IN.

Robert Underwood Lafayette, IN.

Neville J. Throckmort'n Romney, IN.

John Connell Romney, IN.

John Howard Lafayette, IN. Missing in action Franklin, TN. 11/30/64


William Kennedy Browns Valley, IN. Died 3/19/62 at Bowling Green KY

Henry Flek Lafayette, IN.

Robert A. Fullenwider Browns Valley, IN.

Henry Benham Browns Valley, IN.

John Riley Crawfordsville, IN.

William Edmonson Romney, IN. Died 12/7/62 at Nashville, TN

Joseph Madden Romney, IN.

Jonathan Rice Waveland, IN.


William Carpenter Terre Haute, IN.

David James Lafayette, IN.


Jesse Hatcher Ladoga, IN.


Barnes, Luther Romney, IN. Killed Missionary Ridge, TN. 11/25/63

Bell, Ambrose L. Bainbridge, IN Wounded May 1864, discharged

Bender, William Lafayette, IN

Bennett, James W. Crawfordsville, IN. Wounded May 1864, discharged

Bilss, Seldon E. Jefferson, IN.

Britton, William F. Crawfordsville, IN. Deserted June 18, 1863

Browning, Henry C. Ladoga, IN.

Brush, James B. Ladoga, IN. Deserted June 18, 1865

Burton, James H. Browns Valley, IN.

Bunker, George W. Crawfordsville IN. Discharged; loss of arm

Christie, Jacob Romney, IN.

Clark, Alison Lafayette, IN.

Clark, Willis Romney, IN.

Connell, Allen Romney, IN. Died 4/1/62 Nashville, TN.

Connell, Moses Crawfordsville, IN. Killed Kenesaw Mt. GA. 6/27/64

Darrow, Lemuel Lafayette, IN.

Davis, Josiah Browns Valley, IN. Died of wounds 11/25/63 Chattanooga

Diirr, John M. Browns Valley, IN.

Doyle, Farmer L. Crawfordsville, IN.

Ellis, Robert W. Peoria, IL.

Elrod, James Browns Valley, IN. Killed Missionary Ridge 11/25/63

Fordyce, Henry Browns Valley, IN.

Gayley, William B. Browns Valley, IN. Died of wounds 12/12/63 Chattanooga

Giltner, Mathias Jefferson, IN.

Hamilton, Clinton Browns Valley, IN. Died July 25, 1862

Hamilton, Thomas Browns Valley, IN. Killed in action June 14, 1864 GA.

Hanna, Robert C.H. Waveland, IN. Killed at Missionary Ridge, TN. 11/25/63

Hanna, James M. Waveland, IN. Died of wounds rec'd at Mission Ridge

Harrall, Perry Alamo, IN.

Harrall, John T. Browns Valley, IN.

Harwood, Jackson Waveland, IN.

Holt, Moses F. Romney, IN. Died Sept. 16, 1865

James, Peter Browns Valley, IN.

Jones, John W. Lafayette, IN.

Jones, James Lafayette, IN.

Jordan, John Lafayette, IN.

Lane, Gideon Lafayette, IN.

LaForce, William B. Crawfordsville, IN.

Maguire, Edward Lafayette, IN. Died at Lafayette 12/12/61

Mayes, Joseph Browns Valley, IN.

McKee, John Jefferson, IN.

McKinsey, John Alamo, IN.

Mills, Hugh C. Bethany, IN.

Michael, Hrrvey Crawfordsville, IN. Died Nashville, TN. 5/8/62

Mount, William Berlin, OH.

Monfort, John C. Crawfordsville, IN. Died of wounds 11/26/62

Moore, Allen Alamo, IN. Died at Chattanooga 5/25/64

Moore, Harvey Crawfordsville, IN. Deserted 4/8/62

Page, John Jefferson, IN. Died 7/12/61

Patton, George W. Ladoga, IN.

Phillips, Michael Crawfordsville, IN. Died 1/7/62

Riley, Henry Steam Corner, IN.

Rush, Jesse T. Browns Valley, IN.

Seaman, James H. Browns Valley, IN.

Seaman, John J. Browns Valley, IN.

Sheppard, William T. Browns Valley, IN. Deserted 6/18/65

Sinnett, James E. Browns Valley, IN. Discharged 6/27/64, wounds

Shelton, James B. Ladoga, IN. Killed Mission Ridge, TN. 11/25/63

Smith, William Waveland, IN. Died Murfreesboro, TN. 4/7/62

Smith, John Stockwell, IN.

Stillwell, Stephen A. Browns Valley, IN.

Sullivan, Patrick Ladoga, IN. Deserted 2/18/63

Swigger, Phillip Lafayette, IN.

Thornell, Lemuel Lafayette, IN.

Thompson, James B. Waveland, IN. Discharged for wounds / no date

Van Cleve, Aaron Browns Valley, IN.

Van Cleve, Wm. N. Browns Valley, IN. Died 4/12/62 at Nashville, TN.

Wallace, Edward Lafayette, IN. Died at Lafayette 2/3/65

Webb, Reuben T. Romney, IN.

Webb, Edwin G. Browns Valley, IN. Deserted 12/14/64

Welsh, John S. Buck Creek, IN.

Welsh, Thomas C. Buck Creek, IN. Discharged 2/4/64 for wounds

Whitmore, Adam Lafayette, IN. Died at Chattanooga TN. 11/19/63

White, John W. Crawfordsville, IN.

Wible, Robert B. Browns Valley, IN.

Willis, James P. Browns Valley, IN. Deserted 6/18/65

Willis, Lindsay A. Browns Valley, IN.

Woodgate, James Browns Valley, IN.

Recruits These are men who were not in the original muster, they joined later.

NOTE: I have just listed recruits from Montgomery County Indiana

Connor, Caleb W. Waveland, IN. Died 10/22/64 at Nashville, TN.

Gault, William B. Waveland, IN.

Gault, David Waveland, IN.

Gault, Lemuel Waveland, IN.

Groves, John Waveland, IN. Discharged, wounds rec'd Stones River

Groves, Aquilla W. Waveland, IN.

Harroll, Francis Crawfordsville, IN.

McMane, Anderson Waveland, IN.

McMane, David H. Waveland, IN.

Moody, Thomas M. Waveland, IN.

Oliver, William Waveland, IN. Died in Georgia 6/27/64 from wounds

O'Brien, Joseph W. Waveland, IN.

Rusk, Richard L. Waveland, IN.

Stump, Samuel Crawfordsville, IN.

Winmore, George W. Waveland, IN.

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