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Company G 40th Indiana Infantry

The 40th Indiana Website

Men from Tippecanoe, Montgomery, and Fountain Counties

James K. Keiser West Point Died May 7, 1862

1st Lieutenant
Absalom Kirkpatrick West Point Promoted Captain, killed Kenesaw Mt.

2nd Lieutenant
Jacob F. Marks West Point

1st Sergeant
Henry S. Miulle West Point

John C. Webster Sugar Grove Promoted 2nd LT., discharged wounds
James W. Reasley Lafayette Promoted 1st LT.
James H. Reese West Point Mustered out 1st Sergeant 2/16/64
William W. Curnutt Crawfordsville Mustered out 1st Sergeant 12/10/64

Cyrus H. Kirkpatrick Sugar Grove Promoted Captain
William Johnson West Point
Joseph Hamilton Sugar Grove
Jacob Taylor West Point
John P. Boyd West Point
Silas Waymire West Point
Daniel Livingston Sugar Grove
Samuel R. Hiett Sugar Grove

Stephen Reynolds Sugar Grove Deserted 11/4/62
Martin V.B. Hedrick Bourbon

Daniel McDonald West Point Died Nashville, TN. 4/1/62

Askron, Robert F. Romney
Askron, Cyrus J. Romney Died Dec. 15, 1863; Wounds
Atkins, Venning D. West Point
Birch, Emery Attica
Blakely, Oliver Covington
Blakely, Benjamin Marshfield
Bristol, Edwin Bourbon Deserted 12/27/61
Britt, James West Point Died Louisville, KY 2/2/63
Burrass, Jacob West Point
Chisom, Henry C. West Point
Conner, Luke West Point
Daly, John S. West Point Deserted 12/27/61
Davis, John M. Hillsboro Died July 22, 1863
Eaton, Lewis West Point Died March 7, 1862
Emerson, William West Point
Elliott, Thomas West Point
Elrod, Samuel N. New Richmond Died June 28, 1864; Wounds
Ennis, George W. Attica
Evans, Benjamin West Point Died March 20, 1862
Evans, Thomas B. Covington
Ford, John W. West Point
Ford, Johnson West Point
Garber, Othaniel West Point
Grove, Vincent Pleasant Hill Died Louisville, KY 1/30/62
Haines, Cornelius Sugar Grove
Harden, John Lafayette Deserted 11/6/61
Henderson, Owen Sugar Grove Missing at Battle of Franklin, TN.
Hill, Samuel Lafayette Died Nashville, TN. 3/26/62
Hobbs, Leroy New Richmond Deserted November 4, 1862
Hodges, William Battleground
Johnston, James J. Bourbon Died May 2, 1862
Jones, Alexander West Point
Jones, William West Point
Kelly, Woodson Battleground Deserted May 7, 1862
Kinkennon, Thomas P. West Lebanon
Kiser, Preston West Point Died Nashville, TN. 4/1/62
Krauss, George Sugar Grove Killed Missionary Ridge 11/25/63
Kruge, George J. Pleasant Hill
Livingston, Jasper New Richmond
Lock, William West Point
Lonberger, William West Point
Lucas, Henry S. Lafayette
May, Charles West Point Lost on steamer Sultana 4/27/65
Mathews, Washington Alamo
Mathews, Marion Alamo Mustered out as Corporal
Mathews, James Lafayette Deserted November 2, 1861
McBroom, Washington Hillsboro
Moore, James West Point Deserted Sept. 10, 1865
Moore, Clark C. West Point Deserted June 17, 1865
Mounts, Eli D. West Point Died Jan. 26, 1865; Wounds
Mullhollen, William West Point Discharged May 1864; Wounds
Munea, John Bourbon Died Lebanon, KY. 7/15/62
Needham, Peter West Point
Neighbors, Henry West Point
Patterson, Joseph New Richmond Discharged April 18, 1863; wounds
Peede, William F. New Richmond Died Murfreesboro, TN. 2/28/63
Probasco, John West Point Died Lebanon, KY. 2/14/62
Raub, Allison West Point
Reese, Francis M. Linden Died Munfordville, KY. 3/18/62
Reeves, James L. West Point Discharged April 8, 1864; Wounds
Redden, Joseph West Point Died Bardstown, KY. 1/21/62
Biffle, John S. Hillsboro Promoted Assistant Surgeon
Saddler, Riley Lafayette Deserted - 1861
Seely, Solomon Newtown Died July 27, 1864; Wounds
Seely, Horace C. Newtown Discharged August 27, 1863; Wound
Shepherd, William West Point Deserted - 1862
Silvers, William West Point
Slavens, Henry Pleasant Hill
Smith, George Pleasant Hill Discharged May 7, 1862
Starkey, William West Lebanon Deserted April 10, 1862
Stokes, Robert West Point
Strader, William New Richmond
Switzer, William Crawfordsville Deserted November 22, 1861
Thayer, Caleb Sugar Grove
Thompson, John West Point Lost on steamer Sultana 4/27/65
Utlery, William West Point
Vancurren, James H. New Richmond
Virden, Edward M. West Point
Virden, Oliver H. West Point Died July 19, 1864; Wounds`
Williams, Owen (sic - Orren) H. Attica
Wilson,James M. New Richmond Died - 1862

Recruits from Montgomery County
Boyle, John F. Crawfordsville Deserted June 19, 1865
Hutchinson, William New Richmond Killed Kenesaw Mt., GA. 6/27/64

Other Montgomery Men in the 40th Indiana Regiment
Pvt. Egnew, Alvin Co. L Crawfordsville Killed Missionary Ridge, TN. 11/25/63
Pvt. Groves, John W. Co. B Crawfordsville
Pvt. Stump, Ephraim Co. B Crawfordsville Died Jeffersonville, IN. 5/27/64

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