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The Civil War OR ... The War Between the States OR ... The War of Secession OR ... The War of Northern Aggression


The US War Between the States was known by many names, depending on your locality and alliances. No other war in history is studied as much as this one. This war was a rift in the basic structures that formed this country, caused by the basic rights that were established when the Constitution was ratified.

****Do make sure to check my pal, Scott's great CW site for this county :)****

Web site/book of County CW activity

Picture of Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) organization celebration - 1909 - downtown Crawfordsville - thanks muches to Lynn R for this one :)

UNITS (Rosters, Etc.)

10th Indiana Infantry

Losses, 15th Indiana - 1863 (also John Long, transferred to 17th May 1864 after the 15th was completed)

21stInd Inf (Co H)

38th Indiana Infantry Regiment

58th Indiana Infantry

Company C, 40th Indiana Infantry (thanks so much, Jeff S)

Company G, 40th Indiana Infantry

Company H, 40th Indiana Infantry Regiment

Company B, 72nd Indiana Infantry

Company E, 72nd Indiana Infantry (thanks, Jeff S)

86th Regiment


CANBY, Israel (Capt)
DURHAM, Thomas Wise
REYNOLDS, Joseph Jones (Brig Gen)
TALBOT, Capt. Henry H.
THOMAS, John E. (1st husband of Mary Campbell Thomas Ebrite - this is a remembrance of Mary)


Indiana in the Civil War

CW Casualties, Brown Township

Civil War Casualties

Blue & Gray together in Ladoga Cemetery (thanks, Bill Boone :)

Confederates buried in Montgomery County (with few from surrounding counties - thanks Bill Boone)

Confederate Presence in Montgomery County (thanks again, Bill - greatly appreciated)

Confederate Vets (Bill Boone)

Confederate Vets - more info - just beginning :)

GAR Ribbon - WOW - -- top (my eyes aren't what they used to be 1864-1886 I think it says and this must have been the Old Soldier day ribbon of 1886 -- bottom - this is really unusual so thanks sooooo much to Sandra R. - it was in a book of her gg grandparents, James Wilson and Martha Compton Lee

Ladies Aid of Crawfordsville - thanks James Jesse & Walnut Twp citizens

Ocheltree, George - CW discharge - this is soooo awesome. Thanks so much to Boyd McN -- here is his note about this awesome historical find. "Karen, I finally got around to sending my great grandfathers Army Discharge. Sorry for the delay. There’s a really odd story about how I got this. Early in my research I had posted a question about George Ocheltree on a family forum. One day I got an email from a guy in Fort Wayne wanting to know if I was still interested in George Ocheltree and that he had his Army Discharge. I figured it was someone that had gone to the Ft. Wayne Library, found the information and wanted to cash in on his work. I decided to reply anyway. Turns out the guys sister-in-law’s husband was from Montgomery Co.. They had been “home” and bought an old book and the Discharge was in that book. The guys wife was the family genealogist and her sister gave her the paper to see what she could find out about George Ocheltree. The wife had died and he was cleaning up some of her stuff and the paper had fallen behind her credenza. He saw my post, contacted me and then ended up bringing the Discharge to me, he wouldn’t let me go get it or even let me meet him half way. I look forward to seeing these images on the Montgomery Co. page. Boyd" -- note: the backside is not filled out (thought it was interesting however and so wish every soldier had had his completed) but some of that information is on the (above) front page - WOW what a great historical find - blessings upon the man who got this to Boyd :)

RUSK, Branson - CW collection and discussion of Gen. Lew's discipline

WHITELY, Frank - Source: Crawfordsville Review Tuesday Feb 1, 1916 Frank WHITELY a well known citizen of Advance (Parke County) has suffered a stroke of paralysis according to reports received in New Ross today. He was stricken while down town and was taken to the home of his son-in-law Charles McClain. Whitely who was a veteran of the civil war was past 80 and had lived in Advance more than 40 years. He is survived by a daughter Mrs. Ellen Moody and Roy Whitely of this place.

WHITSELL, Polk - Source: Waveland Independent Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana July 17, 1931 Polk WHITESELL of Rockville, applied for a pension from his native state of Virginia for his service in the Confederate army. The application was turned down because veterans are required to be residents of the state. However, he received a cordial invitation to move back to old Virginy.


Halliday, Matthias
LANE, Dr. John S.
Zachary, Milton Hezekiah
Blackford, Nathaniel - Fruits, Jonathan - Tolen, Daniel B and Work, James M refuse to give names


The Sultana Disaster

Statements by Sultana survivors

If you had an interest in the Sultana Disaster, you might want to read about the Eclipse -- thanks, Kathy

Eclipse -- article at time of disaster - thanks, Kim


1924 Reunion, Montgomery County

1926 Reunion, Union Veterans

Civil War Biographies


Although most Montgomery County Historians consider we have 5 Civil War Generals, I feel there are six and here they are ..... :) Always did have to be different :) kz

Edward R. S. Canby

Henry Beebee Carrington

John Hawkins

Mahlon Dickerson Manson

William Morgan

Lewis "Lew" Wallace


BIBLE, Alexander
BURK, James

CARR, Walter Bruce (Capt)
CONNER, Francis Marion
Cowan, Samuel

EGNEW, Alvin M.
ELLER, James W.
ELLIS, John N.

FOUST, Wesley (Corp)
FRALEY, Samuel

GOTT, William B.

HAM, Jonathan
HAMPTON, Washington


JAMES, Peter
JONES, George F.


KING, Jesse D.

LARSH, Robert Gilkey
LEWIS, Stephen D.

MASON, Thomas D.
McCREA, Edward T. (Capt)
McINTIRE, Forgison

NEFF, Wm. H (Capt)
NEWTON, Horace E.

OSBORNE, Isiah Jackson

PEARSON, Richard S.

PHILLIPS, William O.
PRATT, Hiram Austin

ROSS, Col. James
ROSS, William

SANDERS, James Noleman
SHAW, Jasper Newton
SIMPSON, (Lt.) Joseph
SMITH, Francis M.
SOUTHARD, William (Capt - KIA)
STILWELL, Stephen (Capt)

TAGUE, Johnson
THOMAS, (Dr) Charles Lambert
THOMPSON, William Henry

WATSON, James H. +
WEEKS, Robert

WILSON, John Ward - sorry, source is not here - John Ward Wilson was first lieutenant in the Fortieth Indiana Volunteer Infantry. After service with that regiment for a time, he resigned and was commissioned a first lieutenant in the Eleventh Indiana Cavalry, and was honorably mustered out at the close of the Civil war.

WILSON, Samuel McKee - sorry, source is not here -- Samuel McKee Wilson enlisted as a private in the Tenth Indiana Volunteer Infantry on Lincoln's first call for troops to put down the Rebellion. In Indianapolis he was commissioned captain of Company D, Tenth Indiana Volunteer Infantry. He participated in the battle of Rich Mountain, and in that battle captured a sword which is still in the possession of the family. Captain Wilson was mustered out of the service with his regiment in August, 1861. He entered the army again as a lieutenant in the Sixteenth Indiana Battery, and was assigned to the Army of the Potomac. After going through many battles and enduring many hardships, he finally received, at the battle of Antietam, injuries that caused his death.

WILSON, William C. --

WILSON, William, Sr. --

ZACHARY, Elijah B.
ZACHARY, Milton Hezekiah
(Last Civil War Veteran in Brown Township is dead)


LOUGH, H.H. to brother Levi

TRIBBETT (Robert - killed at Chickamauga to brother Wesley)


BEATTY, Nathaniel


MOODY, Thomas Newton "Pony" - signing up on the 13th day of August 1862

MOODY, Thomas Newton "Pony" -- home on leave, marrying his sweetie, Martha Ellen Clements on the 25th of August in 1864 (40th Regiment Indiana Infantry -- LOVE the gold buttons - thanks so much to JDG for both of these


BERRYMAN, (Dr) James Allen

CURRY, John (Dr.)

EDGERLY, George W., MD.



Old Town Cemetery, Crawfordsville -- list on a nice memorial include these names:

Samuel B. Bennett - - Co.C. 120th Ind.

Henry Brewer - - 16th Ind. Bat.

Austin Carpenter - - Co. D. 28th U.S.C.T.

J. J. Carter - - Co B. 22nd Ind

George A. Foster - - Co. K. 154th Ind

Isaac Jones - - Mass. Inf. U.S.C.T.

Daniel Kernoodle - - Co. A. 124th Ind

James McCabe - - Co. E. 150th Ind

James McLaughlin - - Co. A. 63rd Ind.

Joseph Mount - - Co. C. 135th Ind.

Nelson Patterson - - Co. G. 28th U.S.C.T.

Henry E. Reed - - Co. E. 72nd Ind.

Harvey Smith - - Co. E. 100th U.S.C.T.

Monroe Vick - - 8th U.S.C.T.

Chas. Wickliff - - Co. D. 28th U.S.C.T.


Thanks so very much to Kim H for those having past by June 1894 and the cemeteries where they are buried in and around C'ville

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal,1 June 1894

The following is a complete list of the soldiers buried in the cemeteries in and near this city UNTIL June 1894 - of course, there are several more having died after this date NOTE:


McCollough, James B, war of 1812

Stitt, James, war of 1812

Others Civil War
Canine, Wm G, 38th Ind
Crane ,J H, A 41st Ills
Clark, John C, 5th Ind Bat
Dee, Wm, regiment unknown
Hall, Wm N, B 120th Ind Vol
Hamilton, B B, D 63rd Ind
Hitch, Thomas, G 11th Ind
Herndon, Henry, D 135 Ind
Harris, Peter, K 86th Ind
Harris, John W, D 135th Ind
Hocum, Wm, war of 1812
Jones, A J, regiment unknown
Keesee, Geo L. 101st Ind
Laymon, Wilson H, Capt Co F 86th Ind
Lutz, Sanford D, F 40th Ind
McConnell, Jas D, 15th Ind
Oliver, Joseph E, 15th Ind
Prewitt. Henry, C 16th Ind Bat
Smith, Marion D, 26th Ind
Snell, Wm. regiment unknown

Suman, Milo H, I 11th Ind
Suman, W J, Co I 135 Ind
Swindler, Calvin E, E 77th Ind
Tammany, James, G 10th Ind

, Charles, war of 1812 &
Jacob, Revolutionary soldier
Naylor, Isaac, war of 1812
Sperry, Henry, Mexican War soldie

Others are Civil War
Anderson, Austin B, 72 Ind
Austin, Thornton, G 11th Ind
Bayless, William T, F, 135th Ind
Barcuss, J M, 120th Ind
Bailey, Charles, G 110th Ind
Beechler, Wm H, C 35th Ohio
, Samuel H, B, 120th Ind
, Wm. F 25th Ill Inft Brooks, W D, A 65th
. Samuel, alias Fred Stewart, C 28 U
Collins. Elijah, K 154 Ind
Craig. Samuel, B 110th Ind
Craig, David, regiment unknown
Cline. Benjamin, Co C 8th US Inft Col
Douglas. Edward R, D 150th Ind
Elliott, Wm Mc, L 5th Ind Cav
Foster, Wesley, C 28th Reg US Col Troops
Fryer, .John R 9th Ind Bat,
Graham. James F, Col 124th Ind
Graham, James W, H 79th III
Griffith, Thomas B, K 86th Ind
Grubb. Samuel B, 72nd Ind
Hamilton, James, regiment unknown
, Washington, 140th Ind
Hatfield, Thomas, B 72nd Ind
Jewett, Jeremiah, I 11th Ind
, James A, 2d Calif.
Johnson, George G, B 47th USCI
, David, G 36th Ind Vol and 2nd Ohio bat
, Joseph B, K 15th Ind
, Wm M, B 120th lnd
Mills, E H, 135th lnd
, John C, c 40th Ind
McCrea, Aaron, E 14th US Col Troops
Joseph A, D 135th lnd
Nichols, James, regiment unknown
Newton, Wm,Q M of the 135th lnd
l, A E, 18th Ind Bat
Orr, Daniel, B 120th lnd
Ornbaun, H F, K 79th Ind
Pennock, John P, I 11th Ind Inf
Potts, Elisha, K 86th Ind
Riley, Ambrose W, D 135th lnd Inf
Riley, Geo W, E 15th Ind
Rhoderiek, D G, F 135th Ind
Rominger, Madison, B 120th lnd
Ross, John W, I 11th Ind
Ryker, Wm H, B 120th Ind
Shanklin, John A, I 135th Ind
James M, 120th Ind
John, I 51st Ind
Sperry, Frederick, 20th Ind Bat.
Smith, Wm C, 40th lnd
, Wm, A 17th Ohio U S A Inf
, Wm S, D 10th Ind
James H G, 10th Ind
, Joseph, E 18th US Inf
Wm, 9th lnd Bat


Dunn, Nathaniel, war of 1812
Hull, Peter, war of 1812
Lane, Henry S, Col 5th Ind Vol Mexican war
Owens, James, Mexican war
Powers, Jonathan, war of 1812
Powers, John B, Mexican war
Ristme, Henry, war of the revolution

Rest in Civil War

Alexander, Joseph, L 2nd Ind Cav
Bailey, John, I 135th Ind
Blaine, Allen T, K 22nd lnd
Blair, John W, K 86th Ind
Bratton, Robt A, 14th Ind lnf and 4th Art
Brown, J Harrison, 6th lnd Bat
Brown, Solon H B 72nd Ind
Burkmeyer, Henry, B 150th Ind
Campbell, Thos N, G 20th Ind
Caven, John, G 11th Ind
Collins, Frank, 14th Ind Cav
Crowder. Sterling H, (53rd Ind
Deets, Emly, 9th Ind Bat
Dennis, Milton P, D 1st Wis
Dunn, .lames. 63rd NY
Ewing-, John S, A 16th Ind
Engle, John B. C 86th Ind Vol and Capt USA
Farmer, Isom R, H 40th Ind Inf
Fry, Thomas W, surgeon 11th Ind
Fry, Thos W, jr, AQM of USA
Fullenwider, Robt A, C 40th Ind
M H, C 11th Ind Inft
, Andrew B, 10th Ind Inf
David S, F 13th Ohio Inf
Hancock, Fountain F,
regiment unknown
Huff, A, regiment unknown
Hutchings, Wm G, I 11th Ind Inft
Lynn, Wm H, K 86th Ind
McClellan, James S, Col 25th Ills Vol and Surgeon 135th Ind Vol
McMakin, Benj M, 18th Ind Bat
McMullin, John, F 19th Ill Inft.
McMurray, Hiram, E 150th Ind
Mills, Marshall, Lieut in 49th USCT
Mitchell, Milton, 4th Ohio Cav
Morgan, Wm H, Brig Gen Vol USA
Nosler, Calloway, D 135th lnd
Oliver, W H, d 5th Ind
Ragsdale.Thos, E 87th Ill
Ristine. Albert, I 11th lnd
Ramsay, John W, Adjt 51st. Ind
Simpson, Joseph B, I 11th Ind
Simpson. Wm W, 2nd Ohio Cav
Steen, Wm B, 5th Ky Cav
Streight, T L, C 6th Virginia
Taylor, Wm D. 28th USCT
Wallace, John A, K 154th Ind
Weston, John, 16th Mass Inf
Wilson, James, A Q M U S A
Wilson, McKee, A Q M U S A
Wilson, Ward, C 40th Ind
Wilson, Lane, I 11th Ind
White, C B, Surgeon US A
White, Charles, war of 1812
Whitlock, Ambrose, Major U S A
, Jos C. G 133rd Ind
Yount, John M, K 86th lnd

Brewer, Henry, regiment unknown
Carter, J, regiment unknown
Carpenter, Austin, D 28th US Col Vol
Corey, Jason, war of 1812
Foster, George A, K 154th Ind
Galloway, George, K 86th lnd
Kernoodle, Daniel, A 124th Ind
McCabe, James, E 150th Ind
McArthur, James, regiment unknown
McLaughlin, Jas, A 63rd Ind
Martin, Newton, regiment unknown
Mount, Joseph, regiment unknown
Mason, Thomas, regiment unknown
Mills, Elijah, Black Hawk war
Patterson, Nelson, G 28th USCT
Smith, Harvey, regiment unknown
Scott, John, regiment unknown 8 S
Wickliff, Charles, D 28th US Col Vol

. Daniel, regiment unknown
. Patrick, regiment unknown
, Thomas, regiment unknown
, John, K 11th lnd
. Thomas, regiment, unknown
Sullivan, Timothy, regiment unknown


Hopping, Louis, I 11th Ind


Stover, John, B 10th lnd


Decorated by McPherson Post No. 7 G.A.R.
Drake, James, Co and Reg unknown
Galbreath, James, H 19th U S Inf
Godman, Wm, 120th Ind
Goodwin, Wm, I 40th lnd
Howard, Wm V, G 154th Ind
Hughes, Daniel, unknown
Johnson, John W, B 140th Ind
Keeney, James, E 75th Ind
Keeney, James, K 15th Ind
Montgomery, Alexander, war of 1812
Montgomery. Harvey, Mexican war
McCall, Samuel, Mexican war
McCorkle, James, C 120th Ind
Penrod, Solomon C, 125thIind
Pixley, Fred, A 11th Ind Cav
Russell, Dallas. F 135th Ind
Severs, John, war of 1812
Shobe, Abraham, Co and Reg unknown
Thomas, Zebia, 10th Ind Bat
Whitecotton, Jacob, C 120th Ind
Willis, Foster, I 86h Ind

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