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Milton Hezekiah Zachary

Written by Jesse Morton Zachary

"I do not know much about my Granddad Zachary's family. Probably my Uncle (Gr. Uncle) Hez stands out in my memory more than any other. Uncle Hez used to come to our house quite often. He lived at Waveland. I can remember him telling about events in his life that had transpired more than 50 years past. I know I was amazed anyone could remember those events. Now I know that it is real easy. Uncle Hez married Elizabeth Murry, my grandmother's sister and as far as I know they resided in Waveland all their life. Uncle Hez was a Civil War Vet. I remember him telling a story, he and some other soldiers (Union) were forging in Tenn. They came upon a farm and met an old Negro. The old Negro told them not to go near the house as the owner hated Union Soldiers and would shoot them on sight. Uncle Hez asked who lived there and the Negro said Jack Zachary was the owner. Uncle Hez said they did not pursue the matter but he was always sure that the Jack Zachary was actually his uncle, his father's brother.

NOTE: See information below

Hi Karen, I have been trying to track down all info I can on the Zachary family, aka Zachery, Zackery, Zackry and so on. My name is Peggy Lee but on line I usuall go by Little Bobby Cat. Earlier today I ran across your site for Montgomery County, IN and knowing that Elijah and Elizabeth (Black) Zachary Sr. had left Overton County, TN sometime between 1828 to 1834 and moved to Montgomery Coutny IN, leaving the rest of his family behind, I dicide to check it out. I found quite a bit of info but hope to find more and connect with any family still there. Elijah Zachary Sr. was born about 1805 TN. He married Elizabeth Black about 1828 Overton County, TN. Most of their children were born in Montgomery County, IN. I have most of their names but not much else on Elijah's decendants. Eliah Zachary Sr. would be the brother of my great great great grandfather John "Jack" Zachary. Their parents were James Zachary and Sarah Haley. After Sarah died James married second Mary Allen. While I was looking around I ran across the story of Milton Hezekiah Zachary in Old Family Lore. And thought that I should send you this note and maybe correct a great misconception that the family has about the Zacharys from TN. As I read the story I hought how sad to hear such a story and think that the story may have kept the family apart. For nothing was farther from the truth, as all the family of John Jack Zachary including his ˝ brothers and father were strong supporters of the Union. Many joined the Union forces and those left at home lived in fear, many fleeing to KY for safety only to be hunted down and killed there. Several lost their lives to Confederate guerilla Champ Ferguson, including Elijah and John Jack Zachary’s half brothers James and Peter, and maybe even their father. Many of John Jacks Zachary’s sons served though he did not. But he did kill Lafayette Allen, a C.S.A. Soldier or a guerilla serving with Champ Ferguson. Lafayette Allen is said to have killed either James (the father) or James Allen Zachary the half brother, because his sons were in the service of the Union, Champ Ferguson latter took credit for killing James Zachary, which he would have if he had caught him, as he did any of the Zachary boys that he could find. Champ Ferguson was captured after the war and tried at Nashville TN. for the War Crimes that he committed was found guilty and hung. He claimed to have killed over 100 men; many were Zachary’s or related to them. For Champ Ferguson just by having the name of Zachary was reason enough for him to kill all that he could find. There are many stories and books that have been written on the subject of Champ Ferguson and his reign of terror and accounts of him killing many of the Zacharys in TN and KY in the counties that are now Overton, Fentress and Pickett TN and Clinton County in KY. As I have searched over the years I have noticed that some of the info that portrayed Champ Ferguson for the evil man that he was has started to dissapper. One reason is because his decendants seam to be questioning it and trying to prove him a hero! Which he was not, and hiding the facts of his crims will not change that. I hope that if it was possiable you could add part of this note (the part typed in red) under Milton Hezekiah Zachary family lore so that if other family members see it they will be willing to contact me or other families of Zacharys that were from TN. Bringing this long lost family back together. If you would like to add me as a contact for Zachary family info you can, as I am always glad to share what I have on family. But if you could, could you list me as Little Bobby Cat instead of Peggy. My email is I also have a small group for Zachary genealogy at It is free and everyone there is willing to help and share info. I will be leaving in about a week to spend Christmas and New Years with my family and won't have access to many of my files and records till I get back. Thanks for all you help, Little Bobby Cat AKA Peggy Lee

received 12-9-2011 -

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